The Dating Thread--take 2

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by NKistheshiz »

Ruby: Drew just needs to know where the line draws and not to go over board with the flirting. It sucks liking a guy with a girlfriend, I know trust me.

lovemesomecullensss : I think that Andy likes you more too or he just likes to have two girls at once. I had the same Joey problem with one of two of my good guy friends. You just have to set them straight. As for the other guys... I'm not totally sure what to do.

Songs that are like my love life:
'Nicest Thing' - Kate Nash (For me and my friend's bf that I'm not sure if I like.)
'Wonderwall' the Ryan Adams verison (For me and my current bf - Matt)

So it's been a little over a week. My guy friend had lightened up and doesn't bother me about it anymore. Things have gotten back to normal for us.
I hung out with Matt all day today and we had such an awesome day. I'm really starting to like him and I think that he likes me too.
As for my friend's bf - Brandon...I'm friends with a friend of his - Davis. It was a bit awkward 'cause me and Davis don't talk that much we're kinda like mutual friends because he is also friends with my bff. Anyways, I was walking to my car and Davis was walking ahead of me with Brandon. They both have the same history teacher as me. In that class we had taken a test and I guess they were talking about it because Davis turned around and pulled me right into their conversation which was so awkward. I couldn't look at Brandon. My stomach felt like it was doing flips but I didn't feel any butterflies. I'm not sure if I like him still or if it is just one of those things where you like what you can't have.
I really really like Matt and the relationship is new so I'm going to stick with it. I think I'm just going to drop Brandon. I never see him anyways so it's not like it will be hard. I'm not sure if it will work well or not... I've tried to drop guys before and it hasn't worked out well.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by StupidxLamb »

NKistheshiz, really, it's all about discipline. If you know Brandon is going to be somewhere and you think it'll be hard for you, don't go. You say you like Matt enough to stay in a relationship with him, so give the relationship a fair chance to make it somewhere. ;] I'm glad you two had such a great day!! And it's really good that your friend has stopped bothering you. Ugh. That must've been annoying.

Lena, awww. Girl, don't worry about your friends right now. You can't do anything about it at this point anyway. You already went! And it does sound like you had fun. :] Yay! I'm glad. How do you feel about being friends with Lu at this point? Still Okay? <3 :]

Party update:
Noah showed up at the costume party last night. Sarah got there even later, so I only had to tolerate her for 2 hours. :] Noah was ANNOYING though. The girl whose house the party was at was making a fake clue for Eli for the scavenger hunt. And Eli couldn't read it because he had sunglasses on (he was a Blue's Brother XD), so he asked me to read it. And then Noah tried to take it from me and was like, "No, no, give it to me, I can read it." So I looked at him and said, "I can read, Noah." And he shut up. :] Woo. I just don't like seeing him. Brings back memories. But I have to tolerate him for about an hour tonight at church, which I can do. Anyway. It was REALLY cold outside last night, and my jacket was inside, so Eli was like, "Do you want my jacket?" I said no, because Britney would've been confused (she still doesn't know) and it would've look really obvious to everyone else. But Eli kept going, "Are you suuure? Because you look really cold and I don't need it." :] Yay.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by tiffi »

goodness where to start???
-got a text from ken "hey wts BG's number?" so i text BG and ask if its ok to give ken the number...
-halloweeen: i wore this spandexxy neon fairyish outfit-that i cut up a bit after i left my house (;;;
-tj, jan, and ben were late. nbd and ben was like RELE unsocial like not rele talkin or lookin at me tho my costum was alll for him. :( and it was all very hectic. and then we had some trouble with who would sleep where cuz haleys mom wouldnt let jan sleep over and my mom wouldnt let my guy friend larry sleep over in the end no one slept at neones house cept jan at mine..and ben at tj's
-ben got better once everyone got to my house. he had his arm around me and we wer rele rele close. tj was being gay and sitting on bens lap with his arm around me too (akkkkwarrrrd) haha but ben was cheering up and getting more comfortable and me and tj had this hilarious fite hahaha it was all in fun tho. hehehehehe i totally beat him
-me and jan had plans to sneak out to meet up with ben and tj but that didnt happen. instead we met them at this breakfast place in the morning (and i looked DISCUSTING) and i was EXASTTTTED and probly seemed like a jerk to ben cuz i couldnt keep my eyes all the way open. yuckkk if i had been more awake im sure we woulda kissed.................
-i dont think ben thinks im all that pretty.
-ben and tj got in a fight after tennis and ben was (omg can u even believ it?) kinda rude and mean...and i DID NOTTT like that. but he apologized and was cute soon after-and of course him and tj were buddies again (cuz ther guys and get over it)...then i got these text from ben (i had left my phone in another room and was talkin to jan) "uhhh i ********hate my parents" "im gonna kill myself" and blahh blahh blah. and tj called me and asked wt was wrong with ben and i didnt even kno. and i texted him a bunch and then he called me and was CRYING on the phone and i was getting RELE RELE SCARED. but i couldnt understnd him. so he texted that his parents think that its more than enough to see a gf only once or twice a week (ughh how i hate his parents) and he thot id break up with him cuz of his parents (WOW. so i was rele sweet and told him how his parents act has no effect on how i feel about him) and la la la DRAMMMMAAA. and he broke the door off its hinges and had his phone taken away for a couple days (ok not going to lie taking the door OFF THE HINGES=SEXXXXXXXY) so yaa...and now i call him on his home phone

omg this is too long ill post the part about the mystery boy that kept callin and textin me. the convo wit BG and the lil BXXXTCH fite with one of my friends later. luv you guys (::

oh and i think that im afraid of the word love cuz wit ben...nvm

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splenda is splendid........:D

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Ruby »

Update - So, I went to a bonfire last night, and just about everyone there told me about how Drew was talking about me behind my back. Apparently he said that I was flirting with him! That's true, but I NEVER would have flirted with him if he hadn't started it. So I sent him a facebook message asking him not to talk about me behind my back, and talk to me if he has a problem. And he was all like, "Where did that come from! They were the ones who started it. They said you were flirting with me, not me!" And then went on about how he hopes I'm not made at him, and how I should know I'm one of his very best friends, and other things that he knows make me melt into a puddle of mush. Idk who to believe. I would love to believe him, but I know he's lying, because why would all my other friends lie to me? Plus, he has a history of making up excuses when I accuse him of things. Ugh. He gets home from work in a few hours, so he said he'd "talk to me then." Whatever. Ugh.

On a brighter note, He asked me if he could borrow my Twilight so he can read it cause he has a lot of free time this week or something. I thought that was exciting. lol.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Immy93 »

Tiffi He ripped the door off its hinges?! Bloody hell! Dedication on his part! :lol: He must be really frustrated by not seeing you! It sounds like it's goign well though! :D Keep us informed!

Ruby I think Drew really likes you! Why else would he cover his tracks like that?! You need to try and make him see that he won't impress you by lying though! I don't think he's done it mailiciously though! Let us know how it turns out! :)

Up-date Jake called my GRANDPARENTS house today! He had to talk in code because my grandma doesn't know about the problems we're having but he told me that he needed to speak to me about something really important which doesn't involve begging! I'm not going to lie to you I am quite intrigued but I think it's probably one of his little tricks to speak to me! I'm goign to text his friend to see if something major's happening! I know that may sound weird but I'm good friends with most of his friends! We hung out a lot when we were goign out. I really miss them. I miss Jake's family too! I've never met his mum (she lives in Dubai) but his brohters were always a laugh! I should really stop goign over it all in my head! It upsets me a bit!
Anyway that's all form me! i would appreciate any feedback on my situation!

I love you guys you know! ;)

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by samajama »

Tiffi: Holy crap. He took the door off its hinges?! :shock: That does sound sexy, lol. ;]

Immy: I understand about missing an ex's family. I miss Mark's family so much. Granted, I could give a crap less about him now, but still I miss them! lol Let us know how things go with Jake/Tree :]

Oh, and I love you too :P
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by simplymortal314 »

Tiffi, door of the hinges?! That boy sure is crazy about you. DON'T doubt that he does find you attractive! He likes you! of course he finds you attractive.

Immy, Jake makes me laugh. Wow he's calling the grandparents? I'm sorry, but that is funny. =]

Ruby, It does sound like you need to talk to Drew. How did it go? I'd be wary with the boy.

Marie, Eli is sweet. Oh Hoah, that darn boy. Such a nice kid, what a shame. Well, I'm sure he's happy with Sarah and will have a nice life. Can I just slap his face and shake him violently and yell, "Stay out of Marie's life. You annoy her! Avoid her if you can!" May I? =]

NKistheshiz, if you care about Matt see how long it could last. Stick with him. I know trying to forget guys is hard. Espically if they were so sweet and never did a thing to hurt you. They just disappeared. =[ And then you see them and they still look at you that same way that always made your heart beat faster and make you feel speical. Then hug you like nothing has changed, until you have to say good bye and won't see them again and you return to reality. Yes, I am taling about a recent personal experience. grr.

Lena, I am glad you had a good time. Your friends will get over it. It's in the past, they need to be supportive about this. Oh well, we're here. =]

As for me...
Nothing new. Just the same old same old. Remeber that friend that would always interrupt me and Bus Boy and avoided any conversation with me about him. Well, on our way to school, she decided to bring it up, which shocked me. She mentioned she saw me talking to him and how he's been. I tell her and then she is unusally quiet. Until she gets rolling on talking about one of her guy friends. I think she may have liked Bus Boy at the same time I did and is unwilling to share this information. Oh well, niether of us gets him because he goes to a different school where he gets credit for seeing plays and musicals and gets to cook for half a school day. Which I am insanely jealous of. :geek:
And I mostly explained my current feelings in my response to NKistheshiz.

Good night my Loverlies!
Love you all! *makes heart with hands* <3
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Immy93 »

There has been a major up-date wiht Jake/Tree. I'll tell you about it in a second! You lot are mroe important! :D

Samajama Thank you for what you said! I really miss his family! Read about my up-date for the latest unbelievable thing. I'm osrry about Mark! I'll give you some advice! It is amazing! Go onto the link below turn it up loud and listen to the lyrics! I'm not a huge Lily Allen fan but this song made me really laugh! Love you ;)

Simplymortal314Don't give up on bus boy!!! :o I'm sure his school isn't 100000 miles away! I think it sounds like he likes you too! It's not your fault that your friends funny about him! In my opinion you should get in there! :mrgreen:

Up-dateJake's moving to Dubai. I texted hid frined and he told me that it had been planned for ages. I rang Jake and told him to come over and when he did we had row and I asked him if it ever crossed his mind to tell me when we've talked last and he was all like "I'm sorry, I didn't want to push you away! etc."
I asked him when he was going and he said 2 weeks. TWO ****** WEEKS!!!
I hit the roof then and started crying then and calling him every single rude word I knew (and a few more invented ones) and then he got all upset and was tyig to tell me he was sorry but it would be okay! I mean come off it!
I then went on to tell him he ws never there for me when I needed him most and how he said he wanted me back but was actually moving half way accross the world!
He then wnet "When haven't I been there for you!?"
And I told him.
I kind of regret it now but in a way I don't. I didn't really plan on it I just kind of screamed it at him and then kind of froze and then we both stood there for about a minute in complete silence. He was in a complete state of shock and just managed to mutter "Tell me it's not true."
I didn't answer the question and asked him to please leave. He then went into the I'm so so so so so so so sorry mode and told me how he could make it better and i just told him that he'd make it better by leaving!

I then called my best firned who came over immediately, I ahd a cry and then we put on a Ting Tings CD and danced around the house singing as loud and we could and lauging until we couldn't stop! She's only just gone now!
I feel a lot better!

Love you all **Imogen also makes heart shape with hands** :lol: xxxxxx
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

At least you had some Bus Boy closure. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but you got to see him and left things in a good place. So I'd say that's pretty good. :]

That was totally unfair of Drew to do that. How inappropriate. I'm glad you didn't let it fool you or anything. I mean, I think he may just be reaching out to you because his girlfriend is two hours away... Although, he could actually have some sort of feelings for you. And the fact that he was talking about you behind your back is also not cool at all. You can talk to him about it, and give him a piece of your mind. But your best bet is just to fuhgettabout him and not worry about it. :]

Oh, Noah. Always having to linger when you're not wanted. Sheesh. ;] But how cute was Eli? (I'll tell you: REALLY cute! :]) It sounds like you had fun even though Noah and the she-devil were there, which is great. :]

I'm glad your holiday went well! :] I can't believe Jake is moving to Dubai and just neglected to tell you... That's so wrong. But it makes your decision to end things for good that much smarter because had you gotten back together and had this happen... You would have been even more devastated. So you only have two weeks left with him; make sure you leave things how you want them to be left. And then you won't have to deal with it anymore and you can move on for real. :]

Well it sounds like you had fun at the party and it wasn't weird at all, so I'm glad. As for your friends, they'll get over it. If they really do ditch you sometimes for other people, then they'll get over it pretty quickly. Don't worry about them. You did what you wanted to do and you had fun. That's all that matters. :]

Haha well it sounds like your show was fun. And you got to talk to some cute boys. So that's all good. ;] :] I always love your stories.

Matt sounds really sweet and I'm glad you're sticking with him. I think that's the best decision in this situation. :]

Wow, your life has been... erm... hectic, to say the least. How is Ben doing now? Is he okay? I hope things calm down with his parents and everything. Why don't you think Ben thinks your pretty? I bet you're totally wrong. People don't date people they find unattractive, my dear. ;] But I hope everything's okay now, because you shouldn't have to deal with all that drama! And girl, you need to get that kiss, too! Haha. :]
Oh and... "oh and i think that im afraid of the word love cuz wit ben...nvm". Please explain!

As for me:
Nothing of substance. Saturday night I went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with some friends but... I got kicked out because out of everyone at the theater, they decided to card ME. And since I'm not 17 and the movie's rated R, I couldn't go in. It was pretty terrible, to say the least. But hey, whatever.
When we went to the movie, this kid named Alex (who's my friend's boyfriend's best friend) went with us and creeped on me all night. When he was leaving, he somehow got my number and started texting me... CREEPY. Yeah, so that's great...
And I have a BOATLOAD of homework to do today. And tomorrow. (We have today and tomorrow off school.) And this week is our Spirit Week at school, but I'm totally not in the mood for it.
I haven't really seen any boys to speak of. I've just been texting Andy, like usual. I agree with everyone who says he wants me. Bad. Haha, because he totally does. He's pretty much told me that. The other day he was telling me about this dream he had where we kissed and I was like, "What's it like when we kiss in your dreams?" And he said, "Think of every great kiss in every great movie and times it by ten." So yeah, I'd say he wants me. Hahaha. But I don't know if I'd date him when he breaks up with Cara (I've decided it's inevitable. She's been giving him loads of crap lately for nothing and I don't think he's going to take that much longer.) I mean, I really wouldn't want to mess up the friendship but I just... don't know.
Hope everyone's having a lovely Monday.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by samajama »

Immy: That song is hilarious! I'm glad you're feeling better though, love :]
Don't feel sorry about Mark and I, haha. That's been over for a long, long while. I do miss his family though. They're so nice. Oh well, I'll live lol.

I still don't have a real update. Freshmen girls are swooning over ryan :lol: I hope that got us a bunch of votes in out election, hehe. My friend, Chris, was like, "I don't get it. Why are freshmen voting for us?" So I said, "Freshmen girls are voting for us."
"Because we have Ryan."
"So why are they voting for us...?"
"For obvious reasons."

hehe :]
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