The Dating Thread--take 2

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Ruby »

Eh...the ignoring Drew thing isn't getting any easier. I'm actually getting worse at it. We flirt like all the time now. I can't help it. He always starts it, though. It's just so unfair. It's totally obvious that I like him...if it was just any guy they might not realize it, but Drew knows me better than I know myself. So he flirts with me, knowing that I'm totally helpless against him, and knowing that he has a girlfriend that he's madly in love with...I wouldn't be surprised if they got married someday. :cry: I just can't get over him. He's my best friend, and I can't see myself ever loving anyone but him, as cliche as that sounds. :(

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Immy93 »

Ruby I really don't know what to tell you to do about Drew! I think it's so unfair what he's doign to you! If he's flirting with you then he obviously isn't 100% in love with his girlfriend. If he was satisified he wouldn't feel the need to have to flirt with you. I think you should just try and avoid him and if he starts talking to you just end the conversation and in the mean time, listen to some severe man hating songs! It never fails! Lily Allen "Not Big" is a personal favourtie of mine! :D Remember to tell yourslef as well how gorgeous you are and how it's his loss if eh can't see that! You'll find someone else! :D I knwow you will! We're all behind you on here too! :mrgreen:

up-dateI found this CD before, one that Jake had made me. He's over Grade 7 on the piano and he used to play me the Debussy song "Claire de Lune" when I asked him too becuse it's such a beautiful song. He'd burned a copy of it for me and some other sutff and I put it on and just sat there listening to it for about half an hour before my sister called me downstairs.
It was just beautiful. I remeberd him playing it and I'd just be leaning on the piano with ym eyes closed and he'd lean accross it and kiss me whie he was still playing it. He was weird like that. I'll still never understand what he saw in me.
I better sanp out if it!
JAKE HAS GONE!!!! Why won't I just get it into my head!?
I get so frustrated wiht myself sometimes!
If you haven't heard the song, I'd advise you listen to it. The piano version. It is truly beautiful.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by virginiax7 »

Good morning all! It's 2:22pm and I can happily say that I just woke up. :] I stayed up really late watching Gigi, my favorite movie EVER (I cry in several different places every time I watch it) and didn't have to go to church. Huffah!

Immy93: Psh, I can't buy squat at Urban, but I just go and ogle things until they go on sale, lol. Most of my clothes from there are marked down fifty billion times before I even look at them. And who is this Jake dude? (I am in no way on the Lex as much as I should be.) Because if he played Claire du Lune for you, that is really sweet/awesome. (Esp. that he can play that. I can only play it on very good and lucky days.)

Mm, nothing new in my life. I've got to go work on my science fair project, but I'll probably be back later. :]

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Conzoni al vento »

Lu likes Amber. He wants her. She wants his body. They are prob going to go out AGAIN. I give them at m ost two months. he has commitment issues.

you still never gave me the name of Andy's fav band... lol.

i'm sorry that you and Eli can't be together. I do hoever think that the more you run from love the more it hunts you down. So beware. lol. he seems like a charmer, dazzling you like that. =]

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

Haha well the boat burning sounds like it was fun. I'm glad. :] And you're a lucky girl for finding Greg, he seems like a super great guy! :] But how funny about that girl thinking the air kisses were for her... Some people are just too conceited. ;] Haha. I'm glad everything's good with you. :]

Well, hon, it doesn't look like you're getting over Drew haha. And it probably won't happen anytime soon. Don't force it because it'll just make it harder for you. Instead, I would recommend just going with it. If he flirts with you, and you want to flirt back, do it. Eventually, even though you don't think you'll ever care about anyone else, someone WILL catch your eye. Drew will become old news, you'll get bored with him. Until then, just be true to your feelings even if you can't be with him. Otherwise it'll be REALLY hard. Trust me. Be patient with yourself, though. :]

It's understandable why it's so hard for you to get over Jake: he sounds absolutely amazing. BUT he IS in Dubai now. He's gone. Finito. So while it'll still take some time to get over him, him not being around it probably helpful. And while you may not want to, getting rid of things that remind you of him (like that CD) would probably be helpful also. You'll get through this, though, have faith. :]

Have fun with SciFair! Haha. :]

Oh Lu and his commitment issues... Haha. But sorry! I totally forgot haha. It's Led Zeppelin.

Pour moi:
Nothing. I took pictures of some cute old ladies and this ADORABLE little boy with down syndrome today for photo. It was fun. And I'm about to go see Quantum of Solace with my family. :] I just got done watching Footloose and I SO want guys at my school to be like that. And dance like that. And wear bow ties like that. Why isn't life like that? UNFAIR! Haha. I talked to Andy for like two seconds today just to see how Chicago is. But I didn't want to bother him, so I let him go. He's been thrift shopping all day apparently haha. And... yeah, that's about it. I haven't really done anything this weekend.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by tiffi »

christine-aww thnx girlie! ily2
ExL-its not that i WANT him jealous jus his apathy was kinda hurtful

-ok so i text and call him a bunch saturday when im with my friends. ik hes at a tennis tournament and probly busy so ya kno i jus let it go. the JAN (tj's gf) is like texting me cuz this whole little "much ado about nothing" thing happened with her and tj....USING BENS PHONE. ben was with tj and NEVER texted or called. so i text him "im pissed. at u." all of a sudden he "recieves all my texts" which is total i get like pissed for idek TEN SECONDS and he texts "what the What on earth does fornification under consent of king have to do with this?....." and then after i texted "well u obviously dont care about me that much then." he texts "well i obviously dont wana date a girl that freaks out if we havnt texted in 6 hrs and then thinks i dont care about her....and i dont wana be with someon wit that kind of temper period." WTF? HE HAS THE TEMPER! HE BROKE THE ****** DOOR OFF THE HINGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i call..crying and im like "youd rele break up with me so quickly?? the reason i freaked was cuz thats wt BG did to me. text less and less until it was over. and i like you so much more so it matters.." blah blah blaah and hes like not even rele paying any attention to me! so im like "so where does that leave us?" he was like WTF is that supposed to mean!?" and im like 'r u breakin up with me or not' he sayed no. so wer still together..but just barely

so then i was texting my bff about the fite i had with my MOTHER and how i rele needed ben, since he could totally relate and so i texted her "thnx. but no he doesnt kno. and ird think hed care if he did. just dont tell, well except for molly. no drama. ughhhh" but i ACSEDENTALLY SENT IT TO BEN! and he texts back "hahaha wow. thats pathetic." WHO R U???? and i text him 'wrong number wrong number blahblahh blahh" and he thot he knew wt we wer talking yea i havnt talked to him all FREAKING DAY

and i deserv better. even TJ his BEST FRIEND told me to dump him "tiffi, when hes a jerk hes a HUGE jerk. and hes not going to say sorry. he cant treat girls like that. dont be treated like that. i honestly think you shuld-and this is coming from ME-dump him. please."-tj

im going to think about it...because if that adoribly sweet boy i was "studying" with on wednesday doesnt come back then bye bye ben. and ughh i made the STUPID mistake of a)kinda saying "no ben. please dont do this." which was a bit........pathetic and b) fb status said "is drowning. doesnt anyone know cpr? or am i just not worth saving??" which was WAYY immature and dramatic. like eww i make fun of despret ppl that do that.

so i spent the good part of my day holding back tears and then the rest feeling like calling him up and ending it.

ill tell ya what was missing from Breaking Dawn! a full paragraph... page... CHAPTER of edward cullen naked!!!

splenda is splendid........:D

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by StupidxLamb »

AWWW Tiffi!!! I am so sorry, girl! Hmmm. I want to say not to break up with Ben, because I hate when people break up. BUT, the relationship seems to be kind of...emotionally abusive. Not in an extreme way, but you were really upset!! And it doesn't seem as though you feel like you can talk to him about any of this. That's not cool. I would think about it if I were you. But I'm not sure this is the bset relationship for you to be in, hon. *hugs* I'm sorry, babe. I just want to give you a hug right now. :[[[[

Andreas, the guy who was touching me a lot on Friday? Well, yeah, tonight, he was again flirting with me. Britney noticed it too. And so did Eli! Eli texted me later and warned me. And then he asked Andreas and Andreas told him to tell me that "I think Andreas likes you." But Eli told Andreas that he has competition and Andreas asked who...and Eli told him. XD Heehee. And then Eli said to me, "But I'm not going to tell him to just back off, you know?" Haha. Anyway, Eli told Andreas that I said, "He is cool, but I don't like him like that." So then Andreas said to Eli, "I give up. She's all yours, man." Now I feel bad for Andreas. And for me. Because I have to spend all of next weekend at a retreat with Eli, Andreas, and Britney, among others. Anyway. Whatever. :[ Booooooo.

Oh! Cute text from Eli: "You put the boom boom into my heart." Lol. Ugh. Wish we could be together. Ah well. :?
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by nissanmama »

StupidxLamb wrote:Now I feel bad for Andreas. And for me. Because I have to spend all of next weekend at a retreat with Eli, Andreas, and Britney, among others.
Oh. Awkward, huh? ... directlink
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Conzoni al vento »

Wow. Well that was a buttload of info in one post. All of a suden there was a flipswitch was there? I hate those. If he has a temper let him cool down a little. And yea, don't get paranoid about the texts. he's a guy. preoccupied like all others. I think that if you honestly don't like him you should break up with him. if you think this is just a little fight that oyu;ll come away togethr from in the end then stick around. I don't really know.. but just see what your heart tells you and trust it more than your head on this one.

epic failure. Tell Andy that your NBOAD biff tells him that Leppard is way infinitely better! lol.
i saw 007 with my daddy yesterday (epically intense!) Daniel Craig is basically the yummiest bond EVER. I love Bond movies!! Footloose is awesome too. Except for the guy who beat her up. hes a bully and those = bad.
When is Andy getting back? is he Still obsessed? lol.. obsessed is a strong word.. let's say "very into"

Oh my, that is a taad akward. But we know Eli sticks up for you. =] I swear you two are going to end up making out passionately out of sheer desire for being with each other one day. Mark my words. You know you'll like it. But then it would make you all the more confused ... but that's okay because some things are just enough to make confusion not matter.

CYber mama-
Any updates on FS??

Well i am ging to see Twilight on Friday night. I just invited one of my guy friends. I met him awhile ago and haven't seen him since although he gave me his number and we've been texting for awhile. He's pretty awesome depite the one thing. He has amazing green eyes, and he's quite shockingly mature. I don't really remember how he looks but the bad thing about him is that he's still in 8th grade. Can we say EW what a bummer? oh yea. Especially since i am the FIRST one to go for the older guy. I don't like him though, he probably thinks i do. He's too young, right? I guess i have to see him in person. I'm not really considering this, by the way. Just thinking through why i cant like him... becuase i don't know if i would. AH/ thisis making me sound way creeper.

On another note today was increasingly odd. My friend and her boyfriend (also my friend) had matchi ng hickies today that were visible to the world, so hilarious, even our history teacher saw it and laughed... Oh the joy of that moment. Lu was being all sad and depressed today. I asked why and he goes " im tired and don't feel well" then i try to mak ehim laugh and it works, but still he's all sad. Someone asks around our giant round table why and this girl whispers to her "It's Laney" so she thinks that he likes that little skank again. I don't know if i shuould believe it becuase just friday his biff told his girlfriend that he likes Amber. Eh. I don't really care though because i just want him to not get hurt- or maybe that is exactly what he needs.

Then the words that have haunted me the entire day with him asking if i even had a gag reflex. Lu oh Lu... you did not just say that. it was kinda funny but then i was like... AH. I'm a Vulgar Language Is Ugly. not good. (my friend established that i am a secret virgin) And i told Dave to come to the movies with us and bring this girl that showed interest in him, but he said he would never be able to watch that.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by a_n_n_a »

Tiff: Not to be too blunt . . but Ben is being a huge jerkface. It's one thing to become angry but it's also important to use words. Talk to him about it. Even if he starts acting all sweet again, you've seen a side of him that obviously isn't very nice, and you'd probably end up being stressed out when you have to make sure to never say the wrong thing etc.

Christine: Hopefully once Andy gets back you can keep talking about this apparent relationship he wants. And good luck with all those other hotties who keep trailing after you.

Lena: You're being incredibly amazing about all this stuff with Lu. I commend you =] Yeah, and that one kid does seem kind of young but that doesn't mean you can't be friends with him. Just make it clear, you know? Have fun seeing the movie though.

As for myself: No hotties at the book signing, actually, there were very few guys. I mean, there were some but none that looked particularly attractive to me. And then the dance was a bust. My one guy friend James wasn't there. Loser. But I hung out w/ my friends Margo and Chelsae, and my friend Jonny. I slow danced w/ Jonny because he's hilarious and we've gotten pretty tight in the last few years. I usually keep a count of how many slow dances in a row I don't dance, mainly because it's funny and because there are no guys over 16. I was up to something like . . . 14; I keep track from all the dances I go. It was pretty fun though.

Question Monday: Is there one person in your school that before high school is over you would love to just go on one date with? Or if you've graduated high school or maybe even college, was there?

I bring this up being a senior in high school. At least in my school there are the guys I talk to in class that I think would just be amazing to go on a date with, probably not actually date but just hang out with one on one in that kind of way. The guy I have in mind actually has a girlfriend, so that kind of puts a damper on anyone saying, "Just ask him to hang out". To me there are the guys that I want to hang out with and have them go, "Wow, I wish I would have talked to you more." I'm not saying that because I'm conceited or think I'm just that awesome. I say that because I know that if people took the time to actually talk to me, they would find I'm not just a dork/nerd [that's just a huge part of it, ha]. It's that way for everyone I think. We all have that one thing that people kind of know us for but beyond that they don't really know you.