The Dating Thread--take 2

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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Thanks guys.
Well, I dont mind age differences either. Like my aunt and uncle are 15 years apart. But ya my brother and I aren't really close but we are "bonding" more that we work together. I would love to tell him and have him tell me what he thinks and he could tell me what Ashton (He's my object of affection haha) thinks about "us" but I would be really embarrassed to talk to him about it. And when I talked to my mom about it she said that age doesnt matter but what would a 22 yr old have in common with a 16 yr old.

I just am soo confused.

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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My Update
I am sad. After our perfectly perfect date last night, Greg told me that he and his family are going on vacation for a WHOLE WEEK. *sigh* So this morning he comes to say good bye to me and I don't know why but I cried. Weird I will see him on Saturday. So he felt bad about leaving and I was mad at his parents for taking him away. So anyway I log on to facebook just now and he has sent me a bumper sticker that says "When I tell you I love you I don't say it out of habit or to make conversation. I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that ever happened to me." *sigh* This is getting out of hand. Not that I care. So that is my sappy update. I won't have anything exciting to most until next Saturday.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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edward x lover wrote:My Update
I am sad. After our perfectly perfect date last night, Greg told me that he and his family are going on vacation for a WHOLE WEEK. *sigh* So this morning he comes to say good bye to me and I don't know why but I cried. Weird I will see him on Saturday. So he felt bad about leaving and I was mad at his parents for taking him away. So anyway I log on to facebook just now and he has sent me a bumper sticker that says "When I tell you I love you I don't say it out of habit or to make conversation. I say it to remind you that you're the best thing that ever happened to me." *sigh* This is getting out of hand. Not that I care. So that is my sappy update. I won't have anything exciting to most until next Saturday.

Awww, thats terrible.
Don't be mad with his parents though, they haven't done anything wrong.
Trust me, you'll be fine until next Saturday.

Okay, so K slept over last night, because the buses stopped running because it was thanksgiving.

At first, we listened to some music, and it reminded me of how he's completely stuck in the 60's when it comes to music :lol: If I ever listen to The Beatles again, it'll be too soon.

I straightened his hair, and we talked for a while.
Here is his straight hair :)

I'll give you more of an update when I don't have to rush out the door to school. (:
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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LANDIANA- Aww, girl, it'll be okay. You just come to us. We don't like it when you're sad!

EDWARDXLOVER- The sappiness is cool with us. don't worry about it.

CHRISTINE- I think I missed something. Must go back and read...

TIFFI- Heaven's pretty cool, don't worry. I'm betting you're just getting jittery. The heart thingies sound totally cute.

TATEYYY92- Well, your mom at least is being cool.(In the sense of nice or helpful) Ask him what ASHTON thinks about age differences.

MY UPDATE- Well, I tried talking to him today. My friend was SO unhelpful. Sometimes she changes, when she's around her other friend. But that's not the point. So, I was talking to a friend in P.E. and HUG walks by with his soccer ball, alone. Perfect opportunity, right? But my firend was all, "Go ask to play soccer!" But I SUCK at soccer. So I chickened out. Then she chucked the football at him, and made it look like an accident, so he could go get it for us. Then when he was tring to give it to her, she's all "Give it to Graaaaaan!" Of course, she said my real name, but it's pretty close to Gran. So he did. Then later, this other girl who had overheard was all, "HI, HUG!" I hope he thinks she just got his name wrong. I could kill her! Then later, I said hi while walking past him, and he didn't say anything! (But he might not have heard me...)
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by StupidxLamb »

tiffi wrote: QUESTION: what is love? define it.
Wow, Tiff. Intense question. Lol. AND I LOVE YOU. AHHH. Ben sounds so crazy about you. :D

Hmm. What is love? To me, love is a committment. Distance doesn't matter, age doesn't matter, circumstance...those never affect love. And love is also sacrifice. It's not about how someone makes you "feel," it's about a connection with someone that is so deep and personal that you'd do anything for them. It's not caring even when you see them at their worst. There's a saying, "You don't love someone because you need them. You need them because you love them." <3

Eli read Twilight. He gave it a 3/5. Noah never read Twilight for me. :) Eli said that he didn't like Edward though. And I guess I can't blame him...what guy WOULD reallly like Edward? Especially when every girl wants him... :lol: Also, we discovered that Eli is the same height as Jacob (6'2", which is also Edward's height, but whatever). So Eli is all convinced that he's a werewolf. :lol: (I told him about that part ;])

V!! Haha. Aww, girl...I think this thread has turned into a place where we bash the creepers out there. :shock: There seem to be a LOT of them roaming around lately. :[ Where have all the good men gone? :lol:
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Tateyyy92 »

Ya it would be nice to know what Ashton thinks about the age difference.

Ok. so this is reallly random but last night I had the best freaking dream of my life. aww I didnt want to wake up. I was with him ^ and everything was perfect and we were holding hands and hugging and ugh why did my stupid alarm have to go off. haha.
sorry guys but all my friends are guys and they would not listen to this if I tired to tell them. :lol:

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

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He's definately real. Whether he's BEING real or not. I cannot say because i do not know him. But i do believe that he is being real. He is described to us as a shy it must be real if he's not shy with you.

What is Loooooooooveeeeeeeeeeee??
To me love isn't exactly something you can define but i'lll try my best. TOTALLY LOVED MARIES QUOTE "You don't love someone because you need them. You need them because you love them"" by the way. I think that love is when the other person completes you. I dont belive in any other love but bestfriend/sisterhood love, family/parent love, and true forever love. If i say to a guy tha ti love him it's for forever. It's something that can never disappear or vanish or ware away. It's always there and gets stronger and stronger becuase you can be yourself.

hahahhaha. I love that! He's as tall as them? NICE! Just an added bonus. I also reallllllly dig that he actually read Twilight. Everyweek in school i see another girl reading it..but never guys. He's totally better than Noah from the very start. Let's hope he doesn't change. =]

I'm kinda really hyper right now. Listening to Harry Belafonte! hahaha.
So this week is spirit week and today we had to dress like we were from sometime in the 1900s. Lu obviously dressed like 80s glam rock. He pranced toward me and i was so amused by what i saw. It was fab. Then i put eyeliner on him and couldn't take him seriously anymrore. Then his leather pants ripped on the crotch and he had to tape it. (lmfao) Then i DEFINATELY could not take him seriously. Then i had to bend over for him (that sounds so wrong!) at his locker becuase he couldn't in his pants.
With Josh i spent all second period with a bunch of other people. We were listening to his iPod and he was playing all these really sad love songs. I was wearing redlipstick so i wanted to kiss his shirt so that he had a red kiss on him. (hehehe) But he's all like NO!!!! and then he told me that him and his girlfriend got back together. I think he doesn't know what he feels for her. I told him that. Then later some guy was stealing my pencil and i was trying to get it back and Josh goes "Stop flirting with her!" bla bla bla. Sure it may sound like he has a crush on me.. but folks- this is biased. lol. So he was telling us what happened when he left the party i was at and went to this other party where there was a bunch of drinking and smoking and sexxxing and etc. He said he got hammered and made out with two girls (he was single that night.) Someone asks who he kissed and he starts listing about five names and im like WHOA! I thought it was only two. ( These two girls are also like best friends) He said then that he madeout with two and kissed another two, and ofcourse he wasn't really sure because he was so smashed. Lovely. And he told his girlfriend he kissed (not made out with) one girl. hah! What a loser.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by tiffi »

christine-i rele rele hope its real lawl...
SxL- ILY2!!!!! lol and wow great answer.... thats like TRUE like bella/edward love. very profound of you lol it made me think......
newbie-i think it might hav been you that asked about BG? yes. ben does kno BG-and asks about him more than id like. WHY IS THAT????? BG pretends to not kno who ben is, but thats a total lie

-of course when i get a bf THATS when boys start chasing me. lol one of my guy friends asked if i was single (i told yall this i think) and even after saying nope. he continued to smile at me like ALL the time durring class and trying to stand my me for chior....and then thers that kid in my last period thats always trying to flirt with me. oh and in spanish i hav quite a few guys that like to touch me lol NOT like that!!!!! haha but like always idek...and then druggie like grabed me today in the hall and gave me a very..errr close hug lol....sorry jus thot id let that all out
-ok so me and ben wer textin durring his spanish class and he sends me a text: ".....como estas? lol tu es muy bonita (: " which translates into: whats up? your very pretty lol not rele cohesive but i think hes in spanish one lol awwwwwwww hes soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to kissss him. which will happen. soon. (my ringtone on his phone is 'i kissed a girl' lol )

oh and he always say "nite" like this "night (;" with a wink?????? wt does this mean? lol

question-mark-heart analyst:
-was it jus a cool shape?
-did it mean 'do you <3 me?'
-did it mean 'do ya want my <3?'
-was it even a question? could mean a number of things.... lol

i over annalyze.......sorry

question remains: what is love? define it (ur answer was amazzzzzzing SxL, i jus wana see wt everyone's perspective is on this)

ill tell ya what was missing from Breaking Dawn! a full paragraph... page... CHAPTER of edward cullen naked!!!

splenda is splendid........:D
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

Awww, Mike is absolutely the sweetest! He sounds so old-fashioned haha. I love it! I'm so happy for you, hon! :]

Wow, that was really sweet of Greg! You're a lucky girl. ;] That sounds amazing. And I'm sorry he's on vacation, but you'll be okay. And just think, it'll be even better when he comes back. ;] :]

Oh, God. Ben is too cute for words! Really. That's so sweet. And I'm really glad that you guys are flirting more. That shows some progression in your relationship. ;] But don't worry about that smiley / question mark stuff. You're overanalyzing. Some people just overuse that stuff. It's not a big deal. You know how he feels when he's with you, you don't need to interpret that stuff haha. But I can't wait for him to kiss you! I'm so happy for you. :] Oh and love can't be defined. It just can't. It means different things to different people and there are different kinds of love. It's just one of those things that's way out there and we can try to comprehend it but we never will. I realize that doesn't help at all haha. But love is tricky.

Haha, I love you. Jacob sounds amazing. Seth Cohen boys are my favorite! Totally! So too bad you didn't get his number. Can you friend him on Facebook or something? You need to keep him around. ;] But I'm so so so sorry about this Jeff creeper! I'm sorry creepers are all over you! Just let him down easily and then never talk to him again! You'll be okay. Just breathe. And you may want to start carrying mace. ;] :] But I'm with you; I WANT A LEX PORTAL!

Welcome back. I'm really glad you're feeling better. :] As for Mike... don't pay any attention to that stuff. So what if he's giving mixed signals; all boys do. They're dumb. (Sorry, HOLDEN! ;]) But if you want to be friends with him, then talk to him. Just communicate with him and joke with him. It's easier to detect signals that way, anyway. But way to dazzle Stanley! Haha that's awesome. That's my girl. ;] :]

Okay. Listen. Age shouldn't really be a factor in relationships but... at your age, it is. You're underage, first of all. And dating a minor isn't against the law, but it's looked down upon... Second of all, 22-year-olds are WAY more experienced than 16-year-olds. They've been through more, they know more, and they want different things. That's the important part. You'll both want different things. You're mom's right; you won't have as much in common as you should or think you will. Then there's the fact that he's your brother's best friend and you work with him. Dating coworkers is never good. And dating sibling's friends isn't always such a great idea either... sometimes it works, sometimes not. And then what? If you DID try to have a relationship and it ended, where would that leave things? You know? I just think that at this point, it's not such a great idea for you to date him. That doesn't mean you can't be totally in love with him and all, but it means you just need to realize that maybe you should wait for someone you're more compatible with. But hey, that's just me. :]

Girl, I'm sorry that you miss Jake so much. He broke up with you because of the distance thing; that's what I think. You feel like it's not that big of a deal, but at this age it is. Try not to hang out with him at the concert if you can help it. That'll make it harder for you to be without him. I'm not saying you have to get over him... but I'm saying you need to realize that you're probably not going to be with him. That should help you disconnect from him. As for K, I'm glad that you guys are hanging out and stuff. And if you don't want a relationship with him right now, be sure to let him know that before he gets the wrong idea. Just be honest with him. I think you two are amazing as best friends and you should stay that way for a while. I think you need to stand on your own two feet without a guy for a while, too. So you can get stronger emotionally, you know? I hope all is well with you. :]

People who would say that to you aren't worth your time anyway. Don't worry, middle school will pass. More quickly than you can imagine. And it's really not that bad. But you really should start talking to HUG when you can. Don't be afraid. I don't think he's in any position to badmouth you or diss you so I think it'll be fine. Maybe once he gets to know you, he can get other people to lay off. Bullies are stupid. Just always remember that. But you've got to put yourself out there and not fear rejection! Everyone gets rejected in life. It's natural. You can't worry about that or you'll miss out on so many things. Good luck. :]

Awwwww, hon, I'm so sorry! I can't believe he's dating a college girl. Look... I know this would be hard for you and you'll be totally against this but... I think you need to tell him how you feel. You can't keep living like this, getting hurt by him when he doesn't even know it. You won't be hurting him, if that's what you think. You just need to be honest with him. You owe it to yourself and he deserves to know, too. So I think you should tell him how you're feeling. And you're going to have to support his relationship. Even if you don't like it, it's what makes him happy so you should try to be happy for him. I realize you're not in a good position right now, but the only way you're going to be happy about it is if you decide to be happy about it and deal with it. Good luck, sweeite. :]

Yay, Eli read Twilight! That's great. Even if he DID only give it a three out of five. That's not too bad considering he's a guy. That's cute, though. :] And who knows, maybe he is a werewolf! That'd be so cool... hahaha. :] I'm just glad he makes you so happy. You deserve it. :]

Haha sounds like a fun filled day with Lu... Lol. ;] But wow... Josh, manskanky much? Hahaha. That's insane. I'm glad you don't want to date him, you just want to bang him. Haha that sounds terrible but it's true. I imagine he wouldn't be the best with relationships. Maybe that's Lu's problem? Who knows. :]

My update:
So yesterday was okay.
We had strike after school. It's where we take apart the stage and stuff. Well, we volunteered for the EASIEST job... cleaning the dressing room. (Emily and I did.) So we did that for about two hours... haha. Even though it took twenty minutes. We hung out in there the whole time. I made her tell me how far she went with Joey... she was all embarrassed. But it wasn't that bad, so I don't know why she was embarrassed. And then he came in with us and acted like nothing ever happened with Emily. He's being weird. They kissed when I wasn't looking. But that's it. He talks to me more than he does her even though he likes her. And it upsets her. So Andy and I have been telling him to talk to her! But I don't know, it's just weird. The whole situations is a little iffy at this point. But I think they're going to date. It may take some time, which is fine, but they'll date. And it'll be cute. I'm excited. :] So then Coomer kept getting on my nerves because he came in and we made him leave. And we YELLED at him about leading Julia on (one of my good friends) so that was good haha. And Patrick came in to hang and he helped me mop the floor and... I love that kid. Haha. When I left, I gave him about a ten minute hug because he was having a conversation with someone and I didn't want to pull away. It was cute. And I saw him in his car on my way out with his dad and I blew him and kiss just so his dad would be like, "Who's that?" Haha. Oh Patrick. But Andy took me home. It was sweet that he asked. We just sort of talked about everything. Nothing specific though. And he smoked about five cigarettes... Oh man. And then when he dropped me off, he got out of the car to hug me and my dad was all mad. Haha.
And on Facebook, Tim said we need to go to Into the Woods together (our school's musical) so that'll be fun. Emily's coming, too. I'm excited to hang out with him again. The only problem is that it's in about two months... haha.
Anyway Jordan was kind of awkward on the bus today. I mean, he was flirting with me a lot and like laying on me. It was kind of weird...
Oh, and Andy was telling me about all these weird dreams he's been having. And I'm in most of them. So he was looking up what it means and he was like, "It says you're in my dreams a lot because I care about you and I think about you a lot." So I asked if he thought about me a lot. And he said, "A little." So I said, "A little a lot?" And he said, "We'll round it off at a lot." Haha. And then he was like, "You can ask me anything you want, I'm in a gracious mood." Haha. So I asked him why he liked me and he said, "Because you're amazingly beautiful and sweet and smart and funny and fun to be with and you have a great personality." Haha aww. I also asked when he lost his V-card and he said two years ago... But yeah... So today we talked at lunch about this problem he's having with Maggie (our mutual friend) like she's being kind of emo and weird and he doesn't know how to handle it. So I gave him some advice. (Surprise! Haha.) Then he said:
Him: Can I ask you a favor?
Me: Sure.
Him: Can you help me quit smoking?
Me: YES! Why do you want to?
Him: I don't know, I don't like it anymore and I hate that I do it.
Me: Okay, great!
Him: And Cara wants me to quit drinking.
Me: Well do YOU want to quit drinking?
Him: Yeah. Kind of. After that party, yes...
Me: Okay! Cool. So what do you want me to do?
Him: Nag at me. A lot.
Me: No problem.
Him: And don't tell anyone. I told Cara I'm doing this by myself. But I'd never get anywhere without your help. And I can't trust this with anyone else. So yeah.
Me: Of course.
So yeah. I'm going to be helping him quit smoking and drinking. I'm really proud of him. And Cara, for helping him, too. But yeah, this should be interesting.
Oh! And by the way, I just deciphered one of the texts he sent me at the cast party when he was drunk... it took forever but I got it. It says, "I said some stupid sh*t and I don't want to f*ck up our friendship because I have feelings and I want things but I don't want them if you don't." So yeah... interesting...
So yeah. I'm sorry that was a NOVEL. But hey, that's me. :]
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by Tateyyy92 »

^^ Thankss.. Thats what I've been thinking. Its just that ughhh I wish I was older. Life would be so much more amazzing. This is crazy though cause I've never felt like THIS.
I mean you know I've had my little crushes here and there. Even a few boyfriends but none of that compares.
Hes in my head 24/7 and I just wish it could be something more. I hate that really only age stands in the way, cause my brother, I dont think, would care to much and work well ya idk but ugh it would be amazzing if we were together.

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