The Dating Thread--take 2

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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by StupidxLamb »

You girls remember Rory? The guy who flirts with me at youth group? Well, tonight he and I and a bunch of people were standing outside after church. I looked at him when he walked up to the group and I laughed because he was making a silly face. Then he walked through everyone and got REALLY close to my face and said, "Hey, how're you doing?" It was SO funny, and really cute. And I swear, I had no idea what to say. His close proximity caused my mind to turn to mush. XD My sister said it was funny because everyone stopped talking and watched him march over to me and it was really obvious that he was flirting. Britney is helping me with a "plan" to "get him." She's so silly (The first thing she said when I told her I like him is, "OH I'm so excited!!.") I'm not going to pursue him, but she thinks I should send out a vibe and invite him to hang out with us next time we get people together. :/ We'll see.

Sorry that is all I am going to write tonight. I have to study tonight, and I'd also like to get some sleep in. XD
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by psugar »

Ugh, I have no advice, I'm freezing and my hands are sweating. I first of all had state testing today and had about an hour of free reading time. I looked downwards, because the book was falling apart(it's for english, as my teacher said 'This book was really loved.') so my neck started hurting. I was complaining about it because it felt like it wouldn't move on our way to the cafeteria. I see 'S' going into a line so I go to that line. I go in and out of the corner of my eye I see him looking at me. To not seem stalkerish I just turned my body pretending to look ahead but really looking at him. We were silent, a slut in front of him started talking, he blew her off and looked at me, I was so happy. I went shopping with a friend over the weekend who is close with the other girl who likes him and says he might like her(she rather they be together cause they have similar hair, :? ), I ignored it, he pays no attention to her. She tried to accuse me of being a selfish person(my friends got her friends to sing happy late birthday to me) I will give the script of it.

Jo-Jo(my friend's nickname): Let's all sing happy birthday to P****
Me: No, no Jo. No need to make a big deal.
Jo-Jo:*starts singing with everyone else*
R(the other girl): I'm one day older than you P****, I should get congrats, you are so selfish.
Me: Wait-, no-, you don't understand!

That's todays drama. I got into honors english which is cool*happy dance* which means I get into honors social studies. That is about it.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by edward'sstupidlamb »

state testing, ugh that sucks :( I just had it last week.
Sigh today I was talking to "A" and then when I was leaving he's like oh your not going to practice? And looks all sad. Sigh. people have said that he and his girlfriend broke up, i don't know i'll just be friends now :).
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by keds723 »

State testing does suck! Gah...I'm so glad I'm finally through all of that. I assume anyway.

I like it when your crush breaks up with their significant other. It's very...hopeful! Keep up with the friends thing, but put the moves on him! hah!

I saw B today briefly. He sat across the room from me at breakfast because I'm assuming he didn't see me, but it was very awkward for me. I listened to my iPod extra loud. He waited for me again today. It's the strangest thing. He looks my way every so often and then see's me leaving, and even if he's in the middle of talking to someone else, he just leaves and follows me. He tries to make a conversation in the minute we have to talk on the way to the next class, but it never is enough! Today, when I told him I was sick, he asked how I could possibly be sick. I have no idea what that means and he may not have actually said that. I can't really hear well since my sinuses are completely blocked. Oh joy!
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by samajama »

whoa. I totally posted here before, post isn't here! :shock:

ok.. so...

edward'sstupidlamb: good call on not having an evil plot ;]

Marie: Holy crap! How did I miss this announcement of you liking Rory?! :? Oopsies. Well this is fantastical! We shall throw a party! Haha.

I don't have any dating-y updates. Le sigh.
Well, unless you count getting hit on by a 16 yeard old boy on YoVille (on Facebook). Hahahaa. *shakes head*

And methinks I shall PM a mod because we need a new thread!
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

Yeah, glass blowing is pretty cool haha. And yes, use weeeee-otch whenever you get the chance! ;] Sorry you had to do Geography all day yesterday... but hmmm... wanting J to be there when you were babysitting. That's interesting. Sounds to me like you like him. You wouldn't get an urge like that if you didn't. Not in my experience, at least. So did you see him today? Anything interesting happen? :]

Well at least she's plan-less! That's good news for you! Did she ever reply? :]

Haha well you don't have to ask him out right away or anything, but a little flirting never hurt anyone. ;] I hope you get try to loosen up a little bit with him. There's no reward without a risk! :]

Welcome to our thread! :] I'm Christine. So your crush broke up with his girlfriend, eh? How convenient. ;] Well, no matter how things progress, it sounds like there's definitely potential for you two to be great friends. So work on that first. ;] :]

Haha, well being updateless is totally okay. No one really needs boy stress anyway. ;] :]

Hey, if you're flirting subconsciously, it's not your fault, right? ;] But if he's making you have doubts about Evan and you feel like you're holding Evan back... well those are both things that you seriously need to take into consideration. For now, leaving things as they lie is fine but there will come a time soon enough when you're going to have to make a decision. Evan's going to be leaving and B's still going to be here, you know? Just keep being friendly with B and everything but make mental notes of your feelings and try to figure out what you want. :] Oh, and I hope your sinuses clear up! :]

So Rory sounds like a cutie! Sounds like he's really flirting with you and hey, even if you don't want to pursue him, flirting back definitely isn't a crime! Just have fun with it for now. Inviting him to hang out is a great idea, with a group of friends of course. He seems like he'd be fun to hang with. Just keep is casual. :]

Well forget those other lame-o girls... Sounds like S is interested in you. If he were interested in them, he would've shown it by now. So you need to talk to him, try and flirt with him a little. Just make sure he knows that you've noticed him notice you. If that made sense? Haha. And like I said, for get those other girls! :] And congrats on honors English! :]

So basically because of my friend problems, I was just kind of bummed out today. And then we watched this movie in Photo called Streetwise (it's a documentary about kids living on the streets in Seattle) which bummed me out even more because it was so sad. So I moped over to Theatre and everyone was like, "What's wrong?!" And Andy was like freaking out saying, "Are you okay? Are you mad at me or something?" But he gave me a super large hug, which helped a lot. So yeah. And my friend Dakota (who's like TOTALLY jealous of Andy being my super best friend) freaked out today when Andy and I went to the bathroom at the same time. He was like, "I know you two went to go to the bathroom to make out! I know you did! I can't believe you!" I was like, "Riiiiight... YOU'RE CRAZY!" Haha.
So guess what I found out today? TIM HAS A GIRLFRIEND! Yeah. They've been dating for almost a MONTH! And I was unaware. So I guess it's good that I don't like him anymore since he obviously doesn't like me... Haha. And like, when I found out, I was little uncomfortable with it. But I think it's just because I've never really thought of Tim dating anyone, not even me. Like, it wasn't the kind of uncomfortable I get when Andy and I talk about Cara or anything... So that tells me that I don't really like Tim. So yeah. Epiphany haha.
I might go see Andy's play with Joey... If he ever texts me back...
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by psugar »

State testing is strangely easy cause I go to a good school. I hate it though, total waste of time. *SSA's are super boring. These are the last till 11th grade. Oh and supposedly I'm a vampire with hazel colored contacts(who has a diet of humans and animals).

Christine: Urgh that sounds like a bad day-ish. Hope you have fun at the play. I will start talking to him(practicing tonight by texting a friend who is pro PS(oh that is so cool our first initials are something, like my own).
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

I'm back..again...for real this time. No dating updates.

Aparently NO ONE has anything interesting going on....sigh.
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by simplymortal314 »

So here's a hypothetical situation for you all. (I posted this earlier, but post vanished.)

As you are getting ready in the morning to go to school the forcast is warm, but a possible chance of showers in the afternoon. You go to school in high spirts and drive to school as normal. Now, it's after school and you are still happy. As you walk towards the school entrance you think you see one of your friends, when you turn around it's not. Instead you see a guy you kind of might like. You do a double take and smile at each other. You reach the school door and see it's raining. You stall. Then walk outside, you have left your coat at home today. You relish in the rain, you almost start to dance. The wind blows your hair in your face. When you turn your head to move your hair easier you see that same boy. You think maybe I should ask if he wants a ride, but you don't. You get to your car and think if you beat him to where the side walk turns and runs parallel to the highway with a distance of about 4 yards from each other you'll roll down your window and ask him. Guess what/ You don't and spend your ride home upset with your self and are almost screaming along with you radio.

Do you know how I was able to come up with this situation?
It happened today to me.

On the brighter side only about 30 or so pages left. =]
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Re: The Dating Thread--take 2

Post by December »

Ok all. You're ready for The Dating Thread take 3....
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