True Things ~ Third Round

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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by AtomicStar »

Truth: My condolences go out to KK on the loss of her grandfather.
Truth: I should have been in bed hours ago!
Truth: I finished reading Twilight again tonight.
Truth: I will probably read New Moon a bit before I actually turn out the light and go to sleep.
Truth: When I first read the Twilight saga, I dreamed of vampires and vampire related things for the 2 weeks it took me to finish all 4 books.
Truth: I even dreamed that Jasper was teaching me to fight, lol.
Truth: I have to be at work in 8 1/2 hours. (ugh)


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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by kaitlyncullen »

truth: i'm addicted to the super pets application on myspace.
truth: my pet's name is lily and i love her. lol.
truth: i ate four mini bagels today. they were sooo good.
truth: i'm drinking powerade right now, and it's refreshing.
truth: i'm at my friend's dorm and woah i found a guy that is soo beautiful.
truth: i nicknamed him muttonchops.
truth: there's an abundance of beautiful people here.
truth: the victoria's secret fashion show made me feel a little inadequate.
truth: back to super pets!
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

Truth- Ive got issues
Truth- I burst into tears when I heard Shake It!
Truth- Im making it worse by listening to my concert playlist & looking at pitures.
Truth- At ATL they played 6 extra songs & past time.
Truth- Im listening to Kelsey & successfully holding tears back [mainly because ive cried so much lately it hurts]
Truth- Im going to go look for more pictures & pour more salt in this wound.
Truth- I love FNMTV.
Truth- Hero/Heroine is making me cry... yay.
Truth- Im on some energy high - cant go to sleep

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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by nissanmama »

Truth: I wonder why my kids can't or won't empty the dishwasher.
Truth: I HAVE to clean my house today, but I will still go to spin.
Truth: There are text rumors that are going around about MG that I'm worried are half true.
Truth: I need to finish getting my decorations up and wrapping the gifts I have. ... directlink
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by sarah-belle »

Bella_Cullen_13 wrote:Edit
Truth: Im sorry about your grandfather, KK.
Truth: I know that it sucks to watch other people suffer, despite our selfishness, it might actually be best for some to part.
Truth: In all irony, Emergency just came on. (This reminds me of Sarah for so many reasons)
Truth:I'm also sorry about your grandpa, kkswmmr114 :[
Truth:I agree with that to some extent
Truth:But yours is the not the extent I agree with, Hailey
Truth:If Hailey interprets Emergency the way I do, then I really hope she will listen
Truth:Memories That Fade Like Photographs reminds me of her
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

sarah-belle wrote:Truth:If Hailey interprets Emergency the way I do, then I really hope she will listen
Truth:Memories That Fade Like Photographs reminds me of her
Truth: I dont think you'd say that if you knew how the story really ends. (FYI, That album is in loving memory of Hayley's friend.)
Truth: Memories That Fade Like Photographs is a very depressing song.

Truth: Im listening to my 'Bogus' playlist.
Truth: It started with Checkmarks, which reminded me of Beckett's inability to read.
"This next song is NOT called Checkmarks"(:
Truth: That song has some of the most amazing guitar.
Truth: Favorite guitar Ive heard today is on The Phrase That Pays, a song that Sarah should listen to.
Truth: I just got done listening to Check Yes Juliet & yes, I put numbers in the air, while sitting in my kitchen.
Truth: Stay Young is on & it was the opening song, absolutlely awesome.

Truth: Jersey & Josey both remind me of what Sarah sounds like.
Truth: The Test is an amazing song & completely sounds like Sarah, word for word.

Truth: Last night after I went through the rest of my pictures, I put one of the most astounding pictures of Mister Alexander William Gaskarth on my iHome, because it was astounding.

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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by *Bloodlust* »

Truth: I let things get to me waaaaay too much. :(
Truth: They're usually things I can't change anymore too.
Truth: For example, I just had my astronomy final.
Truth: I checked my notes, and I for certain missed a question about dark matter and one about the sun.
Truth: Now I'm afraid to check for more because I'm afraid I'll have missed more!
Truth: Gaaaah! Soooooooo frustrating!! :x

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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by StupidxLamb »

Truth: ^I'm sorry.
Truth: It's really best to just try not to think about it. *hug*

Truth: My best friend and I are sh*t buddies, because we have both been waking up feeling like that for a few months :lol:
Truth: I had a revelation last night
Truth: It wasn't a particularly happy one, but it was healthy
Truth: Up to this point, I tried to suppress the feelings that I should have been expressing during my healing process.
Truth: It feels good to cry
Truth: I miss someone
Truth: It's gloomy today
Truth: I am behind on homework, AHHH.
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by LadyViolet »

Truth: i want a hug :(
Truth: today was pretty awful
Truth: i got pretty much no work done in my two free periods
Truth: my french teacher is a condescending cow (argh talk to me like i'm 18 for pete's sake!)
Truth: chemistry was even worse since my teacher gave us a stack of questions and i couldn't do ANY of them
Truth: i was so tired it was all i could do to stay awake
Truth: then he put sugar in my tea ugh- sugary tea is awful
Truth: i just scoffed my dinner down so fast i feel ill now :(
Truth: i need to do some work tonight badly.
Truth: i really want to have an early night though
Truth: i seriously doubt that i will.
Truth: i'm not gonna be able to see my bf all tuesday and wednesday next while he's in Oxford :cry:
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Re: True Things ~ Third Round

Post by runswithwolves »

truth:I will give you a hug LadyViolet *hugs* :lol:
truth:My sis is yelling at me
truth:I don't really care but........
truth:One of my dogs is at the Vet
truth:I feel bad for him :(
truth"I have to make dinner tonight :x
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