Randomness #6

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Re: Randomness #6

Post by Wingtear »

samajama wrote:wingtear- omjb? Net speak is just obnoxious acronyms that no one understands. I mean like "thnx" or "ty" is fine, but when your whole post starts too look like:
omg didya c dat ttl qt 2day? omg!! he wuz lyk so HAWT.
Then, I will become very angry and sic, not the Volturi, but myself, on you. :twisted: *evil laugh*
well, as OME is "Oh My Edward" I will use OMJB "Oh My Jacob Black"...
And what "omg didya c dat ttl qt 2day? omg!! he wuz lyk so HAWT." means beats me BIG TIME!
I don't do good with abridgments in my own language, and get lost frequently among them...
I can however use "our" letters Å Ä Ö if you feel a need to get agitated... :mrgreen:
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Re: Randomness #6

Post by Lynzeee »

http://thesuperficial.com/2008/11/rober ... fm_index=0

i "awww'd" at this picture-- he is so precious! seriously. while it is overwhelming having so many fans.. how can you not feel grateful for it.. unlike miss snotty pants Kstew--- good lord, she is just flat out rude now- someone needs to help her with her PR stuff.

random song-

T.I- whatever you like.

next up is operation Ivy- bombshell


listen to it an MOSH!!!@(^!@*! haha love punk... and this is real punk!

i would suggest just downloading the entire ENERGY Cd.. because its awesome-- i've seen them live so many times.. not lately though..
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Re: Randomness #6

Post by SoulLife »

I NEED YOU GUYS HELP! i didn't know where to post this so where else? the random thread.
alright so im making a movie poster in my graphic design class and im doing the The Host and i need two catchy sloans one that goes under the title like The Host....(somthing) then one for like the main part of the poster. i was thinking somthing like The eyes really are the Gatway to the Soul, just an idea but i could reallllly use you guys help! please :))))))) <3 much love
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Re: Randomness #6

Post by samajama »

you dyed your hair? oh crap!
i'm straightening my hair too

wingtear- i barely know what it says

soullife- sorry, I never read The Host

i'm watching the video that's underneath that picture you posted lynz.

the Boy stopped answering, so i think he went to eat dinner

i'm done with homework ;)
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Re: Randomness #6

Post by *Aros_girl* »

Hey yeveryone!

I'm freaked out right now. I have not one but two stalkers. it is getting scary. they follow me in school so just 7 hours of my life. I'm getting scared.

I only read the host once.
I need a Jasper one.
I'll think of one later.

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Re: Randomness #6

Post by maddy<3twilight »

YAY Twilight in like 3 hours. :D I have to drink lots of Pepsi :D

I bought an awesome Twilight shirt today at Hot Topic. It has Edwards eyes and on the back it says "You are my life now". It looks awesome on me :lol:

My friend got introuble soo she begged her parents to go to Twilight. They let her but I can't sleep over anymore. Ohh well. I have no idea what she is introuble for. She didn't do anything bad at school. :?

I like my hair straintened but it takes too long. My mom is going to buy a professional hair straitener for both of us. It will be soo much faster. I want to dye my hair blue underneath :?

My cousins Ex is a singer and I have his song stuck in my head. It is pretty good.
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Re: Randomness #6

Post by Amethyst1 »

sorry to just post here randomly. but i need homework help. math help. problem solving is my weakest point and the teacher seems to enjoy that therefore giving me endless questions to do. age problems always confuse me, so that's why i am stuck on this one. can anyone help me pleaseee. i'll love you forever.

Joe and Frank have the same birthday, and the sum of their ages is 52. Four years from now Joe will be three times as old as Frank is at that time. how old was Joe when Frank was born?

*puppy face* anyone!??
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Re: Randomness #6

Post by wildroses »

i just got home from the mall
unfortunately i didn't buy anything
it was kind of cold.

i have to pee really bad.
i'm really really extremely excited for twilight
i should leave in approximately three hours.
i'm hungry
you guys are great.
and all rock my world.
randomness bum<3
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Re: Randomness #6

Post by 'twahy-lahyt' »

I need to finish cooking dinner
Tacos :D

To all the people watching the midnight showing - Have FUN *turns green with jealousy*
I don't know if I can wait til saturday.

I have to go chop some lettuce.

Be back late, maybe

Hey Sam :)

How do you like my new banner??
I might change it again, I don't know yet.

Love you guys <333
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Re: Randomness #6

Post by LindsOuimet »

*squeeeeeeeeeeee* So excited! My husband took me out for my birthday dinner, and bless his heart, he had to listen to me ramble on about Twilight throughout the entire meal! :lol: I also informed him that if anyone is talking loud/being a jerk in general at the theatre tonight, he will have a very irritable and confrontational wife on his hands. I don't know why, or how he puts up with me, really.

I went to Borders to see if they had this -- http://www.bordersmedia.com/twilight/im ... _crest.jpg
But no luck. :( Boo.

Can't wait!

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