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Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:57 pm
by Lynzeee
hale yes! rob is kicking butt!

my hair is so awesome and pink.

i need to straighten it though.. its a big frizz ball!

OME! guys.. we are getting so close-- this is so exciting

i really flippin need to clean! UGH! i am procrastinating..

Hey i may get a new rank tonight.. HAHA nUTZ

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:00 pm
by Wingtear
I managed to notice my new rank about 50 posts after it had changed...
Yes, I am blond, some days/nights it shows better than others...

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:00 pm
by Tengo Nubs.
oh my god, guys.
this is it!
this is THE DAY.

okay, i am so excited for this movie. i don't care if everyone in the world says it's gonna suck, i am still excited. i am just going to ignore all the haters out there because they are CLEARLY just a bunch of psychopathic hos. ahhhh. only 7 more hours!!!! i cannot wait!!!!
oh man, i gotta finish the last hundred pages of twilight and and then take a nap! if i can!!

my sister is still in a bad mood today and has an earache. i'm hoping she'll put aside the bad mood and be excited, for me. she would stop thinking about herself for a second to make her sister happy, right? :roll:
oh and my other sister will be on crutches. man, do you think they'd let us in the theater early so she doesn't get trampled? that seems reasonable enough to me.... :D

so yes! i've been in an excellent mood all day today even though i was freezing my bollocks off (haha...anatomically impossible...but oh well) and it was flurrying. i woke up and looked outside and it was all overcast. i thought, "what a perfect twilight day!!" eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. ::deep breath:: goodness, i dunno how i'm going to last in the theater...

i think i am definitely going to skip school tomorrow. i don't care if i'm an incorrigible slacker. everyone deserves a day off once in a while, right? right.

ummm what else?


hehe. i need to stop giggling uncontrollably now..... :lol:
and i need food. plus going to read.
so i'm off!!

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:17 pm
by twilightmom
I was just on the phone confirming an order I placed which is super time sensitive... I had to say the order number and it went like this:
"The order confirmation number is E, as in Edward, 01845" Hee Hee! I didn't mean to say that, but it just came out... I guess it's the OCD!

I tried dying my hair all fun colors back long ago (remember, I am old!)... But I have red hair and it doesn't do fun party colors. Oh well! On Halloween my 5-year old wanted to have orange hair, so I picked up a can of temporary hair color from Walmart. It was so funny in his short, curly hair!

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:18 pm
by 'twahy-lahyt'
I have noticed a couple of newcomers today, and while most are following the rules, we do have some specific rules for this thread because it goes by soo fast.

Randomness Thread Rules

1: ABSOLUTELY NO one line posts. Posts must be at least 4 lines. (This thread moves at a very fast pace, so posts need to be longer.)
2: Chat style posting is not allowed - if you are chatting with more than one person - that's fine, just remember to add some randomness to the post
3: No net speak - some of us break that rule, but OME is probably the only one aloud
4: No double posts.
5: If you have any questions about the thread ask one of the regulars Lynzeee(Lynz), Samajama(Sam), kkswmmr114(Marlee), even though she hasn't been on a lot lately Tengo Nubs(Mary), wildroses(Lauren), or me(Shel)

don't want to be a B, but we don't want the Mods mad again.

Mary!!! *hugs*

I'm kinda sad, all of you are seeing the midnight showing, and I'm going to be here alone, asleep :(
but I get to see it saturday(even if I have to go by myself) so it's not soo long after you guys, just a day and a half.

How can you all be napping?!?!?!?!, in the true things thread everyone is taking a nap, I'd be WAY to excited to nap, crazies, haha.

I want to see your hair Lynz, definitely post pictures of your entire outfit ;)

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:23 pm
by wildroses
shel! lynz! mary!

omgsh i was going to take a nap
but i AM way to excited!
i can't get to sleep!
i just start singing and dancing in my bed lol
yeah i'm weird like that.

but i'm worried about the lines
and the screaming
i hope there aren't toooo many people
but i think there will be.
oh well.

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:23 pm
by Lynzeee
i can't even get off here and functioN!

i have alot to do!!!

okay seriously i'll get a picture or too.. i hope to look wicked cool- and non- hoboish..

anyway i am gone for a little while guys..

be back later..

F F F its cold!

Lauren bring a spray bottle labeled bad fan girl water.. thats what i am doing =)

edit- my new rank is perfect! haha sweet!

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:36 pm
by Wingtear
'twahy-lahyt' wrote:3: No net speak - some of us break that rule, but OME is probably the only one aloud
As I already informed, I'm blond, and I have NO idea what the fruit basket "net speak" is...
That could come down to me not being English speaking normally though and only recently (since my twilight obsession started) went out on boards outside Scandinavia.
And if team Edward get to use OME then I AM using OMJB!!!

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:41 pm
by samajama
BOO! Hello randomness ;)

Miss me?

IT IS FREEZING!!!!!!!! :evil:

I need to go do Latin homework, but I wanted to say hello!! <3

To those of you seeing the movie tonight, HAVE FUN.
I'll be outside freezing my buns off at this time tomorrow. I can't wait though.
Sorry for everyone that needs to wait like a month to see the movie still. :?

Spoke to the Boy last night. That was fun ;) I might call him again which is why I need to go do homework!! :geek:

Auditions for 42nd street went really well. I didn't even bother bringing sheet music; I jsut sang "We're in the Money" i really hope I get the part I want. It has some singing and a lot of dancing, and since I'm a senior, I'm pretty much guaranteed a part.......but still. I'm excited for tapping! I havent' tapped in OVER A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should go find my shoes!

I like the BA side of you Shel =P

I don't feel like reading old posts, so yeah......I hope everyone's having a swell Thursday!!

I'll possibly be back later. if you neeeeeeeeed to talk to me for some reason, message me on facebook, if not, talk you ya laterrrr ;)

wingtear- omjb? Net speak is just obnoxious acronyms that no one understands. I mean like "thnx" or "ty" is fine, but when your whole post starts too look like:
omg didya c dat ttl qt 2day? omg!! he wuz lyk so HAWT.
Then, I will become very angry and sic, not the Volturi, but myself, on you. :twisted: *evil laugh*

edit- I like Lynz's new rank!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:41 pm
by SethisMine
OH MY!!! OH MY!!!
Guess what!?!?!?!? I just got invited to see a PRE-SHOWING OF TWILIGHT!!!!!
My friend just told me that he had an extra ticket to a private showing!!!!!!! And he invited ME!!!
I couldn't go to the midnight one, but this one is at 6!!!
*starts screaming* :lol: