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Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:23 pm
by Wingtear
here it's -2 degrees Celsius (google... 28 F)
When I woke up this morning there was about 2 inches of snow covering everything :mrgreen:
unfortunately it covered the roads as well, the buss trip from the ferry took 30-45 minutes longer than it was supposed to :( but it's OK, I came in time to get my ticket :D
I love cold weather... although no one believes me when they see my clothes count...
Today: thick-woven pantyhose, pants, cami, t-shirt, thin sweater, college sweater, fleece/function vest, college jacket lined with fake fur... and I did not take of the jacket indoors...

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:33 pm
by Lynzeee
someone said something mean about Kstew's teeth on another thread.

My friend pointed out that i have teeth just like hers..

YES I HAVE HUGE front teeth- but everyone has always told me it was cute- like a part of my personality or whatever..

so i feel bad because i told that person to watch what they say- haha like a threat- i didn't mean it that way i am just a little sensitive- just a warning in case you want to make fun of her teeth.. =(

i wanna go see the movie again--- how lame am i- i just got back again!
thats all i am saying NO SPOILERS!

hey where the heck is everyone.

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:12 pm
by skylarblue
Woo Hoo, the Lex is up! Randomness is back!

I can't wait till tomorrow, I finally get to see the movie. Went to the bookstore today and people were buying the books like crazy.

The cashier was talking to me about if I've read the books and seen the movie. That was nice to have someone other then my Lex friends ask me about the books.

Went to Sam's Club today and they were even selling the books. I guess everyone is trying to get Twilight fever.

Randomness: I finally was able to buy book 5 of BDB, so the collection is complete and I actually started reading book 2 after taking a week break. What was I thinking, not to continue reading? Also bought the movie companion guide but just looked through it, waiting till I see the movie to actually look through it completely.

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:18 pm
by Lynzeee
hey shannon!

I totally forgot to even go to the book store- my head has been in the clouds with twilight over the past few days- i really need to flippin' do that that.

I actually finished Breaking dawn again for like the 1030291347 time.. and i wanted to re-read twilight again.. so i started on that.
But i need something new.. BDB.. for shiz

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:20 pm
by Wingtear
I tried to find BDB books today, wanted to know what they obsess about in the gutter, but I got lost...

When there's a whole bookstore, ONLY selling fantasy (and a little sci-fi) how can a girl keep her head straight? I lost it when I came to Robin Hobb... *swoon*
I really needed, craved to leave the store with all the 12 books...
It ended up being the Host and Brisingr that got to follow me home. i also had a few spasms in my fingers seeing Katherine Kerr's books, but I collect them in hardbacks and Swedish so...

randomness: I still have half of my movie candy left, I managed to forget that the one eating most of it wasn't accompanying me today...

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:27 pm
by LindsOuimet
Yay! The Lex is back! I've been stuck at work alllll day (still here, actually) and missing my randomness! How is everyone?

Movie. OMG. All I'm saying. I was sooooo bouncy at the theatre, and everytime I think about it, and well... I had GREAT Edward dreams last night.

We hired a kid at work who looks just like my ex-boyfriend. God help me.

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:35 pm
by skylarblue
Lynz and Linds, What's Up?

Fo' shizzle, BDB is where it's at, girl. :lol: I'm cracking myself up here, I'm going loopy awaiting tomorrow. I'm so freakin' excited. God I can't wait, trying to decide if I should wear my TW shirt but it's so flippin' cold here so I may wear something under it.

Randomness: I got a member card at Books A Million today to start saving money on my book purchases. I think that thanks to Gutter, I'm in store to buy a whole lot of books. So after completing BDB, I'm going to get the Psy/Chang series and then possibly Midnight Breed.

Jesus, I never imagined I would be reading so much.

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:36 pm
by *Bloodlust*
LindsOuimet wrote:Movie. OMG. All I'm saying. I was sooooo bouncy at the theatre, and everytime I think about it, and well... I had GREAT Edward dreams last night.
It's funny you mention dreams...I keep dreaming(a nightmare, really) of taking a shower in the dorm community showers and FORGETTING MY FLIP-FLOPS! In the dream, I always freak out once I realize I'm showering and not wearing shoes in the shower! :o *shiver* Random, but appropriately so.

Apparently, Lynzeee has read Breaking Dawn somewhere around 1030291347 times! That's impressive to say the least. lol Seriously though, I don't doubt that she's read it quiiiiiite a few time. ;)

I met an interesting boy playing the piano yesterday(he taught himself and he was AMAZING). Stereotypically, he looked like the "eccentric piano player". We talked to him for like two hours about piano and other stuff. I questioned him about a lot of random crap. He told me he can't make eye contact with people. That kind of explained why he talked to us and played the piano simultaneously. I then proceeded to try and prod him to look me in the eye. Then he told me that he couldn't because he's autistic. At that point, there was a strange shift in the conversation. The psychology-major in my kicked in and I got strangely fascinated. I think I'm a creepy person. Oh well, that's just me..."I'm just being Toni!"

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:40 pm
by Lynzeee
Toni~ i love when you randomly appear in Randomness!!! it makes me remember that i adore you! haha =)

EW not wearing Flipflops in a public shower is a nightmare!!!

Linds! hey!! OME! i was bouncy too.. and talking to everyone- i talk to everyone anyway.. really i talk to much.

Shannon- i don't know if you noticed i say For SHiz A LOT! i actually say it in reality- my husband things i am mental- he always says OKAY JUNO- or Okay Snoop and i say thats Shizzle not Shiz.. haha nice!
I AM SO EXcited for you! i can't wait!!!!

man i missed you guys!

Re: Randomness #6

Posted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:45 pm
by LindsOuimet
Hey, Shannon! Have fun!! I ended up wearing just one of the light-weight Twilight hoodies that I got from Hot Topic, and about 10 minutes into the movie, I got so flustered, looked at my husband, and was like, "Is it hot in here to you?" He laughed and laughed, but I really did have to take it off. What can I say? The Twilight boys are just waaaay too good looking!

That sounds like a HUGE nightmare to me! The thought of bare feet in places like that scares me!

Lyndsay, I was actually surprised because one of the girls that I tried to randomly talk to (I talk to everyone, too) was like, sickeningly rude. I was like, "Jeez! You are so not one of the cool fans like on the Lex." lol