Randomness #7

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Tengo Nubs. »

man...i asked december to make this thread and i didn't even get to post first?!
haha, actually that's egotistic of me--i'm sure other people PMed her to.
at any rate--
HELLOOOOO RANDOMNESS 7!! i'm sure you'll learn to love all of us and our craziness.
(....i like how i think of randomness as an entity unto itself)

anyway, my hands are freezing. i really need gloves. but i'm too lazy to find any.

i wish i had a new rank. it's gonna take me forever to get to a new one though. i hardly ever post! sigh. even though i feel like i'm on the lex all the time....this is so very strange.

i actually did my homework!! :shock: i did my presentation and my spanish essay, which means i'll have ALL DAY tomorrow (well, after school and after my nap...) to work on my theo paper due tuesday. that's right, people. you have my permission to be proud.

lynz--you kept saying how you had an awesome toast but in my mind i kept picturing actual toast. and i was like "awesome toast....that would be like perfectly golden with a healthy spread of peanut butter on it" :lol: it was making me hungry...
oh and in regard to a post on randomness 6--i am NEVER seeing a movie with you if that's how you treat your friends! :shock: i would not want my earrings ripped out. goodness!!
i still love you though.

umm i've edited my siggy! go me. i am a randomness regular. we need an actual nickname though--i'm with layla on this one.

i'm not a huge fan of peanuts. (i can't remember why you were talking about this specifically). anyway. i like some nuts...but not peanuts.
::sniggers:: nuts...

OH! and i LOVE supermassive black hole! i want to play thunderball too....ugh. jasper! speaking of which, i guess the baseball clip is on the internet somewhere? yea, i'm definitely going to go watch that a bunch of times.
i guess i shouldn't say anything else movie related. sorry if this spoils it for anyone! (i don't think it will)
....hmm...i need to find another person to go see the movie again with. i might be able to get my sister to go again..if i pay for her ticket or something.

alright. off to do random things..
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Lynzeee »

i warned you...


this is for Mary! hahaha
OH baby don't you know i suffer
oh baby can you hear me moan---
haha DIRTY..

here ya go


oh yeah and just for your pleasure the kissing scene..
remember i said spoilers i am not talking about it!! no rule breaking!
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by *Aros_girl* »

that is so not cool.
You posting death that way.

That is my favorite part.
But Jasper is in it.
so yea.

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by ashiekins16 »

Lynz--you like cold and cloudy? come to wisconsin! its been like that a lot this week!!

random: I have a craving for cereal. i'm not good at eating breakfast in the morning because i feel sick and i crave the cereal at night.

Random: My two gerbils are cute when they sleep and cuddle with each other. lol Yes they are cute even tho they are like mice.
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by *Aros_girl* »

I think I'm gonna go to bed now.

But yes the sun just sometimes needs to go away.
I like the clouds.
I just wish we got snow here.
the real stuff.

Random: I nearly stabed myself with a peice of glass. Was not cool.

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Twilove »

hmmm my cat almost killed me today i was walking down a step and she was right below my foot i tripped on her and fell flat on my face im suprised i didnt break my nose hmm ya so that was my Bella moment for the day
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by skylarblue »

Lynz - kissing scene totally, well won't say anymore on that one :oops:

Random - ok i'm going to have a rough day at work tomorrow, it's a given. I totally love the holiday's but trying to cram things I do in 2 days into 1 isn't fun. So hopefully all my Lex friends will be around to keep me sane.

I've already warned my family, if I come home in a bad mood, let me just hide in my room for an hour to decompress.

I was watching this show where they review movies (Ebert was a host along with the other guy, don't know how to spell his name so I didn't) and they totally bashed TW. It really pissed me off. They hadn't even read the books and was wondering what all the hype was about. They did say the acting was good, which is a plus I guess but the younger guy totally hated it. I wanted to punch him through the tv. They recommended some foreign film about vampires instead. What :shock:, are you kidding me?

I hate movie critics! Either way it doesn't matter, I always end up liking the movies that they don't any ways. So who cares what they think.

Edit: Good night all, I think I'm going to hit the sack. I think I have a long day ahead of me so hope to talk soon.
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Leoni »

Oooh my first new Randomness. I will remember his moment forever! :D

So I am starting my new job on Wednesday. I've been taken on by an education agency to help out in schools and children's centres. I think it'll be really good for me as I'm doing my teacher training next year. Exciting! :)

I can't stop thinking about the Twilight movie and the fact I have to wait until 19th December to watch it. It's so unfair. I bet the boys are just totally delicious in it. Oh well, at least I have the good news of New Moon being made to cheer me up!

I really love the SMA baby formula adverts, they make me want to cry.

Mamma Mia is out on DVD today. Must go out and buy.
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Wingtear »

YAY! randomness #7

I do dislike our former supervisor very much...
I will not take it further than that, wouldn't want accusations for harrasments...
But she really drives me up the walls :evil:

We had even more snow tonight! It reached half my calves as I took out my bike from the storage, I can't drive my car, have neglected to put on the snow-tires... Will have to do that tonight.

Half the country was in a blackout last night, due to stormy winds. Not me :D

I was used as both climbing tree and a slide yesterday night...
Some people have godchildren (or so I've heard), I have a godmonster...

Need to find someone who sells hair-extensions...
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by 'twahy-lahyt' »

Seriously you guys page 5 while I was sleeping.
At least you remembered the rules.

I have to get ready for school
I really don't want to go though.

Layla and Sam - What's with all this broccoli???

Random - Tomorrow we are having a thanksgiving lunch at my school, my best friend is coming so that will be good, and then I think we may go to the movies so we can watch Twilight again. Can not wait.

It's 26 degrees here, and I'm freezing cold.
I really need to get ready for school
Love you guys