Randomness #7

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by PhantasmaWolf »

I am finally done with my History homework. Huzzah! And now I want to know why everyone is taking this Twilight quiz. It intruigues me. o_o

Random: I really, really, hate the smell of the stockyards, as I'm sure a lot of people do as well. Manure, ew.

Random: Last night I had a dream I was at an airport and my flight wasn't going to be here for another 153 minutes.
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by dnaz »

Lynz- Im in the mid of chaper 5! I know Im a slow reader but Im not trying to rush as well as i keep getting interrupted. ^.^ So far its intresting and i like it. Ill pm you later once I finish it.

Ashlyn- Intresting fact... The itchy feeling is all in your mind. Theres nothing physical that causes you to itch. I believe its catorgized as a symptom rather then a sign... But yea its good that you feel that way. Your nerves is reacting to the plasma and such sending signals to your brain... Just dont scratch it!

Random- Im going back to reading now!
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Kymberli »

Hi, JaynamarieCULLEN you will love it here.

Shannon, I reread Butches book today and he is growing on me. I just love all the brothers, but Z is my man, hands down.

Sam *HUGS* I like your new hair cut :D

Okay I have a funny to tell you,
This weekend I saw a truck with a pair of blue *alls(sounds like walls) hanging from the back :shock: . I didn't stop laughing for almost 5 mintues.
This Saturday we are doing the outside of the house.
I really need to wrap presents. My tree looks lonely with nothing under it

Eta: 4 posts while I am writing this
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by 'twahy-lahyt' »

The Lex is acting all funky tonight -- It's bothering me, I'm really impatient at the moment and this isn't helping.
The adds are pissing me off for some odd reason.

I'm gonna say it -- I have to go pee.

Shannon and Jet - I'm about to PM you guys. I don't know why I'm typing this Jet isn't on and I think Shannon just got off...

My fingers are freezing.
I want to go to bed, but I'm not tired..

Hey Kym :) <3

Ohh Hi Lauren and Danh, and PhantasmaWolf -- I don't know who you are, I might... my mind is drawing a blank sorry..

My friend started to read New Moon tonight, I dying to know what she is thinking about it....

I need to get off now :(
I still have to send my PMs out, and I have like 10 more minutes.
Well... Bye you all
Love you guys <333

5 post while trying to submit this Kym ;)
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by kkswmmr114 »

Yea, those ads are really bothering me too...

I really want a coke!! But I am trying to not drink them as much as I was (I was drinking at least 2, sometimes 3 a day!!) and so I told my mom to not buy anymore... so now I really really really want to drink one and we don't have any!! :(

Randomness: I really really really need to study for the final I have tomorrow... :? But I really really really don't want to. School can be over now... :evil:

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Re: Randomness #7

Post by PhantasmaWolf »

twahy-lahyt- Those ads are bothering me too. Every page there's a Childsafe Advocates ad. And you don't know because I am one of those "newbies". :lol:

kkswmmr114- Finals are the worst, definatly. Stupid exams. >>
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Lynzeee »

^ you are breaking rules.. 4 lines min. thank you

the ads are pissing me off-- lex is taking forever to load and i am on HIGHEST SPEED net.

Danh- PM me whenever! glad you are liking- my first guy (other than husband) to be reading it =)

I am talking to my lovely sis sam on facebook- and we are both being SPAZs
(if "HOLDEN" Stalks the randomness--- HIIIIIII "HOLDEN")

i am also talking to marlee and mary- some..

i am trying to decide between writing.. or reading more of BDB..

SHannon- i can't wait to read more! and you da bomb girl for shiz( HAHA snoop d-o- double g yoh)

okay well yeah.


JET if you get on-- better PM me
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by Jethro »

Lynz! I'm now on.. haha.. I PMed you already.. :D..

*sigh* this is such a boring day..

i had no theology class today, the teacher was sick.. (hopefully he isn't well enough by friday so we still won't have class.. haha!)

spanish was fab, as always.. but yeah..


Shel! I received the banners! They are lovely! Now if only someone could teach me how to put the banner in siggy.. i get a bit dumb sometimes.. hahaha!.. :D

EDIT 1: It's good now.. haha.. i finally figured how to do it..

EDIT 2: I love my banner! Thanks again, Shel!.. :D
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by PhantasmaWolf »

Lynzeee: Sorry. :? I was being stupid and thinking it meant four sentences, not lines. Oh well, live and learn.

My science teacher was sick, and I heard his first hour had no subsitute whatsoever today.

If anyone wants to PM me, feel free. I'm bored out of my skull here. X.x;

Uhmm...what else can I say. Oh yeah, in our newspaper today there was an aritcle by some lady saying the Twilight books are anti-feminist. *sigh* I'm getting sick of the Twilight hating.
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Re: Randomness #7

Post by SethisMine »

Ads and funky stuff on lex is BUGGING ME still... :evil:
It makes my computer soo slow it's annoying.

I wanted it to snow today, it didn't I was very very sad. I hope it snows tomorrow. :(

I don't want to finish my homework. Homework is boring. While the Lex is entertaining.

My dogs are barking. I have no idea why. there is no one at the door. Silly dogs.

I want to go see Twilight again...

I can play like six measures of Bella's lullaby on the piano. only with the right hand though...

My thoughts are really jumbled...

I think I should go to bed soon...
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