Randomness #8

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Re: Randomness #8

Post by Lynzeee »

linds~ sorrrryyyyy.

Ninna~ i am starting to feel better physically.. i have more strength today, i am coughing up a lung tho-- sucks.

god i love the brothers! do i say that enough.

i tried to call Kym and vent about Butch's book.. she didn;t answer! haha.
her little girl is sick and at home =( sick kids is such a downer.

Hey Maddy- i am eating a Candy cane.. for shiz!

I need to CLEAN-- i need a Shel at my house.. haha or the SHEL yes.
i need to find my husbands DL.. one of the kids ran off with it, i yell at him all the time to Not leave his wallet in their reach- does he listen? No.

By the way.. Chapter 15 is heading your way readers. for shiz.
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Re: Randomness #8

Post by Hey There Elizah »

i know i have said this before but 'yo gabba gabba' is the most random on crack kids show ever...
the people that write this have got to be high...
it keeps my child entertained though. :lol:

i love the Atreyu album 'The Curse'.
it's written all about vampires.
if you like that kind of music you should give it a listen.
here's a lyrics sample:
I feel it welling up inside and Robert Smith lied, Boys do cry and with blood tears in my eyes
I'm an Anne Rice novel come to life, I can't hide the monster anymore
One can only feel desolate for so long, Until one starts to change
Into something the mirror doesn't recognize, I metamorphasize
The darkness has been biding its time to claim its latest victim
Fresh meat for carnal desires
To become what I became, I viewed the sun for the last time
Will you still hold me when you see what I have done?
Will you still kiss me the same when you taste my victim's blood?
So crimson and red, I feel it flowing from your lips (crimson and red)
My heart is dead and so are you

I bought it when it came out in 2004 when I was going through my obsessed 'Queen of the Damned' stage.
Stuart Townsend *drools*.
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Re: Randomness #8

Post by SCSugar »

Well, this is pretty random. I ride a motorcycle to work. Love it. It's time to go home and there's a thunderstorm raging outside. I've got FrogTogs so it's all good, but sheesh! This should be an interesting ride home. See y'all tomorrow.
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Re: Randomness #8

Post by 'twahy-lahyt' »

I'm glad you're feeling a little better Lynz

Well as much as I would enjoy cleaning for Lynz, than cleaning my own house.
I have to do the dishes before my dad gets home.
I need to be on his good side, so he will be more likely to get me a computer for Christmas.
I'll be back, to work on some banners!
and readn Linds' stuff...

I need to take asprin.
I'll do that now.

Be back later, for real.
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Re: Randomness #8

Post by LindsOuimet »

I just ate a brownie, and didn't realize that it had pecans in it. I thought they were walnuts. I'm allergic to pecans, so now the inside of my mouth breaking out... ew. I'm just glad it's not the kind of allergy that, well, you know, kills me. Still annoying, though.

Yo Gabba Gabba is crazy. You're right, they must be on crack.

Put on multiple layers of socks, Lynzeee! (Oh! And I want to read your stuff!)

I'm going to go ahead and jump off since it's almost time for me to go home! Yay!

Have a good night/day ladies! :D

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Re: Randomness #8

Post by wildroses »

i'm worried about this whole new moon thing.
they aren't giving it a bigger budget?
i just read this article..and its making it really seem
like summit is just in this for the cash.
i'm going to be so beyond sad if they ruin this movie.

now i'm starting to wish catherine was still directing it..
i mean, at least we know what to expect from her right?
whoever this new director will be..we have no idea what they
are going to be like.


heres the article if you want to read it..
http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2008/12/ ... equel.html
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Re: Randomness #8

Post by prettyinpaleskin »

LipsForeverSealed wrote:Oh my G.! Somebody help me.!! My friends being an eejit.! Shes watching Twilight on th internet.! Its not released here til dec 19th... I can't believe shes doing this.! Shes just gonna let all th crazy excitement and anticipation built up to this moment..? Kill it all off for watching it alone on a laptop?! Omg i tried to stop her, i did.! She invited me over and then told me something about th movie... Argh.! How dare she.! HOW

Well this'll show you!! my fav scene in it is the baseball scene!! its brill!! and jasper does this deaedly baseball bat spin!! ha!!

I hate television. I hate it as much as i hate peanuts. But i just can't stop eating peanuts.
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Re: Randomness #8

Post by twilight813 »

whoa what just happened? im royally confused.

anywho... im done with my index cards finally at 5:13pm.

my whole day just flew by.

now onto Anatomy and Physiology!
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Re: Randomness #8

Post by Ohs0sexyBella<3 »

Woah...Brain freeze. haha..I'm having the Flurry thingies from Wendy's. The one with the mnm's inside 8-) ...

Lynz-- I wanna read your story;]

Chloe-- you're in trouble missy! :x ...(for ...you know what!)

-- I just e-mailed you back ;)
One word: AMAZING!

Gosh everyone's starting to write now. I like it! Keep up the good work people... and share;]
That reminds me...I have a few e-mails to read :idea:

It's late and I need to shower...
I start work at 6pm! Starbucks here I come. I got the hookups people- let me know...maybe I can get you a free frappuccino!...(Can you say YUM?!)
Randomness Reggi..:)Banner made my the awesome shel:]
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Re: Randomness #8

Post by LipsForeverSealed »

Sorry that was a tad dramatic....
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