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As you were.

Religion: Cullenism

Holy Book: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer (Even more to come)

Originated: On the Twilight Lexicon

Founder: Felicia

Holy Day: Monday

Important Days:
- January 18 - Meet Day - Bella and Edward met
- March 5 - Legend Day - Jake tells Bella about the "cold" ones
- March 11 - Werewolf Day - Bella realizes Jake is werewolf
- March 12 - Meadow Day - Edward takes Bella to the Meadow
- March 20 - Volturi Day - Alice and Bella go to the Volturi
- June 20 - Edward Day - Edward's Birthday
- September 13 - Bella Day - Bella's Birthday
- September 15 - Leaving Day - A day of mourn

- Lauren
- Jessica
- Mike

Sacred Places:
- Forks, Washington
- Phoenix, Arizona
- Chicago, Illinois (Edward's birthplace)
- Rochester, New York (Rosalie's birthplace)
- London, England (Carlisle's birthplace)
- Columbus, Ohio (Esme's birthplace)
- Texas (Jasper's birthplace)
- Biloxi, Mississippi (Alice's birthplace)
- Tennessee (Emmett's birthplace)
- Denali, Alaska (Where the Denali Coven live)
- Volterra, Italy

- Edward and the rest of the Twilight cast is real.
- Stephenie Meyer is the (or one of the) best authors.
- Twilight and New Moon should be worshiped.
- If you are good in life, then you will be blessed with eternity with the Cullens; If you are bad, then you will go to James' Cave

Ephenie-stay, y-may ady-lay, e-way ay-pay omage-hay oo-tay our-yay authoring-ay, and-ay all-ay ighty-may aracter-chays. Ilight-tway all-shay orever-fay e-bay y-may avorite-fay eries-say, and-ay, our-ay oly-hay ook-bay.
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Re: Cullenism

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Amen. :)
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Re: Cullenism

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This is GOLDEN!!! Love it!
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Re: Cullenism

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I love it!! I am a convert!!
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Re: Cullenism

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So, cool! I am definately converting!
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Re: Cullenism

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I have just converted to Cullensim.

Puhraize Edward! ♥
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Re: Cullenism

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Do we have to say it again if we have converted before, in the old forums? cause if yes, i'm definetly in again. i love Cullenism =)
So guys. what's your house? I'm House Jasper. I love Jasper. I think the test makes sence because i would totally have said that i'm a lot like Jasper.
for those who don't know it, it's on the Twilightacademy. i think, i haven't been there for a while.
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Re: Cullenism

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XD can i just admit i'm dying of laughter reading this post...the sacrifices!? ahahaha that was awesome- not to mention the sacred places, sacred days and the prayer..... XD *continues to laugh out loud*
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Re: Cullenism

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I love this!!! I love the creativeness of having the prayer in pig latin :lol: . It brings back memories of my friend and I speaking pig latin for two straight days, it annoyed everyone. And sacrifices? that was funny. :lol:
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Re: Cullenism

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this is the third fake religion i have converted to. :D
i would explain the other two, but out of consideration for the rest of you, i shall refrain. :roll:
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