Teenagers Unite

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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by xoxocamille »

Omgosh, Kit!
Goodness, I feel so weird being the oldest one...
*asks quietly* Is there anyone who is 19yrs?

But yes, I'm 18, whooot!
Turning 19 together with Rob next year of course!
Whooo. I love sharing my birthday with him. Lol.

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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by 22.FireandIce »

[quote="Jasper<3]Ummm.... very akward actually. my mom is reading the series aloud to my 10 year old sister. once i read that part i found Twilight and hid it, lol. luckily they were only on chapter 4 of Twilight. My 20 yr old sister wants 2 read them 2..... much less akward...... i want her to take me to the movie with her cuz my mom would probably never let me go to the movies alone with my friends (shes very overprotective) and it will be akward to see it alone with her if im swooning at Kellan Robert and Jackson every 5 seconds!!![/quote]

I know... my mom is also reading BD right now and she goes
'Hallie! You were this close to beeing in trouble! The whole swimming thing i was like oh hallies in trouble! But if they hadn't blacked out!" and she freaked out, I was like o geez--thats erm nice.
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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by Amethyst1 »

I am 14, turing 15 in 3 MONTHS. whoo! driving next year.
the whole Breaking Dawn thing - i am not sure actaully, i was pretty fine with it. good thing my mom doesn't read or it would be very awkward. it was awakward when my uncle told me he read twilight and i am like "this BOOK. this book here. the one with the apple" and he's like "yeah, that one" and i am like, "are you sure. this one here" hahahaha...
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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by loverboyis »

16, still have some kid left in me though haha :D But I'm honestly a 28 year old in mine, in a weirdly matured sort of way ...
STILL no license however, my parents aren't pushing for 16, until 17 I'm allowed. Huge annoyance, I'm killing for a car.
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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by FireLuna »

I just turned 17 on August 18th. =D *feels old* xD
I'm gonna be a senior in high school this year, huzzah! 8D
*listening to Twilight audiobook*
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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by sean »

I'm 14 right now, gonna be 15 in september =P. Going into 9th grade.
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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by Wish.I.may »

I'm thirteen.
And going to highschool.
Oh crap.
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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by Iris Messenger »

14 and starting ninth grade.

Because I was reading things like 1984 and Grapes of Wrath and All Quiet on the Western Front when I was eleven and twelve and thirteen, when I picked up Twilight, all the potentially awkward scenes weren't really that awkward, because my parents already knew I'd read stronger material than a few blackouts and a bit of innuendo.

My parents have both read the Twilight series! Anyone else here have twi-parents? (my dad -is- included in this twi-parents thing! i never would've guessed, and he's Team Edward!)
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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by Ruby »


I'm a senior. :shock:

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Re: Teenagers Unite

Post by simplymortal314 »

16. going to be a high school junior.
Just got my lisence a month ago. It bugs me that my parents (more so my dad) won't let me get a job and won't buy me a car. I am one of the most responsible people in my grade at my school and can easily maintain all A-'s or higher in every class without a sweat and they still won't budge.
Well, my mom has read through Eclipse and she can only read in spanish has to wait until halloween to get BD. It angers her when I start talking about it. I really want to know her thoughts on it all. It kills me. She plans on coming with me and my friends to see the movie the day it opens after she gets back from work. We're going to make a afternoon out of it. Having dinner, then going to see the moive. I love my hispanic twilight mom. :D
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