Gex X--the 30 something thread

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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by BreakingTwilight »

Ah yes bac..every chance I get I tell her how much she means to me. She is one special lady.

As for my faves?

Fave Movie: Lady Hawk. Starring Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfiefer, and Mathew Broderick. Great movie about a man (Hauer) and a woman (Pfeifer) who are madly in love. The religious king type guy loves her too so he curses them. By day she is a Hawk and by night he is a wolf. So they are always together but, always apart. Broderick plays a thief that tries to help them break the spell.

Fave Music: I can't really chose just one but if I were forced too I would say acoustic (i.e. Tracy Chapman, Damien Rice, etc etc)

Fave TV Show: Tie between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Beauty & the Beast (Starring Linda Hamilton as "Catherine" and Ron Pearlman as "Vincent").

Fave Toy: Masters of the Universe action figures. He-Man was the MAN!!!!

Fave Clothes: Shirts and t-shirt, didn't matter what brand.

Best Friend: Noe. Has been and always will be.

First Crush: Kim Matos. She was the first girl to ever notice me. Loved her to no end. She was also my first kiss. **sigh**

Fave Book: I did not do a lot of reading back then but I did always like the book version of the movie "That Darn Cat".

The A-Team def sounds like a winner. Can't wait to see more about it. Riley was a big hurt for me as well. I thought he was the perfect one for Buffy and watching him fly away, hahaha, I was yelling at the TV..."Look down you big dummy!!" Funny you should ask byt afriend of mine loaned me the entire series of Firefly this weekend. I just finished watching it and thought it was magnificent!!!!
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by jenni_elyse »

Fave Movie: Star Wars Trilogy

Fave Music: I didn't get into music until I was about 12, so that would've been 1990 or so. My favorite music, other than NKOTB, was movie scores, especially those composed by John Williams.

Fave TV Show: Lois & Clark was the first show I every really got into where I had to watch every episode. But, I did enjoy watching Saved by the Bell after school.

Fave Toy: Super Nintendo

Fave Clothes: A striped shirt I bought at the Gap during their 50% clearance sale.

Best Friend: Jennie Lewis

First Crush: Hutch Henry

Fave Book: I didn't read when I was younger, but my favorite book that my dad read to me was My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett.
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

If you could pick any show from the 70's to be re-made either on TV or Big Screen...which is it and explain how you would make it.

BreakingTwilight: Your favorite musicans and TV shows are current-ish. Surely you can remember some stuff from when you were little. :D

Jenni: I love Star Wars! I really wasn't that in to them when I was little. One day a couple of years ago, I was sick and I laid on the couch all day and watched all 6 episodes of Star Wars. I was hooked. I love it when Cinemax does the Star Wars weekend marathons.
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by oleander »

favorite movies: E.T. or the original Parent Trap
music: The Pretty In Pink soundtrack was the first non-contemporary Christian music that i owned
TV show: Mr. Dressup, Emergency, CHiPS, Welcome Back Kotter, Dukes of Hazard, Little House on the Prairie, Starman
toy: Easy-Bake Oven, Cabbage Patch Doll, Play-Doh
Clothes: My sister's hand-me-down Bay City Roller socks
Best friend: Jennifer Mc
First Crush: Stephen Mc and I used to make out in grade one until we got caught and our parents were called in
Book: To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street (Dr. Seuss); The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton)
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

How could I have ever forgotten about Play-doh or my Easy-Bake Oven. I still love play-doh. I've banned it in my house, but I play with it at my parents. LOL My light bright was another of my favorite toys. That kept me busy most of the time. I'm a colorer, drawer, creator. I made my own dollhouses by assembling shoe boxes. I created rooms by tearing out pages from my mom's JC Penney catalogues. We lived out in the country. No cable. No other kids close by. My sister is 2.5 years younger than me. I learned how to entertain myself. :lol: (dirty..where's SITT?)
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by Hera »

I seriously must have repressed so many memories from my childhood. Every post I read, I'm like Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I forgot about that.

favorite movies: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Space Camp
music: I'm with you jenni NKOTB all the way
TV show: Growing Pains, Who's the Boss, Saved by the Bell
toy: Cabbage Patch Dolls, Lite Bright
Clothes: t-shirts and jeans
Best friend: Susan
First Crush: I got caught kissing a boy, Bryan, in Pre-school. Also when I was in 5th or 6th grade I remember having a huge crush on one of the High School football players, Kenneth. The grade school made a banner for the football team and we all signed our names on it and I wrote "I <3 you Kenneth." I got a talking to about that.

I hated growing up in a small town. Literally everyone knows everybody and my mom was a teacher. So I couldn't do anything without someone telling my parents.

Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by Sarah-Lynn »

Well, I was born in December of '75, so I don't really have any memories of the 70s, but I've been reading this for 3 days, trying to remember back as early as I can...

favorite movies: Star Wars trilogy, E.T.
music: didn't listen to it as a kid; and due to my strict church, I rebelled to listen to rock music-- NKOTB and Wilson Phillips are really the only ones I remember
TV show: Little House, Sesame Street, Saturday morning cartoons
toy: Easy-Bake Oven, Cabbage Patch Doll, Play-Doh, Barbies, doll house w/accessories
Clothes: Osh-Kosh-B'Gosh... my Gramma would send me a denim jumper every year for Christmas; knee-highs, Mary Janes; uniforms to Christian School
Best friend: the first one I had was Crystal T.
First Crush: hmm, in 4th grade- Jeff T. Not related to Crystal T.
Book: gosh, I read alot of Dr. Suess books as a kid; first book I read by myself was "Green Eggs and Ham."
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by una »

I was born in '76 and I really remember nothing from the 70's. However, I remember "Lady Hawk" and I LOVE that movie. If only they could fix the sound editing...the only bad part of that movie. Talk about a love story! *sigh*

I loved my was a treasured toy, along with my barbies and horses...they were toys.

But a show from the 70's to remake to a movie? I was partial to Fantasy Island...
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by lilac-and-lavender »

If you could pick any show from the 70's to be re-made either on TV or Big Screen...which is it and explain how you would make it.
Shmoo from 1979 - mostly because usually when I mention it people look at me as though I were crazy and I just want proof that it existed. Plus with computer animation and special effects being what they are now I think shmoo would look awesome. And I think the time is ripe for a cartoon character who helps teenagers solve mysteries on the Big Screen. Move over scooby doo. ;)

Also the Thundercats although technically that was in the 80's
"Thunder, thunder, thunder cats...HOOOOOO"
Cheetara was clearly a cheeta, Liono was obviously a lion ect. but what breed were the 2 younger thundercats?
It's a conundrum for the ages.

People keep mentioning Lady Hawk and I have no memory if it, time to add it to my netflix list.

As for horses, I played with barbies and my big sister had these awesome horse models that were just the right size for the barbies. Man did she get mad when I got caught with her horses :evil:
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

Post by skylarblue »

Well, I was born in 71 and reading the first/oldest posit I can relate.

Favorite movie: Grease (I saw it on vacation in FL and I was with my aunt, who was very very old fashioned and my cousin and I had to cover our eyes when they mooned the camera in the movie)

Favorite music: I was totally into Shawn Cassidy (I saw him in concert and thought I died and gone to heaven)

Other than having my skateboard and going to roller skating ring, I didn't have that much, I was fashioned as a triplet of my mother, her sister and then me.

We all dressed in the same clothes, had the same hair style, etc. Until the late 70's I kind of went my own way and have been the same since and have still be the called the black sheep of the family.

Sometimes I with life could be so simlple like that again.
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