Gex X--the 30 something thread

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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

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oleander wrote:sigh...i have to wait like a chump and get it on the 28th.

Twinnie, is it as good as it looks? Are the photos glorious and swoon-worthy?
Yeah, I'd say it's as good as it looks. [The Twilight Movie Companion] and the pictures and info is great. I love knowing every bit of information on how a movie is created. I went to College with Ambitious dreams of becoming a hollywood director. So I love all the thinkgs I get to know before seeing the film. There has already been one page where I had to resest the urge not to lick the page with rob's beautiful self on it. I'm reading it. I'm really happy. The twilight obsession continues....
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

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skylarblue wrote:One of our dance routines for cheerleading (yes I was a high school cheerleader) and our coach made a routine to Pour Some Sugar On Me.

Can you imagine a whole group of girls doing a routine to that song in front of an entire gym full of people (especially horomone driven guys) and let me tell you the routine wasn't PG.
I have the best mental picture of bleachers full of boys drooling while girls with big hair gyrate to Def Leppard! That's classic!

We couldn't have cheerleaders. Every year they tried the teachers would bust them for drinking in the locker room at half-time and the mascot got loaded one day and passed out on the field. We always made fun of the schools with cheerleaders...probably because we were jealous. ;)

I'm searching for a boom box now...forget the people who go around with the signs that say FREE HUGS! I want to go around and inject everyone's day with a little hair band glory!
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Re: Gex X--the 30 something thread

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Locking this one and starting a new one.