Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by Wingtear »

I just found one of my old time fav songs. Well, not with the same singers, but still, good enough:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRfSbtCF ... re=related

Lynz- you know, all the things counted, I'm still speechless...

I need to clean up the mess I live in!
I was going to make cards, I had a movie on as company, the song up top came on, I was in a ball, crying my heart out. Don't even know why. No cards done, no cleaning done.
Going for pizza's place with E, wonder if she has premonitions of just is bent on refusing me my twilight-isolation...
It's snowing again, whole day have been twilight...
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by museicalking »

im suppose to be doing hw
im tired from a party that ended at twilight
happy cause its a four day weekend
spongebob squarepants is getting annoying
i want a new phone
still tired
have to talk to nick jackson

im kinda hungry now
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by twilight813 »

good morning randies!

i am so disappointed it snowed again last night! I cant wait for this to stop.

random: my mom bought these premade bagles with cream cheese.. they are pretty cool. I like cream cheese

suppose to go to the inlaws for dinner today, and dinner with my grandparents that my mom just told me about today. i love how she keeps me up to date with information.

school starts in two days, i cant believe how fast my break went.

lynz- how are you feeling? i hope your feeling better!!
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by Jasper<3 »

deven wrote:
i can hear my parents watching the dark night downstairs but iam too tired to go watch it too...and i am awfly comfy..lol
*chokes on cereal*

Morning, Randies!

I think I got a foot of snow overnight...

Yay! No school tomorrow! "Civil Rights Day" is the bomb...

I caught you a delicious bass...

My friend called me at 9 and woke me up... grr. :evil:

My little cousin and my Aunt are here... he has homework he needs to do, but alas, he is only 5 and is going through a stage where what he says goes... He turned off the wii while I was at the boss in Sonic... I was soooo mad that I just stared... I couldn't speak... My Aunt had him go to bed shortly after...

I'm going to talk to the Jonas Brothers on the live chat thing at 5PM EST!! Yay!
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by Sydflower »

My internet is being so dumb! I really wish it would stop acting retarded.. it is so annoying. I am really hungry and bored! Im mad at my mom because she wont let me go to brunch with her. Ugh! Sorry. Had to rant lol. Im watching Mean Girls.. I dont know why! I really need to turn it off. Im out!

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by nightrunner »

afternoon guys :)
my parents are being dead nice to me at the mo, i think they are feeling sorry for me :roll: they are gonna give me a decent contract phone!!
I shd be revising at this moment for my history and textiles exams tomorrow however being on the lex is so much more intresting to me

^^i love mean girls i have it on video....
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by kkswmmr114 »

^^ The post above me is dangerously close to breaking the rules... Sydflower your post is breaking the rules, it is too short.

Randomness Rules:

1. ABSOLUTELY NO one line posts. Posts must be at least 4 lines. (This thread moves at a very fast pace, so posts need to be longer.)

2. Chat style posting is not allowed - if you are chatting with more than one person - that's fine, just remember to add some randomness to the post

3. No net speak - only ones that should be used should be twilight related - OME, OMJ, OMJB, OMC ...ect.

4. No double posts - This is a BIG NO NO. If you do this by accident, edit the second post and apologize.

5. If you have any questions about the thread ask one of the regulars Lynzeee(Lynz), Samajama(Sam), kkswmmr114(Marlee), wildroses(Lauren), 'twah-lahyt' (Shel), threethings (Chloe), or Maddy<3twilight (Maddy).

I really really should be doing homework right now. I have a ton to do today!! I am going to go shopping for a new laptop though... I am super excited. Then I just need to wait for my refund so that I can actually buy it.

Randomness: My arm hurts. I keep hitting it on this wood decorative thing that part of the doorway into our kitchen. At least once a day for the past few days I have hit it, HARD, in the same spot!! Ouch. Now I have a big bruise there and it hurts to type because that muscle is flexing. Ouch ouch ouch....

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by simple_love♫ »

I'm Back!!
my internet was down for a week then i had had to study for exams and whatnot the next
so I really don't want to do 3 weeks of reading to catch up so i'm thinking I'll just start over
oh. i missed you guys!! ...if you can even remember me :lol:
at least i passed my exams and I am so happy to have the Lex back, seriously I am ready to kiss
to computer screen!!!
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight »

ok i was at my friends last night... we watched the dark night... adn love guru... i love the dark night... yay....
but then when my friend fell asleep me and some of my other buds drew on his face and he freaked and like left... sooo that kinda sucked but..... ok its my great grammas 80th bday.. if anyone care... hahah soo i have to go visit her and ya... then i get to go shopping.... no not with alice.... to bad though.....
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by allieb »


so i went to bed at 3:45 am (yesss mary??) haha but now i'm up and completely awake.... which is surprising to say the least!! haha..... ummmm whats going on today allie?? think think think

oh well im working on science fair (MAN DO I SOUND NERDY OR WHAT????)
haha but then i get to go my friends for a ravens vs steelers "party" i suppose, even though we both love to Patriots haha.... but whatever it will give me a break from pie charts and conclsions! ahhhhhhhh

hmmm well i guess thats it for now..... oh i have I Hate This Part stuck in my head! ahhhh its not even that great a song but it has been rattling around my head for the past hour!! (i woke up to it)

haha well PM me if you want! =]=]
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