Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by CullenxLove »

i just got out of the shower, and my hair is still sopping wet, and i am NOT looking forward to having to dry it and make it look half way decent again.. lol
i had the day off from school today, except now i have to go back tomorrow, and i have to deal with mid terms, that i have NOT studied for AT ALL! ah!
i really wish it would stop snowing, we got like another foot today, and i had to shovel my walk and driveway.
i really want the summer to come, its official now, im going to manchester u soccer camp in london. and im wicked excited! :D
im half watching jeopardy and there was just a hello dolly question that i should've had the answer to, except i was too busy typing to pay much attention to it :evil:

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by Tengo Nubs. »

hey randies...

so i meant to post earlier, but then i got really upset and i couldn't. :( yea, it was bad. lynz knows what's doing but basically i just got into a big yelling match with my sister and my mom. lots of hurtful things were said and yea. it just wasn't a good day....at all....

but! i am feeling better now. watching the bachelor--i'm so addicted to these shows, it's ridiculous. this one girl on it though is CRAZY. like....mentally insane. but then some of the girls are incredibly awkward too--like i feel embarrassed when i see them interacting on the tv with jason.
i sound a little crazy too, but seriously. i tend to feel embarrassed for other people. it's weird.

umm what else? oh good job with keeping the rules posted....though i really REALLY wish i could edit them haha. the spelling mistake of mine is GLARING. plus it should be changed to PM a regular i think because that post excludes some of the newer regulars! but that doesn't really matter ha.

edit--i think i need a new avie. does anyone want to be absolutely fantastic and make one for me? :D i don't really care what it is--you can surprise me! PM me, let me know. i shall, of course, love you forever.

hello shel! love! hope you get a snow day! i wish i would get one but alas, i shan't.

i had to read this short novel for class tomorrow and it was depressing as hell. and random. pretty much everyone dies....ugh. should be fun to talk about tomorrow. yay! ::sarcasm::

alright....i'm off to finish my spanish homework. hope everyone's night is going well!
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by samajama »

hi randies!
hi marebear! :] I wanna make your new avie. pick me picke me picke me ;] hahahahaa.
i'll PM ya in a sec ;]
I'm watching Fantastic 4 but i think i'm going to turn it off soon so i can read Lynz's chap 14 and 15, and mary's chap ... 11? lol whatever the new one is! haha

uhm. what else did i have to say..
lynz is doing slightly better i believe so i'm going to text her now. hopefully she'll be awake, if not..hopefully will is there, haha. man, i miss my sister! :[

argh, i have no random thoughts. this is awful..
i should start my essay... but yeah..lol

peace, homies. (bwahahaha)
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by kkswmmr114 »

Mary... you haven't read depressing and random until you have read Waiting for Godot... :? . I love it though, it took me awhile... but now it just cracks me up.

Randomness: I am getting a new laptop and a new phone. I feel stylish!! Lol. I don't get paid until tomorrow though so I have to wait and see how much I get paid to see if I can get the phone yet...

Thanks for keeping the rules posted guys!! But everyone PLEASE watch your posting!! If we have to post the rules more than once a page that is not good...

Okay, I am going to go now. I still have homework that needs to be done before tomorrow night that I procastinated on doing all weekend... :? .

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by Lynzeee »

okay i noticed a few rule breaking post
Musicalking- You are consistently breaking the rules of the thread- hit the submit button once. 3 lines are not 4 lines- which is the number one rule broken- you've been posting long enough to know better, I expect no more rule breaking from you.
Spooky- You know better than to post a one liner =P

so that is me done being the keeper, other than the few rule mishaps things have seem to stay straight on here.
that makes me happy considering I haven't been on as much as I normally am.

I think I've finished 3 books since Friday! oh man, I have- how crazy.
those are the three I've finished since Friday... but then again I've been on bed rest.
anyway just checking in.

see you guys tomorrow.

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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by deven »

hey everyone!

i think i was gonna say something to someone...but i i kinda forgot what it was...opps. well may be i will remember later

just got home from work. and i didnt finish my english project i was working on earlier with my firned jozzy becasue we started talking about our boyfriends (oh PS!!! max finaly asked me out!!! =]) and then i had to work...so now instead of starting my other project i have to finish the first...
and i am tired
and i am working to much
and my choir (canterbury belles) is making me super busy
and i have to get ready for solo and emsemble
and i am almost failing math
and finals is next week
and i dont think i am gonna have enough money to make my payment for spain next month

needless to say...my plate is way too full...i am feeling way to stressed and overwhelmed..i dont know hwt ato do!!! i feel depressed!!!!! =[
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by sachael »

hello randies.. been a while.. and i have not been posting too much here lately.. and i miss everyone!

1. yay! i got a myspace account.. all to search for Ductee..
2.in link to #2 100 monkeys approved my friend request! (OMJR i'm hyperventilating!!)
3.i already have 2 chapters i the story/novel i was writing.. :D
4.found out that i really have MPD at times, that would be:
Kimmy - the human, artist, student, the answering machine and the normal person.
Sachael - kimmy's wild/naughty side, the stalker, the obsessed freak.
Lilith - younger version of the two.

but all of them is me.. they alwasy come in handy!
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by roo-roo91 »

hey tis been a while huh?
i might have a half day today, so i might be able to post more.
yet i might not have a half day.. so... yeah.....
i dunno. i joined a rpg site, but i'm waiting for some one to accep the application, i joined another one as well, but i forgot which one it was that i actually posted a different character on. XD. stupid meh.
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by CaughtMyself426 »

I'm bored ..
And hungry
But yet not hungry ..
Theres so many twilight wallpapers on the school computers and in truth they are realy startin to annoy me.
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Re: Randomness ~ A perfect 10!

Post by LindsOuimet »

Grrrrrr.... Stuck at work, and not so happy about it. Tuesday is the day that I'm usually off, so I had plans, but my boss is sick, so I had to cover for her.

After seeing the movie again the other night, I decided to re-read the first book, and man. I fell for Edward all over again. And Rob, heh.

How is everyone this morning?

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