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Re: Just Vent

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I'm beyond pissed. You're supposed to slave over a stove all day, so that the meal is really worth something. I didn't even get green bean casarole (sp?) which is my favorite! Some Thanksgiving this turned out to be. *sigh*

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Re: Just Vent

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i'm not allowed at my step-sister's apartment anymore because her roommate is a complete you-know-what and it's really making me mad. because listen, if someone's gunna have a party, you expect things to get a little out of hand, and i was TOTALLY helping out and telling people not to be too loud or start any fights. but no, i did one tiny thing wrong, and now i cant ever go there again. i think that's some crap right there. people make mistakes, and it wasnt even THAT bad, my sister didn't care! UGH!

and everyone was getting along too. THINGS WERE GOING SO WELL!
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Re: Just Vent

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This is gonna sound really, really hypocritical but I hate the internet. I'm completely addicted to it, but I hate it. It's annoying, it's full of things that could really irritate you, and it also makes me really paranoid! I hate it. There, that was just a random vent... and it was done on the internet. I don't care! I'm just angry at the internet right now, but I can't get off it!!

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Re: Just Vent

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Alright...a while back my bf went on a cruise with one of his friends. On said cruise they played truth or dare, and his dare was: kiss another girl. Well for some reason he decided he would make it to where it just "looked" like they kissed...well he felt really bad and he told me, of course I was pissed because, I mean, everyone knew he had a gf, aka-me. So what was he trying to prove? That he would cheat? Well, that was then and we kind of moved past and everything. Well tonight I was being nosy, (I know, not smart, but I was bored...I shouldn't have been looking if I didn't want to find anything, right?) and I found a convo that he had with someone saying how "it was just a peck, if even that" but I mean, to me he made it out like they just came really close, or I dunno, nothing even close to lips touching...to me thats a kiss. But he tried to say that he lied to who he was talking to (well right now thats what hes trying to say)...and I don't know if I believe him, I'm 50-50 right now...I don't know what to do Im just so confused, I don't know if I should be mad or sad (I've been both already, right now I'm just kind of here) I just don't understand some things I guess...

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Re: Just Vent

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I hate school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgghh, it's taking up ALL my time. Teachers go overboard with homework. It's just the beginning of the second term and they're already giving out projects and tons and tons of homework. What goes on in their mind?! Ideas on how to torture us?! I guess that has to be the only reason. I barely get to go on the Lex anymore and it feels like school is controlling my life. I just finished my Chemistry homework, and I didn't even understand what I was doing!!!!!!! I don't like my teacher. She's a crappy teacher. Technically, she doesn't even teacher. She gives out some notes, TRIES to explain it, and then we end up with independent learning. She always assume we know what we're reading in the textbook, but a lot of us don't. Not everyone just gets chemistry. Urgggghhhhhhhh, I'm so frustrated with her. And the questions in this stupid textbook are stupid questions too. I want to scream soo badly. I still have math tutor homework and I have to finish it!!!!! Plus it's 11:50 PM at night time. I just want to sleep. It's been such an extremely long week.
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Re: Just Vent

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I know this is stupid, but I have to let it out.
It's just pissing me off so much.
Okay, so all the girls at my school just discovered Twilight. And all of lunch, they were just screaming, "Edward is mine!". And then they got the book and started reading 'the meadow scene' out loud and showing it to everyone and squealing.
Which was irritating, but, whatever. So I went up to one of the girls and said, "So do you read Twilight?"
and she was like, "well, I haven't started the first book yet."
She hadn't started the first book yet.
She hadn't even read the first book yet.
I mean, come on!
They're all like a bunch of 11/12 year olds.
And the ring-leader of their group, who was acting like she was a Twilight expert or something, skipped Eclipse, and just read Breaking Dawn.
Aaarrgh. I just find that so annoying. People who have hardly read the series, and call themselves fans.
And they were acting as if they were the ultimate Twilght fans too. One of them skipped all of New Moon, except the ending, because she only likes the parts about Edward.
Who are these people?
And it justs get annoyinger every day because every morning they're huddled in a group squealing.
I swear to god, I will murder on of them with my pencil.

-deep breath-
Okay, I'm done. :D
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Re: Just Vent

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0.o, I found somewhere to rant and let it all out in complete anonymity. This just made my day.

So why do all happy endings only exist in books, why would it be so hard for me to catch a bloody break. Instead I keep getting screwed over, Lost my job and now i can not sleep at night.

Parents think I have gone crazy havent seen my friends for a long time, well in any kind of gathering to catch up. I managed to escape to the series for a little bit, but I finished it to quick and now im remembering how screwed up everythin really is and a world like this really doesnt exist.

Why cant friends be loyal, why cant life be happy, LoL NVM.
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Re: Just Vent

Post by love2travel »

i hate how some people who watched the movie just kept on squealing and squealing... even during inappropriate parts...
I soooo wanted to listen to the dialogue... had I not wanted that, I would have paid to see a silent movie version :x

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Re: Just Vent

Post by HoneyEyes »

Wow... This is a thread I'll be visiting a lot, I can tell.

So, I went out of town for Thanksgiving to my grandparents house. My boyfriend stayed at home, but we live on a beach in NC so a lot of people go there for vacations and stuff. Well... This past summer he had a girlfriend and now he's been hanging out with her since I've been gone. He went to her house the night before Thanksgiving and had dinner with her and her parents and two other girls. And now, our friend that's in the army and stationed (and attending military school) in Alabama has 10 days to spend at home and I come home tomorrow and with all this stuff going on it seems like my boyfriend doesn't even care. There's this dinner thing my mom's ex-boyfriend (who I'm still really close with) is having and me and him were invited to it. Now he's all "Oh, well I'll just show up late by myself because I want to hang out with *friend in the army*" It's just driving me insane. He pretty much doesn't even want to see me right when I get back, which I'm surprised about. I mean, I've missed him so much, and he tells me he does, but his ex is right there.... UGh, I don't know, there's so much going on right now.

Yes... I'll be replying to this thread a lot.

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Re: Just Vent

Post by Bewitched »

It has been a long and horrible week. First I got another speeding ticket. I was passing someone and of course (at least in our state) you are suppose to pass doing the speed limit.

Second, I work at a bank and I cashed someone's paycheck and accidently gave them too much money. CAtught it just as they were leaving the drive thru. Great. Now I'm trying to track this guy down. I know where he works.

Third, I'm not really into holidays. I know that sounds weird but I'd rather work or just stay home with my immediate family. EVeryone is getting older on my side of the family and they have lots of medical problems. Like I want to be reminded of that legacy. The other family lives about 3 hours away. It's not that I don't like them, it just if we go for the overnight visit, the bed they have is so hard my back and neck hurt the whole next day. Even if we don't go for two days and just one day, I have to listen to my boys fight the whole way. 6 hours of crabbing in a tiny Elentra.