Randomness ~ The 11th

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Wingtear »

Hello randies... :mrgreen:

I'm just here for a quickie, need to finish a val-day card that have to be mailed tomorrow to reach it's destination before the receiver moves...

Lily... I miss you too! I was watching half naked boys wrestle all day yesterday (OK, just for a few hours...)

Lynz... *quack* :twisted: *quack* that duck thing have totally derailed, I like it...

I got a totally unintelligible review the other day. I finally know what net-speak is... I think...
I sent it to my beta, just for fun, her 'real profession' is editor, and she went totally rabid... :lol:

D is home now. He is seriously considering the coastal guard, he was there talking to them today, and they were very exited about it. They basically offered to write his application for him :D And the best part is, if he makes it, he gets paid during the schooling. Not much, but enough, not very much less than my basic salary (then that I up mine with almost 800€ on top of that because I'm good at what I do is no ones business)
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Jasper<3 »

Hello again!!

This has to be the funniest youtube video I've ever seen!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2yv8aT0 ... re=channel It probably won't make much sense if you haven't seen Dark Knight, but even if you haven't, it's hilarious!!!

The Price Is Right is not the same without Bob...

I had a sudden urge to make hash browns, but I don't have potatoes or anything to make them with. :(

There is almost nobody on right now... more people should be here! I'm lonely...

Love you guys!! <33
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Ohs0sexyBella<3 »

Hi my lovelies!
How are you doing?
I know, i know shame on me.
Lynz i give you permission to spank me :lol:
I've been a bad reggie :?

I soo hate you right now. Dang it, i wish we had snow here in Florida... :evil: How are you dahhhling? PM me when you get online. We NEED to catch up.

.....Uhh i forgot what i was about to type... :oops:..ill probably remember later. :roll:

Okay so I have to share my newly found love for the following things:
*Starbucks chocolate chip coffee drink.. 8-)
*Sarah Dessens books (thanks to my awesome Sammy-wammy)
*UK- because it freaking snows there!!!
*CSI Miami- who knew it was soo addicitve?

Random-- I woke up this morning with a swollen and red left eye. I have NO ide what happened but my guess is i ate something im allergic to or my contacts betrayed me. Either way, now i look like an idiot with a beat up eye.
This guy came up to me and asked "whoa, who screwed you up?".... :evil:

Random 2-- My Music/Vocal Instructor had a car accident this morning. :? I called him but he's in pain so im just plain worried at this point.

On to a lighter subject, I just wrote a DBQ on the compromises of the early 1800's for AP US History. I have never written one before so im nervous about it. If anyone wants to read it and give me their honest opinion about it im open to it. Just PM me! :D

*winces* i have officially written too much, which reminds me of my Mary-bear- love you!!
Ill be lurking so behave...( Im just not as intimidating as lynz eh?) :lol:
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by allieb »

hi guyss.....

yea explanation time: i wasnt on yesterday so i couldn't post because i got in this massive fight with my parents. it was probably the worst one i've EVER had with them, and we have some awful fights! ermm, basically it was because i had to study instead of getting fresh air... :roll: so they started yelling at me, and saying how i'm never going to do anything with my life or whatever, and then how i'm such a bad daughter because i do nothing for the family, and how..... ug never mind, you get it. but long story short... i dont have a door anymore. yep. no door. they took it OFF the freaking hinges. because i am not responsible enough to have a door. :roll: so i locked myself in the bathroom (because it actually HAS a door) for three hours. soo yea. that was my super bowl sunday for ya. plus the Steelers won. gross.

ermmm so today was okayy.... i had my algebra 2 midterm today. joy. whatevs i think i did fine. but who really knows? that probably means i failed.

business time:

Deven: i hope you get on soon, haha. =] im gonna try your advice tomorrow too =]=] wish me luck!!
Mary: you too!! haha. and ermm i really dont wanna be annoying or whatever hun... but i found another typo =( i think ect. needs to be etc. sorry girlie. :? im obnoxious i know. :oops:

so that just about clears up all that business!!
so yea. sorry i didnt post, but i was a little preoccupied keeping my lungs moving, and trying not to give myself a headache with all the crying. it was bad. and i got a headache anyway.

byeee loverrsssss =]

J'ai une mauvaise journée, quand je n'ai pas de ma porte. - I am having a bad day, when I don't have my door.
^^ literally, that was my answer in french today... she gave us the beginning of the sentence (before the comma) and told us to finish it........... IRONIC? a bit, yea.
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by wildroses »

hello everybody

today is such forks weather
it's cold and rainy
and it's weird because i just started
reading twilight again.

hm so anyways someone mentioned
heidi klum doing the chicken dance..
woohoo for ellen watchers!
lol i just watched her do that too
she's so cute.

i really want to see the movie
he's just not that into you.
i'll go see it with my girlfriends when it comes out
such a chick movie.
although i really wanted to read the book before i saw it.
oh well.

i am so proud of myself just about all my homework
is finished!
yes, that's a first for pretty much just
getting home! :D
so i think i'm going to go curl up in my room
with my twilight and maybe some soup.

i had a tickle fight with my friend
a few minutes ago.
it was intense. now she wants me to
watch a cheesy soap with her.
maybe i will.

anyways, hope everyone is doing good
<3 later lovely ladies
randomness bum<3

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by hannaa »

hey! new one here, my first post!!
I love to speak about random stuff, yeah, my friends have noticed too...

Oh no, I should already been sleeping, the time is here 12 pm! And i should wake up 6 am, and I have school tomorrow, 8 hours, how will I survive??
I'm just toally addicted to this forum haha

EDIT: I'm actually going to sleep now, and read Eclipse( I've read it 10000000000 times :D)
Take care of yourselves!
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Jasper<3 »

hannaa: your post is dangerously close to being too short, 4 line minimum. If you haven't yet, go check out the rules on the first page. :)

Today has been so slow!! Where did everybody go? *checks all the hiding places*

I mentioned the Heidi chicken dance... Ellen is the bomb. She is so funny!!

allieb: They took your door?? That is odd... my parents just take away my "privileges" like the computer or my phone... :roll:

Apparently I was supposed to research my topic for Science Fair and turn it in today... oops... Oh well, I think my teacher extended the due date...

I found the funniest picture of my brother ever yesterday. He was 14-15, his hair went past his shoulders, and he looked like he was on crack... We were playing Pretty Pretty Princess, so he was wearing a tiara and a green necklace, and he was making a peace sign finger thing... He looked bizarre.

I will be around! Love you all! <3
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by edward x lover »

Evening lovlies!!

So today was like the WORST day ever to the max...Getting midterm grades back never fun. I pretty much bombed them all and spent most of the day really depressed and crying...worst part was that Greg wasn't in school today (stupid trip to Mexico that I wasn't allowed to go on) so there was no one to comfort me and except my annoying friend who did amazing.

I think I am going to go eat a tub of ice cream and watch gossip girl (the only good part about today)

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by *Wanderer* »

Wow, I haven't even posted on the new thread yet. So, erm, I have a question.... :? Am I a regular yet....?

Today I had a good day. Expect for PE. PE was hell, I made a total fool of myself during volleyball. :roll:

Oh yeah, and my brothers got guitar hero over the weekend. I played it, and it was really fun! And plus, they had Assassin by Muse on there! <3

Ayan: You are so lucky lucky! It never snows where I live in Cali.

Jany: Ugh, we haven't spoken in forever! Where have you been? Miss you!

edward x lover: I'm really sorry about your bad day. Ugh, midterms.

Random: Jason Mraz was on SNL the other night. The facial expressions he makes when he sings are soooo cute! :)

So I'll be around, PM me.
Emily <3
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by ashiekins16 »

Hi everyone!

So my car finally got fixed today..my boyfriends step dad came over to help. It took like 2 hours..My car has a horrible set up. Then afterwards we went to McDonalds to eat and my boyfriend got some chicken nuggets and they were like raw. He had me try one and it was so gross..like cold chicken nuggets with goo in the middle.

Anyways...hm. I didn't finish Butch last night. I went to bed early and I haven't had time to read today...but I'm going to now and I should finish and be onto V later tonight. =)

I'll be back later..maybe..or lurking
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