Randomness ~ The 11th

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by maddy<3twilight » Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:50 pm

metro_girl0 wrote:Hey all, what's up? I know I haven't been on in a very long time, sorry.
Anyways, I'm listening to break-up songs, I don't know why. I broke up with my boyfriend the day after Valentine's Day, sucky right? I felt so bad after wards, but it just wasn't working out, you know? We'd been going out for 4 months and all he knew about me was that I had a brother and I liked to read. He didn't even know my middle name! He didn't even call me by first name, he knew it, he just didn't use it. It was always baby girl this, or baby that. It got to be so annoying. And we never got to see eachother because we go to different schools. The worst thing was that after two days he started saying I love you to me, and I just wasn't feeling that way about him, but I said it anyway because he kept bugging me until I said it, which made me feel even worse because I didn't feel that way about him. I'm not allowed to date, so I had to keep it secret from my parents, which was really bothering me, because I didn't like doing that. I cried all night after we broke up because I felt horrible, and I couldn't help feeling like I had made a mistake by breaking up with him. Meanwhile my friends that actually knew I was dating him, told me that he wasn't worth me being sad over and all that, but I felt that way anyway. Has anyone evel felt that way too? But now he thinks I'm a bfh and it hurts so bad. He moved now, to the town right next to where he used to live, but we have some of the same friends and people are telling me what he's saying. He also asked one of my friends out, which really bothers me because he told me that he loved me for 4 months! Everyone was right about him, I should of listened to them, but I didn't and now I feel horrible about it. A good adult friend of mine, she's a teacher, says that by letting him bother me I'm letting him emotionally blackmail me, and everyone agrees with her, but that doesn't stop me from feeling horrible.
Sory, I was rambling, I just need to get it out of my system. And even though he's obviously moved on, and I sort of like someone else, it still makes me feel horrible at times. It makes me feel like such a horrible person, I wasn't trying to be mean, but I just couldn't take it anymore. And he was so touchy-feely it was driving me nuts, all he really cared about was that and I wasn't into that as much as he was.
To top it off, who I like right now, is someone I'll never have a chance with because she's my best friend and she doesn't like me like that. How do I get myself in these situations! Grrr, my life is so weird!
Well, I'll stop writing now, talk to all later.

this was one of the longest posts I actually read. I feel sorry for you.

anyway I am lostening to How do you sleep by Jessi Mcartney.

Okay seriously where did all our Adult lexiconers go? I haven't seen the n in forever!!

I bought Blue Bloods yesterday and I am like half way thru already! It is relly good and creepy!

The cover of it is so scary because there is this bite on a girls neck and it is indented! it is so freakin scary!
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by 'twahy-lahyt' » Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:41 pm

Hola Loves :]
I figured I should post...
but I have something in my eye, so Ii'll be right back...
*puts on bland elevator muzak for you all to listen to*

I'm back! :lol:

here is my random for you all:
Today at church I hurt my finger REALLY badly. I clean up the coffe after the service, like I clean the post and the coffee makers and all that, well, nobody turned off the coffee makers, so the burners were still hot when I was cleaning them. ohh by the way, whoever made the coffee, also made a BIG mess. Well, I'm cleaning one of the makers and I forgot that noone turned them off so I'm trying to get coffee grounds off of the burner and I touch the damn thing and burnt myself.
And then when I was coming out of one of the bathroom stalls I accidently hurt the same finger again! I was trying to stop the metal door from hitting the tile wall, and my finger got in the middle of it and it felt like someone slammed a car door on it!

Okay I'm done complaining :D

I got new shoes yesterday! They are super cute, of course.

I'm kind of hungry it almost 3 and I haven't eaten anything all day. So I need food!!

I'll be around.
Love you all

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by JenTheWriter » Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:40 pm

Hey Randies!

Was anyone else having trouble getting on the Lex last night?
Work blows as usual.
Tomorrow is my Friday.
I haven't heard from or seen "the guy" in a while. I'm afraid I scared him.
Yeah ... that's about all.
My face itches...

"And if you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her," he promised.
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Wingtear » Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:19 pm

maddy<3twilight wrote: Okay seriously where did all our Adult lexiconers go? I haven't seen the n in forever!!
*raises hand*
Do I count? Ninna decides that if she counts all her 3,5 year old personalities together, they would reach an age that would qualify as adult (no, it would make us qualify as ancient, stupid...)
I think the others are on yoville... that's where they usually are when I see them on FB.

I had to throw away yesterdays leftovers (who were supposed to be my lunch today) because it made me nauseous just to think about them. Great. So, I had no lunch. Not that it matters, I wasn't hungry anyway. It's just that my husband gets really mad at me if I don't eat regularly, and since he's away working...
At least I ate dinner... a chicken thigh and some fried carrots... I'm so in trouble if he finds out.

i have blisters on both my heels from wearing too thick socks in my MBT's yesterday. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Yesterday was a not. Today when I took a walk, the blisters on my right heel broke... I had soaked the sock, and probably my shoe, and had blood over half my foot when I got home and noticed it. YUCK!
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by deven » Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:04 pm


i just got back from camp....so so so much fun..but i am sore and tired and mentaly exhausted!!!! but i had much fun and learned a lot. it was totally great

oh and i am even more sick! i almost died up in the woods from coughing so hard. and we played a game where i had to run through the snow with someone on my back and i am sick so...wow..that was hard...i coughed up my lungs after that..lol

jany- lol sorry...not welcome then...oh and...you missed it. i am a girl...yeah...definately a girl..i gave a VERY big rant on it a while ago...lol. but its ok.

shannon!!! i missed you! you came on while i was gone..=[..thanks for wishing me well...!

shel! im home love! how are you
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by DramaPrincezz013 » Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:25 pm

Hey there! :]

So I am so extremely tired..

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night; lovely, right?

So my friend and I made a really retarded video. But it was awesome. :]

I think I am going to pass out from exaustion any second now....
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by when_the_sun_shines » Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:42 pm

Well, I am super happy in a way.

I busted my knee (it was gushing blood. still bleedign. it's been 5 hours) running to hug a friend in the candy aisle of a convienece store today.

I had major luck at the volleyball tourney today. I got my serves almost over the net (for me that's huge) and I had a bunch of killer digs and dives that saved our butts!

I'm listenening to Paramore radio on Last.fm

My thumbs itch

I got new nailpolish remover.

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by threethings » Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:47 pm

I have a huge favor to ask of my besties.

Alright, so you guys know Maddy and I, plus the Taylor Team, do Obsessed. It was nominated for a Dazzle Award. And the more people nominate it, the more we get a chance at the final round.
Could some of you, (If not all) please nominate us again?
I believe all you do is send an email, but I'll check.

Here's Obsessed: www.obsessed.weebly.com
Here's info on nomination: http://dazzleawards2009.webs.com/nominate.htm

Please so this for me and Maddy, you know you love us. *puppy eyes* Thanks!
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Tengo Nubs. » Mon Mar 09, 2009 12:57 am

hello randies!!

so my weekend was pretty good!! let's see--friday i watched the end of buffy season six and OH MY WORD. it was intense. way intense. i wish i could start the seventh season right away but i have stupid homework. alas!

saturday i went out with two of my friends to see confessions of a shopaholic. it was a cute movie!! i recommend that everyone see it at some point--even if you wait til it comes out on DVD or whatever. after the movie we got mcdonald's. my goodness--flurries are absolutely delicious. especially when paired with fries. mmmmm.
oh funny(ish) story--we met up at my friend ann's apartment, which is really more like a duplex i guess since it's in a house. anyway, i always get the houses confused and i definitely almost walked into some stranger's house haha. good thing i realized i was wrong in time or else i might have been arrested for a B&E.
and i don't mean bacon and eggs....cuz i could do that anytime.
(snaps to you if you get the reference)

then today was boring, spending most of my time working on my midterm. thankfully it didn't end up having to be nearly as long as i had previously thought, so it wasn't too painful. i've finished with that and now i've just got to read like 20 pages or so in tristram shandy before i'm going to bed!! whew.

::huggles:: to EVERYONE! because i love you so.
i've got nothing else.

peace out girl scouts.
(oh! i need a smiley!)
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by threethings » Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:14 pm

Nobody's posted since last night, so I will. Long over do too, I haven't posted in 4 days.

Anyway, I'm going to meet Lemony Snicket in like 15 minutes, I've already seen him though.
But it's still cool.

Uh, and then I have to go to the Wilton class again, which I don't want too, but I should.
So. . . .

That's all I got. Oh, I saw some Taylor pics of him dirt biking. . . .whoa. Whoa.

Oh, and I ordered two JB necklaces. . . I'm excited!

Okay, gotta go . . .bye!
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