Randomness ~ The 11th

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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Lacuna Scion »

Ugh. It seems like only days ago I was here on Randomness worrying about my friends with the stomach flu. Now, *gulp* I think I've got it.

And can I just say I'm a total wuss. So my strong immune system has been my best friend for a long time now. And when I get sick, I'm done for the count. Like weeks on end. Whoop-dee-freakin-doo! I felt fine earlier; it just hit me like a ton of bricks.

I'm curled up in a ball on my bed. I won't even get up to get my TV remote. So I grabbed the next closest thing (my computer). Now, I'll probably just listen to old podcasts...

What stinks is I probably know who I got it from anyways. A friend of a friend. She was going out with him on Valentine's Day and he got sick on the way and they had to cancel. Poo...

And my parents are all concerned because I don't want to eat. I had to tell them: I don't have disorder, I just feel like I'm gonna puke. Sorry for the graphics.

Maybe I'll go back to one of the many books I've got started. Hm... Wuthering Heights or Angela's Ashes... Turn of the century English masochistic relationships or memoir of how much it sucked to be Irish in Ireland in the twentieth century? Angela's Ashes it is... Or maybe I'll just go with the good comfort reading 8-) I need a TW Saga reread anywho...

Here's looking at you Randies!
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Jasper<3 »

Hola Randies...

Where I live (New England, Chowdah and all that) soft drinks are soda unless you are referring to a certain kind, like sprite is sprite. People were talking about this earlier, right? If not... *shrugs* well, this is Randomness...

:lol: Ayan: "Fizzy drinks" reminds me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, have you seen that all the way over there? Fizzy lifting drinks... Grandpa, I can fly! :lol:

:roll: Like I said earlier, my immune system is broken. I saw a doctor today, I either have some random virus, or fifths disease, which is basically just a fever and a rash. Like chicken pox without the itch and contagious-ness.

Maddy! Are you on? I forgot to check... if you are on. I'll PM you if you are!

:roll: I'm babysitting my little sister. :roll:

Dang, I just found out today that my second copy of my cow picture is missing. I have one in my locker at school (I like to see peoples reactions with my whole cow suit, and my owner guy is making a hilarious face too, :lol: ) so I will have to bring it home and scan it then.

I guess my post is long enough... I will be around!



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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by ashiekins16 »

Hello Randies.

So I'm still sick. I felt like poop today. I woke up like an hour and a half before my alarm and I had this horrible headache. I was crying and rocking back and forth in my bed, it hurt do bad. I finally fell back to sleep like 30 minutes before my alarm went off. Ptth..then at work I felt like crap. No one could stay for me and the one girl like didn't even care. I hate my job..the people there are so rude. But I made it through and didn't complain..just let it slide. I'm so proud of myself for making it through since I had 7 1/2 hours and we only get one 15 min break. So that sucks.

But anways..lets see..

Lynz- seems like I haven't talked to you in forever. What the heck?

Sam- Phury is that bad? I'm still only on like page 25 or so. I keep saying I'm gonna read but I don't. I just haven't felt up to it.

Oh and so this weekend at the wedding I took my digital camera and I had charged it before we left..but it didnt charger. So either the battery is messed up or the cord for charging it is. And I looked at Wal Mart and Radio Shack for my battery and they don't have it. Stupid camera.

Haha, I should be on the Vent Thread.

Ahh well I'm off for now..either reading or watching Intervention..I'll probably fall asleep. I'm so tired.
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by maddy<3twilight »

Hey guys!
wow it is hard to type on my iPod.
if there re any spellig mistakes it isn't my fault it is my iPods...

So I am listeningto of you see kay by the script. I love them.

Facebook is wierd on the iPod.

I am getting my dad to go buy me extras and bogus to bubbly tomorrow. I have nothing else to read...

I am so excited to the fifth house to bght book I come out march tenth! And twilight on DVD and New Moon and catching fire the second book to the huber games trilogy. I think I am going to cry bcaue I am so excited shot so may kings... Not kings stupid iPod !!!!!! Things!!!!
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by deven »

shannon-well i am glad you got some reading done...i LOVE this series...and i will pm you about the BF

shel-what part did you stop at this time..lol

work was so funny today...and it was my favorite resdients birthday so we sang to her and she got all red...and i decorated a cake for her..it was cute!

oh and shel...i just realized in order for me to go to work...i stopped my book in the middle of a fight scene...lol...talk about a bad spot
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by threethings »

Maddy - Extras is fabulous!!!! I'll finish before you! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! :twisted:

I should go and type the thing my mom wants me too, but I need to send a ping to Cye first.
I'm calling PM's pings from now on, Maddy will get it.

I'm going to go find this song first though. . . just checking though!

EDIT: I just realized I have more posts than Lynzeee!!!!! :o :shock:
I remember thinking when I first joined the Lex, "Wow, that Lynzeee person is awesome. I'll never have that many posts or know so many people.". Weird.

EDIT EDIT: I also just realized that only 5 people, that's right, 5 people are online right now.
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by x. Jessica-Louise .x »

I feel so bad. I have a really bad headache and sore throat a lot of people seem to be ill just lately.
I finished yet another it girl book last night so I'm going to start something new today. But I can't decide whether to read another it girl book or the 3rd BDB or a great and terrible beauty hmmm...
:lol: sodapop I like it! I tend to just call it pop. Soda sounds weird to me.
I might go back to bed I really do feel awful.
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by Wingtear »

OMJB, I haven't been into randomness in forever... I hope I don't get lost... I did post a few days back, but when I was going back to edit it, it didn't seem to have registered... Go figures...

I have training ache :(
I am currently obsessing over Roswell (got my season 2 box the other day, I have waited 10 months for it)
The sun is shining, clear blue sky and a few degrees below freezing.
D is back home, pretending to be a housekeeper (and failing miserably... he keeps neglecting the dishes, and vaccuming, and the rest... :lol: ) We're going to Turku to empty the apartment this weekend. It feels kinda sad, it has been my routine for 3,5 years to go there at least once every month. It feels almost sad ´that it's over. The 6 hour ferry was one of my chanses to have 'me time'.
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by maddy<3twilight »

I'm on my iPod again.
so chloe when you seethis send me a ping... Haha
I dont even have xtras yet...

I a listening to crack a bottle...
I only like the chorus...

I have to go to school.
I had a dream I was a special from the uglies and I as trying to get his guy from by class bcause he was an uglies...
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Re: Randomness ~ The 11th

Post by samajama »

I finsihed my homework! YEEEHAW! lol.. i have class in about an hour and 15... blech. and my best friend isn't going, so I'm going to be all by my lonesome. :[

Nat~ I was the one talking about soda haha. because mary says pop, and it makes me giggle. :] dev says pop too, so he thinks it's weird that I say soda, etc, etc :P

Chloe~ having a lot of posts isn't a good thing. it's a sign of a sickness. which i have. haha. :D

Ash~ no, it's not horrible. Phury is just REALLY frustrating. you know how Butch was annoying because he was just being so stupid and didn't see what was right in front of him? well, it's like that, but more annoying becuase it's Phury, so he's moping about it. Personally, I think he just needs to get laid... haha ;] but you do hear much more about JM, Qhuinn, and Blay which is FUN :] and there are lessers in this book (sigh) but not too, too much (yet ?) i'm on page 151. i think my main problem is reading when I'm tired... *shrugs*

so i really hate my new rank. yup.
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