True things

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True things

Post by Pel »

Truth: I just got home from school.
Truth: My religion teacher gave us an assessment.
Truth: Ugh!
Truth: School is really getting me down,haha.
Truth: I'm really hungry.
Truth: My little brother painted me another picture at pre-school today.
Truth: He's way cute.
Truth: It's a picture of him,with a sun,a tree and water. Hahaha.
Truth: I love Wednesdays! They're half days at school <3
Truth: I have to work tonight. Ew.
Truth: My dad had an operation today.
Truth: I hope it went okay.
Truth: I'm staying down at his house tonight.
Truth: I'm not going to school tomorrow.

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Re: True things

Post by *Bloodlust* »

Truth: The boards are back!
Truth: I still feel like a 'tard for messing up on the "Bloodlust" thing
Truth: My 5-day summer break has begun!
Truth: Our wifi at home now works
Truth: I have Chick-Fil-A waiting for me downstairs.
Truth: *sad* I really wish I could conjure up a patronus!

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Re: True things

Post by StupidxLamb »

Truth: Demetri Martin on YouTube is hilarious!
Truth: He reminds me of one of my guy friends
Truth: I had vanilla ice cream tonight
Truth: It was yummy and refreshing
Truth: I'm chewing strawberry-banana gum
Truth: It is also delicious
Truth: I wish tomorrow was Saturday
Truth: I'm 1.5 weeks into the school year and already sick of it
Truth: I have a grammar test on Monday
Truth: There are some weird people in my English class...
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Re: True things

Post by CamberXite »

Truth : I have a really bad headache
Truth : I might go to bed soon
Truth : I have the weirdest craving for a Dr Pepper
Truth : I'm listening to the new Slipknot album! :D
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Re: True things

Post by AnaBanana »

Truth: I just spelled "truth" wrong three times before finally getting it right...
Truth: I'm horrible at typing.
Truth: I go back to school in 5 days. UGH!
Truth: I'm watch Family Guy while I'm typing this.
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Re: True things

Post by HazedInDeadlyPollen »

truth: I'm listening to "Velvet Pony" by Psapp
truth: Psapp rocks
truth: I can't listen to the song when I'm about to sleep or I feel like someones going to kill me
truth: I'm using my iPod touch
truth: rainbows irritate me
truth: I'm starting high school next week on Tuesday
truth: I forgot what I was going to put two seconds ago
truth: I just remembered
truth: when I run cross country and get tired, I imagine Edward running next to me and keep going
truth: I'm not a people person
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Re: True things

Post by Nessa645 »

Truth: I should be asleep right now.
Truth: I have to wake up early in the morning.
Truth: I burned my arm with the oven.
Truth: I'm having really bad cramps.
Truth: The pain in my joints is driving me crazy
Truth: Love listen to music.

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Re: True things

Post by nicalyrenard »

Truth: I'm actually looking forward to classes starting next week
Truth: I'm thinking about joining the Peace Corps after graduation next spring if I can't get a six month work visa for the UK
Truth: I already dislike my neighbors upstairs because they are loud and have had parties every night since I moved in last friday
Truth: I need to get together with my french pal before classes so she doesn't think I'm dissing her :oops:
Truth: My fridge is depressingly empty

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Re: True things

Post by Feathers »

Truth: Ren just welcomed everyone. Yeah. Everyone. How often does anyone get to say that?


Truth: Ren is very tired.
Truth: Ren still likes speaking in third person.
Truth: Ren is going to bed now.

<3 Ren
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Re: True things

Post by Pizza?? »

Truth: My mom will fart, really loud smelly ones around people in the grocery store, then run away.