True things

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Re: True things

Post by loverboyis »

Truth: Boston and Toronto are playing :D
Truth: I'm a Sox fan but I can't help but fee like the Jays should win, uhr.
Truth: I have no idea whenever I came to be a baseball fan lol :?
Truth: 5-5 ... so frustrating
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Re: True things

Post by wildroses »

truth: i'm working on a stupid assignment that takes forever and is due tomorrow
truth: i'm on the lex rather than actually working on it
truth: i'm listening to jack johnson :D
truth: i'm actually in a good mood dispite everything thats going on
truth: school stresses me out
truth: i wish my school wasnt as retarded as it is.
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Re: True things

Post by GoldEyesSilentHeart »

Truth: I have school tomorrow.
Truth: Grr...
Truth: I got some new shoes the other day.
Truth: They is real cute lol
Truth: I'm tired...
Truth: I cleaned the whole house within like 20 minutes..
Truth: I love this thread!
Truth: IDK why....
Truth: I found this really cool website called Habbo and I met like 20 other people who have read Twilight.
Truth: I'm ready for Twilight Tuesday so I can wear my Twilight T-shirt.
Truth: Hot topic is now my favorite store lol.
Truth: Breath by Paramore is an awesome song.
Truth: I'm listening to that now.
Truth: I always post more on this thread than I should....
Truth: I better go before I get carried away.
Truth: I will be back here later.
Truth: Of course.
Truth: :mrgreen:
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Re: True things

Post by dead in a daydream »

Truth: Me and my family brought my brother to collage today
Truth: I didn't cry
Truth: I'm going to watch the closing to the oylmpics now
Truth: My truths were short
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Re: True things

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

Truth: I'm tired
Truth: I'm missing out on a great party :(
Truth: I'm sad right now
Truth: got some new clothes, but I want more!
Truth: *coughTwilightmerchandisecough*
Truth: I wonder if my mom will let me order stuff online?
Truth: I miss Camille.
Truth: She's super sweet and awesome!
Truth: I miss Malaz.
Truth: I haven't talk to her in a long time. :(
Truth: I miss Savvy.
Truth: I'm a bit worried about her.
Truth: why hasn't she re-registered here yet?
Truth: I have a lot of questions
Truth: I miss everyone!!!!!!!!!
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Re: True things

Post by xoxocamille »

cutesweetiezzz wrote:Truth: I miss Camille.
Truth: She's super sweet and awesome!
Truth: I miss Malaz.
Truth: I haven't talk to her in a long time. :(
Truth: I miss Savvy.
Truth: I'm a bit worried about her.
Truth: why hasn't she re-registered here yet?
Truth - I'm glad Elaine's home!
Truth - She had super fun in Seattle, WA today.
Truth - She bought Twilight Merchandise?
Truth - I love Elaine.
Truth - She's way more niceeeer to me.
Truth - She doesn't know how much I deeply love her.
Truth - I was thinking about her the whole day today.
Truth - Not in that kind of way, but yeah.
Truth - I miss Malaz too.
Truth - I didn't get to talk to her today.
Truth - I wish she was here.
Truth - I'm missing the heck out of Savvy that it hurts.
Truth - I'm always worrying about her.
Truth - Why hasn't she joined the Lex yet?!
Truth - I'm going insane with just the thought of it.
Truth - I miss you Savvy, come back home(:

Truth - My legs are killing me.
Truth - Our trip to SF was cancelled.
Truth - We went shopping instead.
Truth - I bought new Keds shoes!
Truth - I love Keds<3
Truth - I also saw Twilight shirts at Hot Topic today.
Truth - My mom wouldn't buy it for me.
Truth - I didn't bring enough money. Boo.
Truth - I died when I saw a sign that said 'Jaspers Big Hotdogs' while driving today.
Truth - I almost swerved the car.
Truth - It was hilarious.
Truth - It reminded me of the MT.
Truth - I have school again tomorrow.
Truth - I have to get up by 500am.
Truth - I have to leave the house by 645am.
Truth - Stupid traffic.
Truth - I should really sleep now.
Truth - But I still need to study.
Truth - I dont think I'll get enough sleep.
Truth - I never do anyways.
Truth - I could function with an hour of sleep(:
Truth - I'm about to cry from this song I'm listening to.
Truth - This was kind of a long post.
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Re: True things

Post by jacob-rox-my--sox »

truth: this is my first post out of the new kid in town board
truth: i wish we could have got the old lex boards back
truth: school is lame
truth: im excited about my ball that is coming up
truth: i got merit on a piece on french writing
truth: its raining
truth: and its pretty foggy too
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Re: True things

Post by *Bloodlust* »

Truth: I didn't post anything today. :P
Truth: I'm back in college and I like it!
Truth: It's very different from summer school, but in a good way.
Truth: It's monday already!
Truth: There's a wider selection of boys now! ;)
Truth: I didn't read any of Breaking Dawn either today! Uh oh.....
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Re: True things

Post by Katwomankath »

Truth: My daughter is too small a size to were the styles she likes.
Truth: I spent all day looking for colored skinny jeans in sizes that don't exist
Truth: I will probably spend many more looking so she will be happy
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Re: True things

Post by mz.cullenn »

Truth- This is my first post of the day.
Truth- I had my Chemistry test today and it was exceedingly hard! Though, I'm pretty sure I did well.
Truth- The Small Print, Map of the Problematique and Time is running Out are the best songs ever.
Truth- Anyway... It's 6.10pm.
Truth- The Olympics are over and I miss it.
Truth- My shoulders hurt.
Truth- I lost in a game of badminton today and I've never been happier to lose. It was just such an awesome game.

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