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Re: True things

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Truth: I just finished getting ready for when my mom comes home and we go shopping.
Truth: But not for clothes or anything, just boring old grocery shopping.
Truth: I skipped school today, because its a half day and The Terry Fox Run the other half. I did it last year,and it was a really long walk, and my feet really hurt the next day.
Truth: I am sore from jump, and having to walk up 5 flights of stairs to get to my guitar class at school.
Truth: I loved Grey's Anatomy last night, but it was 2 hrs and I was really tired and almost feel asleep half way through.
Truth: I almost had a heart attack at the beginning. DON"T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT AND PLANNED ON WATCHING LATER. When Mr. McDreamy died, but it was only a dream. Thank god he wasn't really dead in the show. I would have died.
Truth: I have my first regatta tomorrow. I am nervous!
Truth: My Birthday is on Sunday, and I was planning on having my friends over and going bowling, but most of them can't :(
Truth: I think I am going to do it next friday.
Truth: Hopefully most people can come!
Truth: My Best friend wouldn't be able to come because she is going to a party, with her "rower" friends.
Truth: I row but all her other friends always look at me and give me dirty looks, so I just don't hang out with them.
Truth: On my BD we are going to Manderans with my Oma. I love it there!
Truth: My Grandpa is doing better now, but has to be in the hospital for about a month. :(
Truth: Hope he gets better soon!
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Re: True things

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