EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

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EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by Bronze Haired Girl »

*Looks around inspecting everything* Offices - Check. Wreck Hall - Check. Equipment - Check. Storage buildings - Check. Looks like everything made it over here without any damage. :D Thanks for the help, Emmett. *steps closer and lowers voice* I'll see you later, right? :mrgreen:

Everyone take a moment, take a deep breath. *Inhales deeply* Aaahhh, there's that new thread smell. Now, back to work everyone.

For anyone that would like to join our wonderful crew you need to post your answers to the following questions. Once you do that you will become a trainee.
-What inspired you to join the EDC. Inc?

- What was your first impression of Emmett?

- What is your favorite Emmett quality?

- What is your favorite Emmett moment and/or quote?

- What do you think about the casting of Kellan Lutz as Emmett in the Twilight movie?

- Is there anything you would like to submit for potential topics of discussion?

-Any last confessions concerning your love for Emmett?

Let me answer the dilemma of one-liner posts. If it’s a complete sentence that goes along with the current discussion, it’s allowed. If however, it’s something random or even a confession of your undying love for Emmett that interrupts the discussion and flow of the thread, it’s not allowed. If all you are adding to the discussion is “I agree”, that’s not allowed. You need to ADD to the discussion. I hope that clears it up.

Remember, well-thought out answers to discussion questions will get rewarded with points toward your next promotion.

We’re here to have fun. We occasionally post links to pictures of our latest demolition assignments or our new equipment as we get them. Links are welcomed, but no pictures in the thread please.

The EDC, Inc. website: (Thanks Chloe!) http://edcinc.weebly.com/index.html

Emmett's Demolition Crew Members:
If there is another name you go by on the thread it should be included in the list next to your username. If yours is not included send me a PM and let me know.

Our Reason for Being Here
THE Emmett Cullen (he doesn't need a title, he just IS)
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waiting tobe dazzled (Heather) - Field Supervisor - She is in charge of starting new topics of discussion.
urcoolcarrie (Carrie) - HR manager - She is in charge of promotions. She will announce your promotion each time you reach a new rank.
skylarblue (Shannon/skylar/sky) - New Trainee Supervisor - If you have any questions about how we do things around here you can send her a PM and she’ll answer your questions.

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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by Renesmee_Bella »

YAY!!!! Ahh, the feeling of a new thread. Did we really get to a 100 pages already? Feels like I just joined. Oh wait, I did just join. AND....(Drumroll) TODAY IS KELLAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! *Holds up gift-wrapped present* When's the party guys?!!?? Ok, so now that I am an official trainee, what exactly do I post on here? DO I just talk about Emmett? *cough* because I can do that.


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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by -Jasper »

New thread! Thanks BHG!

And it's Kellan's birthday! (I forgot :? ) *happy birthday, Kellan*

I don't think there were any new questions to carry over ...

Renesmee_Bella, as a trainee you can just come here, answer any questions and talk about Emmett or anything else that's going around. (trying to stay on topic :D)
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight »

Okay soo do we have to wait fro someone to post or can we just go??
I asked a question at the end of the last thread...
I forget what it was but..
If Emmett hadnt been attacked by a bear what would his life be like?
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by urcoolcarrie »

*takes a deep breath and smiles* Ah. The new thread smell. Its so nice. Thanks BHG! :D

Guys, the last thread was a dud some of the time. We were lucky if we had a few posts a day, let along our few pages a day record on the first couple of threads. Lets try to make this one a bit more active, ok? I want to give away promotions at a faster rate. :)

If Emmett hadnt been attacked by a bear what would his life be like?
Well, this is a loaded question, eh? It all comes down to the fact that his life would have been TOTALLY and COMPLETELY different. He would have never been changed into a vampire. He would have found a nice girl, married her, and had a couple kids. Pretty much, I would just say that he would have lived a very happy human life.
Lets be glad this didn't happen, ok?! I like vampire Emmett. :)

Hey, so I need some help. You see, I am going to a Hot Topic release party this Friday, and I was going to just go in my Twilight shirt and be done with it. Well, this past weekend I decided that I was going to have some fun and dress up as Rosalie. I have the blonde hair, I have jeans, I have a scarf, I'm ordering the Cullen Crest off of Amazon, I know where to get some super high heels, I just need a jacket of some sort. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get a grey jacket like the one Rosalie wears in the movie. If you know of anything, pm me and let me know. Oh, and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to mention them. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KELLAN!!!!! I'm so excited! :D :D :D
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by -Jasper »

Hi guys!

Carrie, I like your costume idea, sorry, I don't know where you could get a Rosalie jacket though.
We'll try and not let the thread be a dud. :D

If Emmett hadnt been attacked by a bear what would his life be like?
His life would be very different. Okay, this will sound weird. I think 2 things could have happened; he'd either have a normal life, get married, have kids, that kind of thing, or he'd get attacked by something else. I'm not sure if it would happen, but he might be out hunting or something again, and get attacked by some other animal.

~ Jenni
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by Pandancer »

Woot! -Dances a jig- A new thread for Kellan's birthday. :P Quite awesome.

Speaking of which, did you guys see the new pictures from the set? I'm a little.. Scared by Jackson's new shaved head. :lol: But they got his hair done well, anyway. Haha, is it bad that I was a little annoyed to see Kellan smoking a cigarette? -Dork- xD

I'm not sure how to help you, Carrie. Aren't there sites for that, though? I know there used to be one for making yourself to look like Bella in the movie. They told you where to buy what she was wearing, etc. Or maybe I just imagined that and I'm just thinking of the many sites about her mittens. :shock: xD

I'll probably answer the question later, if I can. At this point, I don't really know what to say without completely repeating Carrie's answer. xD I'm a little bit braindead right now, and I can't think with the Naked Brothers Band blasting in my ears. -Eyetwitch-
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by Sydflower »

*inhales* New thread smell! Aww.. and Im on the first page :D.


The question was something like, What if Emmett had never been attacked by the bear? What would his life be like?
Well, he would not be a vampire.. so he would've grown up normally... found a nice woman, had LOTS of kids, and just been normal. No Rosalie, and who knows, maybe the Cullens would have been way different.
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by topazeyes2 »

Oh my Gosh I am posting on the new thread *hyperventilates* it seems just like last week I joined oh it was last week... anyway I agree with Carrie for the times I was on it wasn't very active so let's try for more activity. Anyway Oh my gosh I forgot to say this on my post this morning HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLAN :D :) :D :mrgreen: :D :| just kidding :mrgreen: The day after mine and it's also my best friend's Birthday and we were thinking of having a party for Kellan and not her :lol:
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Re: EDC, Inc.: Emmett's Demolition Crew ~ Team Emmett #5

Post by Mrs.Edward_Cullen<3 »

*inhales* Ahh. I love new thread smell. Well I guess it's back to business and Operation DA. MUAHAHA! :twisted: :lol: a.k.a. Operation Dead AnnaLynne. But thanks for the new thread BHG. Ok back to more important news which would end up in me saying this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLAN! Hey did I ever tell you guys the time I freaked out because I thought my mom's co-worker was related to Kellan? *puts on story hat*

Ok so my mom's co-worker's last name is Lutz. I never realized it before really, but then when I did after my mom logged on her work computer from home, I started freaking out and repeating , "LUTZ? MOM HER LAST NAME IS LUTZ"? Being the idiot I am instantly I thought they were related. :lol: I was never sure, but maybe they are related. If they are, I'll be sure to freak out and then tell you guys.