Randomness ~The 12th

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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by samajama »

shan- hey love!! i am so.... never here on the lex anymore. :[

nat- i wish i lex-ed more too! but i don't, alas for me. i am completely astonished that this thread hasn't been blown to smitherines yet. i mean... we've had it since... april? yeah. that's ridic. remember back in, like, novemeber when we had #5 for like 4 days? haha, good times.

ninna- heeeeeeeeey girl :]

i am currently texting mary. but she's sooooooooo boring, so naturally, i needed to post. (?) lmao. no, not at all. i actually came on here to change my banner. why do i update my banner and avies even though i barely post? yeah, i'm stumped too. but i still had a time traveler's wife banner, so i was like mkay, let's change that shiz. i was going to put one of my new moon bannners, but it's a loittle too early to start fangirl screaming, i think. ;]

ummmmmm, oh so i leave for college on the 3rd (yay!) and i'm bringing my new moon poster :D it's the one where jake and bells are like together and edward is looking at them all :o (love my descriptions, don't you?) but you do know what i'm talking about; you can't lie to me! heh. i like the other poster better, but this one came in a twilight mag i bought (ridiculously for 10 buckeroos) so whatever, i can't complain.

i think i might change my banner again. because i make so goddam many! (they're so fun) i was deciding between the wonderfalls one i have now and this fight club one.... except i just realized i think i made some good harry potter ones.... *dashes off*

*returns* yeah, i have 2 HP banners too. F. one and two. my life is complicated.

and if you haven't noticed, i really like having a picture of a character with their name and putting a bunch together for a banner. here's the first one i did.

crap crap crap crap crap! while going to get ^that link, i just found more banners that i made and want to use. FML. i'd show you guys more (and get some use out of these banners -- usually, i just show them to shel and then they wither and die in my photobucket account), but i think i only have room for one (or two?) more links and i can't choose, so... :]

wow, i miss posting. obviously. and now i've written this long-*ss message. wowza. and, if i'm not mistaken (if i am, i'm editting), as of today/tomorrow i'll have been on the lex for a year.

ETA: aha! it is today!!!! in 28 minutes. :D :D :D
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by twilight813 »

ok so i just flipped out on the NON Veggie Vamp Cafe thread... stupid immature babies. bleh!

i am almost done with the Dark Hunter series I have two full books and one short story to finish because I have completed the whole series... which is a victory because i read all of them within 2 months. Yes I know crazy!!! lol

I am still upset over the cafe thread... I dunno... dont worry Ninna your not the only one who is upset by this whole thing. they are probably 12 year olds just doing that because they have nothing else to do. (no offense to anyone who is 12 lol)

Hi Shel!! Hi Sam!!! lol.

I just watched a movie about a guy who has series OCD and Tourettes syndrome. It was sad.. and I cried a little.

Now my head hurts and I should probably go to bed soon. Goodnight all
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by samajama »

hi lily!!! :D 12 year olds... yeah. :roll:

okay, i don't really need to post again, but considering there was a time where i would post.. well, i would post so much that i changed ranks every 3 days (ish), i think posting twice right now is okay :]

anyway, my point. like, every other time i refresh my page the ad up on top is the one for the samsung reclaim which is the phone i just got lol. it's recycled and 40% is made from corn so it's biodegrable. :mrgreen: (pun on the green smiley)

that's basically why i wanted to post this message, although i feel there was something else i had to say...i just can't remember.

i want to get to a new rank quite badly. beacuse i haven't it so long!

i need to PM naureen. i should do that. eh.. i'm too lazy. i think i'm going to play spider solitaire and continue eating my sunflower seeds... except i want to keep typing..? is that weird? i really like typing and since i'm not in school i don't have any reason to be typing long things... so the lex could do that except i don't come on here!! :[ sigh. i have issues.

i should go type (another) long FB message to shel since i'e barely spoken to her all week. her internet's been on the fritz from the hurricane (probably).. and i miss her !! :[

ETA (again):
threethings wrote:Sam: Haven't seen it yet. Don't even know if I will. Glad to hear it though. Was Celia and Ingrid in it? That's a pivotil point.
Chloe.... ugh. no, they weren't either. i was slightly pissed about all of that. and how they cut out most of little clare/henry interaction, but what can ya do?

sam-hi! nice to meet you :]

i'm shutting up now! ish ;)
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by Jasper<3 »

Sam: Go for the 2nd HP banner! It has Malfoy and Snape! :P

Bah. Humbug.

I've been so grumpy lately. Maybe it has something to do with the plaid skirts I'm going to be wearing for the next 4 years of my life...

I question the workings of my brain. It has a mind of it's own. I tell it not to do something, but alas, it never works... *sigh*

I sound like such a Debbie Downer... I need to cheer this up...

I got some sweet new shoes! :P Black Nike high tops with hot pink laces and silver Nike symbols... they are the shiz.

I went to Six Flags the other day... the new Superman ride... the only word to describe it is EPIC. :D

I have an iPod that can hold more that 200 songs now... that makes me very happy.

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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by sachael »

RANNNDDDDIIIIESSSS!!!!!! *big hugs to everyone*

though i've been flooding you're Twitter/facebook page (sorry if i'm annoying anyone on my posts).. i'll bug you here anyways...
as you have noticed(on my fb and tw posts) i've been obsessed with House. (obsessing on Chase's accent and House's sarcasm.) heheh well after f've finished 5 seasons. i'll go and finish Prison Break 4 and then start Criminal Minds S1 and Catch up with Psych and wait for Supernatural S5 (and Vamp Diaries) premier. and a lots more on my DVD rack... :?
[yes, i am a TV Junkie.]

and i asked and annoyed the girl on the bookstore asking about Rhev's book.. she said that WE are 4-5 months delayed on book releases referring to u.s. release. (especially if it's not as big as Twilight and HP.) so yeah.. one more month. [i feel so discriminated.]

so yeah.. maybe after this post i'll be in and out and go on MIA again.. hahaha but i'm on twitter and fb... ;) toodles!
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by Tengo Nubs. »

::sidles in with a sheepish smile::
hello randies!! i'm sure you've all missed me desperately. :lol:

soooo sam said i was boring. what a chubi.
actually, this is a true statement. i AM rather boring.
but it's okay.

ummm i started school yesterday. talk about lame. i forgot that i actually have to do things like homework. it's ridiculous.
good thing i only pretend to do homework. otherwise my life would just be sad.

so! this weekend i bought a car! it's a honda cr-v and it's blue and it was made in ENGLAND! i totally knew i had to have that particular car when i read that. i mean, a british car is obviously meant for an avid anglophile such as myself. ahem.
anyway, those of you that know of my long, sordid history of car drama should be happy to hear this bit of news. :D

what else? my room is really dusty. i should probably take care of that one of these days....but i'm really lazy.

oh!!! so my school has cases of swine flu?! yea, it's pretty crazy. i've been washing my hands like crazy and using up all my hand sanitizer. i really don't want to get sick. that would suck hardcore. hmmm....i'd say that if you notice me gone for a long period of time, chances are i've got swine flu....but considering i hardly ever post anymore, that might be problematic. so i guess you can just assume i'm safe haha

i watched adventureland last night, by the way. kristen stewart really is the same in every movie she's in. it works in some movies, but i still wish she would do something....more. i dunno. whatever! the movie was still pretty good.

i've been on the lex for over a year now! exciting!! it feels like it's been forever though...my goodness.

HELLO!! to lilly, shannon, nat and ninna!! it's been far too long. ::huggles:: to you all!!

alright, i'm going to go read or watch twilight or something......toodles!
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by Lynzeee »

Hi lovelies! I have missed you!
I have been so soo soo busy! A started 1st grade this week and its been nuts! i can't believe the homework they give 1st graders its unbelievable!
so me and the mans are totally back together, we actually have been for a bit, and uhm..
3rd and last child, i hope and pray for a girl, no more smelly boys for me!
anyway, i don't know what else to say, i am gonna go finish Rehv's book!

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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by Nena »

Good to see you back on the Lex Lynzeee! and wow! Congratulations on the new baby! Hope you get a baby girl like you want <3
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by threethings »

I think I'd like to kill my mom right now.
Ugh. I need to get away from here.
She's not even coming home tonight.
I stopped caring a long time ago.

Lynz, congrats. That's really exciting for you.
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by dnaz »

Wow this is still on 12th.

Lynz- Sheesh answer my texts ^.^ or dont. Congrats on everything. How far along are you? Text me!!!!!!!!

So hows everyone doing?

Random- George Washington never signed the declaration of independence!

peace out everyone!
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