Randomness ~The 12th

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Randomness ~The 12th

Post by Nena »

Hello Randomnessies! Welcome to your 12th thread, you know the rules, everything goes, make it at least 3 lines and if you have any questions, contact Lynzeee or any other ramdomness regular :)
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by threethings »

Yah! First post! And only 3 lines? I can do that.
Anyway, I'm not loving the new design either, and I'll miss Ninna.
So. . . my mom bought the second Maximum Ride book yesterday afternoon, and I'm nearly half way through. Boo ya!

New thread . . . . come on, POST!
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by -Jasper »

Hi Randies!

New thread at last! Thanks Nena. :D

Only 3 lines - just when I was getting good at long posts!

Syd - weird test - but kind of funny! none of our teachers did any jokes. :lol:

- I don't like the new layout, everytime I cahgne the page, there's an error, and it's a bit wide ..
Guess I'll get used to it ...
- It's really nice weather outside today, but it's cold in the house.
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by Jasper<3 »

YEAH! WE DID IT! Let's hope this one goes faster than the last, that was a little upsetting...

I don't really like the new Lex setup... the older one was better. :|

I like the new 3-line rule...


This is a really short post... I'm mostly just posting so I can find the thread easily.


It would take 14 G's of gravity to kill you.

There is a ride at 6-flags called "The Batman" or something like that. :P

I love my mother.

This kid named Chandler called me sexy at school today... :lol:

My sister is blowing an airhorn. I think I may have to kill her.

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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by Lacuna Scion »

New thread! :shock: When did this happen? Clearly I've been away too long! We were beating the dead horse that I like to call 11 for a while huh?

Well, time for the randomness:
1> I started listening to 100 Monkeys and I think I'm starting to like them. I have a friend who's listening to them (who concidentally is not part of the TW universe, so it's nice that they have some of that outside recognition) and there's something fantastical about just singing about Jello. I love all types of music but I'm a firm believer that it doesn't necessarily have to touch your soul. Music is an expression of yourself and what if you're not in a soul-touching mood? Maybe your in a yellow Jello kinda mood.

2> The weather is also FANTASTICAL.

3> I like the word fantastical...

4> I like the new layout it's very modern, but I hear you about the wideness thing. Normally I don't have my browser taking up the whole screen but now I do. I guess I'll get used to it. But it loads fine for me.

5> I'm going to see a musical on Saturday. Which I'm very excited about. I love musicals! But I'm not a crazy musical person, so don't run away when you see me. I don't sing.

6> I think it's excellent that the Kaleb forum is being held onto :lol:
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by ashiekins16 »

YEY!! RANDOMNESS 12! Its about time! Good job guys!
I hope this goes a little faster too! I can't believe the other one was so slow!

I like the new colors of the Lex. Whoa. lol

So I got my car back today! Whoohoo and it actually works. That is so exciting to me!
I bought Just Listen by Sarah Dessen too...I really liked The Truth About Forever.

I still want to get the rest of the Dark Hunter books. =(
Hopefully soon I can get the next one.

So I have today off and I'm doing laundry..whoohoo. lol

Well I may be back later..
Yay Randomness 12!
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by Wingtear »

YAY! New thread! Go 12, go 12....
So, Ninna is staying... I did some complaining in the blog comments and got the tip to narrow down my window. I hadn't thought to before, cause I thought it would only make me have to scroll sideways too. Well, it didn't. It warped the text to fit the window. I am happy! :mrgreen:

I mean, how could I really live without the Lex? Seriously!

OK, random things:
I'm wearing a floor-length skirt.
I sleep under a down duvet, wearing a sportsbra, a tanktop and a college sweater. I freeze a lot...
M called today, just like that. Said she wanted to check if I'm alive.
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by DunnerheartsTwilight »

OMA! You guys are soo mean nobody pinged me to tell me that we had a new thread!
Anywho I had school today . Blah! and this kid like ran away soo they blew the alarm it was freaky...
I downloaded all kinds of music from itunes
and then they told me bout the new super virus you get from dowloading stuff.. uuhhhh
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by A.H »

Hi Randies!

Finaaaaly, new thread! yay.

I quite like the new lex, the older one was alright but this one's much better I think.

Well I don't really have nothing much to share, just wanted to post on the new thread..

Finally got my i.t work done. So frickin realived you won't understand!! :D
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Re: Randomness ~The 12th

Post by 'twahy-lahyt' »

Randomness 12!
It's about time! haha

The new Lex layout... Well, I don't mind the colors, but it's all stretched, and I dislike that very much. very very much.

Ash! - Just Listen is my favorite Sarah Dessen novel that I've read so far! You have to tell me what you think about it!

Anyway, I'm cleaning, I could be doing my homework, but where's the fun in that, not that cleaning is fun, but still my house is a mess right now, and it's really starting to bother me. I think I'll be home alone again for most of the night. My dad came home at midnight last night from work. I still need to decide what to make for dinner though. Okay, these are really long line, like really long.

I think I'm going to go and find the name's list. That way it will be easier for everyone to find.

Oh! I need to do laundry.
Anyway, I'll be around. And sooner or later I'll find that name list. I promise.
Love you all! <3

Name List
Lynzeee - Lynz - also she is the Peace Keeper of Randomness.
samajama - Sam
Tengo Nubs. - Mary
'twahy-lahyt' - Shel
A.H. - Ayan
twilight813 - Lily
maddy<3twilight - Maddy
Skylarblue - Shannon
Wingtear - Ninna
Kymberli - Kym
Dnaz - Danh
ohs0sexybella<3 - Jany
threethings - Chloe
Jasper<3 - Nat or Natallie
heifergrl1 - Elizabeth
Layla_Hale - Layla
ashiekins16 - Ashlyn(or just Ash)
wildroses- Lauren
sachael - Kimmy
DunnerheartsTwilight - Logan
*Wanderer* - Emily
allieb - Allie
Deven - Deven
x.Jessica - Louise.x - Jess
edward x lover - Lee
metro_girl0 - Allie
Kris_Aingeal - Kris
Lacuna Scion - Rose
-Jasper - Jenni

P.S. - This is an old list, so I know that I'm missing some people. You don't have to be a regular to be on here, so just feel free to PM me if you want to be added!
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