Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine » Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:22 am

Hey guys, im feeling a lot better, thanx for asking paulinha :)

@mrk, i hope everything will work out for you, one way or the other. *hug*

Name: Jasmine or irl Janny
Year you graced us by being born: 1981
Locale: Alkmaar, The Netherlands
Slave to da man? : parttime job at mailorder Lush Netherlands, design, make and sell (gothic) clothing at home.
Spawn?: 1 stepson who is 10 yrs old, and 3 cats
Doing anyone? : been togetehr for almost 6 yrs, married over a yr now, still totally in love.
Tats/Piercings: eyebrowpiercing, nosepiercing, upperearpiercing, 6 earrings, 3 tatts: both shoulders and lower-lowerback.
Attracted to: Tall, dark and handsome. Especially muscled upperarms. Mystery is always welcome, and im a sucker for romance. Yes i read cheesy romancenovels, they are awesome!
Turn offs : arrogance, egoism, injustice, tonguepiercings, know-it-alls.
TV Watching: not much good stuff on dutch tv, thank gawd for digitaltv. True Blood, Nurse Jackie, Monk, that 70s show, project catwalk/runway, sarah connor chronicles, being human.
Reading" The Dresden files part 7, anita blake vampire hunter, part 15, Breaking Dawn. And The Host is lying around aswell.
Lex member you want to recommend....All of them. The all have their own unique qualities and they are like a great family of friends: the lexily.
Favorite movie of all time: LOTR, the labyrinth, the dark crystal, the tenth kingdom, v for vendetta, equilibrium, batmans begins, the dark knight, the nightmare before christmass, the corpse bride, edward scissorhands, charlie and the chocolate factory, POTC, Fataghiro, etc.

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens » Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:55 am

HAPPY FRIDAY ME MATIES! (starting the Pirate Speak early)Shiver me timbers and don’t touch me booty.

Can’t wait to sleep in this weekend, how sad is that! But it will be good sleeping weather, as fall tends to be. Could just cuddle in bed all day doing nothing, ahhhh I only wish.

Obie- OMG I was dying about what you said when you wanted to learn about pharmer “Sort of Doogie-meets-LA Ink. He can interpret your dream, tell you all about the newest diabetic drugs all while piercing your kitty” DYING too dang funny!!! LOVES IT!! I agree with what you said though would love to learn more.

PS I love me some Jane Green books. You are the 1st person I have come across who loves them too =)

Bex-HOMAIL is a must for the downstairs neighbor. I mean so much easier for her and her clients maybe there can be some pimpmail too =)

Misty-OH NO SWEETIE!!! That is really hard about Teddy! Ekk (praying that everything will work out for the best) Times are hard and things just aren’t like they used to be. If they do let someone go it would be better for the last hired person. I mean esp since Teddy has more experience so he could get jobs done better/faster. Which ultimately saves the company money. But that is logical rational thinking and lots of employers sadly aren’t thinking that way now-a-days. *GIANT HUGS* I wish I had more comforting words for you sweetie, but know that I am thinking about you! Luv yah hun!!!! Try not to stress out right now, if that is possible *passes some minty hot cocoa* And don’t worry about being a Debbie Downer, we all go thru things! Tina Fey crack me up. I was Sarah Palin for Halloween last year too, but couldn’t pull it off like Fey does!!

Paula-SO AGREE WITH YOU ON THE VAMPIRE DIARES!!! How are the books? Worth checking out?

Janny-glad you are feeling better.

Name: Megan, Meg(s), and numerous others thanks to the lex
Year you graced us by being born: 1983
Locale: Chicago, IL (suburbs of)
Slave to da man? : Um yeah I copy Obie here. I work for a financial company and work with numbers and medical claims all day. Yeah I HATE MATH TOO!! LOL
Spawn?: Nope, my vajayjay hurts thinking about it
Doing anyone? : wouldn’t you like to know...ahh you would...sadly nope not right now..need to get me some, LMAO
Tats/Piercings: 2 tats (shamrock and butterfly) want more. 6 piercings
Attracted to: Tall (taller thank me I am 5'8'), dark, handsome. Body type isn’t a big deal to me (just not skelator looking please) I just need someone with a great personality and can make me laugh who also has some smarts to back it all up with. Love a good set of eyes too.
Turn offs : FAKE people, egotistical-overly cocky, extreme religious people of all kinds, selfishiness, whiners, extreme laziness
TV Watching: True Blood, Weeds, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, Grey’s, Monk, Psych, Fringe, House, (yes I watch too much tv, but thanks to DVR I cut out the crap I don’t like)
Reading" Currently Catching Fire and Something Blue, want Dan Brown’s new book.
Fav movie of all time: I can’t pick just one! It is WAY HARD and I refuse to! But I will say this..... I Love 80s movies a’ la John Hughes and Shawshank Redemption still stands very high on my list
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear » Fri Sep 18, 2009 8:49 am

Hi people, long time no post, right... :oops:
I've been a bit tired and busy and most of all, just too lazy to post anything...

Misty *HUGS* I will immediately start slipping in some bucks under teddy's bow-tie every now and then! I wish there was something I could do, I wish I were close enough to give you this *HUG* in real life!

Becca, I'm totally in on your scheme to not be jealous *copies Becca's pout-hiding smile* I just don't understand why they need to see each other again... I mean, c'mon! It's time for someone else now.

Me note:
I can still do cartwheels :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: and yes, I'm ridiculously proud of that fact. 'Cos I didn't think I could. I only tried, deciding to not care if I landed on my knees without ever lifting from the floor. But I was good :mrgreen: well, it probably didn't look good. I was never able to do a good looking one before either, but my feet were more towards the ceiling than the floor in any case. I can still do the tumble-rolls, both forward and backwards, but that's very clumsy...
But I think I'm doing good considering how I feel about as agile as a knocked over refrigerator from time to time...

Name: Ninna
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Locale: Åland/Finland
Slave to da man?: Yepp. Postal worker, as blue as it gets
Spawn?: a pup due in the beginning of November
Doing anyone? : myself :twisted: oh, right, family forum... I guess hubs then
Tats/Piercings: 4 tattoos (behind ear, solar plexus and lower back) and 7 piercings (all in the ears)
Attracted to: red hair, "builder body", taller than me, preferably dark hair if I can't have the red. I'm a total sucker for sparkling eyes. I get lost when a guys eyes twinkle as you speak to him.
Turn offs: players, arrogance, big ego, that particular kind of drunk-ness and perfume (any kind, I'm allergic)
TV Watching: not much. Extreme home makeover I guess
Reading: In periods, everything I can get my hands or nothing at all
Lex member you want to recommend.... Misty, Becca, Maria, Pharmer, Janny... Oh, what the heck, ALL of the LEXILY!!!
Favorite movie of all time: Constantine
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by MRK » Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:07 am

As soon as I get some money you know Im coming to stalk you Ninna!!! *HUGS*
Glad youre feeling better Janny!
Have fun at the game today McMeg!!

Name: Misty
Year you graced us by being born: 1979 (shhh dont tell!)
Locale: Michigan USA
Slave to da man? : No, just to my kids ;)
Spawn?: 3 boys
Doing anyone? : lol...hubby obviously!
Tats/Piercings: Nope too much of a baby!
Attracted to: blue eyes, funny, smart...mans man...
Turn offs : romantic guys (I mean I like romance once in a while...but thats it) guys way more into their looks than I am...
TV Watching: Greys, Bones, Glee (we'll see how it works out)
Reading: everything I can get my hands on! Memory Keepers Daughter is what Im reading now
Lex member you want to recommend....Ninna, Megs, Becca, Obie, Sonia *pant pant* ok all of us are pretty bad a$$
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok » Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:09 am

It's Friday's memates. ARrrrghhh! Touch me booty! (I'm with Megs---let's just start early). Now I craves me some Long John Silvers!

Cappu---I seriously had to wiki that shiznet----2 degree Cel----I was like "And in American????" lmao. Yep---I'm that much of a tard. I do not do well with measurements of any kind. AT ALL.

Wingnut----What the heck is a solar plexus? I think car when I hear that. Something Leo drives. Because it's all green friendly.
And last time I tried a cartwheel I did it "free range" (no bra) and I blacked my eye out with my left knocker.

Megs---Me, you and Jemima J should take a trip. I must have read that book a thousand times. For those of you not versed in that Oprah's Book Club selection, it's a story of a fat chick (like muah) in England who hooks up with a greek God (Cullenish) in LA online. She of course lies about her appearance and then he wants to meet and she's all in love, yadda yadda yadda so she miraculously sheds all the weight by working out, gets tan and dyes her hair. Confusion and sexy times ensue. Megs knows what I'm sayin. Us number crunchers read anything to get our minds off of excel formulas.

Janny---I do detect by looking at your fav movies that thou is a Christian Bale-Johnny Depp fan. Therefore, I would think Public Enemies, that has both, is your thing.

Tilly---triquetra makes me think taco bell. Tri is 3, so I think a taco filled with nachos topped with a burrito. Now I'm hungry. Why do you have a gordita tattoo? Explain what triquetra is.

Becs---Me and you and Tina Fey need to explore that woman love----I'd go gay for her. Seriously. She's hawt, She's hilarious (I sing "Working on the Night Cheese" all the time thanks to her) and she gets to work with Alec freaking Baldwin all day. Plus she can pull off nerdy hawt glasses like you can. Not fair. I want to go to there....


Misty---thank gawd someone finally put a year above me. These 1987s and 1983s were depressing the crap out of me. Kids. I put a new quote on FB last night just for you.

I watched The Covenant again last night. I saw it for freaks ever ago and went back and watched it because someone on here mentioned that the Taylor dude from Wolverine was in it. JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH. The movie itself was horrid, but does it even freaking matter? Those dudes should be mutes and just let me stare at them. Make it a clothing optional movie or something. Jeez dudes. HAWT. I'd do all those witches. And then eat a triquetra and drive off in my solar plexus. Just sayin.

I hope everyone has a kick A weekend and think of me anytime you see a horndog schoolgirl.

Much Love kiddos!

"Has anyone ever shown you the difference between good touch and bad touch? 'Cause I'd love to demonstrate. We could start right now.'"

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by TillyWhitlock » Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:59 am

Obie~ My jaw dropped for half a second when you started talking about tacos... and then I started laughing. The triquetra is one of the many celtic knots. It symbolizes the many different things that are important in threes. Grandmother, Mother, Daughter, Past, Present, Future, Father, Son, Holy Spirit... those types of things. It also is a symbol of Odin. If you've ever seen Charmed, it's the symbol that was on the Book of Shadows. ... NY0207.jpg
That's mine.

But I'm kinda glad I made you think of taco bell.. maybe? LOL

You're a riot.
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear » Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:04 am

obieewok wrote:Wingnut----What the heck is a solar plexus? I think car when I hear that. Something Leo drives. Because it's all green friendly.
And last time I tried a cartwheel I did it "free range" (no bra) and I blacked my eye out with my left knocker.
That just made me choke on my dinner (sausage & cheese) with laughter. Mine were firmly under lock and bra. However I think I flashed the rear cleavage... pants for some reason don't come up as high as they used to...

Solar Plexus (and that picture is YEARS old people! I do NOT look that good undressed anymore)

And Misty, you're welcome to come stalk me and pup anytime *SMOOCH*
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine » Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:48 pm

@obie yeah im a big christan bale fan, im not sure why, i think its the eyes and the strong lines in his face, and gawwwwd that body, he made batman sexy instead of a weirdo in underwear over his leggings.
Johnny depp rules, and yes i DO want to see that movie, like i said before :'' i dont CARE what it is about, i just want to SEE it. i wish Luke Goss and PFach would be in it aswell, shirtless ofcourse, and then all we need is sean connery to be narrator. We dont NEED a story, just let them run around and fight a lill. '' :mrgreen:
But, unfortunately, we went to see Harry Potter last time we went to the theater, and ive been sick the last two weeks. BUT i have some ''second tickets for free''-cards and im definately going to try and catch it this week.

About talk like a pirate day...i have no idea how pirates really talk, probably because english isnt my main language and i just know lots or arrrggghs and mateys.
I DO have a ''pirate'' outfit from when i went to POTC in theatres, some Arrrrrghs were involved: ... 1309688754

Ofcourse i also wore black laced up pants and boots. Yeah i can get a lill carried away sometimes, people prolly stared. :D

@tilly, i have a triskele(thats what we call them) on one of my tatts. Its on the bottom of my triple goddess tattoo. Also, my 3 tatts are in an exact triangle, and thats not a coincidence ;)

@Wingtear, promiss me to videotape the cartwheels, that would be SO awesome!

and more awesomeness: its finally time for fresh walnuts!!!! Long story short: im addicted to fresh walnuts(like straight from the tree). Around here, NOONE had a walnuttree, while where i come from, almost everyone has one or knows someone who ahs one. Luckely for me, my parents have a big tree and send them over to me, like big boxes at a time. Cant wait to receive my first box of the year! *starts drewling*

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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by therealmrswhitlock » Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:05 am

Obs---Thank you for making me nearly wet myself. :lol: I totally agree about The Covenant. The movie sucks but I watch it again and again just for the swim team practice scene. I had a thing for Toby Hemingway (Reed Garwin) for a while after watching that. Especially when I watched the bonus features and found out he has a latent English accent. Hawt. Anyway, yeah, that was me who told you to watch it.

I had an adventure today. My brother and I have been moving things from our rental storage to a friend's ginormous garage, and we've been using my grandpa's 1980 something manual transmition Ford pickup to haul things. Well today, we must have had gremlins, I swear, because the grounding wire that goes from the negative cable on the battery to the starter melted, not once, but TWICE. But before that, it died on us in the middle of a highway 2 miles from the nearest town. Luckily my brother ran into someone he knew while walking toward town, and they jump started us. The second time, we were at our friend's house, and we had this huge truck on a hill, dead, my brother standing on the break, and me and our friend trying to push it. This did NOT work; we almost got squished. After that, said friend got a heavy duty refrigerator strap (the kind they strap them to the dolly with) and tried to pull our truck with his truck. The strap broke. I got out a log chain and we FINALLY got the truck into his driveway, and later eventually found a replacement wire that would work so we could drive home. Then my idiot brother forgot to turn the emergency break off and we almost slid off the road. I thought I was never going to get home. Next time I'M driving.

Name: Jen
Year you graced us by being born: 1985
Locale: Iowa, USA
Slave to da man? : I start my job on Monday, taking people's catalog orders over the phone.
Spawn?: not yet
Doing anyone? : boy, do I wish I was....:(
Tats/Piercings: both ears, just once each time, and I have plans in the works to get snake bites
Attracted to: Nerdy guys with long hair, musicians, tall--like 6' or more tall (haha I'm only 4' 11")
Turn offs : arrogance, egoism, whiny-ness (is that a word if I say it is?)
TV Watching: House, Bones, Fringe, Criminal Minds, Cold Case
Reading: The Magic Circle, Abarat, and The Gunslinger (if ANYONE has the other books in those two series, I will gladly become book-trading buddies with you--just let me know)
Lex member you want to recommend....All of them. How can I choose between my family members?
Favorite movie of all time: The Princess Bride, LOTR, The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Tenth Kingdom, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sweeney Todd, POTC, etc. Man, me and Janny have a lot of the same favs!

That's all
Later lexlings! *big smooch*
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Re: Gen Y ~ The 20 something's thread

Post by pharmer4 » Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:28 am

obieewok wrote:So we all know Pharmer is a tattoo God, but does he do piercings as well? What's the weirdest tat/piercing you've done?

Freaking A----There's more than one type of down there piercing? I need to get out more. I can sort of picture the "hood" piercing, but when you say the full on shebang, I'm lost. Where else would you pierce? Although (since most of us smutty fanfic girls are reading it) in Clipped Wings and Inked Armor our Tatward wants to pierce a lip on Bells---down there. So I suppose you could do that.

I agree with you---if you have to ask why, then you probably shouldn't get it pierced. The fanfic writer is making it seem like by piercing the kitty that it's now a magical place in Narnia, so that everytime it's touched, rainbows shoot out or something. I was just perplexed because I know people who have pierced the nips and they say it's not that much more sensitive. If anything, it makes it less sensitive they say.

Yep I take back all I said about Vampire Diaries being a rip off of Twilight since the books came out way before Twilight did. But the show is soooooo like watching Twilight. I suppose with any Genre you get overlap, but some of it seems way too close for me to enjoy.

We have a bunch of newbies on and I take this time to formally apologize for not intro-ing myself. You know what----it's been a bit, so maybe we should all just take a few seconds and say a bit about us. I don't know what half of you guys do in RL, so this might be nice.

Name: Ters-Terri-Obie-Obs
Year you graced us by being born: 1980
Locale: Dallas, Texas
Slave to da man? : Yes, I am a Financial Analyst for a Bank that ends with "Of America". I hate math, so yeah, perfect.
Spawn?: Yep---A 2.5 terror named Lulu and Alice Rose (guess why) on her way in December.
Doing anyone? : A husband, Hubs, who is a Dallas actor and marionette puppeteer.
Tats/Piercings: One tat, which I totally regret---tramp stamp on lower back of a butterfly---and I had a pierced eyebrow at 17 until it caught on a pillow while sleeping and I ripped it out. Ouch.
Attracted to: Sons of Anarchy-type guys, big dudes who ride motorcycles and have tats and who look mean; also attacted to nerdy bookworms who are smart hot (i.e. That Gube dude on Criminal Minds) and wear glasses; guys in cowboy hats and boots. Ugh---any dude really.
Turn offs : Extreme Christians (your views are yours, not mine, so don't push), discrimination, that jello stuff with things floating in it, cat and dog hair (i don't own pets for this reason), Jon Gosselin lol.
TV Watching: 30 Rock, The Office, Top Chef, Hung, True Blood
Reading: Smutty fanfic, fluffy Jane Green books from time to time, anything Halls recommends
Lex member you want to recommend....maybe Pharmer because he's the one that perplexes me the most. He's like some undercover agent who knows everything. Sort of Doogie-meets-LA Ink. He can interpret your dream, tell you all about the newest diabetic drugs all while piercing your kitty lmao.

Favorite movie of all time: TIE-Urban Cowboy-For Keeps (best Molly Ringwald movie ever)-Labrinyth (david bowie in tights was my first love)

Tag---you are it.
Obs, just to clarify - i RECEIVE tattoos, and i GIVE piercings.

I'm not artistic enough to do tatooing, and I don't like getting piercings (the only piercing I ever had I did to myself as a test run for a new type called a surface piercing. Basically a piercing that can go anywhere you like - in my case, on my shin. Didn't last long because I absent-mindedly scratched it and ripped it out).

On the day you made this post, I had 4 piercing customers, getting a total of 8 piercings.

The first was a girl getting a simple labet (bottom lip, in the centre, below the lip line). Went well.

The last two were tongue piercings, and they came in together. The first girl told the second girl that it didn't hurt at all, then told her she totally lied when it was over, just so she didn't chicken out. Funny thing is, for the second girl, it actually was pain free (yes, I'm just that good . . . . . . or at least the anaesthetic gel is!)

Notice i skipped over the second girl?

She got 6 piercings, all in her ears. Two as her second set in her lobes (ie, she had existing lobe piercings), then on the right ear, 4 more going up around the cartilage of the pinna, in the section known as the scapha - Image

she had steel for the lobes, and alternating red stone and steel for the scapha.

Problem was, she passed out in the middle of the fourth piercing. It tends to happen from time to time, especially since it can be a little daunting having 6 needles sitting out in front of you.

Anyway, she'll come back in a few weeks when the hole of the 4th needle heals (I couldn't put the jewellery in while she was all floppy), and I'll finish them off for her.

Funny thing is, it's usually the dudes who pass out, not the chicks (even if she was only 15).

As for the more **personal** types of piercings, I don't make a habit of doing them, because the majority of my customers are not into such commitments. I can provide a diagram like the ear above of the types that can be done, but I'd need a bunch of you guys to say you are cool with that first (and plus, it might be against the terms of the site .. . . . unsure).

If I can't post it, I could PM i suppose.

animegaijingirl wrote:
pharmer4 wrote:Ironically, one of the "full" versions of that piercing is called the Isabella . . . I kid you not.

why get them? well, i think in most cases if you can't answer that question, then it should never ever ever be considered. Just like tattoos or ear piercings, if it doesn't mean something important to you, then it's not something that should be done. There is reports of it enhancing sexual experiences, but IMO, if your doing everything right, it shouldn't be able to be enhanced any further anyway . . . .
Oh my goodness, this cracked me up Pharmer! Valid comments about why to get them me thinks! Thanks for the chuckle.

And OH YEAH!!! Super excited!!! PARAMORE ARE COMING TO TOWN!!! December baby! Am going to go with my neighbour L, her mates, probably J, and anyone else who wants to come along! Getting tix as soon as I know who's coming!

OK, that's my news that I can think of! :mrgreen:
I recon the final sentence of what your quoted me as saying is the most relevant of all!

Also, Paramore, f'ing A. I'm gonna try and organise babysitters etc when they come to Australia. Paramore and Metallica are the onlys ones at the moment that I'll take this trouble for, until the kids are old enough to be left alone by themselves.

@MRK Dude, harsh. Hope it works out ok with either a quick move to a good (or better) job, or they reign in some new clients.

Name: Pharmer4 / Jarrod
Year you graced us by being born: 1979
Locale: Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia
Slave to da man? : Yes & No. I’m a pharmacist, and manage the pharmacy i work in (when the owners aren't hanging around and butting in), but I also run a website for reviewing music (, and a web-design company ( The second one pays me nothing, the third one gives me about $500 or so a month, so I guess I still slaving away, but #1 pays me well enough that the $500 from web design can be spent completely on CDs and what-not.
Spawn?: 2. Version 1.0 is 7 years old, Version 2.0 is 4 years old. Both XX Chromosomes.
Doing anyone? : Married (while that does not automatically mean that any "doing" is occuring, it is in this case)

Tats/Piercings: Yup/Nup. Tattoos include the right-arm sleeve posted recently, burning match on my left inner wrist, glow-under-UV infinity symbol in black field below the match, skull with winged helmet on my left foot, same on right foot, but the skull is a woman's head, and on my back is a large skull with a halo of guitar necks and ivy; coming out of the bottom are two arms (which have their own tattoos, a flame theme on the left and old-school skulls and stuff on the right), each holding a burning drum stick and making the heavy metal horns with the hands.

Attracted to: the perfect woman (for the record, this is dark hair, blue eyes, strong will yet a little shy, takes no Vulgar Language is Ugly, little bit shorter than me, looks beautiful yet can't see it herself). In other words, my wife.

Turn offs : people, generally. I'm a fairly independant-type personality. I'm not anti-social so much as pro-isolation. I don't like bigotry, and I also don't like when minorities act entitled to different treatment. Everyone should be equal.

TV Watching: vampire stuff. Sci fi stuff is usually good too. I tend to spend more time online though. I'll usually give most things a chance, and judge them harshly if they don't live up to expectations.

Reading: a little-known series about some dude named Potter.

Lex member you want to recommend: depends on what you want a recommendation on. Everyones got their quirks and interesting points. I go through stages of looking out for specific post-makers, but I like to read through everyone's rants, thoughts, tirades, troubles, triumphs and brain-failures equally.

Favorite movie of all time: duuude, that's hard. I like so many different genres, it's hard to even pick a single genre to say, let alone a single movie. How about looking forward to? Other than New Moon, at the moment, Avatar is looking sweet.
30 year old tattooed metal-loving male Twilight Fan. Breaking the Stereotype.

If you don't understand the science of Twilight, or just like to scoff at it, read my explanations here