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Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Tue May 26, 2009 10:28 pm
by Nena
Welcome to the Twilight Mafia thread #15

Anyone wondering what the heck is going on might want to check out the original thread here.

This thread was granted permission to reach 200 pages, after that please pm a mod.

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Tue May 26, 2009 10:49 pm
by dandyvampgirl_13
Thanks be to Nena!
Just realized that I had forgotten to post this until now... hehe...

Hey everyone! This is the Twilight Mafia.
*sweeps arm to show off our most awesome and totally wicked house*
These are the members:

Da Bosses:
dandyvampgirl_13: Lidia Tagliano, The Boss..., also the definition of awesome and RL owner of the Grammar Stick of Doom.
Edward's_Stalker: Nina Giamatti, the Co-Boss. Is around as much as she can be, which isn't a lot.

Main Peeps:
Waffle of Doom: Angry Little Sabina -spy, kidnapper, head party planner, explosives expert, Underboss (in charge when ever the Bosses aren't around), Official Doom-Stick Punisher of Those Who Break Rule #1
Spencer: the Frapp Boy
Sethismine: Rosa Costanza, shapeshifter
Artemis Cullen: Medea Ariadne Artemis DeMarchi- Consigliore, Assassin, Welcoming Committee, spy, Mafia Sorceress
Winged Wolf Fang: Ab, is apparently a Dragon Rider
threethings: Rita The Fixer, Stalker, Assistant party planner
justdeal: Chaos, resident troublemaker.
edwardlikeshaystacks: Queenie Delrosa, Fur Nobili power thief,
best_beating_heart: Maria Dina Corozzo, the Mafia Were-Squirrel.
ringswraith: Giovanni Bonmarito, handsome/buff Italian painter, writes extremely well (seriously, go check out his fanfics. They rock!) UnderUnder Boss
Mrs. Jasper Hale: Roxanna (Roxy) Bengaza,
DudeRocksTheTwilight: Al Pucinni, the Mafia Were-Unicorn. :lol:
Renesmee_Bella: Luisa
DoNotFearTheDark: Monica the Spaz
Dex_TheBloFroGaBoy: Dexter the Blood Frosted Gardening Boy
SwissAlice: Carmela Rossi
willowtree: Lucia Gravano

Not-So-Main Peeps:
*Aro's_girl*: Monica, not on often.
xXBeSafeXx: Motor Mouth Alice- spy/stalker
Layla_Hale: Smooth Alesio Tagliano - spy/stalker/kidnapper and Mafia iPod
YouAreMyLifeNow- Sarina Santoro
Vurktoid: Vurktoid- #1 Disaster Maker/Assassin/Poohead
Frankie: The Donut boy (human no longer, thanks to Vurk, very sexy)
LadyViolet: Rea DiMarco, has left the Mafia
Mrs.TeddyBear: Sly Gabby Tagliano, Stalker
copper curls: Petty Crime "Chessie" Francesca
sachael: Knife Lana
who_needs_fangs?: Veronica Ricci (O.o are these two^ related?) Power stealer
ihadanEdwardRush: Gabriella "Ella" Rosa Delucci
nightrunner: Valentina Ricci
allieb: Sheila Delucci, Clara's Official Wardrober,
imwiththewolf23: Clara "Al Capone" Romano, the Mafia Werewolf who surprisingly smells good.
DunnerHeartsTwilight: No Brainer Cosimo, who can't talk English.
jacobblacklover96: Marta Santorini
Chase_theicecreamboy: Chase, The Ice Cream Boy. Fairly obvious. (human, makes ice cream, owned by Alesio)
-Jasper: Arina Moonshine
abunai.rikuro: Rin
WhenTheSunGoesDown: Elisa Russo
Jigger- Angelo Costa
Cullenclan4ever: Fianda Love Rizzo
DramaPrincezz013: Eva DiMarco
Ractor: Gino Dartino
futurevampire: Natalia Gravano
D.Veniki: Lucian
BellsEdwardalways: Daniella Russo
sarah!: Angela Delucci
skylarblue: Candi Santorini
Specto: Jin De Sanctis
edwardsblossom: Luminosità Della Fiamma
purplevampire17: Veronica DiMarco
I feel that I'm missing people... PM Myself or Nina if you're not on the list!

And if you'd like to join...
First, get your name- Name Generator for de NOOBISH: Mafia Name Generator
Then fill out this form-
Job: Assassin, Stalker, Spy, Person (there are special jobs available, if you can think of them!)
Pet: (please restrict it to 3, and no picking on other people's pets, or I'll feed you to my llama)
Car: (Yes, thanks Captain Obvious, most of us know what cars are.)
Weapons: (should be obvious, if you have a particular weapon you like. Though vampires don't really need any.)
Room: There are 13 floors, but (officially) the first is taken up by the kitchen and game room, where we all congregate, the 12th is the libraries and sound rooms, and the 13th are mine and Nina's rooms. Mostly every other floor has plenty of space available (peoples rooms do NOT need to take up an entire freaking floor!)
Then PM the above form to myself (dandyvampgirl_13) so I can add you to the list, and Sabina (Waffle Of Doom) so she can add you to the website.

Whack List:
Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus (I’m aware that this is the same person as above but now we have an excuse to whack her twice)
THE JOBROS! (Haha, just kidding Rita.)
Michael Crapon
Vanessa Hudgens
Zac Effron and his Romeo clone
The Hacker *taken care of*
The Leaker *taken care of*
Stupid people who reported Sabina's awesome Frankie and Spencer shirts (We need a Chase one!)
*if anyone has someone to add to the Whack List, PM me and I’ll put them up*

New Addition! Le Rulez! 3 of them!
1. 4 line minimum! Must be relevant, no txt/un needed caps, edited to reflect others posts, non -redundant! It saves space, so we don't blow through the thread so fast. I happen to like not being killed by the Mods.
2. No fighting among the familia. People who do fight will be sentenced to stick their noses in the corner until I see fit. More fighting means tushie kicking.
3. When we start a new thread, DO NOT POST UNTIL MYSELF OR NINA POSTS THIS POST!
4. Thou art not allowed to pursue, have an affair with, or otherwise destroy a Cullen's already existing relationship. WE STICK TO CANON!
Disobeyment of any rule will result in being whacked most severely with the Doomstick, wielded by Sabina or myself.

And if ya'll are confuzed upon seeing our complete weirdness, I suggest to you this brilliant site, made by our very own Sabina (Waffle Of Doom) who has taken it upon herself to summarize what happens each day in the lives of the familia. Life With Da Familia Blog. Believe me, its very helpful. Now you don't have to read the 20 new pages that occur every time you leave the computer.

Also, we now have a Mafia retreat! At the end of the 7th thread, we decided to invade Canada. After the 10th thread, we invaded Florida. Now we have laid claim to Ireland, or The Shire, and we are hosted there by very genourous friend's of Queenie's. Course, the retreat is for emergencies only (being confined to the corner, waiting for a new thread, ect...), and we leave it alone for the Hobbits whilst we have our own thread. But, enjoy!

MESSAGE TO ANYONE READING THIS! : feel free to join.

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 7:57 am
by DunnerheartsTwilight
I came back early cause Jamie was mad that we werent home for his bday so i ran home
((his bday is on the 22nd))
so i gotta go try and make a cake
when you guys get back we'll have a party

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 11:51 am
by ringswraith
((I call shenanigans.

((We were still home on the 22nd, Cosimo.

((In fact, that was the day you found that goo in the house.

((Which means you forgot your own child's birthday. For shame.))

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 4:28 pm
by DunnerheartsTwilight
((for your info i didnt forget me and kay decided to have a joined bday but she wasnt home that day...))
yumm this stuff is good
i love nutella
i wonder when everyone else will be home :)

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 4:36 pm
by ringswraith
((Really? That's wonderful. :)

((But, then why didn't you say that in the first place, instead of blaming your child for wanting to go home early?

(('Coz then it just sounded like you were totally ignoring the fact that you got plastered with sand in Florida.

((...Wet sand.))

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 6:20 pm
by Ractor
*Dart flips another page the book he is reading*

*glances around the beach*
Where did everyone else vanish too?

*shrugs and lays back on his towel*

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 6:52 pm
by dandyvampgirl_13
(Dart, we're all in Florida. I think we're gunna stay there for another day or so. I'm too lazy to move.
And post the rest of the first post.
So, go back to Florida and hang there, mkay? We'll probably be there for the rest of Wednesday, maybe Thursday if we're lucky)

*resists urge to step in Gio-Cosimo argument, and hodls down giggles*
(VERY WET sand, Cosimo. Did I mention it was filled with seaweed too?)

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 6:54 pm
by DunnerheartsTwilight
Eww I hate seaweed
When are you guys coming back?
Its lonely here with Jamie sleeping
I wanna go hunting but I cant keave him here

Re: Twilight Mafia # XV

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 7:18 pm
by dandyvampgirl_13
As Sit- The Boss... I declared you and Jamie to be back in Florida. Using my magical Bossy powers.
And you just got creamed by sand again, by the way.
Maybe we should learn how to spell again... too bad I left the GSR somewhere in the house. Guess I'll have to stick with sand.