Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Rose followed Jane into the room. This room of the club seemed relatively low key. Rose liked that. Rose was low key. She sat at one of the chairs offered by Jane and relaxed. She was actually beginning to not stress out so much. This wasn't so bad.

She knew that whatever was coming next would be Jane's surprise. Her piece de resistance. She didn't know what it would be but she knew Jane well enough to just know it was coming. She sat with the other girls and waited as they all chatted about their dresses, the upcoming wedding and other simpler things. It was nice; Rose was beginning to loosen up a bit.
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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Athenodora wandered the halls; she had been in her room for the past few weeks, only coming out to feed. She was feeling like there was not enought to do and this was new. Never before had she felt like she needed a... a hobby. And this had made her feel out of control which also was new. She was one of the most in control people she knew, at least when it came to her food choices. Athenodora had no idea how the Cullens-- at the thought of the name, she smirked --had self-control.

She knew that there was to be a wedding... so she decided to go to the club where the girls where.

A couple of minutes later, she was at the entrance, her cloak semi-open, revealing an electric blue dress.

The bouncer stopped her. "ID?"

She lifted her head, and saw the bouncer's jaw drop. "Do I really need one?"

"No, no, go right ahead."

She entered the club and saw Rose and Jane enter a room; she followed them in.

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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Santi followed Sabin and Alberto.

(Guys, I'm going on vacation for about a week.
Auto-pilot Santi around all you want.)
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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Ciao, Team Volturi!

I come to mention the party in honor of Mike Welch (Mike Newton) and Gil Birmingham (Billy Black)'s birthdays, on the Team Alice thread.

Here's the invite:

PM me (JazpersGrl) and I'll assign you a character.

Hope to see you there!

Ali 8-)
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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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I was having fun so far. Thankfully everyone else was calmed down by me, and I molded them into the setting. I could see my plan had worked. Rose looked beyond relaxed.
"Alright Jane, bring on whatever you have to give." I winked.
"I beg to differ Allegra." She retorted winking back. Suddenly a tall graceful figure appeared. Oh. No. Athenodora? Crap. Noo. This wasn't good. At any rate she would tell the Masters I'd be getting married..and
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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Jane moved to the back with the boy in tow. She smiled as she passed Rose. She had already set something up for her. The man would come and then Rose might enjoy herself. The surpise was for later.

Jane sat at the back with the man that came her way. He played with her hair but nothing more. He knew her and what she liked. It wasn't that hard to if you knew what to look for. "Tom," she called the boys name behind her. He gave a small mumm noice. "Are the boys ready?"

"They will be soon," he kissed her cheek. He was the only vampire here. The others should know by now. "

"That is good," she smiled. He had a power but she didn't know what it was. "how long are you going to work here?"

"Till you get married," he laughed.

Jane heard Alllegra. "Not yet and the Master's wife knows my fun and games by now. Caius wouldn't stop me," she laughed. "I asked and he is fine with it."

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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Joha walked into the club with the rest of the girls.

Everyone seemed pretty relaxed. Even Rose. She suspected Allegra.

She walked around, not sure what to do with herself. She hadn't much memory of her human life and so she didn't know how to "club".

Joha looked over at Rose who was sitting in a chair. She looked pretty relaxed.

Joha sat in a chair herself, relaxing as well. If only Allegra and Rose and Ana knew what the surprise was....

Speaking of Ana, where was she...? Joha searched with her eyes and mind. She found her of course.

Joha walked over to her.

"So, Ana...." Joha said, grinning.


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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Nora entered the club with the rest of the girls. She took a seat with the girls, trying to appear calm although she was excited for what Jane had planned - especially since Joha had let her in on the secret.

Nora knew Jane would not dissapoint- she never did- but she knew Jane would also hold out on the girls until the last possible moment in order to build up the suspense and excitment.
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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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Renata moved closely next to Nora and Jane. She had a tiny bit of ting of excitment in her, but at the same time nervousness.
I haven't ben out for a while it'll be fun.
She smoothly leaned back to enjoy herself
Tonight was gonna be a good night, she could feel it.
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Re: Societa segreta ~ Team Volturi

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(hey guys, i really dont mean to be rude or anything, honestly, but celia kinda needs to be leaving for cape cod a week from tomorrow and id kinda like to get to legit post here for my last week before i leave, if celia isnt saved at any point, ill probably have grant come and save her and maybe take him into the mix, either that or ill wait until i get back and have something be seriously wrong with her or something :lol: hm.....i just got a really good idea....i wonder if it would be too far out there for a vampire though....well, celia rae obviously isnt normal as far as we all know :lol: )
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