Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House

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Gii the best thing to do is you can just throw them all together and lay music in the background like a lot of people on youtube or the best have equipment out of this world I would die for now that I a have a few under my name and I am getting the hang of it. I would love to be able to do what some people do on there but money is tight . If you have a game plan its all how much you want it to be. In my NM I was so disappointed in some pics but if I had the right tools I could have erased what I find is flaws and timing is good to but thats the hard part sometimes you go over and over and change pic, transistions, effects and even new music. Can't help it I had 3 songs that I liked had one going then just switch songs and then started pulling it back together with the music but I really enjoy it. I get to look at Rob and everything. I have pics on my site or photobucket if you get started. between all three I have about 1200 pics and growing, its hard to throw out a Rob picture. Its another way to look at Rob and his pictures too.
Caryn that does look funny on the video, I don't notice it much but when you enlarge it after I was finished I kept looking at it.
I thought it might be a bruise from the set. Was Rob in your bathroom? this morning Caryn? :lol:
Well MJ This is It movie i thought was going to be over tonight but NO :D so I have tickets for tomorrow. I don't think you can capture that movie and sound in your home. I let you know or if anyone else has seen it.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House

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Wow... JulieM thanx for the welcome gift... It's very early here.. 8 in the morning that one woke me up good.....

Jazz Girl thanx for the intro... I think I might need the corner..very often.....I'm getting all freaked out by every post I read here.... (ok that sound crazy :oops:) really this Thread gets me all happy..

I would like vanity fair to be nominated for saints... (vatican pay attention!!!) the pictures of rob they deliver are really straight from gods hands ( hope I don't offend anyone with this) the picture are so freaking hot.... :twisted:

I hope you all had a very good Halloween... and now a nice sunday to recover
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House

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Double posting to say Welcome Marielle!

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House

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New thread started.
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