Twilight Mafia XVI

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Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by Nena »

Welcome to the Twilight Mafia thread #16

Anyone wondering what the heck is going on might want to check out the original thread here.

This thread was granted permission to reach 200 pages, after that please pm a mod.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

Hot dang, that was fast! Thanks, Nena!

Hey everyone! This is the Twilight Mafia.
*sweeps arm to show off our most awesome and totally wicked house*
These are the members:

dandyvampgirl_13: Lidia Tagliano- the sex. Haha. Owner of the Real Life Grammar Stick of Doom (crème frap, hot chocolate, liquid awesome)
Edward's_Stalker: Nina Giamatti (mochas, frapps, hot chocolate, not on a lot)

Main Peeps:
Spencer- the Frapp Boy (now a vampire, as of the new thread, still adorable)
Frankie: The Donut boy (human no longer, thanks to Vurk, very sexy)
Artemis Cullen: Medea Ariadne Artemis DeMarchi- Consigliore, Assassin, Welcoming Committee, spy, Mafia Sorceress
Sethismine: Rosa Costanza, shapeshifter, UnderUnderBoss
best_beating_heart: Maria Dina Corozzo
Winged Wolf Fang: Ab, is apparently a Dragon Rider
edwardlikeshaystacks: Queenie Delrosa, Fur Nobili power thief, UnderUnderBoss
ringswraith: Giovanni Bonmarito, handsome/buff Italian painter, writes extremely well (seriously, go check out his fanfics. They rock!) UnderUnder Boss
Mrs. Jasper Hale: Roxanna (Roxy) Bengaza,
Ractor: Gino Dartino
DudeRocksTheTwilight: Al Pucinni
Renesmee_Bella: Luisa
DoNotFearTheDark: Monica the Spaz
DramaPrincezz013: Eva DiMarco
willowtree: Lucia Gravano
SwissAlice: Carmela Rossi
JazpersGrl: Ali Marino
Sleep Nessie: Rolando Allegri D'Amore (Rollo. Yes, like the candy.)
Dex_BloFroGaBoy: Dexter, the Blood Frosted Gardening Boy. Human. Cute and yummy.
Edwards_Bella: Rita Moonshine

Not-So-Main Peeps:
Waffle of Doom: Angry Little Sabina -spy, kidnapper, head party planner, explosives expert, Underboss (in charge when ever the Bosses aren't around), Official Doom-Stick Punisher of Those Who Break Rule #1
*Aro's_girl*: Monica, not on often.
xXBeSafeXx: Motor Mouth Alice- spy/stalker
Layla_Hale: Smooth Alesio Tagliano - spy/stalker/kidnapper and Mafia iPod
YouAreMyLifeNow- Sarina Santoro
Vurktoid: Vurktoid- #1 Disaster Maker/Assassin/Poohead
LadyViolet: Rea DiMarco, has left the Mafia
threethings: Rita The Fixer, Stalker, Assistant party planner
Mrs.TeddyBear: Sly Gabby Tagliano, Stalker
copper curls: Petty Crime "Chessie" Francesca
sachael: Knife Lana
who_needs_fangs?: Veronica Ricci (O.o are these two^ related?) Power stealer
justdeal: Chaos, resident troublemaker.
ihadanEdwardRush: Gabriella "Ella" Rosa Delucci
nightrunner: Valentina Ricci
allieb: Sheila Delucci, Clara's Official Wardrober,
imwiththewolf23: Clara "Al Capone" Romano, the Mafia Werewolf who surprisingly smells good.
DunnerHeartsTwilight: No Brainer Cosimo, who can't talk English.
jacobblacklover96: Marta Santorini
Chase_theicecreamboy: Chase, The Ice Cream Boy. Fairly obvious. (human, makes ice cream, owned by Alesio)
-Jasper: Arina Moonshine
abunai.rikuro: Rin
WhenTheSunGoesDown: Elisa Russo
Jigger- Angelo Costa
Cullenclan4ever: Fianda Love Rizzo
futurevampire: Natalia Gravano
D.Veniki: Lucian
BellsEdwardalways: Daniella Russo
sarah!: Angela Delucci
skylarblue: Candi Santorini
Specto: Jin De Sanctis
edwardsblossom: Luminosità Della Fiamma
purplevampire17: Veronica DiMarco
I feel that I'm missing people... PM Myself or Nina if you're not on the list!

And if you'd like to join...
First, get your name- Name Generator for de NOOBISH: Mafia Name Generator
Then fill out this form-
Job: Assassin, Stalker, Spy, Person (there are special jobs available, if you can think of them!)
Pet: (please restrict it to 3, and no picking on other people's pets, or I'll feed you to my llama)
Car: (Yes, thanks Captain Obvious, most of us know what cars are.)
Weapons: (should be obvious, if you have a particular weapon you like. Though vampires don't really need any.)
Room: There are 13 floors, but (officially) the first is taken up by the kitchen and game room, where we all congregate, the 12th is the libraries and sound rooms, and the 13th are mine and Nina's rooms. Mostly every other floor has plenty of space available (peoples rooms do NOT need to take up an entire freaking floor!)
Then PM the above form to myself (dandyvampgirl_13) so I can add you to the list and the website.

Whack List:
Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus (I’m aware that this is the same person as above but now we have an excuse to whack her twice)
THE JOBROS! (Haha, just kidding Rita.)
Michael Crapon
Vanessa Hudgens
Zac Effron and his Romeo clone No need to whack him, because Zefron is BOSS. Lid has seen the light (and AVPM).
The Hacker
The Leaker

Stupid people who reported Sabina's awesome Frankie and Spencer shirts (We need a Chase one!)
*if anyone has someone to add to the Whack List, PM me and I’ll put them up*

New Addition! Le Rulez! 3 of them! (Yes, three, can't you count?)
1. 4 line minimum! Must be relevant, no txt/un needed caps, edited to reflect others posts, non -redundant! It saves space, so we don't blow through the thread so fast. I happen to like not being killed by the Mods.
2. No fighting among the familia. People who do fight will be sentenced to stick their noses in the corner until I see fit. More fighting means tushie kicking.
3. When we start a new thread, DO NOT POST UNTIL MYSELF OR NINA POSTS THIS POST!
4. Thou art not allowed to pursue, have an affair with, or otherwise destroy a Cullen's already existing relationship. WE STICK TO CANON!
Disobeyment of any rule will result in being whacked most severely with the Doomstick, wielded by Sabina or myself.

And if ya'll are confuzed upon seeing our complete weirdness, I suggest to you this brilliant site, made by our very own Sabina (Waffle Of Doom). Now Lid and Qeenie summarize what happens in the lives of the familia every now and then because we don't update nearly as often as we should. Life With Da Familia Blog. Believe me, its very helpful. Now you don't have to read the 20 new pages that occur every time you leave the computer.

Also, we now have a Mafia retreat! At the end of the 7th thread, we decided to invade Canada. After the 10th thread, we invaded Florida. Now we have laid claim to Ireland, or The Shire, and we are hosted there by very generous friend's of Queenie's. Course, the retreat is for emergencies only (being confined to the corner, waiting for a new thread, ect...), and we leave it alone for the Hobbits whilst we have our own thread. But, enjoy!

MESSAGE TO ANYONE READING THIS! : feel free to join.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by ringswraith »

((/tackles new thread

((Uh, Lids? Your hot pink section says three rules but there are four listed.

((/looks at Queenie's last post on the Disneyland thread...

((/bites back the reply he so wants to post...))
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

Quoting myself, as the last post, and adding Gio's last post...)
dandyvampgirl_13 wrote:(Good job my little Mafia Minions! Bwahahahaha!
Yeah, since no one ever posts on here, I think we're okay for taking it over.
Now where were we..?)

Hmm. Who was going to drive? I thought for a moment... "FRANKIE!" I yelped. "I'll make Frankie and Spencer drive. Once I figure out where they went... I think they disappeared for some manly bonding on Hunington Beach..." I wrinkled my nose, then whopped out my cell phone and texted Spencer really fast. "They'll be here soon." I said. "Then we'll drive you lot home, and we can go to Ireland to visit a friend of mine who's very good at healing. He can take care of Dexter and Lucia." And that was the extent of my plan.

I listened for Monica again, seeing as she still wasn't found. I give you permission to use any reasonable means to get out of your entrapment without damaging anything. Please please please don't touch anything, you don't want to break something that might break a ride! I told her.

(*looks up, then back down* Yeah, what David said. I generally save bios for people who contribute a lot, but you've been on enough. I need to you and Carmela to The List too, before the thread gets locked.)
ringswraith wrote:I tried to hide my relief at not having to deal with the big cat.

"Actually, I didn't steal your keys." When Lucia turned to me questioningly, I grinned and winked at her.

"So, are we leaving now?" I asked no one in particular. "Or waiting for the parade?"

((PM your bio to Lidia- dandyvampgirl_13.))
"Naw, we're leaving once Frankie and Spencer get here." I looked around the parking lot (which is where we're at...) "Should be here any minute..."

(Urff, giant posteth!)
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by best_beating_heart »


I was now on Demetri's back, being carried piggie-back, my chin on his shoulder. "We're going hoooooome!" I sang.

Demetri smiled and we waited for Frankie and Spencer.

((Sorry for the short post, but pre-calculus killed my brain today.))

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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by edwardlikeshaystacks »

(wow, you're right. I just realized that my previous post was some sort of horrible english. :? )

(I guess I got a little excited there, haha.)

(Are we back in the house now? Sorry, I'm a little braindead since I have to write an essay about the Time Traveler's wife)
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by SethisMine »

Stefan and I kept looking through the generator room where we thought that Monica might be in... unfortunately, we had no luck in finding her. Sighing, I pulled out my cell phone and text-ed Lid. Still can't find her... Tell me if you get any leads as to where she might be...

((... waiting for Monica... hmmm....))

"If you want, the others in your group could go ahead and leave... I do have my own car... Then we can find this Monica..." Stefan offered.

"Hmm... let me see." I answered him. Pulling out my phone. I didn't know how much longer we would take looking for Monica.... Stefan has a car. If you guys want, you guys could leave, and we could continue to look for Monica. Then Stefan can take us back home. I text-ed to Lid.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by Frankie_thedonutboy »

(You know, "texted" doesn't require hyphens.
And I'm driving everyone home! Cuz I can drive... *shifty eyes*)

*pulls up with Spencer on a pair of awesomely sexy motorcycles*
Thanks for all the incredulous stares, they're considered a compliment. And yes these are our motorcycles.
*looks at Spencer* Though I'd be a little embarassed to own that one (Spencer's has unicorn stickers and lots of glitter on it, but Lid and I put them there and he still doesn't know, so shh!).
I understand we need some chaffuers to drive people back to the Mansion? Well, get in, people!
*loads his and Spencer's motorcycles in the back*
We'll stop at the hotel really fast to pick up everyone's luggage and then we'll actually go home.
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by SethisMine »

((Yes, I do know that... but my computer automatically does that... It's kind of annoying. ))

((Rosa is still searching... and searching... and searching....))

((Sigh.... I am bored...))

((Oh, and fact of the day, being dropped on your head while swing dancing is NOT fun....))
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Re: Twilight Mafia XVI

Post by willowtree »

((*sniffs* new thread smell. yummy.

Well, neither is being fainted on. Even though after that you can brag, "I got fainted on today!" Which I did...

All right, I'll pm Lidia. What info do you need exactly?))

I raised my eyebrows as Gio as he told me, "Actually, I didn't steal your keys," and winked. I sighed. Boys... So confusing.

Just then, two rather good-looking guys appeared on motorcycles. I took it they were Frankie and Spencer, who were going to chauffeur us.

"Hello, Frankie... Spencer. I'm Lucia."

~h. f. e. l.


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