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Re: Teen Annex (13 to 19) **Eclipse Spoilers**

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:19 am
by aussie-twigirl
So i'm finally posting here!

I saw Eclipse last week, and i have to say that i'm in the middle of liking/hating it. Yeah it's possibly the best of the three (need to see it again to decide) but i'm so disappointed with it in terms of it being as good as the book.

Eclipse is my fave book in the saga but this just didn't measure up. I'm not sure whether it's my (SKY)HIGH expectations of the movie or it's just me, but it felt as though the characters relationships with each other wasn't explained completely... :?

What i liked/loved:
-The acting was great. The cast did a wonderful job with what they were given. Rob was better than the past two. Taylor was his amazing self. I can't ever fault Kstew, she always brings her a-game. The cullens were great - loved their action scenes. Jackson was just wow, i'd never really noticed him in the others cause he's in the background, but in this one he played Jasper so well. Wolf pack were good, especially when shirtless, hehe.
- Loved Xaiver Samuel. And i'm not bias because he's aussie. He wasn't what i expected, he was better. :D
- I actually really liked Bryce Dallas-Howard as Victoria. Even better than Rachelle. She played her exactly as i'd imagined. And I loved how she made her voice, it was soo much more scarier.
- Loved Jasper and Rosalie's backstories.. could have been a little longer though
- Newborns were great, loved the scene coming out of the water
- Visually the movie was incredible. Beautifully shot. Especially the meadow scenes and the snowy hill/tent scene.
-There was some great one-liners from the characters ("doesn't he own a shirt?", "I'm hotter than you", Emmett's line when Bella breaks her hand, and others) :lol:

Favourite Scenes:
- Jacob and Bella's 'real' kiss was A-ma-zing. Maybe a contender for MTV movie awards best kiss? ;) ;)
- the meadow scenes were incredible. So romantic. And the meadow was pretty as always.
- LOVED the proposal scene. But it could've been longer.
- The tent scene was one of the best. As it should be.
- Edward and Victoria's fight scene was great. Rob was so good, really played Edward well.
- Really liked Jackson in Jasper's backstory.. and the Alice/Jasper kiss :D
- LOVED the bird and the bees talk .. Kstew and billy burke was fantastic! I felt the awkwardness of it just watching it. :lol:
- Jessica's graduation speech = Loved

Ok, now what i didn't like:
- One of my biggest annoyances was that it felt so choppy and all over the place. It felt rushed and some scenes didn't flow smoothy enough, particularly scene to scene. Key points in the movie were there, but they weren't complete. There didn't seem to be some explanations that were truly finished.
- Jake and Bella's last scene annoyed be SO much. It wasn't explained enough that Bella knew she loved him and wanted to be with him but her love/need for Edward was greater. There was no flashback/dream sequence with Bella/Jake/their kids. And it was too short. The actors in this scene were great, i felt their pain with them but i know that if i hadn't read the book, then i wouldn't really understand it.
- Alice and Bella's relationship was barely there. Where was the sleepover/kidnapping scene? the porche scene? the wedding/going to vegas scene? Bella being shown the dress/asking Alice to be Bridesmaid? Not one of these were in it. Even the graduation outfit scene was missing.
- Another thing that was missing was the importance of Bella's bracelet. In the book, after she talks to Jacob and she's crying, Bella tries to take it off and Edward goes "No Bella it's who you are" or something like that. I think that was a big part of the book and the saga really. And i didn't like that they bypassed that whole scene.
- Rosalie's back story was good, but the Bella/Rosalie relationship wasn't reinforced enough. There wasn't much mention of Rosalie longing for kids... where was Vera and her baby? After rose told her story, she still seemed to dislike Bella. And it wasn't brought up that Bella thought Rosalie was jealous of her. I think this relationship is important in BD and this scene was supposed to be the turning point for the two, but it wasn't there.

So there's my overall thoughts of the movie, or at least what i could think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there's soo much more to add though. All in all, i liked it, but after i saw it and even now i just feel like 'meh' about it. And i can remember with New Moon i wanted to see it again and again. And i did. But this time i can wait till DVD. Shocking i know! I guess if i see it again, with no expectations, i might like it more, but we'll see.

Oh and sorry it's so long, but i kept thinking of stuff as i wrote, haha.

~ Paige

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:02 am
by aussie-twigirl
Hey.. i'm only quickly posting. Bit random really. I'm bored and waiting for dinner... yum! :D But just letting you ladies (and gents) know that i've finally posted on the Annex thread, took me a week haha. And I'll reply to peeps above tomorrow.. i'm thinking of watching some VD after dinner, sexy damon anyone? ;)


Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:19 am
by The girlie-wolf
Okay, let's go....

Hanny~ Are you mad at me? When you posted on the teams I felt like you hate me or something :(
I'm sorry for you that Netherland lost...
Yeah, they are! And they are talking advantege of the time zones and my laziness to seprate us more! They are SO evil...
Yay, thanx for the link :D
haha what am I supossed to do? I'm stuck in this freaking stupid time zone with no one here... And I'm too lazy to think "what time is it there" :lol:
Yeah, I don't miss you now cuz I'm talking to you duh :lol: ;]
Nope, we had another one.. but I don't remember. I have one!!!!!!! I saw How I met your mother a few days ago and Barney was celebrating a new day, the "not a father's day". We can make it a day in Lexilia!
haha the lex is very educating. Typing is a very important skill -hanny nod*
Yeah, but it's still weird? Moria? Really? that's cool. It's my science teacher's name. I was supossed to be Na'ama. who else has non-English names here? Vilde and Fatima?
haha I was just repeating it...-shrugs*
haha no worries.. I'm sure you'll find it =D Did the library forgive you?
haha I won the bye prize. So I'm the bye champion and you are the woo hoo champion =]
Yeah, Rachel is the corniest indeed
haha do you listen to the new Biber, too? haha excatly!
haha it's okay, I don't really know what my mother's job is :lol:
I'm glad you like
You never saw VD? Elena has a brother...
post two:
Haha -hugs back*
I'm ALWAYS in favor of the easy way...=P
Creeps on some posts: I tottally agree about the pop music thing. I've got to say that a lot of pop music is crappy. What kind of music do you listen to?
post 3: Your hair is so pretty, and it IS interseting!

Chels~haha I still don't get what fees means, but I'll let go...=P
Yeah, I always pick, even if it hurts.. I can't stand not doing that. It's too hard! -winces in pain*
I just LOVE that 70's's so hilrious!
post 2: Yay! do that (high lights) I just LOVE high lights. I think they make your hair look so much better.
Creeps on FB, I love your hair!

Hana~haha it's okay...You are forgiven!
The sigh was because I'm always here cuz I have nothing else to do.. wwhich means- I'm bored.
I have to ask you. Are you attracted to Taylor/ Rob?

Sho~I actually asked the others where they are from. I know that you are German from Hana.

Sami~ You have a tatoo?

Sam~Yay, you are here often now. You are still on the beach, right?
Awww that's too bad. I like Karl.
wow, it sucks to barely sleep. The next day you are always grouchy and annoyed.
Awwww Sammy, Of COURSE I have things to say to you! but your post was so long...

Paige~ Yeah, 25 more porst to go =] the lex is cool in that way and so annoying in that way too.
Vake is my short term for vecation
Awww thanx. The fact that I know English that way is very important to me. My native tongue is Hebrew, heard about it?
okay again... Your name is Paige. I want a pie. I combine them together, you get PIEGE! :D
yeah! it is SOOOO much more lethal then drugs. It's okay my friends and familiy don't get that, too.
You are SO lucky. My age are horney guys with a lot of zitts. -sigh* Wooooo they are HOT! I mean their arms and ABS. Their faces are so meh. Wooo now I'm jealous! =] haha on the shirtless one there is the line: naked for a reason. TOTTALLY agree! =]
Snow is fabouls. I don't get those who hate it. They take it for granted! haha I can imagine! xD
really? what is it?
You said you played River flows in you as a project. What was the grade?
Yeah, VD is really great! One of the best TV series I've seen!
YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I already found out how Damon shirtless looks like :twisted:
Yeah, Stefan is an ugly (I still think so) Edward...
post 2: how many siblings do you have?
Yeah, excatly. And you are one of the normalest (invented genious term) people here, Paige. sorry to inform you =D
post 3: wow, that's mean...
I had 3 sleep overs and we don't have much room for another girl here so I had to sleep on the back hurts :cry:
Yep, I've got sO much. It's a holy long post!
post 4: haha I know what bored is like ;] I'm in for sexy Damon! I'm going to see 2 eps today! woo hoo!
haha I'll answer after wards. I'm WAY to exusted for that. After 15 hours of sleep I still feel like I'm going to collapse.

Bubbels~ Yay you are still coming back!
Why would we try to get rid of you? -confused*
haha yeah! NM was alot of yumminess and drama! Eclipse is drama, action, romnace AND ABS!
haha I'm not dissing on clothes or London. I love them both (London is my favorite big city) but I'm tired of 3 hours of talking about them.
haha you already know that normal for me is someone like me, which means, not normal, which means- you!

Jay~why do you have to wait that much to see it?

Alexa~haha I can't really think of a girl that won't agree ;]
Awww I'm so happy for you. Wow, that IS brave... Is he hot?

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:10 am
by i am bella
@Jay: Hopefullyyyyyyyyy!!! I'm sure it'll be greattt. = )

@Paige: What's the annex thread?? :?
Very sexy Damon. ;)

@PET: Long post much?? = )
Yeah, I'm still at the beach, but I'm gonna try to post at least once a day.
I think we all like Karl. =P
I don't think I was grouchy, just really really tired. :lol:
Oh, wait, I did snap at my sister....but only because she snapped at me. =P
I knowwww. I do post a lot. *Hanny nod*


Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:43 am
by vampyre_princess
Shai ~ How’s Jake a bad boy :?: Lol he’s a sweetie pie :!:
Yeah the film is good.
:lol: :lol: wouldn’t know how to do that with my grades. Sorry.
With me and paul everything is complicated!!
And I always have to wait! For all the amazing films.

Paige ~ No we don’t get bonus points for doing certain things :(
Well my headaches have stopped, just the sleep is still all over the place!!
Yeah I scare people cause Im okay at all three!!
Yeah, it’s okay.
I’ve seen the film now… but I won’t spoil it for you.
I go to uni in October.

Alexa ~ That’s not fair there were people at my college still not having a clue where to apply to up to a week before the deadline!!!

Hanny ~ I’ve seen it now!!
And I’m never tired of your hugs!!

Chrome ~ Gdgd, just don’t let him hurt you!!

Derek ~Hey you need to get on here more! And yeah I saw it Friday just gone!! It’s amazing!

Vilde ~ *hugs* You’ve been gone for how long now????
Lol, how are you?

Newbies ~ Hi… so many not going to name you all.I’m Pixie, I’m 17 (well 18 in less than a month) and I am usually on here quite a bit, but due to the fact I’m done at college I can’t get on.
Hi Hope you have fun here and some of us *pointing at myself* and our craziness don’t scare you off :lol:

ATTENTION!! Everyone! I know he posted a subtle hint in his last post that only Shai picked up on, but me and paul are back together!! Just thought you lot should know… I keep you filled in before why should that change now just cause he’s joined??

Pixie Rose

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:55 am
by dreamer
Vildy's depressed.. I just wrote a huuuuge reply for EVERYONE. Then I accidentally x'ed the window before I'd posted it -.- -.-

Okay, depression over! And please excuse anything I might say, I have a heat shock at the moment..

Alexa~~ Okay, if he dosen't mind :lol: But what does 'takes the mick outa me' mean? *inserts confused smiley*
Soo! What've you been up to lately??

Shai~~ Oh! Sorryy.. I'm just too lazy to write a new thingy every time we have a newbee, so I just copy/paste the same thing :oops: XD :lol:

EVERYONE! I forgot to mention my lovely nickname 'Bubbles', given by the amazing Shai! And I accidentally wrote that I was 15. I'm 16 :roll: Ooops! :lol:

SHAI! You lazy kid, reply!! Or I'll stop talking to you all togethaa. Humph! *crosses arms over chest*
Ooops.. you relpied. well.. do it again! xD
I'm here to stay ;D And no reason.. just felt like sayin' so =P
Yay! lolz

Chels~~ Yeah, it's me! =D Aww I've missed you too hun! *hugs?*
Get stripes that looks natural, but makes people go ''woow'' on your hair ;) I wanna have stripes too, but it's so expensive -.- -.-

Jay~~ Oh I see! Then welcome! This really is the best site =D Where are you from?? Or did you say? I''m dizzy from the heat.. Gahh!
Aww yummyness! Who cares if your bf wants 'em there?? Hang 'em up! Hang 'em up! =P

Paiy~~ Teheee *hugsiees again*
Is it coming?? BD the movie?? I thought it was too hard, or too long, or both?? :o YAYS! =D If that's true, I really can't wait!
No, who's the author? Tehee, my personal book recommender!
Yeah, I love that book! You have to read it!
Hey! Why're you hating on Spain?? ;O I'm offended..
And that was a very confusing explanation you gave to Mel by the way. I wouldn't have understood a thing XD Wait.. who's Mel? *inserts confused smiley*

Paige~~ Tehee it's fun to write your name. It reminds me of that show I loved when I was like twelve, "Charmed". *giggles*
Haha I believe you! My sister lived there for two years, and she really wants to go back.
The norwegian school system is a bit different from most. We have 13 years of school, and I'm starting my 11th this fall. We call it 1th though, cuz it's all new. New school, new subjects, new system, you get to choose a lot what you wanna do.. You're sad to be done in school?? I thought uni was the best thing..
Haha it dosen't feel like I've been gone that long :lol: I think I was here the last time, a week before you came or something. Why did you choose the lex anyways? Are you at any other sites as well?
True! You really can't place that movie in a category, cuz it had it all. Yeah, I saw it. I wont post any spoilers tho, no worries ;) I think I'm gonna buy 'em all wanna BD comes out, and make a Twilight marathon. I know, I'm weird XD
I'm so scared.. I'm gonna die without my mommy cleaning up the house after me and reminding me to do stuff =P It's gonna be great to have my own condo on the beach tho *dreamy face*... I will go to Australia after I'm done in school tho! So that must be.. Wait, Spain in 10/11, USA in 11/12, Norway in 12/13 and Australia in 13/14! *inserts laughing smiley* To be someone who hates to make plans, I've really got it all planned out XD
Omigosh! I'm reading VD right now and.. omigosh! I kinda hate Stefan.. Damon yummyness! So hot.. so hot..

TIME ZONE TALK~~ I think I'm alone in my time zone as well.. I've never really noticed tho.. Maybe because my sleeping habits are so messed up. What's the time differenses between all of us anyways? It's 16:30 here in Norway right now and 17:30 in Turkey, so I guess it's the same for Shai in Israel.

Sammy~~ Yay for beeing allowed back! =D
Hahaha XD Whaaat? How old's your sister? And why would you've gotten drunk with your cousin?
And why would waking you up at 08:30 with a muffin help? Couldn't you have eaten your muffin when you woke up? Who wants a muffin at 08:30 anyways? Hm.. sorry.. blame the heat, my norwegian body isn't made for it...

Pixie~~ Hi! *hugs* hahaha I don't know.. since mid June maybe? xD
I'm good! Moving in a month or so now, so a bit nervous. you can't be anything bubbly happy in the summertime, can you? :lol: How about you? Glad you got back together with Paul. You seem to really like that guy. And he's here now? I've missed sooo much! ;o

There's no doubt.. the smiley limit is defintly reached!

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:01 am
by PhoebeJ
Hey I'm Phoebe Jessica, although most people call my PJ. I'm 16 and I live in England. I just wanted to meet some new people and have a chat haha. You guys seem crazy enough for me! haha. Look forward to getting to know you all better. Anything you want to know about me, just ask :)

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:48 pm
by dreamer
Ah! Newbeee! I love newbees :D Hello PJ! Ah this is getting more Charmed by the minute! *giggles* :D
I'm Vilde but I've been called Vilde, Vildy, V, Dreamer, Flirty, Puce and Bubbles, pick whitchever you prefer ;) I'm 16 as well, from Norway. Congratz on choosing the best Twilight site out there, and you're correct. We're all nuts! Isn't it lovely?? :D

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:59 pm
by BabyEsme2203
i am bella wrote:Hello everybodyyyyyyyyy. = )

@Hana: Most of us read back and check what people have responded to keep the conversations going. I have two windows open to respond to people!! =P

chrome/sam- i would do that if my laptop wasnt so slow,
everytime i open another window, the whole thing freezes :cry:
i usually end up just editing my post a few times XD
The girlie-wolf wrote: Hana~haha it's okay...You are forgiven!
The sigh was because I'm always here cuz I have nothing else to do.. wwhich means- I'm bored.
I have to ask you. Are you attracted to Taylor/ Rob?
shai- attracted to rob or taylor???? uhm.... no offense but ew. they're boys, so no, sorry XD
in that scene in new moon when jake takes his shirt of, i was just like "yuck *covers eyes* please put it back on" :lol:

time zone talk peoples time zones totally do suck, and they are confusing. like REALLY confusing.
especially when travelling. you call someone to say good morning and they are like "its midnight, im trying to sleep!" XD

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:07 pm
by The girlie-wolf
Sammy~ Why did ya call me PET? I'm no hanny :(
haha actually, I don't. And then I post a longgggggggggg one cuz I'm too lazy to make short ones :lol:
The Annex thread is the Eclipse spoiler thread we've got in the Eclipse movie forum.
I'm jealous! I wanna be on the beach... Yay! Post as much as you can =D
Haha you've got a point...
haha you are lucky. When I'm tired (uhm uhm now) I'm so grouchy and I scream at my lil bro all the time :lol:
haha I know what you mean. How many siblings do you have?

PJ~ Hi, what's up? I'm Shai, I'm 13 years old and I'm from Isreal =D
Wooo I love brits =] Well, I love everyone here, and brits as well
Nice to meet you!

Pixie~ Where were you? I missed you!
Of course Jake is a bad boy! He is not in the movie but in Eclipse...-shakes head*
Good? The film is incerdible!!!
Haha, it's okay. I already forgot about it :lol:
You are starting collage when? first year, right?
I'm the only one who noticed! Wooo hooo! =D But why is it, complicated?
haha YOU have to wait? I have to wait. For every possible film. By chance Eclipse got out here in the same time.

Bubbles~Awwwwwwww it happened to me about 4 days ago. it sucks!!!!
Okay, I'm always too lazy for everything :lol: Yay! I like your correction =]
haha saw my amazing nick name when you posted PJ, thanx -dazzling grin*
haha you just fracked me up (fya it's alot harder than just cracking me up =D) :lol:
Haha, no worries, I'm in the middle of doing it again ;]
yay! I'm so happy you are back :D
Remember our very long convo about the fact that you can tan and I can burn? haha I'm burnt now...

Hana~Wow, I've NEVER seen anyone who actually never fantsized on Taylor's ABS...But you are gay, so it doesn't count :lol:
WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?! yuck? You can not like it, but yuck? -shakes head*
Yeah, they are SO confusing! Apparently when I told people to come on and chat on FB, it was 6 am...