Teen Thread 6 -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by PhoebeJ »

Hi Shai :) glad you like Brits haha.
And hi Vilde, I’ll call you that for now I think haha. Glad I picked the best site! I’m pretty crazy too fortunately, so hopefully I’ll fit right in here. I love craziness, it just makes the world a much better place! :D
You guys all seem to know each other so well! It’s quite odd :lol:
Time zones annoy me too haha, but I rarely sleep at night so it kinda evens them out a bit! :lol:
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by nightrunner »

evening yall :)

i am bella wrote: I have two windows open to respond to people!! =P
i currently have 2 word docs open, one with my last 2 posts and the other with all the comments people have said to me since :lol: and yes i was very nervous the twihard me would come out :D

paige~ yer hes pretty good like that, he even comes shopping with me and has decent fashion sense for gals

shai~ my bf is more cute than hot, but i couldnt care less since hes so great to be with :D

vildy~ 'take the mick outa me' is just a phrase to describe someone who makes fun of you, but in like a friendly kind of way :) and im currently suffering my final week of college before the summer so im stuck starting my uni application and other work

pixie~ yer my college is pretty bad, its one of the best in the area ( like top 5% in england too) so they want to check everything like 500 times to make sure its perfect :(

pj~ hey there :) im alexa and im 17 and from north east england :D
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by willowtree »

Danggg, half the posts confused me. Right.
Je suis confuse.

Pheobs~ Can I call you that?
Anyhoo, I'm Hannah or Hanny (or Paiy, or Pet), whichever you prefer, and live in Canada. I'm the regular tween that comes here, though I think there are two others. or one.

Sammy~ Ouf. That's too bad.
My brother watched the first episode of True Blood and my dad flipped out. Although, to be fair, the part he walked in on wasn't the best part. Fairly creeping, to tell the truth.
:lol: You called Milkshaike PET. *laughing smiley*
Ooh! I'm reading Uglies now. I like it. Shay's awesome.

Jay~ Course I was! My family, and my aunts and uncles and grandma and two baby cousins are too. We're all part dutch.
You bet 100 dollars? Wooow.
Oooh, Kellen and Boo Boo. *sighs enviously*

Milkshaike~ Why would I be mad at you? I'm being dramatic, like all crazy people. :roll:
Thank you. *bows* =D
Stupid computers. *glares at computer*
Ya read it yet? Ya read it yet? *bounces*
*giggles evilly*
:O You got the smiley wrong! :cry: *dies*
Don't forget Not A Mother's Day. ;}
Yes. And you learn all sorts of important things. *hanny nod*
Nono, not Moria, Moira! I have a friend named Moira. :D
Your science teacher?
Na'ama? Oh so pretty. *sighs*
Vilde isn't english, but Fatima is, yes. Well, technically, not many are ENGLISH, per se.
Huh? Did the library forgive me for what?
I love Kurt. <3
The new Beiber? Like, Justin Beiber?
My mom's job is taking care of the staff at all the branches and hiring people, etc.
I have too seen VD, just I still think it's stupid that there isn't Meredith and Margaret. *sniffs disdainfully*
Pff, lazy bummm ;}
I like things like Death Cab for Cutie, Stars, little indie bands like that. ;}
Meh, not really.

Pixie~ Didja LOVE it? I did. x)
yaaaaaaaay! *hugs*

Puce~ Awwwwwww! *hugs*
It's in two parts, silly. :lol: One in November, one in July! :D
By L. J. Smith, silly!
Okies, I'll put a hold on it. ;}
'Cause they beat the Netherlands in the finals! And the ref was stupid. Ask Viola.
Mel's one of the newbies. :D

Aiee, je ne sais pas! *pleure*
J'aime le nom Shay. Je n'aime pas le nom Tally. *frissons*
Je lit "Le Petit Prince" maintenant. D'accord? D'accord.

Au reviour, ma cherie et mes amis.

~ Hanny 'L'animal de Compagnie' Nod ~


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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by The girlie-wolf »

BORED!!!! My friend bailed on me two hours before we were supossed to go to Eclipse :cry:

PJ~ haha it's like peaunt butter and jelly :lol:
Haha everyone here is crazy... the more the marrier xD
Yeah, we know each other really good. It's not just a thread, we are all friends here :D
Why don't you sleep?

Alexa~Awwwwww this is so adorable! I'm so happy for you that you are happy with him...
I wanna have a bf too... but they are so blah and meh :lol:

Cookie monster~I need to talk to you... on FB. And yesterday I tried but you didn't respond and then there was this little moony thing near your name so I gave up....
willowtree wrote: I'm the regular tween that comes here, though I think there are two others. or one
You meant me?
creeping a little: why did your dad flip when your brother saw True blood? Because of all of the sex?
You've got a point... crazy people are sooooo drama queens ;}
No, I haven't read it yet. But I think I'll read it today...
I didn't try to do Lexilia's national smiliey. I didn't want you to think that I stole it premenantly...-hanny nod*
Of course! Not a mother's day is such a big holiday here... with fireworks and everything. But we need to set up dates.
Haha I just remembered something but I don't know if it is a law in Lexilia. Every guy has to have ABS and they need to walk shirtless all the time...
Of course, like to watch out from computers...
I've NEVER heard about this name... what language is it? Yeah, my science teacher is religous so her name is Moria, which is a religous name. Kind of like Hannah.
Yeah, I love this name. But this is SO not my personality. Na'ama says calm and quite...I'm not -giggles*
Fatima is not an English name...Vilde isn't, Hannah isn't and that's it. Well, there is my name too.
For calling it stupid. And then you begged the library for forgivness...
I don't like Kort very much.. I love Arty and Mercedes. And Puck when he is nice.. Finn and Puck are stupid names. In English you write the beginning with the same letter so you can read it as F-uck and P-inn too..:lol:
Yeah, Justin Biber....blah.
Woooo but what does it have to do with libraries?
Yeah, I think so too. But I have no problem with Jermy.. he is hot so I'm not complaining. And I don't like Caroline in the books and in the series. But I like Vickie here...
Wooo I know Death cab for cutie but not Stars.. I have no prob with Indie. Do you listen to Jimmy eat world? I like them. But i'm more of a rock girl :D
Meh, yes really.
You told me what "d'accord" means... what does it mean? I forgot :lol:
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by BabyEsme2203 »

lol shai you DO go on and on dont you XD i couldnt ever write a post that long!

and HELLO TEAM JAZZIE PERSON :D (jazzie= jasper in Hana-language) XD
can i call you Jazzie? *curious*

everyone- I will probably not be online from the 3rd august to the 1st septemper because Sho is coming to stay :D
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by PhoebeJ »

Alexa- Hi! Nice to meet you :) England is awesome :lol:

Hannah- Hi! Yeah you can call me Phoebs haha. My best mate calls me that :D I love Canada!!! Well I’ve never been there but I’ve always wanted to. One of my friend’s families has an island out there. So jealous! Haha.

Shai- That’s so cool that you all know each other so well. Hope I can be part of that :lol: How do you all remember everybody though, it’s so confusing! Haha.
I do sleep :lol: I just don’t really sleep at night time. I have no idea why!
Shame about not getting to see Eclipse with your friend :( I havn’t seen it yet! Hopefully going next week! So excited! Ahh!!!

Hey Hana! I'm assuming you mean me as the team jasper person :lol: I LOVE him!!! Haha.
I'm Phoebe, or PJ or sure you can call me Jazzie, I'll have to remember that thats me though :lol:
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Love you all so much!
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by dreamer »

Shaipie~~ It does.. sucks so hard -.-
Yeah, you need to quit beeing so lazy! It annoys me xP And no problem hun ;)
What?? What did I say? What fracked you up?? :?
I'm happy to be back! But there's no way that you can be in Jacob's arms.. He's right here with me! :D
Yeah, I remember.. guess what? I'm tan now 8-) But I look white on facebook, and it annoys meee -.- -.- -.-

PJ~~ Haha okey, call me Vilde. Yay! Normal persons annoys me. They're so.. normal! But we don't have any of those here, so it's okay =P Hahaha same!! I'm from Norway, so in a completly differnt time zone as these americans.. but I'm up all night anyways! :lol: Hm.. yeah, maybe we do know each other pretty well I guess.. some of us anyways, have been talking for years (well I came a little over a year ago though so not me completly) So tell me about yourself! Who are you?? :lol:
Like randomly.. I never likes Jasper in the books, or in Twilight or NM the moovies, but then suddenly in Eclipse I was like woow.. I don't know what happend, but I totally fell for him :?

Alexa~~ Ooh.. okey, get it! Woah, still?? Are your vake really short, or do you have vake till like September or something? What do you wanna study?

Paiy~~ Aw yay! That's gonna be so exciting!!
Is it?? I didn't think she had anymore books.. Gee! I'll go order it tommorrow ;)
Who's Viola? And it's a good thing they won! They're gonna be my new home country now!
Oh okey, is she here? I've only met Paige, PJ and Jay...

I see someone I don't know!! Hana? The Esme girl I mean. I think it's Hana :lol:
Hey Hana! I'm Vilde *shakes hand*
And if you thought that was a long post that Shai just wrote, you've seen nothing yet! x)
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by PhoebeJ »

Haha I comletely love him Vilde! I have no idea why! :lol: I like Jackson Rathbone too though. I STILL havn’t seen eclipse! It’s so annoying! I have to see it!!!
Haha you’re so right, normal people are so normal! And I’m pretty sure that the main reason for a lack of normal people on here is because you’ve scared them away with your craziness! :lol:
Tell you about me…hmm where do I start??? :lol: Well I’m 16, from England. I LOVE twilight! I love reading. My favourite books are Twilight (of course), The house of night, Harry Potter and all of Trudi Canavan’s books. The most important things too me are my friends. I live for them not for me. They are everything. I also really love running. I run every day, just for fun haha. I love the speed. I wish I could run as fast as a vampire :( I love music too, listen to just about anything. Erm…my favourite colour is purple haha. I don’t really know what else to say haha. That is me :P I’m friendly! And totally insane XD
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by i am bella »

@Pixie: I won't!!! = )
And congratssss!

@Vildy: My sister's 13. And my cousin's in college and she was getting drunk with her friend. She's offered me alcohol before and I think my sister knows that. But I just had one sip Saturday night, it's not like I had my own beer or anything.
When my mom has a hangover, my sister gets everything for her. She just sits there and eats ice all day, but Casey likes to get pissed that my mom is drunk and then help her with an attitude all day. It's a really screwed up relationship sometimes. So I guess she thought she'd do the same for me and bring me stuff and baby me while she's pissed....even though I didn't have a hangover..... :lol:
That's what I said to her. I was like, well I'm not going to eat my muffin in my bed..... :lol:
It's fine, you don't have to be sorry. Casey just needs to stop making everything dramatic. =P

@Phoebe: Hey! I'm Sam, I deal with the ListV2. I'll PM you about it.
We're definitely crazzzzy. ;)

@Hana: Aww, that's not good. =/
At least you have the last 10 posts at the bottom of the page though. That's always convenient.

@Shai: Whoops! Sorryyyyyy. I always get names mixed up. Sorriesssssssss.
Oh yeahhh. I remember December telling us about that. I just forgot. =P
Do you go to the beach a lot in Israel?
Yeah, I've definitely attacked my family when I've been tired, haha.
I just have my one sister, Casey. Little twit. =P

@Alexa: Sometimes I really think I should do word docs instead, but I always find myself hitting the post button too soon. :lol:
I'm glad it didn't!!! :lol:

@PET: Wait, isn't your brother like 12??? I'm not even allowed to watch True Blood! :lol:
I faileedddddd. :cry:
Your opinion of Shay will change throughout the books. = )

~sam~piercing/tattoo expert~sarah=twinny~im on the listv2!~

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 [Tweens are welcome]

Post by BabyEsme2203 »

Jazzie- yes i meant you, you are jazzie :D hello nice to meet you!

Vilde: "the esme girl" XD i like that, ive been called many esme-ish things before :)
*shakes hand back* nice to meet you too, i like your signature!

sam- yes its helpful, but a pain
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