Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by bored by the sea »

I'M BAAAAAACCKKKKKK!! :lol: o.k. soo theres absoloutely no way i can catch up with the like 20 pages that you ladies have burnt through. hope you're all o.k. ive totally missed the lexing, haven't really had much time to catch up with all the stuff thats gone on whilst ive been at Glastonbury, i have seen some pics and an interview with kristen and rob on the carpet, ill comment more once ive seen some more things, LOVE LOVE LOVED Robs red suit, he looked rather dashing in it, thought it was very reminiscent of the one he wore to the HP prem (excpet that it wasn't velvet :lol: ). i also need to go and watch the jimmy kimmel stuff if its even up im not sure alls i know is that one of my friends has sent me near to 30 links for everything that has happened in the 5 days ive been away, keeping me posted and all that.
eclipse u.k. premiere soo we set off for it tommorow night am very excited, just went and bought supplies food etc and some card and pens to make a sign :lol:

eclipse general release for you guys yah im epically jealous :mrgreen: that some of you are off to your midnight screenings already (marielle ) or in raines case have already seen it, gah we've still got to wait another 3 days for it jeez im not sure im going to make it that long :lol:

anyways hope you're all o.k.
shall probs be back later
see you round
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by dazzel21 »

Shauni - Hang in there. It's only 1 more's worth the wait :D :D

Vicky - Your back!!! Hows glasto??? Did you have fun...whooop good luck camping out for the premier. Looks like your all ready for it. Dude your going to loooove Eclipse, so much... :P

MOD Edit: I deleted your double post. No worries. Glitches in the internet connection happens. :)
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by despoina92 »

Twilight screening just finished! I expected it to be full of tweens, but no! Most of people are my age or older! Who knew adults in Greece like the Saga as much!! 20 minutes until NM, 2 hours and 50 minutes to Eclipse!! Can't wait!!

Raine - Your comments make me even more excited - if possible.


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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hi everyone! The excitement is just bubbling over around here. :D

I ran by Barnes & Noble to pick up a copy of the Eclipse Movie Companion Guide and remembered to purchase a magazine to peruse while I wait in line Wednesday night. I headed straight for "Entertainment Weekly", and it's definitely another nice item for the twi-collection with a separate and beautiful cover of Kristen, as well as second and equally gorgeous cover of Rob and Taylor available. I purchased the one with Rob and Taylor of course, but the picture of Kristen is one of the loveliest I've seen.

I can't get the link of Rob and Taylor's cover to post, but....
Kristen's cover--just breathtakingly beautiful

THUD..... 8-)

Impregnation stares from all three of them....I think I just conceived triplets! :lol:

Raine~ I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie!

Vicky~ hope you have a wonderful time at the premiere and have a safe trip!

Ann Marie~ know that we're here to support you in any way we can. Hugs to you hon.

Shauni~ thanks for the lovely pictures of Kristen. Her hair looks pretty and I'm assuming it's for her next movie role? It almost looks kind of coppery...the way Bella always described Edward's hair in the books. ;)

Deb~ Have a great time! Glad to know the tweens are in the minority so you may actually be able to hear the movie.

Caryn~ have a great time tonight with your hubs! Who's watching the kiddos? :) I'm glad you enjoyed the Harry Potter trailer--I think it looks like the best one yet. I almost overdid it myself last night with all the pre-Eclipse excitement, and then suddenly stumbling across the trailer for Deathly Hallows; I nearly started hyperventilating. :lol:
Can you believe our luck? Eclipse--tonight....Deathly Hallows Part I--November of 2010.....Deathly Hallows Part II--May of 2011.....and Breaking Dawn in November of 2011 and June of 2012? :shock: I may not survive the next two years. :lol:

FiFi~ your time with you family in Scotland sounds wonderful. It's nice to meet you! I'm Tracy, by the of the more "mature", older girls around here. :lol:

Sandy~ great to see you too, e-twin! Hope you enjoy the movie tonight!

Susie~ Where are you? I was hoping for one of your lovely megaposts before you head to the movie tonight. :D Have a great time!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by dazzel21 »

Deb - Aww I'm jealous wish our cinema have a Twilight Saga marathon before Eclipse. 2 more hours before Eclipse for you...hang in there at least you'll have New Moon to distract you... :lol:

Tracy - Thanks for posting the pics. Eclipse Movie Companion very helpful an lots of Robward yummy pics...
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

Hey girls~ Just wanted to pop back in (yeah, I know, 2x in one day--crazy!!! ;) :lol: ).

Trying to balance out the caffeine intake for today...we're leaving here around 8, and hopefully will get to the theater around 8:30 for the midnight show. Not sure how long we'll need to wait in line. I also can't drink anything for an hour before the movie so I won't have to get up and pee during it! :lol: :lol:

I'm glad to hear those of you who have seen have liked it!

Have fun all you of going to the Twi-Exp!! Can't wait to hear what everyone's thoughts are afterwards!!

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by diane771 »

Hi Ladies,

Some interesting pics
Great family
Father like son?
a little guard
cute sisters
Rob's competition?

Well off to get ready for tonight. Have fun everyone who goes to the trio, sorry about you guys do not have that oppertunity
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Jazz Girl »

Let the fun begin. Been at the theater about 15 minutes and already had a bit of a row with a wee Team Puppy girl. Hey! She started it and I had to defend our couple!! This should be fun!!

Raine~ So so so so so jealous!!! I'm bouncing out of my skin!!!

Twilight starts at 6:30. New Moon is at 9:00. Then ECLIPSE!!! I can hardly contain myself!!!

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by newtonscricket »

older_twilight_fan wrote:We had a rather small cold front come through today, so the temperature dropped to about 91 degrees with a humidity of nearly 210%

You call that cold?! It was only 85 degrees here when I went out to water the garden in the early morning! I was shivering I tell you. Tracy, glad your vacation was great. I’m glad I’m not the only one who won’t be seeing Eclipse until Wednesday. My circadian clock does not permit midnight movies. Thanks for the Harry Potter trailer, looks amazing!

Hi Sandy! You make me laugh with delicate formula for caffeine requirements vs. need to pee.

Caryn, thanks for the pics of Rob in red. And am loving the premiere coverage from your Twin, thank her for us!

if you’re out there, HI!

Shauni, Ashley Green and Xavier Samuel are coming to Belgium? That’s so cool! Thanks for sweet red-head Kristen pics.

, glad to see you back, I get a little cranky if I stay away from the internet too long too. Glad the Gala Day was fun! You sound like a good auntie.

Raine, Congratulations on the first Halfway House viewing. I love that the day after your premier is a holiday. It should be a world holiday everywhere! (inauguration of president, pfft. It’s DAY AFTER ECLIPSE DAY!)

Fi Fi, that’s how it goes around here, you miss a few days (or a few hours) and there’s more RobLove than you can believe. Thanks for the banner love, I’m very fond of it myself (despite a lifelong antipathy to smoking).

, good to see you back! Glad you had fun!

Diane, thanks for the pics of Rob's family, it's fascinating.

AnnMarie, pm’ed you, sweetie.

So Rob got asked in an interview.. Do you think Edward has a soul?
Robert Pattinson wrote:Yeah, definitely. I can’t remember who said it, but a soul and a heaven must exist because good people aren’t rewarded enough on earth. I always liked that idea, if that makes sense.

Oh Rob, I love you. If you are interested interview here.

Stoli shirt of which so much has been said of late.

Have a great time tonight everybody!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Fizzles »

Just popping in to say Hi! Hope you all enjoy Eclipse today/tonight. Only another 70 something hours for me to wait! Xx
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