Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by diane771 »

Summer house with all the perv is perfect! I will bring this for the patio. with trimmings :D have to get decorating soon! 8-)
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by dazzel21 »

Good Morning Ladies!!!
I'm sure most of our US sisters are still celebrating the 4th of July. Our office is fairly quiet today most of the employees who deals with US clients are also on holiday. I'm jealous I'm stuck at the office again, but I'm feeling great after watching Eclipse yesterday on IMAX. Yay!!!

Feeling a little tired on a Monday. I didn't get much sleep this weekend. My baby niece is sick with colds and fever so she's cranky at night, she doesn't want to be put down. Since my SIL works at night I do shifts with my brother on who watches my niece at night. :cry:

We're getting a new shiny thread soon. I'm really excited for that. I haven't been around the last time the thread was named Summer House so I'm voting for that one. But still any name is good for me. :D

Water for Elephants - Now that Eclipse movie is winding down a bit I think I'll be able to pick up a copy of this book and try to read it. I'm getting excited with all the pictures and news about this film...

Marielle - Had my 3rd viewing yesterday and planning to go again this Friday :lol: . That is if I could wait that long...Yay on spending some time with your bf after the past week of spending it with Robward and Eclipse

Vicky - You're already on your 4th viewing. Jeez your fast... :lol: Yes go to the HH spoiler, join the spazzing

Shauni - Good luck on your exams. I know you'll do well.

Susie - Have fun during your holiday vacation. Hubs out of the country for 10 days??? Yay I'm looking forward for the return of you Robfics :D

I'll be back later. Gotta go back to work...
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hi everyone. Hope you've had a lovely 4th of July, or just a lovely weekend.

The Summer House name for our new thread is great! It certainly worked well for us last summer.

Brienna, welcome to the Halfway House. :D We hope you love it around here as much as we do.

Shauni, good luck on your exam Tuesday. We'll be waiting with Robcrack as a reward and to hear how it went. I'm sure you'll do great!

Mel, that's so cool that you're a trained chef. I'm sure you do miss it, but being a Mom is so very important. It's wonderful that you're able to be with Buddy a lot, especially while he's young; and he'll only be this age once. ;)

fi_fi, glad you finally got to see the movie and that you enjoyed it.

jacklyn, good luck at work tomorrow and hope all goes well with your first day on the new job. I know you'll enjoy your Eclipse Movie Companion. I haven't had a chance to read mine either, but the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Even though we've already seen most of these pictures on the internet, there's just something about having a permanent version of them in that gorgeous, glossy format....8-)

Susie, hope you had a great time at the lake house and were able to relax. As hard as it is to be away from the Lex and the Halfway House, it truly can be nice to “unplug” for awhile from all things technology. I know you'll miss your hubs while he's out of town, but you should take serious advantage of his absence by seeing Eclipse several more times! :D I know I would if I were in your shoes.

Caryn, thanks the lovely pictures of Rob and Reese. She's one lucky lady. I saw a train stopped on the tracks today and thought about jumping in one of the cars to look for Robkowski. :lol:

missp, I'm glad your doctor's appointment went well. I slather on the sunscreen too and I've had a couple of skin cancers removed myself (basal cell carcinoma only, thank goodness). Unfortunately I'm of the age where we all used SPF 4 or 6 when I was a teenager, if we used any sunscreen at all :? , so I'm sure I haven't seen the last of those places. Have a safe trip visiting your family, and I know you're looking forward to your beach trip coming up later this month!
By the way, congrats on finally losing your Robginity! It's never too late to lose it. However, don't panic...because I don't think there's really any type of protection to keep you truly safe from this :o 8-)

Vicky and Ann Marie, I'm so glad you guys met and had a great time at the premiere! Thanks for sharing your stories with us, especially the part about David Slade. What a quirky, funny guy.

Tammy, I'm sure your glad your hubs has returned home. I can only imagine that seeing Rob in ginormous form on the Imax screen is just.... :shock:

Marielle, thanks for the link to the “old-fashioned” interview with Rob; I enjoyed it. I know he feels unsure about playing a dad in upcoming movies, but his chemistry with Ruby Jerins in Remember Me was wonderful. Even though she played his sister and not his daughter, I still think that bodes very well for the parental stuff he'll need to manage in Breaking Dawn. I can't wait to see it.

Raine, have a great day at work! Hope you get a chance to read Water for's so worth it!

I also read a recent interview with Wyck Godfrey, the Twilight Saga producer who stated they'll be shooting BD in Vancouver and Louisiana, as we had speculated after some other article was published several weeks ago. Do you think they'll shoot the Isle Esme stuff in Louisiana? I'm not that familiar with Louisiana, but it certainly doesn't seem to resemble Forks in any way.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by missp »

Hello, Lovelies! Hope all of you girls in the USA had a terrific 4th of July. We made it safely to my aunt's house in South Alabama. They are early to bed folks, so I bring my trusty lap top along to keep me entertained until my night owl self decides it's ready for bed. I AM HAVING ECLIPSE WITHDRAWALS!!! I need a fix! I see myself seeing this movie at least once a week during its theatrical run! I will go insane waiting on it to come out on DVD! No mega-post tonight, Sweets. I really want to go do a little writing before my eye-lids start to get heavy! See Ya'll tomorrow! :D
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by dazzel21 »

Missp - I know just how Eclipse withdrawal feels. Frustration, cranky, bored, can't be still, depressed :lol: :lol: . I've gone through it during the weekends and the only cure for that is to watch the Eclipse movie again...and again...and again...and again...
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Brienna »

Hello girls!

I can't keep up (yet!) with all you write.
Off course it doesn't help that I don't know you all that well (yet!), so not knowing (yet!) what to respond to ;)

Here we had some very hot days. :S It was way to hot to do anything, so hubs stayed at home for two full days. My son went crazy! :mrgreen:

I can't wait 'till Friday when I finally get to see Eclipse again. It is taking way too long :roll:

I've got to go and take care of the household now, not looking forward to it, but it has to be done, right?

Oh, thanks for all the pictures everyone. Not sure how to post pictures yet, but I'll figure it out. Just like someday I'll manage to get me an autograph pic, an avatar.....

Have a wonderful day all! Bye
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by vampirelover109 »

morning ladies

gosh ive missed a lot ut ive moved houses this weekend and haventeven unpacked yet i will try and catch up on posts today have a good day everyone
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Edwards Wheels »

i've just bought the movie companion. They didn't want to sell it to me as it had an embargo on it, and they weren't sure whether it was today or friday. Loving some of the pictures in it. The tent scene looks kind of how i imagined it i do have one thing i've seen in it that's not right. Esme's hair? It's suddenly very dark?
Anyways, i'm watching toy story 2 with buddy too and there's only so much my brain can handle :lol: eclipseward is completely gorgeous though x

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by newtonscricket »

Tracy, re:shooting in Louisiana. I bet they do most of their interior shooting there. I think I remember Wyck saying that it had to do with tax incentives and saving money (though this puzzles me....they must be ROLLING in money!) They could do Isle Esme scenes there and any quick South American jungle shots needed and get everything they need to look like the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver....and Charlie's house since they built it there.

Which reminds me you asked (I think it was you) why WFE cast Reese Witherspoon playing a character more than 10 yrs. her junior. I think this is A) Reese probably was attached to the project first B) she probably can play mid/lates twenties believably C)the character still works fine if a little older than Jacob and D) Marlena has to have a real star quality, Jacob's eye was drawn to her instantly and Reese has that for sure.....can't really think of who else I would cast.

I woke up from a Nikki/Kellan dream, how strange is that? I was riding around on a bicycle with them checking out day care facilities....then it was time to go auction Kellan's house off, conveniently located in downtown Durham. I accidentally left my shoes there and had to walk home barefoot, but then my mom came to pick me up. ????????

, I agree with you about Esme's hair, it looked completely different (and not flattering). How did you convince them to sell you the possibly embargoed companion?

Had a proper 4th of July..... fireworks, snocones, sweat, stickiness, crowds and very very long walks for parking. The kids were so good!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by fi_fi »

Hey Ladies!
Hope all you Americans had a good Independence Day!

So I saw Eclipse on Sat evening with my bff - then took Roger (bf) to see it again yesterday. Don't think I'll get to see it again at the cinema - will have to wait for DVD :cry: So am going to treat myself to the special DVDs of Twi and NM in the meantime, with all the added extras.
First time, we had a line of 8 teeny-bopper-Team Jacob behind us, who squeeeed every time he came on screen, and muttered and hissed whenever Edward and Bella had a scene together - I almost MISSED the leg hitch because I was turning round to glare at them. Second time viewing was better, quieter, thank GOODNESS!!

ok, time to reply to all your posts:
Vicky - Glad you got to go the UK prem, and excited for you that you met David Slade & co. Booo! to the press who want TwiHards to diss the Trinity!

Marielle - I got my bumper stickers from I know what you mean about surviving the ride home from Eclipse - I had to slow right down and not drive like a Cullen for once! Mind you, I wasn't that much better before hand, was so excited it took me 3 goes to park the car in a straight line!! :lol: And thank you for the interview with Rob - I don't have sound on this computer, so can only watch video interviews - very frustrating when they don't have subtitles!!

Desiree - I love you explanation of 'chuffed'!! I use it as well - "I'm so chuffed that I've seen Eclipse twice" - "There is no chuffing way I'll EVER be Team Jacob!" :lol: Sorry to hear you won't be able to see Eclipse for a while - hope this will help to keep you going till then!

Jaclyn - Hope your first day in your new job went well! Congratulations! I completely agree that EclipseWard is BestWard, I think he was much closer to the Edward in my head in this film. Won't say more here though, will save it for spoiler thread!

Caryn -
Fi_Fi~ Mmmmm, Rob and Hugh together. Such beauty. Unbound Captives is truly going to put us all 6 feet under. But, I can’t ever see a pic of them together without imagining karaoke in Tokyo!!

Unbound Capitives?? Karaoke in Tokyo??? What am I missing here??

Glad to hear your boys are chomping at the bit to see Eclipse - did they enjoy it?

Missp - YAY! for your 6-month-all-clear! And wlecome to the Post-RobGinity World! it's a fun place to be!

NewJen - THANK YOU for those pics, oh my word! This is my pic-of-the-day today. As for your dream - I studied psychology for 3 years - still have NO idea what dreams mean, there are so many different theories! Is fun doing it though - you ever kept a dream journal? You just write down everything you can remember about your dreams for a few weeks. You don't realise how much you dream the same/similar dreams. Or I didn't, anyway.

Shaunee - GOOD LUCK for your Tuesday exam. Remind me again what its for? (sorry, REALLY bad memory here, not helped by the fact that my brain is full of Rob!!)

Brienna - I can't keep up either, as am also new here. I've actually started taking notes!!

AnnMarie - I hope the house move went well. I would post you a house warming pic, but I think I've used up all my URLs for this post!!

ok, back to work for me. Hope you all have good days
fi xx