Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by missp »

Good morning, HH!! It's a beautimous day here in South Alabama and I am sitting on my aunt and uncle's porch sipping on iced tea and feeling a cool summer breeze blowing! It's wonderful! I am about to take advantage of the quiet and do a little writing. Ya'll have a great Monday! :D
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by marielle »

Good evening ladies....

I really didn't had time this morning to post... I hope all you US girls had a fabulous 4th of july...
it was time to get back to work again after a full week of Twilight and was harsh this morning...

Vicky, I can understand that you spend the whole weekend at the cinema.. I had a few days off from work last week and I have the feeling I lived in theatre 4 of the cinema…

Good luck, Shauni…….tip for nerves…eat chocolate and drink helped me through me drivers license exam..

Mel, that explains things.. I was already wondering why any one would do a 500 people BBQ out of free will….
Thanx for reminding!!! I still have to get the movie companion….

Diane, I love that you have already started with the decoration…mods…we need to move our furniture….. could you guys order a truck…?

Raine, yeah my bf really needed some attention…he made really nice food the last few days…
I hope to see Eclipse again this week, but my phone won’t stop making noise and people want to make appointments so I don’t know if I can…

Tracy, I think I’ll melt if I see Rob playing a dad…he would put me under his spell even more…(I’m not even sure that’s possible)… I still have to find the time to watch Remember me, but I have heard that Rob really liked working with the young girl,…

Brienna, already experiencing a HH-addiction??? Don’t worry about staying up to scratch every day, it costs me most of my day just to read through all the news and posts…

NewJen, OK that is a strange dream…how on earth do you even come up with something like that…mind you, my dreams can be pretty crazy as well….

Fi, thanx for the link……….Actually I did drive home like a Cullen…I had my moms car with me, and it’s much faster than my own so I always tend to drive too fast with hers… but I think I got a speeding ticket…the machine went off just as I drove past it but I was keeping to the limit or at least I thought I did……
On the keeping up……type your post in word so you can read the posts while typing it really helps… (Susie learned me that one)

Missp, you are making me jealous…hmmmm. I’m going to get some ice tea in a few…

OK… I know there are some girls here who adore I couldn’t leave this one out

And because he totally stole my heart with a damn sexy Jasper…Jackson may have his place in my post as well…

And I’ll be dreaming of this…

Good night everyone....
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good Monday Morning, my Sisters!! It's a holiday, but that doesn't mean much. I came into my office for just a bit to get a jump on the weeks work. Of course, all that is a cover for seeing Eclipse on my way home. :lol: But, I figure if I get some work done, than I've earned it, right?

Hubs and I took the boys yesterday and they absolutely loved it. Biggun is even starting to get into the relationship piece of it and we ended up having a decent discussion about the difference in the way Edward and Jacob treat Bella. He's read the books, but this is the first time that topic has come up, so I was pleased. The best part... even at 12, my young man recognized that Edward, other than lying to Bella to protect her) truly respects Bella and her opinions much more than Jacob does. Ahhhh, sweet victory!

Tammy~ You can keep up, girl. You make such pretties out of The Pretty and his lady! I’m loving that they are releasing all the stills. Though, I’m still holding my breath for the still of the moment that almost made my heart explode. If they release that one, I’m going to find some Summit exec and kiss him on the mouth. Yeah, I said it. What a difference a few weeks makes, huh? :lol:

Marielle~ Welcome to the full blown fever, baby! I haven’t been able to look away from that man in years. But, sometimes, the E coverage isn’t so bad. It’s some of the others that really snaps my teeth together. I usually end up muting the volume. That way, I can appreciate Rob and ignore their idiocy. Of course Jaxsper is welcome in the HalfwayHouse. I mean, I promised Alice we'd spruce it up, didn't I? :lol:

Raine~ I’ll say it over and over. Absolutely pick up Water for Elephants. The book itself is well worth the read; a fantastic story very well told. But, being able to read with RobKowski in your head, it’s just sublime.

Tracy~ Hahahaha!! If you find RobKowski, let us know. I’m all for a little train adventure! I’m completely with you on Rob’s relationship with Ruby in Remember Me. In a way, he was more fatherly to her than her own father was. That was a big piece of the story, to me anyways. Tyler kind of had to pick up that role after Michael’s death. But, the best part was, if you saw any of the BtS pics or some of the premiere footage where Rob is hanging with Ruby…awwww, just so bloody adorable. He’s going to make a great dad someday in RL. So playing one shouldn’t be any kind of challenge at all.

Brienna~ Yep, we’re a fast moving crew. Just respond to what you feel like you want to or should. We subscribe to the “stream of consciousness” posting rules here. :lol:

As for pictures, well, first you need an online account somewhere like tinypic or Photobucket. I use Photobucket. Some people don’t like it, but I’ve never had a problem. Once you upload your pics to Photobucket, the site will create links to use to post them. For your signature and avatar, you use the control board and post them in the My Avatar and My Signature tabs. Then it automatically inserts them for you. As for pictures, that’s fairly simple. You don’t even need your own account for that, but it does help because then you have control of the image. Here’s a rundown of how to post them, including how to give them fun titles. *note- I will use the {} brackets as an example, but all codes should actually use the [] brackets.
1)Whether from your picture account or the site the pic is from, copy the link for the picture.
2)Above the post box, click the URL button. That will give you a code that looks this: {url}{/url}.
3)Paste your link between the two codes: --> {url} ... 1.jpg{/url}
4)After the file type (JPG or BMP or PNG), insert a close-bracket followed by your title --> {url} ... .jpg}Hello Gorgeous{/url}
5)Replace the first close bracket in the code with an = --> {url= ... .jpg}Hello Gorgeous{/url}
6)That^^ is what your final code should look like. When you click submit, it will post as a link with just the title for us to follow, like this; Hello Gorgeous. Again, the only difference will be using [] and not {}.

NewJen~ It’s pretty common for shooting locales to offer all sorts of incentives for companies to shoot in their cities or towns. It brings in a ton of revenue for the town. And, even though Summit is raking in the dough hand over fist with The Saga, it’s still a business. The cheaper a location is, the more of the profit they keep. And, some how, I’m thinking that shooting on an undiscovered private tropical island is a little more expensive than shooting in a similarly tropical American city that is still working very hard to bring tourists and others back after Katrina. Kellan/Nikki dream? I’d feel jipped.

Fi_Fi~ You don’t know the Hugh/Rob Tokyo story?!?! Oh, well, let me enlighten you. Directly following the 2009 Oscars where Rob presented and Hugh hosted (yep, I was in heaven, too. Did I mention Hugh’s number 4 on my List?) both Rob and Hugh had to fly directly to Tokyo. Hugh was promoting Australia and Rob Twilight. You know, the Tokyo junket that gave us pics like this. They ended up on the same flight and in the same hotel and hit it off, apparently. Later during the stay in Tokyo, a whole crew that included Rob, Kristen and Hugh all went to a local Karaoke bar and sang. Apparently, the hit of the night was Abba’s Dancing Queen. Seriously brings tears to my eyes to think about it.

As for Unbound Captives, that is a new project that both Hugh and Rob are signed on for. Rob will play a young man who was kidnapped by Apaches as a child, and Hugh plays, I believe, the man who his mother hires to find him. Yes, that means Rob with long hair and in a *gulp* breechcloth and moccasins and not much else!

BTW~ did you get your degree in psychology? My BA is in psychology and communications. I’m with you on the dream. As Freud said, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” :lol: Unless Rob’s smoking it. Than, it’s a one-way ticket to Caryn’s fantasy world!

MissP~ Ahhh, enjoy the atmosphere. Sounds like a lovely day for reading or writing.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by bored by the sea »

ohhhhhh we're edging ever closer to the new thread!! whoop! o.k. well as we're coming to a close ill share some of the prem pics with u (or try to anywho) :lol:

kellan laughing at my lack of voice
gah its not letting me whack anymore up at the mo ill try to share more tommorow

anywaaaayyyyssss how was everybodies weekends? hope they were all action packed and immensely fulfilling :D

raine :lol: i did head on over to the spoiler thread and totally joined in the spazzing, did you notice how much i was spazzing im fairly sure i wrote some of my thoughts down in the most random order ever lol. p.s. hows your niece doing? hope shes a bit better now dude.

tracy thats quite alright we knew you guys would appreciate our rundown of gossip from the premiere, oh man i really do heart the Slade he is a legend! lol

missp right there with you on the Eclipse withdrawals, seriously and i cant go see it until the official release on friday now :o i actually went off into a little daydream today at work (it was my first day back after a week and a half of holiday) about the proposal scene and how awesome it was :lol: p.s. just read your last post with the "sipping iced tea on the proch" yeah im now having another proposal scene flashback/daydream :oops:

bbc radio one "oh whats occuring" gah that totally reminded me ladies, im sure you will appreciate this,o.k. so on the national radio here on the BBC on Scott mills radio show at around 5.00 pm, he does this kind of game show for callers, he gets celebs to name certain things within the space of 30 secs and the callers have to guess how many of the said item of the day they named.Soooo anyway today i was girls names, he said Victoria :o (which is my actual name obvy) so anyways im driving at this point listening to it, almost died! and then the presenter gets the section of the trailer where edward says "isabella swan i promise to love you every moment of forever" he took this and replaced the isabella with some of the girls names that rob had said, yeah they used Victoria, im so fangirlin here, but it was sooo good to hear him utter those epic words!! i need it as like my text message tone or something :lol: argh im such a loser but it made me chuckle and grin at the same time ha ha.

mel was that in whsmiths that you bought it? my friend had the same prob, soo she went and got the last copy in waterstones (this was after she looked at mine last week though ha ha)

fi fi i know it was ridiculous, if you live in the u.k. (do you?) im hazarding a guess you didn't miss all the ridiculous news stories saying how no one knew that they weren't coming erg what a ton of old rubbish everyone was aware, grr to the muck raking :lol: p.s. *high five* on the cafepress-ness that site is simply the place to go for merch! lol

marielle he he arent ou glad that everyone heres been living at the cinema pretty much, im thinking we should all just set up camp there until it goes out of the theatre ha ha

carynthts so cool that your boys loved the film and that theyre starting to get into the books etc, at least you can use jacob as an example of the way a guy should not treat a girl lol
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Susie »

<runs in the front door of the Halfway House, slamming the screen door behind her>

I'm back!!!!!

I only have to read SIX pages of posts!!!!

I'll be back later after I've had time to digest it all to make my


I hope you've all been doing well!

(sorry for so many exclamation points)

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by bored by the sea »

* pops head back round the door just before she has to dash off for a cuppa* susie!!!! you're back! whoop! i look forward to your MEGA post they are always awesome reading :D
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give it? if it was someone you truly loved"- Breaking Dawn
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by diane771 »

Hi everyone

I wish that they would start shooting this soon just look at them
Bite me please!
That smile
Kiss me now!
Hair falling out from the bottom?
New video coming and we have new pics and pics for the AZ convention with Peter Factunalli so check the photo we great video's and funny Rob interview which is under forums.

Had a nice time with the boys and will be going into the hospital on Wednsday. If I can find a dogsitter
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Edwards Wheels »

it was waterstones Vicky. They had to go and check the note on it, then check with their manager. When they said it had an embargo on it i tutted, and said something along the lines of "yeah, that'd be about right, every other bugger has it but oh no not in the area i live in!" then i realised i'd said it out loud so i started talking at buddy about books. I don't get why it wasn't released the day after the prem?
I hope you had a fantastic weekend Susie, it's been strange not having your mega posts :-)
i think i might have to have a read of my new companions (i didn't know they'd existed before you guys talked about them, so i bought all 3. Now i need to get the directors thingy) with any luck i'll have another rob/edward dream :D

have a fab evening/morning, wherever you are x

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by openfire »

Hello everyone,
Well today was my first day at my new job. It was ok...very different way of working from my old job!! I'm sure I will get used to it tho. There is defo no internet access for personal use, so defo no lexing at work :( :(
I will just have to make sure I get on every evening to post!!

I went to see Eclipse last night again - yay!! It was still awesome! After I have been on here, I am going to see what the waiting list is like for the IMAX showings and book tickets for the weekend (hopefully!).


Shiny new thread - The Summer House sounds good to me too, especially with the movie coming out :D I have never downloaded a movie from iTunes before - Rob will be my first :P :lol:

Shauni - Good luck at your exam tomorrow!! Some RobCrack to bring you luck! (that you won't need as I just know you will do great!)

Mel - You should defo watch Little Ashes. I really enjoyed it. There are some scenes that just blow you away. Rob = great!!
Sorry you had to give up being a chef, but being a mommy is defo more important!

Raine - Sorry your neice is ill :( When little ones are ill, it's really horrible as you can't explain to them why they feel so rubbish! I hate it when my neice/nephews are ill - it's such a wee shame!

Tracy - I still haven't had any time to read my Eclipse Movie Companion!! I really hope I do soon. I completely agree - having the pictures in your hands is so so much better than looking at them on the internet. The shots are just beautiful!!

Ann Marie - Congrats on the new house! Are you moving into it by yourself, or with your boyfriend?

NewJen - Your dream sounds...bizzare :lol: But still, yay on the Twilight-related dream!
Glad you had a really good 4th July :)

Caryn - Glad your kids enjoyed the movie & yay for Biggun being Team Edward!!
How many showing of Eclipse have you got planned this week?? :lol:

Vicky - Haha, I have Edward as my text message alert... except it's from the first movie when he says "say it, out loud, say it" :lol: I really loved that part in the film - I thought it was beautifully shot..

Diane - Hope your hospital appointment goes well!

Susie - YAY! You're back!! I hope you had a fantatsic weekend - we missed you!!!

Rob was on GMTV today in the UK. It was a really short interview. He didn't say much new, but he was very adorable!
And Ashley, Kellan, Nikki & Xavier were on Alan Carr: Chatty Man (I really don't like the show but I watched it). They didn't really talk about Eclipse, but it was pretty funny! Alan Carr made them a "Twilight cocktail" with fizzy gummy bears in it - Kellan loved it! Haha! And Xavier was really very sweet - he was defending Edward refusing to sleep with Bella untll after they were married - aww!

Anyway, I am off now.
Hopefully I will be on tomorrow night,
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by TammyAZ »

Susie!! Welcome back girlie!!! I'll be waiting with baited breath for your mega post!!

Caryn I am waiting oh so patiently (well maybe not that patient) for some stills from the tent scene....His gorgeous smile was in abundance in that scene, and I'm itching to do something with them!!

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