Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by SwanCullen »

Why is is that drama always happens at family gatherings on holidays? I am so glad this holiday is OVER!

Thanks for all the lovely pics posted! And Marielle, oh those Jackson pics! Yep, I think I am turning into a Jackson girl as well! (What would be a good combo of Robert and Jackson? Hmmm...) Been so exahusted the last few days. Not much energy to post.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by dazzel21 »

Good Morning Ladies!!!
Hope everyone from the US have a relaxing holiday yesterday!!!
I'm feeling crappy today. My niece was in the hospital due to viral pneumonia, poor little thing, I spent half the night in the hospital. I got home at 2am and I still woke up early for work. I'm so tired and sleepy today...

Marielle - Try turning off your mobile and come up with a really lame excuse why you can't take calls :lol: :lol: . Kidding! It sucks when that thing happens...Oh you have to watch Remember Me, Rob has such good chemistry with the girl who plays her younger sister. I still don't know when the DVD will be released here, I've only seen it once at the cinema...

Caryn - Yay! It's really nice that your whole family appreciates/loves the Twilight Saga specially with your 2 boys. I think I'll pick up WfE this weekend, there's only 1 bookstore that has a stock of the said book and it's out of my way so I really need to put an effort to go there...

Vicky - I've seen your post. It's one major spazzing you posted, but as always, big surprise :lol: I agree with everything you said. My niece, she's at the hospital, darn weather here she caught viral pneumonia so her pedia wants her monitored 24/7 thus the hospital...I'm almost done with Shiver, 50 more pages more or less
That's so cool, about your BBC radio. Dude it's not loser mode, I would have done the same thing. Probably park my car on the side rode and squeal like a total fangirl while listening to it...

Jaclyn - That's too bad that you don't have net access at your new job. I know if it were me I'd die of boredom...I know, her pedia suggest she be confined at the hospital for better monitoring. It breaks my heart, she looks so little in the hospital bed. I brought her favorite stuff toy last night when I come down for a visit at least that puts a smile on her little face...
I have Edward as my message alert on my mobile too!!! It's also from Twilight it says "Are you afraid? Say it, out loud!!" It's actually the remix version of Bella's Lullaby

Susie - You're back. We miss you and your mega posts!!! I can picture you running inside your house and banging the screen door just to get on the lex :lol:

Okay, I'm totally slacking on my work..Gotta go
Have a great day everyone...
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hi ladies!

Someone probably already posted this lovely Eclipse wallpaper...
but you can never have too much of the meadow scenes
newtonscricket wrote:Tracy, re:shooting in Louisiana. I bet they do most of their interior shooting there. I think I remember Wyck saying that it had to do with tax incentives and saving money (though this puzzles me....they must be ROLLING in money!) They could do Isle Esme scenes there and any quick South American jungle shots needed and get everything they need to look like the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver....and Charlie's house since they built it there.
Thanks. I remember reading something similar and that makes sense. I guess I'd forgotten how many scenes are actually filmed as interior shots.
newtonscricket wrote:Which reminds me you asked (I think it was you) why WFE cast Reese Witherspoon playing a character more than 10 yrs. her junior. I think this is A) Reese probably was attached to the project first B) she probably can play mid/lates twenties believably C)the character still works fine if a little older than Jacob and D) Marlena has to have a real star quality, Jacob's eye was drawn to her instantly and Reese has that for sure.....can't really think of who else I would cast.
Newjen~ I agree that Reese has that "star quality" that Jacob noticed immediately in Marlena. I mentioned earlier that I loved the way Reese portrayed June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, and I think that same sass and spunk will serve her well in her role as Marlena. Loved your dream, by the way. :D

It seems to me that Rob has made some interesting and diverse choices for his recent movie roles that should serve him well. He's already filmed a couple of indie-type flicks (Little Ashes, How to Be); has a romantic drama under his belt (Remember Me); an art house, period piece (Bel Ami), and he's fortunate enough to have surrounded himself with Oscar caliber cast members in Water for Elephants (Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz, and Hal Holbrook) for an adaptation from a critically acclaimed novel.

I'm so excited about Water for Elephants for so many reasons, besides the amazing perfomance I think Rob will give. I love Hal Holbrook and he nearly brought me to tears in a small but pivotal role in Into the Wild, and I think he'll do the same as older Jacob in Water for Elephants. Because I work as a physical therapist, primarily with geriatric residents of a skilled nursing facility (nursing home), I was so touched and moved by the poignant representation of older Jacob in the book. And Hal Holbrook's portrayal of this character is just one more reason this movie could be fantastic. As well as the animals...and the secondary characters...and Rob.... :lol:

Raine~ hope your niece is feeling better and know that our hugs and prayers go out to you and your family. It's so very scary having a little one in the hospital. Hope you're able to get some sleep as well. ;)

Susie~ welcome back! We look forward to your next mega post but don't knock yourself out. We'll be here whenever you get a chance to post. :D

Vicky~ loved your picture of Kellan from the premiere. It's neat that Kellan and the other guys were so sweet and considerate and took time to sign so many autographs. I love that this Twilight saga cast has not really let the fame go to their heads. It seems that's somewhat of a rarity in the business these days.

Jenn Jenn~ sorry if your holiday wasn't so great. We're here with Robcrack and available for venting, anytime! ;)

jacklyn~ congrats on making it through the first day at your new job. I know it always takes a while to adjust. Are your coworkers nice and people you'll enjoy spending time with? We'll miss your more frequent posts, but we'll always be here when you get home. I don't have any internet or Lexicon or Robcrack access from work, either. Don't these people realize we'd be so much more productive with a little Rob-break every now and then? :D

fi~ I'm so glad you properly stared down and hopefully intimidated the Team Jacob group in the row behind you. I'm going for a second viewing myself Wednesday night, and I'm hoping for a little quieter atmosphere so I can actually hear every conversation and fully immerse myself in the meadow scenes and the leg hitch/proposal scenes. 8-)

Caryn~ Thanks for the beautiful Eclipse stills. Glad your boys enjoyed the show. I knew you raised them right, and I'd expect nothing less than Edwardly behavior from your eldest, being that he is your son, and your hub's son (an honorary Halfway House member in his own right). :D

Marielle~ I'm glad you've already begun the moving of the furniture in preparation for our transition to the Summer House. We wouldn't want to strain our backs with all that heavy lifting, and we certainly don't want to forget the perve hammock. Thanks for the pic of Jackson with the guitar....Rawwrrrrrrrrrr!

Diane, hope you're feeling alright and that your hospital visit/appointment goes well. Take care!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by diane771 »

Hi everyone!!

Tammy Look at our site for tent pics some were just added and Lena and Charlie always post great ones too almost 4,000 soon tent Edward
a little snow
no this one I mean
So Cute
May I help you Mamam?

Some changes coming to NT after I get home 8-)
Thanks for the warm wishes, I am schedule for 7 days but PLEASE only 2 would be enough. I will have my laptop with me so I hope I can use it. :)
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Just dropping in. I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth with their family and friends. I also wanted to tell you all I saw Eclipse TWICE in one day. It won't discuss it on here but I will say I loved it!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Jazz Girl »

Susie~ Welcome home, Sweetie.

Rob & Kristen's Evening~ Apparently, Rob & Kristen got into the cast surprise spirit. An hour ago or so, they showed up at an Eclipse screening in Century City together to thank fans for seeing the film. Can you imagine, heading off to a screening and you end up in a theater with none other than Rob & Kristen. There's also a twitvidavailable of it, but I can't take the screaming, so I am not going to direct link.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Susie »

Whew!! I was so worried you’d be starting the new thread without me! Thanks, Openhome, for asking us if we wanted a special name. I love “Summer House”!!

My trip in a nutshell – exhausting and fun– because I was the “one in charge” of all the driving and keeping up all our traditions. It was a shorter trip than usual because of my kids’ work/circus schedules.

Traditions – Betty’s Pies, A trip to Grand Marais for: World’s Famous Doughnuts, coffee on the bay, walking on the breakwater to the light house, shopping in the cute little shops, dinner at The Angry Trout (fresh fish and everything else organic), bonfire on the beach with s’mores, walks on the rocks along the beach, getting wet in the extremely cold Lake Superior water, 4th of July parade, BBQ with family, fireworks over Lake Superior. We didn’t have time for our usual inland hikes and the Alpine Slide.

ECLIPSE – How can I ever catch up on number of viewings????? Seriously. You gals are hardcore.

I’m going to try to respond to what’s transpired while I was away, but I may have missed something! It’s an overwhelming task. By the way, thanks for missing me!

Brienna – Hump Day – double meaning: 1st meaning in the U.S.- Wednesday (after this day, it is down hill to the weekend)/ 2nd meaning – ‘hump’ also means to – well….you know….what happens on Isle Esme- so on Wednesdays, we post especially suggestive pics of Rob.

Fi – You have found your home here at the Halfway House!!! We’re glad to be your support group. You go girl with the pics!!! I had discovered the limit on smileys, but didn’t know about the url limit!! The pic of Rob with pinky in his mouth………THUD.

Vicky!!! Thanks for the very complete account of your Red Carpet experience! I have yet to head over to facebook to see your pics. Will do so soon! I loved the official photo of your group – so cute! Kellan – what a nice guy. I was so happy to hear that the menfolk treated you right. I like the high heels excuse for why the Cullen girls didn’t make it around much. (I’d feel the same way wearing those things.) The proposal with your name inserted – def get that on your mobile!

Marielle – Glad you had such a wonderful time with your mom. Rob Interview – I’m DYING to know why Rob got kicked out of school, aren’t you???? I’m all for the Dutchies winning the World Cup!! Yes, we need to rearrange the furniture for the summer house. Vancouver – If I could get back there when they are filming, how can I get near the set??? How can I get the schedule??? Caryn???

Mel – I’m so sorry you can’t see Eclipse for a while! Think of it this way – you will have your “virgin viewing” and we will be old married ladies – Caryn might even be a dried up old hag in terms of numbers of viewings by that time :lol: Think delayed gratification..........the virginal wedding night. Enjoy the Movie Companions – I love them. There’s so much good info there and of course fabulous pics.

Jaclyn – I love your Eclipse enthusiasm!!! Sorry your job seems to be less fun than your last one. I hope you get accustomed to the job and the people and will grow to love them both. Super Auntie again!!!

Caryn – That’s great that you took your boys to Eclipse – raising them right! Robkowski – I love a man in tall boots (Colin Firth in P&P, Kevin Kline in Pirates of Penzance, Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp in P of the C) The Obamas and Twilight – My heart fluttered at the thought!!! What’s hubs doing in Guatemala? Educational-Human Rights witnessing what foreign mining companies are doing to the local village population. He’s with a group doing a documentary.

Jenn Jenn – Sorry about the family drama! Are you all tired out from the heat again?? I know I get exhausted from being in the heat.

MissP – Robginity – It’s about time!!! :lol: I’m glad you had good news from the doctor. I can’t believe how cheap that beach condo is!!! You sure like to be by water!

Raine – Poor little niece!!! It’s scary when they are that sick when they are that young. I can imagine how crappy you feel having had a night like that. I hope she gets better soon. That’s great that you help take care of your niece. You and Jaclyn are alike!

Tammy – Enjoy time alone with your hubs before the kids get home! Well, I don’t know what this says about my marriage, but I don’t have trouble sleeping when hubs is gone! Maybe it’s because I have a big, buff, almost 17 year old son to protect me, as well as a almost 20 year old daughter here. If I were alone, I’d probably feel differently.

Ann Marie – I'm so glad Eclipse met and even surpassed your expectations. When that comes out on DVD, you’ll be falling asleep to it in addition to Twilight and New Moon. You moved this weekend? Wow that is stressful. You must be tired!

New Jen – One of the pics you posted earlier – You’ll know exactly which one if I describe it: blue shirt, unbuttoned at the bottom revealing the top of his cough*underwear*cough and some skin – oh also button fly jeans………… You can post that to me anytime you want to cheer me up! …drool…..Your dream– You are one crazy lady!! I LOVE IT!!! Especially forgetting your shoes and walking home barefoot. (Although, I think that must have something to do with one of your kids) The fact that Rob was not in this dream at all says that perhaps you’ve moved from clinically obsessed to just obsessed. Progress is progress, but no need for further moderation.

Deb – Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!! No matter the results, you are tops with us!!!!

Shauni – Good Luck on your exam!!!

Diane – Great pics, as usual. I wish you the best possible outcome for your hospital visit and I hope they keep you as pain free as possible. Just hallucinate about the proposal scene – that should help. We’ll miss you here. I'm glad you'll have your laptop if you're feeling up to posting.

Tracy – I've GOT to get going on reading WfE!! That Rob in bed collage is VERY yummy! As I said in my intro, my weekend wasn’t exactly relaxing. I tried hard to keep everyone happy, including my parents and my aunt (who likes to cook food and then invite you for dinner when you already have plans) The girlfriend is fairly new too, so I wanted to make sure she had a good time. Also, I'm having trouble with my knee so walking around got very tiring. Eclipse every day that Hubs is gone- well, that might cut into my fanfic writing and raspberry pie baking! I’ll try for 3 times in the next 5 days – that’s a compromise.

Desiree - Eclipse twice in one day - You win the award as far as I'm concerned!!! :D

So, tonight I was getting caught up with a good friend of mine and she wasn’t even the slightest bit interested in my dealings with you all!!! I think she should have feigned interest at least, to be polite, don't you? Also when asked how she liked Eclipse, she said it was OK. It makes me sad…..

Rob Fanfictions will resume tomorrow (hopefully). Here’s who’s left (not necessarily in this order): JennJenn, Shauni, MissP, Tracy, Sandy, Trine (when she comes back). Brienna and Fi (you will get mini-stories since you are new) – I have written little individualized stories for our sisters on how they might meet Rob in real life – I did 12 and then took a break. Now I’m going to finish. When I’m done with the individual stories, I have an all inclusive Halfway House Rob Fanfic, as previously announced, but now with newly conceived Epilogue!!! (Mods - then I'll be done. 8-) )

See you all tomorrow!

(I just ate way too many twizzlers while making this post) :roll:

EDIT: Caryn - We've got to stop with the dual (or maybe it's "dueling") posting!!! :lol: Robsten surprising an Eclipse audience! Awwww! They look like they are having fun. Where is Century City?
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by TammyAZ »

Hey girls!!

fi_fi~ I hope you don't mind but I made you a present If you're not sure how to use it let me know I'll try to walk you through it (Caryn usually takes care of these kind of things lol)

Diane~ Sweet I gotta go take a look at those!!

Caryn~ I'm not sure what I would do if they showed up at one of our little theaters here :o

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by missp »

Hi, Girlies! I have spent a glorious day out on the porch basking in the sunshine and writing Chapter 23 of my fan fic, Perfect Forever. I finally posted it around 7 pm or so and I've already had 97 hits and two positive reviews! YAY! I will work on the epi tomorrow. No mega post tonight because I like to take notes on everybody's comments and respond to them. I am just too sleepy to do that tonight. However, there were two posts that I simply MUST respond to before leaving for the night.

SUSIE~~Welcome back, Girl!! We missed you!
JAZZ GIRL~~If I had been in the theater that Rob and Kristen popped by on to surprise the audience, I might have had a coronary! :lol: Seriously, what a treat for those fans! I hope I would have the maturity becoming of a 41 year-old twi-teacher and behave in a manner accordingly. But...I have seen the movie 4 times already. So, who knows. :oops:

Okay, HH. I'm off to do some more story mapping before going to bed. Night Night, Ya'll!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Jazz Girl »

Tammy~ Loving your new banner, baby!!! Never truer words were typed!!! I swear, if I get my hands on a decent screencap of my Edward moment, I will be willing to beg for a similar one. OH!! And, btw, THANK YOU for using the RIGHT Volvo in the siggy image. *sigh of relief* I have so many issues with the daddymobile in the films.

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