Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by diane771 »

Susie I would love to think of that proposal but the nurses might get up set with the noise coming from my room!
Well I am getting a private room and I could have Rob come and stay with me. They are letting me if I want to. The nurses will be hovering around my door. :lol:
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Oh Caryn I would be ecstatic if Rob and Kstew showed up to one of my viewings of Eclipse. Lucky girls !
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by TammyAZ »

I had to do bit of internet digging for that one Caryn. And you'll have to tell me which scene so I can keep a look out for it!! I should probably know by now, but for some reason I am drawing a blank...

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by SwanCullen »

Raine-I hope your neice gets better! It sucks to see kids in the hospital. My daughter had to spend 1 night there when she was 13 months old and it was heart wrenching!

Older-Twilight_Fan-The Rob-Crack helps! :D I agree that Rob has made diverse choices, and I think it is a good thing for him. That way, he wont get type-casted!

Edwardsragazza-TWICE in one day? Wow! I wish I could do that, sounds like a good way to spend some time!

Caryn-Thanks for the pics you posted. That was so awesome of them to show up to a viewing! I think I would not know what to do if that happened in my little old town here in KY!

Susie-Sounds like you had a great time! Everyone seems to be taking trips so far. I'll be on mine either next month or in September! Yep, the heat is getting to me again. With the drama bull-hockey that went on yesterday (oh I so want to rip apart my daughters Aunt! Grrr! I wish I was a newborn and then I would tear into her! She gets on my last nerve!) plus being outside with the kids (Me and my ex's mom ALWAYS seem to be the one watching kids when people are over, so not cool!) for hours, I was not feeling good and exausted! But, it's slowly getting better. Rob-Crack and Jackson-Crack help this sister out! :lol:

Tammy-Girl, you get better and better with each banner you make! You rock sister!

Missp-I think I am going to re-read your fic. I thought I had read it all already, but I don't think I have! I will work on that tomorrow and be a good reader and review each chapter! You sound like your having a great time on vacation!

I joined a Peter F. forum and a Jackson forum today. Yep, it is offical, I am far gone into the Twilight insanity! As if you ladies didn't already know! :lol:

Trying to work on my Rose POV fic of the 3 days Bella took changing, but at a writers block. Susie, you will probably get a half done chapter tomorrow and I'll need your advice on how to continue. I know where to go, but I try to write and I am comming up with nada! GAH! Anywho. Night ladies. It's far to late to be on here.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies....

Today is the day, the dutchies are going to play their semi final...the whole country is starting to get nervous...

Caryn, you raise your kids perfectly…thanx for the tip, I normally keep the sound on because I just love Rob’s accent…

Hmmmm Rob and Kristen doing a surprise visit at a cinema…how lucky are those people…I would be to stunned to even think…

Vicky, that’s a brilliant idea, we should do a summer camp for Rob-addicts…we could camp out at a cinema…

Diane, thanx for the tent scene still I have been dying for that one… if you have more…please please please post…

GOSH Diane…I think…I can’t think those stills……man,…..

JennJenn… yeah Jackson really stole it with Eclipse…because Rob looked so damn hot, sexy, beautiful…in Eclipse I was all eyes for him but man that half smile Jackson does makes me whimper as well…

Raine, thanx for the phone tip…I have to confess..I’ve forgotten my phone today, it’s still at home and the doc might call so I feeling a bit stupid today…

Tracy, yeah moving furniture takes a long time…we can not forget the list as well…

Hey Susie!! Welcome back girl…we missed you…
Yeah we had fun at my moms place, but she’s so busy it’s really exhausting…I was happy to be home again…
Sounds like you had a fun trip as well…

here's a link to more stills

aah... well I have to get some work done
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by despoina92 »

I'm going to London, I'm going to London, I'm going to London!!!!!!!

And who knows, maybe I'll see somewhere this guy!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by bored by the sea »

afternoon everyone, ooh we're nearly at the end of the thread, whew that totally flew by.

rob and kristen intro an Eclipse screening in L.A. just saw the footage on the lex homepage, and how awesome is it? (well for the people that were there) that would just immense, i think that would make my year... no make that my life :lol:

Mel was it really Waterstones, my mate got the last copy yesterday from there and it was in a buy one get one free thing, its really bizarre becuase the official release date for it was last wednesday anyway (i preordered mine online) and i got it in the post thrusday soo thats really bizarre, at least you finally have it dude, they are a really interesting read.

Jaclyn no lexing at work truly does suck :lol: i make do with the mobile in the day lol. ah soo the summer house shall be taking your itunes- ginity (well with videos anywho lol). :o you have rob as your text message tone?? man i NEED that!! hmm shall have to go investigate. yeah i recorded the gmtv thing, my mate was like theres no point he was only on it for 2 mins, but i liked it, i think they didnt really give him an opportunity to say anything especially new as they asked the same questions we've all heard before :lol: and yeah chatty man is a fairly rubish show i agree, i also watched it for the twi lot though, and yes!! bless xavier standing up on Edwards behalf!!

Jennjennisn't that just family gatherings in general? gah hope it didn't ruin your holiday weekend too much dude.

Raine :lol: he he clearly great minds think alike, yep yep i am aaaallll about the major spazzing lol. man thats rubbish aout your little niece bless her, hope shes progressively getting a little better. whoop to you almost finishing Shiver, i havent started reading the next one Linger yet as theyve put the release date over here back soo i have to wait til July 21st :| dude im not going to lie i did fangirl squeal whilst i was driving possibly looked crazy as i had the radio cranked up l-o-u-d ad the windows down because it was soooo hot.

Tracy :o i hadnt seen that wallpaper thanks for posting it, its beautiful. yeah they were all really nice, alex mraz went around the whole kind of circuit twice just to make sure he hadnt missed anyone, they are all soo nice and theyll happily chat at you or comment to you, its only when their pr steer them away that they aren't able to do anything, thats what happened with nikki and ashley i think.

susie as if we could start a new thread without you :D saw you checked out my prem pics, glad you liked them dude. yeah im not going to lie i cant walk on grass in heels either soo im giving the twi girlies that excuse as well :lol: yep its true the twi-guys know how to treat us ladies right. your trip sounds awesome dude, glad you had a fun time.

Marielle asummer camp for rob-addicts!! ha i would soo pay good money to go to that! hm maybes we've found a hole in the market? lol

Deb reeaallyy! well welcome to our beautiful land lol, i always hold out hope of bumping into rob in london too :lol:

arrgghh rubbish right ive got to dash to go pick up my sister from school, as ive got my mums car for today, see you girlies later
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Brienna »

Some time to post :)

Caryn: thanks for explaining :) I'm on two Dutch forums to, but this one works a bit different than I'm used to. My little brother is here today and he's going to show me how to make a signature picture, so I have one now! Yay! I finally learned how to photoshop today :lol:

Welcome back Susie I hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for explaining Hump Day ;)

Not much more to say now... Have a nice day!!!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Good morning!

Vicky and Marielle~ I like the idea of the "Summer Camp" for Rob-addicts. What a great concept! I'd make reservations every week. :D

Deb~ congratulations on your trip to London! When will you go and is it a temporary visit or a more permanent one?

Marielle~ good luck in the semi-final game today. I too would freak or faint dead away if Rob and Kristen showed up at our movie theatre. I think Tinsel Korey (Emily) showed up at a theater somewhere in Nashville. She's gorgeous and I'm sure very sweet....but she's no Robsten. :lol: Thanks for the link to the Eclipse stills. It was slightly nauseating to see the still just before (or after) Jake and Bella's second kiss. :? There's also a new still of Jake and Bella cuddling on a porch...apparently it may be part of the missing scene many of us wondered about with Bella's vision of her alternate future with Jake.

Jenn Jenn~ sorry that you always end up taking care of all the kiddos when the family's visiting. It does seem like family drama and stress are often magnified at the holidays. :? Let us know how you like the PFach and Jackson forums--you can be our link to the rest of the world. :D

Tammy~ love the new banner of Robward with the proper Volvo--absolutely gorgeous.

Susie~ I'm glad you had a nice time and thanks for the link to the pictures of the area you visited--it looks lovely and sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. With all the planning and coordinating you were'll probably need a vacation to recover from your vacation. ;) Maybe you should check out a second viewing of Eclipse as your reward. I'll finally be seeing it for the 2nd time tomorrow night with a friend who is a latecomer to the Twilight saga books and movies, and not nearly as addicted as I am. I'll have to rein in my fangirlish tendencies just a bit so as not to completely overwhelm her. :lol:

I just read an informative and very nice interview with Bryce Dallas Howard in the Telegraph from the UK, that was posted on the opening pages of the Lexicon.
Here's the link
Bryce comes across as sweet and very approachable. She discusses everything from growing up with a famous father, but that the kids had to do regular stuff like mucking out goat stalls and fixing the roof. ;) She also discusses upcoming projects, post-partum depression, and how much she's enjoyed being part of the Twilight craze. She mentioned that during filming of the fight scenes in Eclipse, her biggest fear was that she would mess up Robert Pattinson's face and be hated by teenage girls everywhere. :lol: It's a great interview and she seems like a breath of fresh air in Hollywood, especially when you consider her family pedigree.

Hope everyone's having a great day (or evening). I'm off to see Toy Story 3 today with the kiddos.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by dazzel21 »

Hello Everyone Good Evening!!!

I just got home from the hospital. My niece seems to be okay. She's smiling a lot and tugging nonstop on her IV :lol: . She's starting to get on the nerves of her nurses. A good sign, hope we can bring her home before the weekends...

So I know this is gonna sound a bit weird but in all my 26 years this is going to be the first time that I would be spending the whole night alone in the house :oops: . My sister in law has to go to work and my brother and our nanny will be sleeping at the hospital. So here I am holed up in my room with all the lights off, doors bolted, my arnis beside my bed (it's sort of a long piece of wood used in Filipino martial arts, I took classes way back in college so don't mess with me :lol: ) tv on moderate volume and my laptop as my only companion. I'll probably be sleeping under the covers tonight :lol: :lol:

Right quick replys and then I'm off to bed...

Desiree - Eclipse twice in a day!!! You go girl...

Susie - Sounds like you have a very relaxing and fun holidays with your family. I know me and Jaclyn are the doting Aunts :D

Marielle - Ever the Dutchies fun!!! Hope your team wins the semi...

Deb - Yay! Congrats I'm so excited for you...

Vicky - I think Linger's released date here in the Phil. is also on the 21st of July. But I admit I'm more excited for the release of Mockingjay, 3rd book of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins by mid August. I haven't got the time to go to the bookstore and their website is useless as they don't update their site regularly. Maybe during the weekends coz I'm dying to pick up a copy of Water for Elephants :lol:

I'll see you all tomorrow ladies. I'm off to bed. I'm so tired...
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