Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Jazz Girl »

*walks in singing...Back to life..back to reality...back to the hee--re and no--oow Yeaaah!*

I swear, after the last two weeks, I feel like I've been disconnected from reality. :lol:

Raine~ It's tough, if you've never done it, to be alone in a house. I absolutely love the solitude of the occasional evening alone. But, then again, I have my pup and my computer for company. No worries, though. You'll make it through. Just concenttrate on this bit of lovely.

Tracy~ Thanks for posting the BDH interview. I saw snippets of it but didn't get the full thing. Yeah, I can't imagine someone looking at you and saying, "go ahead. Punch the most beautiful man in the world. Don't worry about it." :lol: I'd be scared to breathe on him!

Brienna~ Looks like your brother did well in getting your siggy and avvy hooked up. Nice selections, by the way. Good luck to the Dutchies today. Should be a great game!

Deb~ Congratulations!!! I've visited London a time or two and absolutely love it. I can't imagine getting to move there. Here's hoping you run into a little of that in a pub. :lol:

Marielle~ Yes, it's absolutely a hard choice, turning off Rob's beautiful accented voice. But, I have other ways of hearing that without the incessant screeching. I do look for transcipts of their comments, though, so I don't miss anything good. Enjoy the game today!!

JennJenn~ Yeah, we tend to get bupkus here in the Midwest, don't we? Oh well, we can dream.

Tammy~ My EdwardMoment in Eclipse comes in the first glimpse we get of him on the top of the mountain. They do a close up on his face, from a slightly elevated angle. His eyes are almost sparking with intensity and his skin is barely sparkling. He looks so intense and fierce and beautiful in that moment. And, knowing that his entire focus is catching sight of Bella, knowing she's safe...that image literally stopped my breath.

Alright, back to work for me. Check back soon.
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Susie »

Good Morning Ladies!!

I have to keep up with the activity on the thread now. It is so hard to catch up once one gets behind!!

He is SO in love

Jenn Jenn – That DOES sound like an exhausting day. It’s been a while since I’ve had to “watch kids”, but I remember it was not that much fun!!! Writer’s block – just let the ideas percolate for a while – I usually get ideas in the shower or while I’m driving because I’m not actually “trying” to think then!!

Marielle – Go Dutchies!! It’s so funny that your mom wears you out! You’re like me right now – you need a vacation from your vacation! Thanks for the link to the stills.

Deb – See??? Was there ever any doubt???? CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D What a relief to have things settled so you can start some planning – get a good flight – you know the one that Rob is on……..Hey, I friended you on facebook, in case you’re wondering who that person is!!

Vicky – Thanks for calling me ‘dude’ – it makes me feel so….I don’t know… …COOL. yeah. That’s it. I’m COOL. 8-)

Brienna – Now you can get your pics all ready to post tomorrow for Hump Day!!

Tracy – You must have the day off today – you are posting in broad daylight!! Eclipse viewings – I’ll schedule in one time with my daughter who mildly likes the Saga, and one time with my friend Mary who has only seen the movies, so I guess I’ll have to control my enthusiasm too. Glad you liked the Grand Marais site. It really is beautiful up there. Bryce Dallas Howard was worried about messing up Rob’s face and upsetting TEENAGE girls??? Does she even KNOW????? :lol:

Raine – For some reason, I didn’t realize that you lived with your brother and family. Duh! It is hard to get used to a completely quiet house- you hear every noise and think it is an intruder! I hope you got some sleep.

Caryn – You mean you are back to your “normal” routine?? How can that be?? (Did you know that we were dual posting last night?)

another WfE Tux pic

I've got to do all the laundry from the trip on top of all the laundry that was already in the basket before we left!!! That is interfering with my Twilight Only week!!! Oh, and I also need to pick raspberries in our garden. I wish you could all come and help me. You could take some home with you. They're organic...... Do you know what the price in the store for organic is right now? $4.99 for a teeny tiny container - it looks like a quarter pint!!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by missp »

Just a quick Good Morning post for all you lovelies!! Going to work on the epi of my fic today! Later, Girls! :D
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by vampirelover109 »

Hey ladies right I'm never gonna catch up with all the posts I'm trying I'm heading out to my bf house he missed me while I was away aww bless him I'll be back later

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by marielle »

Hey girls...

an early evening post...the dutchies are about to start....

Deb, CONGRATS GIRL!!!!! You deserve it after all the hard work…

Vicky, yeah I have been dreaming about meeting my HH-sisters for a long time, I think a Rob-addicts camp would be so much fun…it’s just the lack of money that is holding us back…

Tracy, yeah I saw that still of Jacob and Bella on the porch and it made me already beg for the deleted scenes….
Ducthies are starting in 90 minutes…you can feel the buzz around this place…

Raine, that’s a whole night of Twilight fun… watch the dvd’s (don’t forget the chocolate) hang out here in the HH…, that what I do when I get a evening off of BF or family duties…

Caryn, yeah it is hard coming down from Eclipse heaven isn’t it….I was totally fuzzy yesterday after all the Robward overload…couldn’t really focus on work…

Susie, that pic…man Rob looks tired, working in the same area as where Kristen lives isn’t really good for him, hmmmm imagine what that girl is doing to him ( or the other way around of course)…
Yeah, a vacation from my mom…that sounds great, …(if she reads this she’ll shoot me you know..)

God this girl gotthe best pic ever

Oh, what I wanted to Holland has finally catched up on the Eclipse thing...they finally know it's in theatres now, so they are hanging up promo posters...almost every bus stop has one.. there are three pics one with the Cullens, the puppies, and the threesome...everywhere in town I see only puppies...everywhere except in my street... here is Cullen territory...we has one with Bella, Edward and the dog and the rest are the brilliant is that...

OK, I'm off... game is about to start...
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Brienna »

I saw the posters week ago Marielle, so maybe they just didn't put them up where you live?

Susie: I would love some raspberries! Enjoy them!

I also think my brother did a good job on the signature :)

Good evening girls, I'm gonna watch the game now!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by bored by the sea »

hhe im baaacckk, just thought id pop over to see how we're going with burning through the last few pages of the thread :lol: going nicely ladies lol.

summer camp for rob addicts hmm maybes we should do this to coincide with our new shiny shiny thread once we get it :lol:
David Slades thankyou message on Facebook have you guys all read it, i heart the man anyway after wednesday and then actually having seen the film but now i think i admire him a little more, it was the sweetest thing ever, i really love how we've been sooo lucky so far with such really awesome directors, awesome as in they have really great personas and they totally get our dedication to the saga. hmm i wonder if things shall follow form with Bill Condon? ... -facebook/

Raine hope your night in the house on your own was alright, i remember when i moved away from home for university and was in my flat on my own a couple of nights, it totally freaked me out :lol: all else fails whack on twilight followed by new moon :) , dude thats so ace that your niece is perking up a bit. man i keep meaning to read The Hunger Games ever since stephenie reccommended them on her web site either last year or the year before but i really haven't gotten round to it, i might have to go pick up a copy of the books that have been released so far and Water For Elephants as well, that may tide me over until Linger is out.

Susie are you doubting your cool-ness 8-) ?! i should hope not......... dude! :lol: you have raspberrys in your garden? oh man id be eating those things allllllllllllll day long.

marielle i know how awesome would it be to have an actual Halfway House girlies meet up, oh well we can dream i guess, curse the fact we all live soo far apart :lol:

brienna our bro definitely did a good job with your siggy!

right night night ladies, i shall see you all tommorow most likely on a new thread judging by the way this is going
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Susie »

Let me help burn through the pages to our Summer House -

JennJenn's Rob Fanfiction

Jennifer was dreading going to the park today – it was as hot and humid as most of the Kentucky summer days. She had promised to take her daughter’s cousins along with them to the playground. The kids loved playing together, and frankly, it was easier than having Baby Girl play on her own.

The kids were ready and Jennifer walked them all to the park. She had packed a bag with sunscreen, crackers, and juice boxes for the kids, but she soon realized that she had forgotten to bring her own water bottle. The kids loved the playground – they ran around in circles, trying all the different play equipment. They seemed oblivious to the heat. There were hardly any quibbles like there were when the kids played at home.

Jennifer was getting really hot, even though she was in the shade. Why wasn’t the drinking fountain working? She called the children over to take a break and have their juice boxes and crackers. She was dying for a juice box of her own, but she had just brought enough for the kids. Luckily, her daughter was willing to “share” a little with her.

Kids being kids, they finished their snack quickly, eager to get back to playing whatever complex game they had been playing before. Jennifer got as comfortable as possible on the bench in the shade, but she just wasn’t feeling well at all. In fact, she was getting a little dizzy from the heat. She was thinking that maybe she should take the kids home now, but she really didn’t even have enough energy to round them up to leave. Dang! Why had she forgotten her water bottle?

Things really started spinning now and Jennifer slumped down on the park bench. Her daughter noticed. “Mommy!! Don’t take a nap!!! You are supposed to be watching us!”

Jennifer didn’t seem to hear her daughter calling.

“Mommy! Wake up!!”

Again, there was no response. Baby Girl ran over to her mother and tried to wake her, but Jennifer was really woozy. The cousins all ran from their play to see what was wrong. They were all crowded around the park bench trying to wake up Jennifer, “Wake up, Wake up!!”

There weren’t any other people at the park that day and usually there wasn’t much traffic in the neighborhood, but as the chaotic scene unfolded, a car happened to be passing by. The driver couldn’t help but notice that there was something wrong – something involving children. The car stopped and a man got out and ran to see what was wrong.

One of the kids saw him coming and said, “Oh no! It’s a stranger coming, what do we do?? We need help, but it is a stranger!!”

Jennifer’s daughter looked over at the man and was overjoyed. “That’s not a stranger. That is Edward. I know him.”

Surprisingly, it was Rob Pattinson. He had been in the area checking out a race horse he wanted to buy and had just happened to be driving by the park at this moment of crisis. “What’s wrong, kids?”

“My mommy won’t wake up!” Jennifer’s daughter cried.

“Maybe it’s the heat,” Rob said as he got a closer look at Jennifer. He gently nudged her shoulder and she stirred a little. Then he sat next to her on the bench and pulled her up to a sitting position with his arm around her to support her. “ Does she have a water bottle?”

“Mommy forgot her water bottle at home,” Baby Girl said, “Please help her!!”

“Dean, grab my water bottle from the car.” Rob called to his car.

Soon Rob’s bodyguard was running up to Rob with a blue Nalgene water bottle.

“What’s her name?” Rob asked Jennifer’s daughter.

“Mommy – I mean – Jennifer.”

With his arm around her, Rob held up the water bottle, “Jennifer. Drink this water. You’ve got to have some water.” He shook her a little to wake her up more.

She took the bottle from him and started drinking. This revived her and she finally opened her eyes and looked up. Of course she thought it was one of her usual Rob dreams and didn’t respond until her daughter said, “Mommy! You’re awake!”

Jennifer was startled to see Rob’s face in front of her, so close, and to feel his arm around her. She nearly fainted again at the shock of it all. He offered the water bottle to her again and she took a few more gulps. “Thank you. I guess I must have passed out from the heat.”

“You sure did. We were driving by and we saw these kids clustered around you yelling for you to wake up. Since there weren’t any other adults around, we thought we’d better stop and help.”

“Again, thank you. I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t stopped. I can’t believe I put these kids at risk like that!”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself! It could happen to anyone on a day like today. I know I can’t handle heat and humidity like this. It’s definitely not like England. At least LA is dry heat.”

All during this conversation, Jennifer was feeling more and more lucid and more like herself again. “Do you mind if I ask you what you are doing in Kentucky?”

“I came to look at a race horse I’m interested in buying. I love horses and horseracing is a way that I can enjoy them with my busy film schedule.”

“Well, what did you think of the horse? Are you going to buy it?”

“The horse is magnificent. I’d love to close the deal if all the details can be ironed out.”

At this point, Jennifer was sitting up on her own and she looked much better. “Are you going to be alright?” Rob asked.

“Yes, thanks to you!”

“You’d better keep the water bottle, just in case.”

Jennifer looked at the blue bottle – it was Rob’s own Nalgene water bottle. His lips had touched this bottle. She smiled. “Thank you so much, Rob.”

Rob said goodbye to the kids and started back to the car. Out of respect for Kristen, this is where it ends.*

*except for when he buys that horse and runs into JennJenn again in town!

Enjoy, JennJenn!!
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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by TammyAZ »

Susie you have once again floored me with your writing!! I love the way you are able to remember all of the small details of our lives :)

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Post by Brienna »

YAY! Holland won! :D