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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:30 am
by Edwards Wheels
i've only got time for a quick post. I feel i ought to apologise for causing any problems over some pictures that were posted. That wasn't my intention, i thought they were very very very nice pictures, in fact a bit too nice if you get my meaning.
I'm so sorry to diane for any trouble it's caused her. I thought i should apologise on the thread and i have also sent her a pm. There was nothing wrong with the photo's what so ever, it was my imagination that ran away with itself and i'm sorry xxx

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:45 am
by marielle
* walks in with head hanging in shame*
did I really miss Ashley's Bday this morning
To make it up to you Ashley HAPPY BDAY

JADEY, Girl it's so nice to see you is everything in kiwi lands???
We had a big celebration for Kstew when we found out she was in Budapest...rumors were flying anout and engagement so we couldn't leave that one lying around of course..
By the way we are planning a huge e-bash for Rob's birthday...will you invite the rest of the girls who are hanging out at the annex (twitterpage)

see you all later

Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:41 am
by Jazz Girl
Ahh, the first Happy Hump Day in the new Thread. Yep, I think that should do it. :D

Susie~ Hmmmmm. See, I’m torn here. I absolutely adore, like in a pathological way, Never Think. I have literally every nuance of that song memorized, down to the fact that, if you listen very closely, you can hear Rob open his lips and inhale to begin singing about a beat and a half prior to the first lyrics, and you can hear him exhale very shakily as he closes the final note. It literally makes me weak at the knees. But, like you, I also understand that Rob is particularly personal about his music. I have heard the alternate version via YouTube. I have to say, in this case, I disagree with the musician. I like to think of it as a matter of him not being completely aware of the power of how that song was delivered and framed as well.

Tammy~ There are so many sources. is a fantastic source. As is the Lion & Lamb community on LiveJournal, and their partner Everglow. Googling his image is also a good starting place. But, I find it best, when using that strategy, to try and narrow to events like the Rome premiere or the Oscars to keep from being overwhelmed. Of course, as we post the pretty, you can also always just steal ours. I love to share. :D

Marielle~ Kristen and Tay Tay travelled together because they were both in LA. Rob, coming from London, had a little different travel plans. And, I’d say, seeing as how we haven’t seen any airport pics, he did a damn good job dodging the parasites that were camped at the airport waiting for him, poor man. No worries though. He’ll be there.

MiniMe~ *runs over, grabs up Ashley and spins her in a circle* Hi!!!!!!!!! Hi, hi, hi, hi!!!!! Ach, how I’ve missed you. Thank you for coming to visit. And on your birthday, no less. You get extra special lovin today.

Trine~ Hahahahaha!!! That is so funny! You and your name. I’m right there with you. While my name may be common, the spelling isn’t. So, if someone named Caryn did something, I could completely understand if people think it’s me. Aww, that’s so sweet that you would share with us first. Makes me feel all special and stuff :oops: :D .

Ahhh, the RobGinity photo. So glad I was able to help you relive that moment. My RobGinity was taken by the evergenerous MBM shoot, his eyes still kill me.

AnnMarie~ Oh Dear Sweet Bajeebus!!! I so adore that photo. Any pic involving The Hottness and an instrument….*whimpers* Seriously, there are a few fanfics out there that contain scenes where ~Ward can be found ghosting his fingers along ~Ella’s arm or back or shoulder as if he were playing a piano. I almost blackout in those moments.

Jade~ *runs over and grabs up Jade in a bear hug* Jadey Jadey Jadey!!! How we miss our little Kiwi Twitter Refugee!!! You get some serious side/back of the headporn for your visiting reward!!!!

Sandy~ Mmmmmmm, fingerporn…. What a wonderful way to celebrate the day of Hump!! <LOL> Absolutely, I’ll keep Rob nice and cozy in bed for you. ;) . Happy First Communion to MiniSandy and I’m putting together some pretty for your gift, too.

Mel~ No troubles. We just have to be careful. There are a few pics, particularly from the Details shoot, that we can’t post. But, I think all the ones posted so far are in the clear (and downright bloody beautiful by the way ;) ).

Okay, I have to drive to Lafayette this morning. Not nearly as bad as Evansville last week. But, still... At least I can yell and scream at Failcob on the Eclipse disc while I do it. :lol:

EDIT: Dude, this is a hella long post. But, here's the reward for reading all the way to the bottom...

Rob's on the list, Sisters. Granted, we know he ALWAYS should be. But, Robert Thomas Pattinson is one of People's Most Beautiful of 2010. DUH!!! and *sigh*

Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:17 am
by Fizzles
Hey Everyone! :D

I haven’t been here since the weekend, and I finally get a chance today to post. Then I freak out. :shock: Oh My Rob! :o We’ve been evicted from No4! But then its ok, cause we just got to move next door to No5. Phew!

Thankyou all for bringing the furniture and Robsentials over. I trust these two having been keeping an eye on my room for me. No house move is complete without a present. This is my Essential Rob pic that I have to take everywhere with me. :twisted:

I am the keeper of the map that was made way back when. However, there are some of you who are not on it. If you want to pm me with your name and general location (eg. nearest city/state) then I can certainly add you to it. Bascially the map is just to give us an idea where in the world we all are. :)

We’re all keeping well in Twitterland. We had a 'TwiDate' on Sunday. We all agreed a time and settled in to watch Twilight 'together' whilst twittering away. It was fun and one of us even got thrown into Twitter Jail! It's where you get sent for tweeting too many times within a certain timeframe! :lol:

That’s all for today. Hope you have a Happy Hump Day!

Happy Birthday Ash!!

Talk again soon, Laura. Xx

EDIT - Rob's on his way to The Couve!

Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:37 pm
by openfire
Wow! I miss 1 day of posting, and there is like, 12 new pages or something! And a shiny new thread! :D
Annnnnd, you have managed to get through 5 pages already! Wowza!

I wish I had time to respond properly, but I am going out tonight for dinner. And tomorrow! Hopefully I will find some time tho...
Oh and I am off to Ireland on Saturday for a couple days! :D Looking forward to it!

So briefly...

Diane - I'm a little late but I LOVE the gif in your sig. They are indeed so freaking cute together! :D They make me smile so much when you see pics like that!

Susie - Your menopause talk made me laugh: After viewing Hot RobCrack everyday, my own desperate physiology was screaming “Yes I CAN still have your baby, Rob! :lol: !
I hope your bronchitis is getting better!

Desiree - I'm glad you are loving your new laptop! :D My boyfriend got one a few months ago and I "borrow" it all the time :lol: It's so much easier & better than a big desktop computer!

Jade!! Hey girl! Hope you are doing good; we miss you here!

Ashley - Happy birthday!!

everyone else - Hi! :D

Sorry for the lack of RobCrack :(

Gotta run!!

Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:00 pm
by SweetImpakt
Summit confirmed that BD is gonna be shot and Bill Condon will be the director!
Check the lex' main page!:D

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:28 pm
by marielle
Good evening ladies.......

Shauni, that's great news....I like Cordon's date on when they are shooting...

Caryn,, it's not so much the worry that Rob wasn't going to be there (after Laura's post confirmed he is going to be there).. but more that I didn't like the idea of more shoots with Jacob...and why on earth do they need re-shoots when the movie is released in 65 days....but having the dog there scares me the most... if it was just Rob and Kstew, then I would be totally thrilled....

Laura, I hope you can link us again to the map....I love to see where everybody is living, it might come in handy when making holiday plans.... ;)

I'm hoping everybody has a good day...
I wonder how many people just got out of bed???

Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:58 pm
by SweetImpakt
Marielle, they start shooting in October!:D

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Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:59 pm
by marielle
SweetImpakt wrote:Marielle, they start shooting in October!:D

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thanx... that's great new..... can't wait for behind the scen shots on the isle Esme

Re: Adult Thread--Rob's Halfway House 5

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:07 pm
by TammyAZ
Marielle~~ I try to be optomistic about reshoots....maybe someone has actually been listening to the fans and they have realized how important it is to us that they get the tent scene right and they have to reshoot some of it??

Just a guess but hey you can't blame a girl for hoping :)