Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Jaclyn~ I keep forgetting to respond to you. Sorry about that my dear. Ok awhile you asked me about SVH diaries. Those most of come out later after I stopped reading them. I just remember the thrillers and special edition. Second your boyfriend is such a sweetie supporting your Rob habit. I love it. I have another abv. for you what is OOC?

Caryn~ I knew you would beat us all in the Twilight viewing. I Ill probably go one more time for my fourth viewing before it leaves the theatre. Thank you for explaining all that to me. I thought it had to do with HP cause I remember you girls saying shipper and something about HP.

Susie~ My friend does that with b-days. I hope you girls had a great time. Was this the friend who didn’t understand internet friends? If you don’t like doing the number game go to the introductions to the newborns htat will raise your numbers fast.

Marielle~I’m sorry to hear about your car. I hope the ins. covers it.

Diane~You just let me know how I can help or if I need to sign something.

Raine~Can you order LInger online? EP will be 80. Never mind just read your last post you got LInger. You and I will probably finish it then we can talk about it with Vicky in the thread. Enjoy EP I loved that fanfic.

***Looks around and ask herself Did I miss anyone? Sorry if I did. ****


School~ I might get an A as long as I don't get a F on my group project or the lasat exam. I am so thrilled especially when a girl that I sit next to says this class and his exams are something you see in Masters classes. Now I don't feel so bad since I was stressing out to the point of going cookooo.

Good Night girls.
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by missp »

Hi, Girlies! I’ve been buried up to my elbows in clothes today as I cleaned out all my drawers. I have shorts, jeans, sweats, pj’s, t-shirts, dresses, jumpers, etc…in sizes from 12 to 26! I’ll tackle the closets tomorrow! I’m in the process of boxing up things by size so I can donate them to the Salvation Army once my friends and family get what they want. I just want them out of my house. They’re taking up valuable space. LOL!

SWAN CULLEN~~ Thanx! I hope I inspire others to do the same. I never want to forget from whence I came. :)) I knew you’d fall in love and addiction with EP! Hee Hee!
SUSIE~~ *GASP!* I looked! I looked! *THUD!* Someone get the defibrillator! ps…Friended me? Where? When? I got your PM today and sent you a reply. I hope my advice works out for you! *WINK!*
BRIEANNA~~ I’ve got enough clothes scattered around my guest bedroom to open up my own Wal-Mart!
DIANE~~ Give Meisha a big bear hug for me! I hope she feels better soon.
JAZZ GIRL~~ LOL! You sound like me! I am so directionally challenged, I Google my way there and Google my way back and STILL manage to get lost! As usual…your comments concerning Rpatz vs Papz are eloquent and poignant!
MARIELLE~~ GRR!! So sorry about the break-in to your car! I hope your insurance pays well to help you replace the radio!
OPEN FIRE~~ My parents are traveling to Washington during the month of August. I sure wish I could go. I’d have them drop me off in Forks! LOL!
BORED BY THE SEA~~ I may have to read Linger. Is it part of a series?
EDWARD’S RAGAZZA~~ Great job on your successful weight loss! Keep at it! That last 20 pounds will come off eventually!
DAZZLE~~ EP is still a work in progress, but it’s coming to an end pretty soon. *SIGH*

I am up way past my bed time tonight. Ya’ll have a terrific hump day! I’ll be working on getting my clothes organized and borrowing a small doggie life jacket for my Pomeranian Bella to use at the river this weekend. She gave me heart failure last week when she took a flying leap into a friend’s pool and got tired 30 seconds in and I had to go in and get her.

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

Today is much better, my car still needs it’s lock fixed (I can’t lock it up anymore) which is going to cost big bugs but hopefully I’m going to get insurance for the radio and sunglasses…

Besides that de sun if finally shining again…it’s so beautiful and nice outside that I’m grumbling because I have to work…

Jaclyn, your view from work sounds so nice…I’m looking onto a road which is only nice when the guy with the Aston martin DB9 is riding it…

Vicky, I saw E! news as well… I switched it off as soon as I saw what it was about, I so don’t want to see that…

Caryn, yeah FierceWard would have been nice to have there he could have tracked the thief… my dad did a good impression though, he was even more angry as I was…I was mostly bumped by the fact that the thief had been smoking in my car, it stinks like hell in it now…

I agree with you on the pics…I also only post those kind of pics…the only exception I would make it Robsten making out outside work, because we all want to see that, but than only if they are taken from a decent distance…

Susie, no crime doesn’t really happen often, my car was the third in a year, besides that you have the kids who break windows of bus stops…normally it’s really safe, but we are going to take extra security.

Raine, I’m just happy the my car wasn’t taken…

Missp, you are such a good example, I really need to clean out my closet as well, but I need a Alice, I just don’t know what to keep and what to throw out…so for now I just buy… ;)

Dear Lord this guy makes me whimper every time I see him
With all the drama I love to see him laughing like this

ok I'd better do some work today before they think I'm lacking behind...
soccer on tv tonight so the computer is mine....
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by Brienna »

Good morning ladies! I hope you all had (or are still having now ;)) a good night’s sleep!
Finally, after two awake nights, I got some sleep too last night. My son even decided to sleep ‘till eight, so I could ‘sleep in’ a bit.
Today I’m going to visit someone I don’t know that well yet. I even had the impression she didn’t like me, but she invited me for coffee today. She is one of the mothers at the Young Mothers Group. And the thing is, her daughter really has it going for my son. When we just walk in the room, that kid starts screaming at my son. When my son just comes close to her, she starts biting, hitting and kicking my son. And that mother never even said one thing about it, except to me: “If my daughter doesn’t listen, just tell her off.” I thought the mother herself was supposed to teach her child that? But since she didn’t, I díd. Which didn’t improve the way we felt about each other. This was all weeks ago and the last few weeks we started talking to each other. And she invited me today. Her children aren’t at home, so at least that won’t be a problem. I’m a little bit nervous about going there today, no idea what to talk about yet. We’ll see…

Diane: Good luck on your campaign! I hope Meisha will feel alright soon.

Caryn: Great timing it is! Sounds like you liked your 13th (!) viewing.
I think you’ve got a good set of rules for Rob’s pics.

Marielle: That’s so awful that your car was broken into! Do you have insurance for it? :oops: I didn’t get to reading your fanfic yet. I saw at your favorites some other ones which I got hooked on… Can you guess which? :lol:
What a big difference it makes where you live in The Netherlands… We don’t have nice weather here :( Which I’m quite bummed about, because I need to go shopping today..

Jaclyn: How sweet of your boyfriend to buy you Remember Me. I hope you will have fun at the TruckFest. Don’t know if it’s the same, but if it has a lot of trucks involved, it’d be quite similar ;) Wow, your own Forks at work, that’s great!

Vicky: Mockingjay will be here in English in August, but I don’t want to buy the English one. I have the other two in Dutch, so buying the last book twice would go a bit over my budget. I could read the English version from the library, but by the time they finally got it, chances are it’ll already be published in Dutch.

Desiree: I totally agree with you. I’m not a big fan of The Vampire Diaries. I liked it, but it all went so fast and yes, I was confused. I did wonder if that was because my English is not perfect, maybe I just didn’t understand everything? I’d have to re-read it, to make sure, but I just don’t like it enough to get myself to reading it again. However, I’ve got the first three books now (five in total, right?), so I do want the complete series on my bookshelf. Thought about switching to Dutch, but since I don’t like them that much, I decided it wasn’t worth the money. You see, the Dutch ones are 18.99 a piece, the English ones are 9.99 a piece (Euro’s ;)) So then I’d rather just complete the series in English. I do like them, just don’t love them.
I do hope school will work out for you!!!

Missp: Since you have that much… Good luck on organizing all of it!

I'm off to my very busy day! See ya'll tomorrow, have a great day ladies!

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Afternoon everyone,

Just time for a quick post...busy at work today!

Desiree - The SVH diaries were really awesome - there were 6 altogether and they rotated, so one was Jess's point of view, the next book was Elizabeth, Jess again etc. Who did you like better: Jessica or Elizabeth?? :lol: I was actually in my attic last night and I found lots of them! I also have Sweet Valley Kids etc too Haha! Can you tell I used to really really like them?? :D
OOC means out of character :)
I'm glad school is going so well for you!!! :D

Marielle - The thief smoked in your car?? That's really weird! Did he drive it around too, or just sit stationary?

Brienna - I hope you enjoy yourself today at coffee...maybe she wants to apologise for getting off on the wrong foot? You'll have to let us know how you get on.

Enjoy your day everyone!
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl »

Morning all~

Why don't we start of Hump Day with a little RobKowski!! (Yep, I know that's a bit of a cheat, but I have a total of about 5 minutes before I have to run to breakfast before the conference!) :lol: But, DAMN that's a lot of pretty.

Susie~ I doubt it's only my absence slowing things down. But, thanks for missing me. :D I certainly miss being able to be on all day. But, them's the breaks, I guess. Darn RL getting in my way.

Brienna~ UGH!! That sounds horrid. I'm completely with you. If the mom doesn't lead in the discipline, that child isn't going to listen to other adults. I mean, I'm all for the village approach to child rearing. I grew up in a neighborhood where you couldn't get away with anything because, even if your parents weren't home, SOMEONE else was watching and would report. But still, that's her child and she has to lead the charge. Sorry, one thing that snaps my teeth together is irresponsible parenting. Yes, I absolutely enjoyed viewing 13! Granted, will likely enjoy 113 just as much. :D

Marielle~ UGH!! Smoking in your car?? Oh that's just rude!! That would likely fierce me off more than the break in!

MissP~ I'm actually not all that directionally challenged. It was just that I wasn't expecting my GPS to go wonky on me and I hadn't been paying as close attention to where I was when I went as I should have been. Meh, it all worked out in the end. And, I found a convenient back route back to the theater ;)

Desiree~ Seeing Eclipse is a compulsion at this point. I can't NOT, if I have the opportunity. :lol:

So, of course, last night, it was just little old me in my hotel room, all alone. I'd gone to a quick reception they had for us last night. But, I had extra time on my hands. Geez, what to do?? Yup, viewing 14!! :lol: I have to say, last night, I don't know why, but I was even MORE stunned by Rob in the Victoria confrontation scene. Literally, every time they would flash to him on the screen, I would sigh or gasp or even moan a specific expletive. :lol: I don't know what it is about the visual recipe for that scene. But, OH MY GODS!!! Of course, 99.9% of it is Rob. But, add the snow white backdrop, the lighting, the dark blue shirt. And I have no words for how painfully beautiful he is there.

Okay, that should get my hump day off to a good start. Though, i think I'll have to inhale my breakfast. TTfN!!!

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by diane771 »

Hi Everyone

This morning I recieved a response to my Rules Don't Stop mefrom Russia and Ukrane don't know what it says but I know its in favor of doing something for Rob.
And a little more Rob
and this

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hey ladies!

Caryn, since you're in such a hurry, I'll give you a little help with a close-up of Robkowski:

Look at those lips 8-)

I drink Coke Zero too, when I'm trying to be good. :D

Be back later to respond to everyone's posts.

Have a great day/evening!

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by teamedward12 »

Just wanted to pop in and say hi real quick. I lost you guys when you moved:( Off to try to catch up 60+ pages. Have a great day to all!

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by marielle »

Good evening ladies….

* snickers * you girls are sounding as shocked as I was when I found out that dirty thief had been smoking in my car…

Caryn, I considered it crime number 1, forget the lock, the radio and the sunglasses, the faul smoke stink in my car was the one that really pissed me off…
And thanx so much for posting Eclipse stills…I miss that movie so much already, I hope I find time to watch it…but I consider it zero…

Brienna, yeah small country, big weather, I heard from my mom, (she lives 25KM south of you) that they had a lot of rain…we just had sun all day…
I even washed my windows…

I have been a good girl overall today, washed the window, did laundry, vacuumed, and gave the floor a wet sweep…I ‘m exhausted now…

Jaclyn, I think the thief just had trouble getting the radio out and needed to smoke…which I still growl about, I’m just happy my car is still there…

Daine, I’m up for a petition to sign or something I know an other fan site where the girls are hating these pics as well they will join as well I think…

But OMG I just watched E!- news and I thought it was a new one so I was totally taken by surprise that it was about the night the papz followed Rob……..they killed me, they were talking about Rob having a small collision or something…they may be happy that’s it is small if I was Rob I’d probably run them over by now…
I switched it of quickly…but seriously how can they even blame celebrities for having an accident these days, if they keep popping flash lights in your face…everybody would be blind…
God it makes me really pissed off big time…

Tracy, are you dieting or something…I tried and tried but today I failed miserably…I have given myself two options, either eat what I want and get my lazy butt moving or stop eating sweets and chocolate and eat a bit more healthy…
I’m failing both today…

I'm still thinking about a bday present for my mom...does anyone knows a cool and fun city in Europa with cheap hotels?????

O yeah... I need new twi-smut...can anyone help me with that... I like to read the in character stuff, so no all-human...but I can't find new good ones any more... please help

Oh dear god, what a nice smile to go to sleep with

Good night girls
These violent delights, have violent endings...Like fire and gunpowder, they consume what they kiss


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