Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by TammyAZ »

Hello ladies! I'm so sorry I have been away for the last few days :( Just been hanging out with the family a bit more now that I'm unemployed, and taking the girl child to doctors appointments. The hubs got a phone call yesterday from a company that he applied with before he got his present job. The guy is going to be interviewing him next week and I am praying with everything I've got that he gets this one!!! He would be making double what he makes now, with full bene's paid for by the company! As it is right now, both kids are covered by the state because of our income, thank goodness, because our sons meds alone would be about 1k a month without insurance (he has narcolepsy/cataplexy) Of course there is only one company that makes the meds so they can charge whatever they want.

Alright, I am going to go back through, see what I missed and post back at you later :)

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by dazzel21 »

*hangs head in shame* :oops:

Hey Ladies! How's everyone doing??? I'm really buried so deep in reading EP, so sorry for no posting and no reply's the whole day. I'm almost halfway through and I know I said I won't be reading it in the office but after the dark chapter that made me cry the rest (so far) are all fluff and smutty :lol: . So yeah I'll try to reply tomorrow night...

Jeez sorry for the nonsense rumbling post. I'm out to try to squeeze at least 2 more chapter before I hit the sack.
Goodnight everyone...
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by bored by the sea »

hey dudes,
erg yet another truly busy/boring day at work, yep definitely need a new job, theyre annoying me even further now, by telling me that i have to essentially change who i am, apparantly my personality is too dry?! :| and i need to basically walk around being fake and cheesy and have a smile on my face 24/7 sorry guys had to vent its annoying me i cant do fake-ness :lol:

Susie yep "bigging up" means to make us look/sound good (well in the context of the sentence that i used it in anyways ha ha) yep the robsten story thing was cute.

Jaclyn i was thinking these same questions about EP, glad ye liked the robsten thing.

Fi-fi gad ye had fun at the festy dude.

Tracy yep the holding hands airport pic i was at the new moon premiere/fan party thing here and someone had it texted to them on their phone and were passing it around, i just remember everyone squeeing with happiness :lol:

Missp yu wont be dissapointed by the wolves of mercy falls its sooooo ace! and theyre not like the twilight werewolves/shapeshifters either.

**edit** yep marielle ditto just saw the pm what is that about anyone know? although if it got rude and angry im against it, im more of a hippy in that sense :lol: **

Marielle :lol: at the chinese whispers with your bro thinking you'd broken your toe, doesnt really sound like car i guess he he, cool that he got you a pressie.

Brienna o.k. no Mockingjay spoilers for you ;)

Ann-marie *hugs* dude

Tammy hope hubs gets le job.

right ive got to go and be a skivvy for my sister :evil: joy of joys see you guys tommorow
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »


I have to agree with Sandy, ROBsessed is simply genius!!

Regular coke today ;)
Oh my goodness!
Yep...I think this movie is trying to kill me...


Caryn - Those pics you posted were lovely :D Thank you! And also, the very 1st pic you posted (for Ann Marie)...where is that from? Are you heading back home today? Have a safe trip!! How far away were you?

Sandy - YAY!! Congrats of your daughter's team winning 1st place - that's really great!!

Tammy - Hi! Glad you are able to spend a bit more time with your family :) Wow! I can't imagine having to pay all that for meds...I'm glad I live in the UK for things like this. I am sending positive vibes for your husband for his job interview!

Vicky - Your work told you that you were "too dry"?? That's really nasty!! Where abouts do you work?

*Jaclyn explodes*
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by newtonscricket »

I have returned.

Our vacation was to a forest in Pennsylvania. My maternal family (many aunts with associated uncles and 4 cousins, plus one second cousin) gathers there about this time every year and rents adjacent cabins.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. For one thing it was nice to walk outside without feeling like someone was trying to smother me with a hot wet blanket. The weather was superb, the natural surroundings idyllic, the meals all cooked by someone else (I did wash dishes in penance). I feel a little bad about slamming my youngest's head into the side of the water slide while tandem sliding, but it didn't keep him from wanting to go the next 40 times. Good thing, as we have no health insurance (because of husband leaving one job and starting another) until Aug. 1.

, sorry about your car, that’s awful! Nice present from your brother though.

Vicky, love the Robsten Journey …..I know it’s none of my business, but I wish I could know how their relationship did progress….. (is progressing)

Desiree, here’s hoping you get that A! I’ve always hated group projects!

FiFi, glad your festival was fun, it sounds wonderful. Good that the ex being there was not weird.

AnnMarie, hang in there!

Jaclyn, hope your sofa came! I think the thing about the fingers is that they look sensitive and skillful

, so disappointing about being struck with the migraine and having to miss Sandy, glad you are feeling better by now! (btw, it’s a red-haired lass now silly)

Susie I wish I could come see the circus. It looks awesome. They are SO copying Rob.

, congrats on youngest’s softball win!

, good luck with the new job for your husband. My husband just started a new job with great benefits, the chief one being asked to do the work of one person instead 80 laid off ones. He is so much happier, it makes such a difference!

older_twilight_fan wrote:The posting of the airport pictures--with Robsten almost certainly, definitely, and without question holding hands--they nearly broke the internet.

That is for sure. The only thing that caused more of a stir was when Rob took off his shirt in Montepulciano….sigh. Hey if Rob is in Tennessee, he will be only ONE state away from me.

missp wrote:Tomorrow is payday…Yay! It’s been a long month!
Amen to that, same story here! Good work on the decluttering. It must be a great feeling to see all that progress so concretely. I hope I have a similar task like that in my future…

In a bid to make sure as much of my life is taken up with Twilightness as possible, I have finally started Emancipation Proclamation. For future planning purposes what does MoBS stand for?


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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by SweetImpakt »

Hiya girls !!

Just stopping by quickly before bed, cuz I gotta get up at 6:30 am ! I'm going to an amusement park. I've been really busy the past few days, I've been painting walls & earning money and I gotta start work next week :( Which totally but I'm not gonna think about that now ! :D I'm also looking for a cheap car, cuz I can drive once I turn 18 & pass my exam. I've seen some card, but so far no luck with that ! :)

NewJen ~MoBS stand for the Misapprehension of Bella Swan by hunterhunting. It's such a funny story! I love it ^.^

Ok leaving now, bye everyone !!

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

newtonscricket wrote: …..I know it’s none of my business, but I wish I could know how their relationship did progress….. (is progressing)
Me too!! It is totally none of our business, and we shouldn't know, but a part of me still really want to :lol: It's just cos I like them so much!
I love Rob on his own...
...and I love Kristen too
But together, whether it's acting, posing or the real deal, together they just make my heart explode with joy! :D
Glad your vacation was fun! It sounds really nice - I've always wanted to stay in a cabin.
And, I like your description of Rob's fingers :D

MoBS stands for "The Misapprehension of Bella Swan Regarding the Inferior Intellect of Hockey Whores" (Am I allowed to post that last word? I guess we'll find out...sorry if I'm not supposed to!) by HunterHunting. It is fantastic!! Did you ever read CW&IA? It's completely different, but just (if not even better) as good. It's so so funny too! I love it!! HockeyWard is my best FicWard :D

I will defo start on EP soon. Once I move into my new house, and have nothing to do at night! :lol:
(oh, my sofa came btw - I like it!)

One last RobSten pic. I love the intensity of this photo!

Anyway, it is super late here...I should totally be in bed, as I have been up really late the past few days. But I can't be bothered :lol: Hmm, I suppose I better as I have to get up early for work...

Catch you all later!

EDIT: Aah, I see Shauni bet me with the MoBS explanation Haha! Enjoy the amusement park tomorrow!! I really really love themeparks - I could go on them all day long!
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl »

So here I sit, killing time back at my hotel because I decided that chilling in the hotel lobby and going nowhere was a heck of a lot better than sitting in Chicago rush hour traffic and going nowhere... :lol: However, given the wireless web access here is slower than molasses in January, I'm not at all sure about that anymore. Seriously, this must be what hell is like for the technologically addicted. It took like 20 minutes for Robsessed to load. High speed my left butt cheek!!

*pants in and out*

Okay, enhancing my calm...

NewJen~ True, true. I guess I always go with natural hair color. Gods know if I went by my current haircolor, no one would EVER know how to refer to me. :lol: Welcome to the EP insanity. Much like with WA, I suppose we should start giving the same warnings...1) Don't make any bloody plans. That sucker is huge (TWSS) and you will find yourself eagerly clicking to the next chapter at 3 and 4 in the morning just to know what happens. 2) Really not suitable for work/school/family gatherings. MobWard loves him some f bombs... and very creatively constructed ones at that. And 3) Be prepared for angsty heartfail. It just goes with the territory. There's love and joy and sweet and fluffy and love. But, holy hot damn, can Khar write some angst. Love her for it. MoBS is actually the perfect follow up because it's just all light and fluffy and downright bloody hysterical. The last chapter had me literally rolling off the bed laughing.

Jaclyn~ AnnMarie's little bit o RobMedicine was one of the Another Man outtakes that was released last week. Personally, my little peaceful place of recuperation is that little indentation between his shoulder and his neck on the left side. I wanna curl up there and just snuggle in for days. That, or the freckle just below his right shoulder blade. That spot just begs for someone to lay their head down and nuzzle it. Hmmmm, there's somethign to think about on my 3 hour drive home. :twisted:

Raine~ Believe me, most of us understand. I remember when Wide Awake was making the rounds... Jeez, this place would be a ghost town for a day or two at a time because we'd all gotten each other addicted to it and we were just trapped in the perfectly angsty paradise of it. Then, of course, it would explode with all of us coming back together and freaking out together. :lol: Come to think of it, that's actually how the Fanfic Discussion Thread got started.

Alright. I think I'm going to try and kill another 45 minutes by getting something to eat and then get on the road. Talk to all of you later.
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by diane771 »

One of my new fav of new WFE
Need to down load the rest.

Well I can't blame the other person when the call drops, my new phone died this morning and ATT was able to get me one right away. Then off to rehab. So if you guy have a petition that your friends have signed or need one get to me tonight on that. Thanks for all that you are doing. 8-)

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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by SwanCullen »

Missp-Wow! That's a lot of clothes! I bet that feels good though to get it all sorted out. Did you make the life jacket for the dog or did you buy it? I have never heard of one of those for a dog before, that's so cool!

Marielle-Your brother sounds so nice that he did that for you! :D

Anne-Marie-*HUGS* I am praying for you sweetie! I hope things get better for you!

Brienna-Sounds like your being the better person there. You seem like a great mom/friend!

Caryn-That's good that you can predict or determine when you'll get a migrane. Sucks though that you get them so much. It's not fun at all I know. LOVE the pics you posted! You always post some great pics!

TwilightSagaAddict-What is MoTU? If it's a good read, would you PM me the link?

Tammy-Good luck to your husband! I hope he gets the job, as it would be so good for your family! What is narcolepsy? I have heard that name, just dunno what it is.

Raine-I am up to chapter 29 in EP. Oh wow it's so good!. That's one of the reasons I have been MIA a little bit :lol:

BoredByTheSea-Dang, sounds like your bosses suck! I know what that's like. When I worked at McDonalds back in 2003-2005, they told me if I was going to be a manager like they wanted to make me, then I needed to be a lot calmer and nicer. As if! I was nice enough I think, only a handfull of times did I loose my cool at customers (I mean, when you work in fast food, you can only take so much of someone throwing food back at you and then someone calling you bad names.) And actually, I think I was too nice. I over-worked myself. I remember several times I worked 80 hour work weeks.

Jacklyn-We can't have you exploding on us so much! :lol:

I am with you all on EP. So addicting! You know, as with Wide Awake, if the Twilighted related parts were out and other things in, it would definitly be a book on it's own that I would SO by.

Well, turns out that I am not going to Cali next month or anytime this year like I was supposed to. Mom said something 'came up' and she can't do it right now. I understand that but it's got me totally upset. I was an emotional nutcase yesterday because of this, so that is also part of the reason I didn't post. So reading the angst of EP, so fit in with my mood. I know I shouldn't be upset and angry, but I can't help it you know? I have not seen my mother sense I was 10, which makes my sister 5 at the last time I saw her. Therefore, my mom has never met my daughter and I have never met my neice. It's depressing to think about you know. Sorry for the rant, but I had to get this out to someone that I know wouldn't say all kinds of crap to me about it (Which would happen if I talked to my bro, SIL, or anybody else out here in KY)

EDIT-ooops! I meant for Tammy not Tracy. Thanks Tracy for the heads up :lol:
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