Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Sunday Post:

JennJenn~ yes I like red wine too. Although I think I started liking white wine first and couldn’t stand red. I think though most people start off like that. How is you lil angel?

Brienna~ I hope you start feeling better.

Fi~Yes my main job is a sahm which is 24/7 the other jobs really are not full time. I am lucky if I get 20 hours between the both. Actually that is the most I want because I have so much other stuff to do I won’t have time if I worked more than that. I am so happy that Ginger boy is working out btw. You are absolutely right you should never change yourself for anyone.

Raine~Sounds like you had a nice day with the family. O the restaurant that you described sounds interesting. I love old things kinda like Bella I have a old soul. Also I am reading the NIght world series I am not far in it at all since I only get about 30 minutes to myself a day. However I am liking it so far but then again I always like her books in the beginning but as soon as it gets to the middle it falls flat. I will keep you posted if it is a must read.

Jaclyn~*** runs in and squeezes you cause I miss u girl. *** My fault though I am so stretched thin I am becoming a little moody and don’t want anyone else around when that happens. All your talk about food made me hungry. Glad you day went well. Do you think this is the place you might get married? Homework? Is it for work? 2 jobs but honestly it will be less than 20 for the both. School starts in January I think.

Tammy~ I think I have to stress myself out in order to relax if that makes sense. loving the wallpapers you are making.

Susie~ That banana cake sounds soo yummy. Glad you your hubs had a wonderful birthday. Nothing better than spending the day with loved ones.

Jaclyn you especially need to read this. Last night I couldn’t sleep so I came down stairs for some water so I turn on the light and saw movement on my shirt. Thats right a SPIDER was crawling on my shirt. I yelped but of course everyone here slept though my yelp. I flicked it off and stepped on it with bare feet and then scrubbed the heck out of my foot.

Monday Post:

Caryn~ Sounds like you had a lot of fun even though you were busy.

Jaclyn~Sorry the weather is bad. I do enjoy the rain to a certain degree as well.

Susie~Glad to hear you first day back at school went well. That is sweet that your old students wanted you back. That says a lot when students want their last year teachers.

Rob~ Lately it seems like a lot of drunk pictures of him wasted. I do hope he takes care of himself and doesn’t stumble like some of these actors.

Ok now I must go and get some reading done.

Night night girls.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by missp »

Hi, Girls! RL is CRAZY busy this week! Trying to keep my head above water with school. I may go MIA for a few days, but I'll do my best to check in periodically. ;) I have a dinner date with the new blue-eyed guy tomorrow night. We'll just take it slow and see what happens. We talked on the phone until 2:30 AM this morning.So, needless to say...I'm exhausted and have been all day. I'm on my way up to bed! Ya'll have a terrific Tuesday!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies!

Bella~ It's great to see you around these parts. Caryn already said it best, but we do hope you feel welcome here anytime. And please don't be too creeped out by us. :lol: It's amazing how our love for a certain handsome actor, as well as a very special book saga and movie series have brought so many of us together... of all ages, from many different places, and from all walks of life. ;)

Caryn~ I'm so glad you made it through your very busy weekend intact, and I'm sure the gala was a smashing success. Your hubs was so sweet to help you and I'd expect nothing less, after all the wonderful stories we've heard about him. His reputation most certainly precedes him. Hope you get a chance to rest for a bit. Thanks for reminding me what the “CoolMobile” was. It was the Blue's Brothers car, right? That's great news about Rob and Kristen, and hopefully they're enjoying some well deserved time together before things get really crazy. And maybe they're doing a little bit of this type of canoodling too...
minus the camera, bright lights, and people standing around in the room watching them, of course :lol:

Jenn Jenn~ I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better and I'm sure you're very relieved. It's always a good sign to see the little ones running around when they've been sick....means they're on the mend.

Desiree~ Hope you had a great time at dinner and the wine tasting with your friends. You certainly deserve it, and I'm sure hubs did fine with the kiddos. I would have absolutely freaked out if I found a spider on myself and probably could not have gone back to sleep. :shock:

Tammy~ Beautiful wallpapers, as always. Thanks for continuing to decorate the Halfway House with his loveliness. Rob on the front porch.... 8-)

Brienna~ I think I had asked about your due date. So April 30th....a spring baby will be lovely. As far as the pooping in the potty by your 2-year-old...I'm impressed that at the tender age of two you're already getting some poop in the potty. And we always celebrated anything in the potty with hugs all around and phone calls to the grandparents. :D

Susie~ I know you're happy to be home, but I'm sure you had a good time at the Twi-convention, and especially meeting Sandy. I bet you're ready to be home for quite awhile now, you world traveler you. I hope you and hubs enjoyed the volunteer appreciation dinner. Wow...sonny boy really doesn't have much time off from circus, does he? That's so great that the circus is coming to Chattanoonga. Wow...everybody comes to Chattanooga. :shock: First Sonny Boy...what is it with that place? :lol: I really wish I could go, but unfortunately I can't take anymore Fridays off work right now as we already have fewer therapists working on Fridays as it is. Hope your knee is hanging in there after all your karyoke with Mike. Glad to hear your first class went well. It's so amazing from how far away your students are. I also hope you enjoy reading Eat, Pray, Love. I liked the book a lot, but haven't had a chance to see the movie. The first and third sections were my favorites, and the middle section was a little over my head.

Raine~ your niece is lucky to live so close to you and to be able to spend a lot of time with her fun aunt!

Fi~ That's great that your bf watched Twilight and enjoyed it. Let us know what he thinks of New Moon, since it seems most people who haven't read the books or aren't hardcore fans seem to think NM was too depressing, Good for shouldn't have to change for anyone and I'm sure he loves you just the way you are.

Jaclyn~ It sounds like you had a lovely dinner with your bf and parents. What exactly are “haggis pakora” and “poppadoms”? Your First Aid course sounds so comprehensive and I'm sure is very beneficial to have. Sorry about the horrible weather you've been having. Thanks for linking us to one of the dances. It looks sort of similar to our form of square-dancing, and it also reminds me of the dancing seen in the Jane Austen movies--looks like fun!

Marielle~ I hope you enjoyed your lazy Sunday before starting back to work today. There's nothing I love more on a Sunday than taking a good afternoon nap, especially when the weather cools. Your Rome trip sounds so exciting and I certainly wouldn't plan on counting calories while you're there, if I were you. I loved the “morning after” photo manip with the link you posted—too funny. If only we get to see something similar on Isle Esme in Breaking Dawn, I will be one happy camper. Of course I'll be an ecstatic camper if we get a glimpse of the shenanigans from the previous night that caused that broken headboard and flying feathers. 8-) (hence my location in my profile).

Missp~ Get some rest, hon! You're burning the candle at both ends. 8-) Keep us updated on progess with Blue Eyes.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

Wow, I’m still so tired, I was reading last night and forgot the time. Before I knew it, it was midnight…I’m paying for that mistake now.

Jaclyn, yeah I seems to have periods when I have those cool dreams, but I’m happy with them because than I sleep well.
The weather is here the same as it is where you live, raining, windy and dark…perfect vampire weather.

Susie, I don’t know why but it’s really quiet around here…I posted yesterday morning around 8 and only Jaclyn posted 11 hours later…I wonder what everybody is up to…probably school and kids…

Caryn, ooh girl you make me laugh…If I’m correct Bella is to weak to even behave like she did in the parking lot when Jake takes up his part…but I’m with you on that one…there is still a lot of room for mistakes on MR side…let us hope she gets the feathers right…

It good to know Rob and Kris are haven’t so time together... I’m sure they need to start rehearsing the isle Esme scenes by now…just to make sure they get it perfectly done… :twisted:

Bella, welcome to our little place on the big internet…like Caryn said, it’s a place to let loose every now and than…
You have to know that we are all most as obsessed about your husband as we are about Rob…we just respect relationships…but we can’t help dreaming…
I hope you had a nice bday party and that you enjoyed it after all.

Desiree, omg! I would have a heart attack caused by that spider…wow…did you burn the short afterwards, I would have…
Ooh, and don’t forget Rob is a English man, he knows how to drink beer, get wasted and be good the next day…I have seen Brits in general getting wasted every day of their holiday. I’m sure Rob will behave…
I think it’s good for him to let go like that, every once in a while.

Missp, good luck with the Dinner date

Tracy, I’m getting more excited by the minute about my trip to Rome…I’ve been reading about Rome the last few days and I already know where to get the good ice-cream…
I’m on a diet now so I can at least look good on the pics... and eat without feeling really guilty.

Good lord I think Rob is giving tips to his cast mates on how to look smoking hot

Oooh I just saw Caryn..We'll get a jump to Edward feature on the Eclipse dvd as well, so we can skip the dog...

And i've got something to help us through this dark day...WARNING!! make sure you have tissues...

Soccer on tonight, so see you all later
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Re: Rob's Summer House (HH #6)

Post by Brienna »

Good morning Ladies!

I'm not feeling any better :( I can't stand up for a few minutes without having the feeling I will faint. Thursday I have to go to the midwife and I want to ask her if it could have something to do with the pregnancy. I don't know, maybe low blood pressure or low sugar? I've never felt this way in my life. I feel hungry the entire day, but I do eat enough. Enough complaining ;)

Susie: Congratulations on hubs B'day! I hope your knee feels better soon.

JennJenn: Well, my son hasn't figured out how to pee yet :lol:

Fi_Fi: Yay on Ginger watching Twilight! And you shouldn't change yourself, you're absolutely right.

Jaclyn: The wedding sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Marielle: I hope you'll enjoy reading Angel & Demons! Dan Brown's a great writer!

Tammy: Continue making those banners... ;)

Caryn: Sounds like you had a very busy but fun few days.

Desiree: That spider! :shock: Did you mean to step on it or was it an accident? I would be to scared to stand on it with my bare foot :o

Missp: Take your time, I do ;)

Tracy: I do like it that it'll be a spring baby. But I do hope it won't come on April 30... That's Queens Day here. So always a lot of celebrating going on at that day. Which in a way would be nice, when the child is smaller. But when it grows older, I don't think he or she would like it. But off course, I don't really care which date the baby decides to show :)

Have a great day ladies!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by fi_fi »

Good Morning Ladies!
Will post properly later, just wanted to gush a bit more about Ginger Boy - he baked me coconut and lemon cake for my birthday!!
I'm starting to think that he might be my Edward.....
love fi xx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by dazzel21 »

Hey Everyone!!!

I'll try to catch up on what's been going on around here...

Fi - Your Ginger Boy is a real sweetheart :D BTW is today your birthday??? Happy Birthday if it is today...

Marielle - Better sleep early tonight.

Tracy - I actually live with big bro and his family which is why I can always tag along whenever they go out. I'm the instant nanny when the help is unavailable :lol:

MissP - Oh do tell us how the dinner goes with Mr. Blue Eyes :D

Desiree - Yes do tell if its worth reading. Good for you on being able to start a new reading. I'm at the point where I'm too lazy to read even fanfiction (NOTE: Main reason why I haven't posted in a couple of days :lol: ). Every night I would just drop down on my bed and sleep...Eeek on the spider. I'm not really squeamish when it comes to spiders but we have a silent truce I stay in my corner if they stayed in theirs....

Yay Bella visiting our humble online abode. Feel at home and visit us often...

Susie - Yay! Start of class already for you. What's Eat Pray Love???

Jaclyn - I'm glad you had a nice weekend though you missed Bella and Nessie's party.

Okay I have to go. It's quitting time at the office...
See you ladies next time.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by bored by the sea »

heeeyyy everyone *hugs* yeah i missed ye's :D

eclipse pre-order whoop just pre-ordered my copy of Eclipse, id been holding out waiting to see what special offers each separate site would be offering but i've stuck with the same site i got my last two dvds from as they offer a ltd edition Edward sleeve, yep i need that in my life, got to complete the collection you know :lol: although i did also find that they're releasing a triple disc collection of all 3 films together, man i really want that too ha ha.

susie canntt believe you've gotten to go to another twi con, looks like you and sandy had tons o fun, im glad i didnt end up getting tickets for that con i was talking about, as lots of the actors have pulled out :| . oohh mike welch karaoke round2 excitement!!! eeeee :lol: imagine being known as a mike welch stalker and not a Rob one thatd just be plain weird ha ha. thankye for your wise guy wisdom dude, theyre all awesome points, think youre right about the text thing, ive spent a bit more time chatting to him now, soo thats made me feel a bit better and less loser-ish ha ha, i dont know i just hate this part it annoys me all the waiting ha ha.

desiree holy cow rob with his guitar think i just passed out ha ha.

jenn jenn glad the little ones doing better.

fi whoop for you and ginger boy!!!! yeah i think it is the whole "playing it cool" thing, well kinda i mean he'll happily chat to me on fb chat, soo maybes its just that he thinks i wont text back whereas with fb its obvious ill reply **steals some of fi's boy luck* :lol: dont know think ive just got to be patient and stop being a typical girl about it ha ha.

tracy he he im really chicken with things like that and im totally not that forward with guys like ever but i gave him my number, cringed as i did it :lol:

bella and renesmees party yep i missed it because there was a problem with all the internet in the south of the country, something to do with the service providers so the net was down for hours :|

promise to once again try to make more of a posting effort.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hey girls!! Yep, it's definitely that time of year for me again. October is domestic violence awareness month, and my life begins to go a little haywire around the middle of September, what with all the events, trainings and other stuff we have going on. So, if I'm absent a little more than usual, my apologies in advance.

MissP~ Aah, a new guy? Always an adventure. Enjoy!! But, try and get some sleep.

Tracy~ I'm all for that kind of canoodling. :lol: In truth, though, I seriously hope they are just enjoying some quiet time together before things get beyond crazy again. Maybe they're looking for a nice house to rent since they will be there for several months and living in even the nicest hotel would seriously suck. A little love shack on the bayou. :D

Marielle~ Yeah, I was totally jazzed to see the Edward-Only feature returned. I can pretty much do without any mongrel interference in my Eclipse viewing and be totally fine. But, honestly, I'm more excited about the commentary. New Moon, while I enjoyed some of the technical stuff from CW (because I'm a geek like that) was just missing something. And, I honestly don't see the whole scheduling thing. It's a two hour movie. You block out three to four hours and stick them in a room with a tv, dvd and a microphone. Not exactly a long process. But, now we get Rob & Kris and a decided lack of Tayter. Caryn is a happy girl.

Brienna~ Aww, sweetie. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Yes, definitely talk to the midwife. Take it from someone who knows. Being pregnant AND sick totally sucks. I was that way with Littlun. It was just misery. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things get better.

Fi_Fi~ First, Happy Birthday!!! I always forget to go to the main page and look at the list. Well, here's hoping it was as sweet as your cake! And, yes, definitely. Ginger sounds like a total keeper. :D

Vickie~ :lol: Way to be on top of things, girl!! I just can't preorder this early. I need to wait and find out who might be doing a release party and who has the version I absolutely HAVE to have first. I usually end up with multiple versions. So, it's all about which BTS features I have to have in order to last the day or so until I get the rest.

Alright girls, back to the grind. Thank gods for this bit of distraction.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Evening everyone!

I started this post at my work at lunchtime but totally ran out of time to finish it, and actually submit it... So here goes now!

Last night, I was sitting on the laptop, and suddenly all the power went off - and I was in totally darkness! If it was for the laptop screen I wouldn't be able to see anything. I got a fright Haha and to make it worse, this was the first power cut in our new house (the first one I've ever had for ages actually) and my bf wasn't home! He was working until 11, and this was about it was really dark. Poor me! :lol:

Anyways, I am just back from my First Aid session tonight. We learned CPR tonight, and although I have taken this before, some of the rules have changed so it was good to get a refresher.

And, I'm glad to see that a few people have managed to pop in today - we have missed you all! Silly weekends stealing the HH people! :lol:

On to the important stuff!

Susie - Your new class sounds exciting this year! That's sweet that your old students miss you!!
Hey, my sister just asked if I would like to go and see a new Circus on ice show. I LOVE things on ice (I love ice skating in general, but I especially love ballet on ice). I immediately thought of you (and SonnyBoy!). They have people doing silks! And a couple of other things I recognised from the dvd you showed me when you were in Scotland. You should check out the preview that they have on their website - I think it looks awesome!

Caryn - Thanks for the good news on Rob & Kristen! It would be great if they were house hunting - it must be so frustrating to live in a hotel all the time. And hopefully they would get a lot more privacy with a house to go home to at night.
That's great that next month is domestic violence awareness month. You seem very commited and good at your job, so I am sure that you will put a lot of effect into this to make it a successul month. We will miss you if you are busy, but we will be here with lotsa RobCrack for when you get a wee break to pop in.

Bella - Thank you for popping in! As Caryn noted, Edward has indeed made all mortal men look downright shocking... ;) But of course, Rob is pretty close to being perfect for someone who is not an immortal :lol: But yeah...we kinda love Edward too :D
Aw yeah I love the fact that all of us here know each other, and I beleive we are all truly friends! I love learning about their day just as much as I love talking to my "offline" friends.

Desiree! Yay!! I'm so happy you made it in for a post (and what a post it was!!). I will squeeze you right back as I missed you too! :D I hope you manage to get a wee break at somepoint - put you feet up for a couple of hours and relax.
Haha, sorry I made you hungry - if I could I would send you all a bit of that Indian starter as it really is yummy!
Yeah I think we might look at getting married at the place the wedding was at. Depending on the price of course! Haha!
Aaahh!! A spider on you?? I would have screamed LOL There was a spider ( a BIG huge giant one!) on my hoodie the other day - I almost put it on before I saw it. My bf had to get it for me Haha. I can't believe you stood on it with your bare foot - you are so much braver than me :lol:

missp - Enjoy your date with the blued-eyed guy! Keep us posted :)

Tracy - I loved your mega post!! Poppadoms are an Indian starter or side dish, normally served with spicy onions or mango chutney (or both! lol). It really just looks like a big crisp! Haggis pakora is a pakora (another Indian traditional starter) that normally has things like chicken, mushroom, cauliflower etc in them, but the Indian we went to for dinner put's haggis in it (since it is Scotland :lol: ). They are really really nice! Do you get pakora etc in Indians in the US?

Marielle - What were you reading last night that you were so engrossed in? I love when books do that - make you forget time, where you are, even who you are - and all that matters at that time is the story. Like Twilight does :P

Brienna - Oh no! I'm sorry you are still feeling ill. Hopefully the midwife will be able to help a little on Thursday. That's funny your son poos in the potty but doesn't pee LOL

Fi - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was going to post a message on facebook but I thought I would do it here so I could post you a birthday gift!. I hope you had a great day!
Aww Ginger Boy really does sound perfect!!

Vicky - Ooh, whose has pulled out of Eternal Twilight? Whew, glad you never got tickets! Maybe we could go to next years!

Righty-ho, I thought to finish up tonight:

A beautiful smile...

Some JawPorn...

...and the picture of happiness!

Well I am off to check a couple more things, then I guess I should head to bed. Catch you tomorrow!
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