Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by TammyAZ »

Caryn~ I made you something.....


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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Susie »

Happy Monday, Ladies!

I don't really mind Mondays, but I'm having a little trouble getting a handle on the level of my students (low). They couldn't remember half of what we did last week. They had some review exercises on the present and past tenses and were shockingly clueless. Maybe they don't like Mondays, just like Marielle. I need to revamp my lessons... :?

MissP – Thanks for explaining the name!! The ratatouille turned out pretty well, although I could have used more tomatoes, and I wish I had cut up the eggplant into smaller chunks. The fried polenta was superb. Add some fresh parm and the combination is heavenly. I had it for lunch today too, minus the polenta.

JennJenn – I’m sorry you feel so exhausted. Do you think you are sick? I loved your dream – really you do have the most interesting dreams!!!

– October 21st – we’ll hold you to it. Then we will expect you to get back to your careful and thorough analysis of all things Twilight and Rob. I won’t lower my expectations one bit. I expect A+ work from you at all times, little missy!

Ann Marie – That’s so funny that Ben growls when the wolves are on!! I’m glad you look forward to going to work. Roast dinner then Casino and then Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Wow – that’s a sugar rush! Was there any alcohol involved?

Marielle – It’s cold here too. I hate having wardrobe confusion. I can’t remember what I wear when it gets cold. Of course, it will get MUCH colder in the next few months. That bf of yours really is a romantic!! :roll: So, have you saved up a lot of money??? Wow. I’m totally impressed that you have so many “beds” saved for you all those places. They really love their little Marielle, don’t they?? WOW. LOVE the pics you posted for Caryn’s birthday, especially the first one…

– Thanks for telling us about the ceremony marking last year’s Typhoon – the loss and the celebration of the survivors. It must be depressing to walk around that area – that ghost town. At least you got to finish it off with a fun event – going out to eat for your uncle’s birthday! Regarding Glee – I think Sunshine is absolutely adorable!!! Her voice is amazing!!!

Ginnie – It’s great that you are running! My poor knee can’t handle anything other than walking. I hope to get it fixed soon, so I can bike. I love bicycling. Running has never worked for me, even when I was a teenager, so I admire those who do it!

– So, I predicted BabyE’s behavior correctly! Yes, it is a great compliment to you. It’s good that she likes to come to your house, that way it is easy for your SiL to get some time off!! Veggies from the garden – I agree- they are delicious. I’m glad you’re having healthy food!!

Tracy – Hubs got a call from the recruiter today, but they weren’t able to catch each other. So maybe that was for a second interview. He wants to stall because he has applied for some other jobs and is waiting to hear back from them. It is a tricky process, not having all the information. How is your friend doing? That is a gorgeous long-hair shot of Rob you posted for Caryn’s birthday!

Caryn – Thanks for stopping by today! I tried to make arrangements for your real birthday gift to arrive today, but I just didn’t think Kristen would appreciate it. (Out of respect for Kristen, you know) Still, I’m sure he would have wanted to be there, since you really are a contender for “Number One Fan” and of course, you deserve it!!

Vicky – Glad to see you two days in a row!! Here's the link to Sandy’s video – keep in mind that I am a Soprano I and the song is a bit too low for me!

Tammy – I love what you and your daughter made, and I LOVE what you made for Caryn’s birthday!!!! I was drooling…..had to wipe the keyboard….

Time to make dinner!

See Ya!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hey dear ladies. Again, thank you all for the lovely birthday greetings and the wonderful gifts!! It's days like these that you remember how true Robler's words in Remember Me really were. I cannot believe how blessed I've been in all the wonderful women who've touched my life through this lovely board.

Susie~ Promise I won't let you down. I will keep my work at the high level you expect. No worries on my big gift. He was just going to serenade me, of course. Believe me, I know where his heart truly is. :D

Tammy~ Oooooh, homemade and personal gifts are always the BEST!!! And that one is no exception.

Vickie~ Oh don't I know it. After being without anything for this long, it will be a struggle to resist "those kind" of pictures. But, I have every bit of faith in those fo us who love Rob.

Raine~ Thanks for the link to Bella Hale. Promise I'll give it a look just as soon as I can.

Tracy~ Hahahahaha! It all kind of depends on priorities. I'm not starting anything new right now. But, when I need to clear my head for a few minutes at work, or when I'm unwinding in bed, I'll often pull out some old favorites just to have a few minutes of peace and quiet.

I know, I know, it's my birthday and I'm supposed to get the gifts. But, I just can't help myself. I always share the love.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by missp »

Good evening, Ladies of the Halfway House! It's been a productive day here, and I am just winding down and relaxing a bit before heading up to bed with my Baby Bella. I have a lap band fill scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and will have to leave school as soon as I put the little darlins on the bus. So, I need to be there early to get some things ready for science investigations on Wednesday. My student teacher is going to be a great one! She is so eager to do whatever I need her to do. And, she is strict! :lol: The kids said today, "Miss P., Mrs. Humphries is a good teacher. She's strict like you!" :D
Here goes my mega-post for the day! Ya'll have a great Tuesday, and I'll see Ya'll tomorrow night. I'll be about ready to eat someone's right arm because it'll be liquids for me for two days after the fill tomorrow. GRRR!!

SWAN CULLEN~~Hope you're able to get some much deserved rest soon, Hon!
CARYN~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETS!! It was definitely a terrific weekend. Thanks for sharing the love with us!
VAMPIRE LOVER~~ Hmmm...Krispy Kreme Cafe?? A dream come true! :D
MARIELLE~~ The weekends are never long enough! It was cold here this morning, too. I am dreading winter sooo bad!
DAZZLE~~ I'm glad the village gathering went well.
GINNIE~~ How was your walk this morning? Was it cold for you?
OPENFIRE~~ 1 degree celcius already? BRRR! And to think, I was complaining about it being in the low 60's here this morning!
SUSIE~~ Sounds like your adult students are a lot like my class from last year. I did a lot of lesson plan revamping for them! :? Fried polenta does sound very yummy! I'm glad to hear that hubs got a call today! I hope the stalling game works out to his advantage!
bac and kayla~~ Nice to see you, Girls!
TRACY~~ Yes, Nephew's team - The Addison Bulldogs - are undefeated. We're a bit worried about this weekend's game, though. It's gonna be a tough one! "Blue-eyed Rob" greeted me with a smile and a hand-shake on Sunday, but I had to skip out early to go play the piano for the other church, so we didn't get to strike up a conversation. I'm thinking I'll get there a few minutes early next Sunday and take care of that during the coffee time. ;) I'm kind of glad Gigi's was not revealed earlier. It would have been very dangerous! :lol:
BORED BY THE SEA~~ Glad to see you poking your head in for the second day in a row!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by vampirelover109 »

good morning ladies

Just checking in before work and its so cold here after all the warm sunshine feels like winter is here now

Jaclyn- oh my god krispy kremes are amazing if only there was one that tastes of rob

Missp- I know krispy kreme cafe amazing 2 words choclate dreamcake

Catyn- hope you had a good day yesterday with lots of gifts

Susie- I know it was funny when ben growled at the tv when the wolves come on he does have good taste no alcohol involved

Right have a good day ill check in later

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

It’s clear that the summer is over… for 4 days in a row it’s cold, wet and grey outside…perfect vampire weather…

Raine, yeah, Mondays are hard to deal with, specially when autumn and winter are on their way and it’s still so dark and cold outside…I just want to stay in my bed…

Jaclyn, oh god! It’s freezing already in Scotland? Wow and I though we had cold weather…and you are still wearing your summer jacket??? I would be covered in clothes by the time the meter says 10C…

Tracy, I really don’t think my mom will join us here, she is not a big fan of Rob…she doesn’t think he’s cute, beautiful or anything…I think she’s more of a dog kind of person…besides she sucks in writing English…
I really do hope we get set pics, but like you said the chance is very slim…

Vicky, than you haven’t missed much…
I still have to pre-order my Eclipse dvd but I’m waiting to see what will be released in Holland before I order overseas…

Susie, nah I’m no good in saving…I’m like Alice, I just have to shop…
I’m stuck in this weather as well, I see people outside with scarves and winter jackets but also people still in shorts, it’s so confusing…more shocking I found out that I don’t have any winter sweaters to wear, so I need to get those as well…
Maybe I’ll go in hibernation or something….

Tonise, sounds like you have your students under control…are you that strict? You don’t look like a strict teacher from the pictures you took with Susie…

Caryn, I started reading the List, it’s brilliant!!! My work computer had troubles with Robsten2008 so I started something else to get me through the day…but wow… you could have warned me about the smut level of the story…It looks strange that blushing at work, specially when my dirty mind takes over.

Oooh I wanted to tell you girls,…I was having a crazy day and was watching Brooke knows best on MTV…you know with Hulk Hogans daughter and they were showing an episode just after Hulk’s divorce…and his son (don’t know his name) got stuck between a fight with Brooke and her mom, and out of no where he just said, “stop! Don’t use me, I am Switzerland!”
I had to laugh so hard at that, there is for sure one guy in Hollywood who read the whole Saga…

Gosh there are a lot of rumors about the casting for BD...I'll make a list tonight...

see you all later!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Afternoon everyone!

I had no time to come on here last night.. by the time I finished washing the windows and stuff, it was nearly 10pm! lol. And the I really really wanted to look at this fabfic that Shauni mentioned on the ff thread (Just Wait and I ended up reading it until 1.30am... And then of course I couldn't get to sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about it - I really really like it so far. I wish I could read it just now instead of being at work!! :lol:

Tracy - Yep BabyE is my youngest neice. She's 1 and a half, so is in to everything :lol: But we love having her, so I don't mind cleaning up a little once she goes home. My SiL is feeling alright, she sounds like she has got a bad cold. She walked to the shop with her youngest son when we had BabyE and she said she won't be doing that again, as it really made her exhausted. Thanks for asking :) I hope your friend is doing ok now too?

Susie - Aw sorry that your students don't seem to be remembering much just yet. Although, it is pretty early in the term, maybe they are still adjusting to being at school?
I hope your hubs manages to stall all the recruiters until he gets enough info to decide which job he prefers best.
All this talk of cycling really makes me wish I had a bike!! :lol:

Marielle - It has been a bit warmer around here the past couple of days, around 8 to 12 degress :lol: Yeah I don't really have a "winter" jacket... I always mean to buy one, but then I end up waiting for the sales, and by that time it is not as cold anymore Hahaha! Normally, I just wear lots of clothes underneath my thin jacket and wear a scarf etc.
I love winter though, even though it is cold, as I like the smell of it - does that make sense to anyone?? It just smells so fresh! LOL

Hi to everyone else!!

Tonight I am off to First Aid, and then the woman I go with is coming to my house to see it (as she has not been since we moved in..). So it is unlikely I will be able to check in tonight... or read my new story :( :lol: But you never know! Who needs sleep...right? :lol:

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by bored by the sea »

afternoon, yep 3rd day in a row :lol: its my day off i have literally nothing to do, sat here and listening to my own thoughts is driving me insane.

Susie holy c**p you sounded ace, seriously soo jealous you got to sing with mike welch maybes he'll put in a god word with Rob for you :lol:

Caryn yep am going to try to have some restraint but at some point it may require anyone of you guys to give me verbal slap when im being a bit weak and go to have a peek at them :lol:

hmm its a bit quiet around here today so i may pop back later :lol:

argh almost forgot BD Casting Maggie grace as Irina, meh i dont know she just isnt how i imagined her to be in my head, although having said that neithers the guy theyve cast as benjamin.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by TammyAZ »

Good morning ladies!!

Well things seem to be looking up a bit so far today. Lindsey is going to try school, although she is a little gun shy because she ended up coming home early yesterday due to a migraine. I'm hoping it was just an after effect of the stressful weekend she had.

Jaclyn~ OMG Just Wait is a great fic, and it some spots just heartbreaking, but well worth the read!!!

Marielle~ The weather here has been back and forth. It still gets pretty warm during the day (in the 80's) but as soon as the sun goes down it cools off quickly and gets down to the 40's and 50's. I'm actually looking forward to the fall weather. After being in AZ for the last few years where it goes from hot hot hot to just hot :roll: , being back here in WY and actually seeing the change in temp and smelling the change in the air is wonderful! Oh and The List is a wonderful fic!!!

Caryn~ I'm glad you liked your gift :) I also prefer hand made gifts...they're just more personal and show how much someone really does care :)

Susie~ I know I always had a rough start at the beginning of the school year...I just never wanted to give up the sleeping in portion of the summer ;)

MissP~ It's always great when you can find an assistant that shares your work ethic and enthusiasm!! It just makes it much easier for you, and gives the students consistancy.

JennJenn Nice dream! Your mind works in some great ways there girls!

Well I better get the kids to school...I'll stop back by in a littl while and check up on you all!!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good Tuesday to you all. Taking a few minutes of me time as I've already been in the office several hours and actually been pretty bloody productive. I've earned a bit of a me moment. :lol: Argh, you know those days when you just question your wardrobe choice from the word go? I pulled a shirt out of my closet this morning that I haven't worn in a while and figured, what the heck. Well, I don't normally go in for low cut shirts, especially at work. And, it's not like this one is indecent, by any means. I mean, the girls are well and truly covered and nothing really showing at all. It's just a little lower cut than I'm used to wearing. But, I keep pulling at the neckline and the cami I have on underneath to cover more of me. I almost considered leaving my jacket on, but I just get so darned hot. Meh, the girls all said I look cute, so I'll leave it at that, and just keep giving the bodice a tug every now and then. What's a working woman to do? I just can't wait for the permanent return of turtle neck weather. I seriously need to move to Canada or somewhere where it's at least chilly all the time!!

Tonise~ Oddly, I was always a big fan of strict teachers. As you can imagine, I was a bit of a handful in school, but I was always able to recognize tht I needed someone to rein me in. :D It's nice that your students recognize that, too. Sounds like they are used to having someone who makes them tow the line.

Susie~ Sounds like a definite Monday in your class. It's also still a new term and they might just be getting used to the routine. No worries. Like the brilliant teacher you are, you'll bring them around.

AnnMarie~ We've kind of been celebrating my birthday all month. My big gift was my trip to the Kings of Leon concert back the first week of September. So, it's been an extended celebration. But, the boys did make me a cake last night, strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. Yum!! And, of course, all the gifts I got here wee wonderful.

Marielle~ :lol: Hahahahahaha!!! I said it was lemony goodness!!! Hmmm, I wonder if your computer has trouble with the LJ format with Robsten 2008? Well, no matter. The List should keep you well and truly occupied for a while. ENJOY!! That's hysterical about the "I'm Switzerland" comment.

Jaclyn~ You might want to be quick about Just Wait. Last word I had was that the author is pulling it on Friday because she's actually publishing it. I think it's fabulous that some of these truly talented authors who literally give away their gifts are getting some of the recognition and payment they deserve. Hope First Aide went well.

Vicky~ No worries. Believe me, we understand the need to see Rob in all his glory. Especially after a prolonged draught like this one, a little leeway is always given. :D I saw the news about Maggie Grace as well. I honestly don't really have an opinion. While what Irina does is a pivotal piece of the story, to me, her character really isn't. So, as long as she can act well and sell the betrayal, I'm good with it.

Tammy~ I'm with you, lady. I love the seasons. We lived in Tuscon briefly when I was younger and it totally threw me that it was 80 degrees in December. Granted, I'm also way preferential to the cold weather. So, Arizona and I didn't really mesh well. :lol:

Other BD News~ Hmmm, it appears that 9 year old Mackenzie Foy is set to play what I will assume is the final/oldest version of Renesmee. Hmmm, this news I've got stronger feelings about than Maggie Grace's casting. Renesmee is, after all, kind of the central character, especially of Pt 2. You can totally see the resemblance between her and both Rob & Kristen. Although, I find it really interesting that, though Renesmee is supposed to have Bella's beautiful chocolate brown eyes, they cast a green eyed child. Hmmmm... giving her Edward's beautiful green eyes instead? Either way, I'm a little thrown off by her age. She's 9 playing a 5 year old. I mean, we knkow that Renesmee isn't truly 5. And, it was sort of a given that they would need to cast an older child to carry off the intelligence and speech patterns that Renesmee has. But, purely physically, there's a HUGE difference between a 9 year old and a 5 year old. Well, we'll see. Also, apparently, they are going to be using digital technology to place her face over that of "body doubles" apparently to carry consistancy throughout her aging process. I'm trying to wrap my head around that process. It's all just a big question mark at this point. But, one things for sure... Thank GODS they start filming soon.

Alright, time to end me time and get back to work. But, you all know I can't leave without a little parting love. And, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today. So, I think we'll go with... this one.

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