Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by fi_fi »

Hello Ladies!!
Sorry (AGAIN) for being MIA, have been up to my eyes in work, and busy spending time with GB and seeing friends when not working. Oh, and getting stuff sorted ready to move in with him as well.....

The On-Going Saga of Fi's Love Life (recorded for posterity, so that nothing gets left out when we make the HH 'Fi's Love Life' Rom-Com!!)
I had a bit of a freak out yesterday, was in tears when he got home from work, worried about giving up my new found space and freedom, that flat is the first place I have ever had on my own, where it was MY space and MY rules, and I am yet again putting myself in the situation where if the relationship I'm in doesn't work out, I'll be homeless. Why is it that the only promises we break are the ones we make to ourselves??
But he was sweet and understanding, said that it IS a big deal for me to move in, that he would feel the same if it was the other way around.... and the fact that he gets that just makes me want to be with him even more! Then I went out for dinner with some friends, and he sent me a text saying "It's important to thing about these things, it IS a big deal. But don't worry, it will be amazing, and even on the coldest of winter days, the sun will still be shining on us"
......have I made any of you nauseous yet??

I won't be able to post until next week, as we're going away for the weekend, so that I can MEET HIS MUM!!!! :shock:

And I have to be out of the flat by next Fri, so will TRY to post next week sometime.
Hope you are all well, happy and, as my Mummy says, I hope the "sun is singing in your tummy"
Big love to you all,
fi xx

Can't believe I forgot to mention - GB and I are now Facebook Official!!! A MUCH bigger step than just moving in together!!!
If anyone wants to find me on facebook, inbox me!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Afternoon folks!

Well, last night Twilight was a big success with my mom! She defo liked it, and would like to watch New Moon at somepoint too. I said she should read the books - she is going on holiday next month, so I might buy her Twilight for when she is away. She was asking lots of questions about it too - and I was like :D as I could babble on and on about it to her :lol:

So whoop!!

BD News - Hmm, the Denali Coven... I didn't picture Tanya like that in my head. Kate is maybe a little what I thought though! None of the guys look like they do, but hey ho! I hope everyone will be great!
Did someone mention that Benjammin had been cast? Who was playing him again?

Ginnie - Hey! Thanks for the facebook add! Like I said last night...your profile picture is gorgeous!! Seriously, it is just WOW :D

Marielle - No worries about popping in. Just have an awesome time and we will see you Thursday!

Caryn - Hey girl, even when you are swamped with work, you still manage to update us on Rob! Thanks for letting us know about Bel Ami... Yep CannesRob is pretty well nice! Haha!

JennJenn - Glad to know you are doing a bit better :)
No there is no official Twilight Scrabble, but when Susie came to visit me, we played Scrabble but only with Twilight related words :lol: It was a lot of fun!!

missp - Aw I hope you feel better soon!
I've never been to Body Step or Pump, but I went to Attack once... It was so so hard, but I really would like to go again now..

Susie - Yay for getting your MRI results. Now that they defo know what it is, hopefully it will get sorted soon! What kind of options do you have?
And also, YAY for your hubs! I have my fingers and toes crossed about this interview :)

Shauni - Thanks for the BD cast info! How is uni going? You settled in?

Fi - Awwww! GB does indeed sound super sweet!! I hope you 2 are really happy together :) I saw that you were facebook officials too!

Sorry for the super short replies, and hi to everyone I missed!

Gotta run as a thing at work just before lunch broke (a big expensive thing :( ) and I don't think it can be fixed. Aaagh! So I am off to enquire about it...

Maybe catch you later tonight!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Grr, just lost my post!! What I was gonna say was:

Sorry for the double post...

...but no one has posted since I was on my lunchbreak and that was aaages ago :lol:

And also, I'm gonna post some pictures of ThePretty so they totally deserve their own post (I hope this is ok Mods!).

I saw that someone had linked to ROBsessed when they were talking about how no beard = JawPorn :D

And I had to repost this one! cos oh my! I don't think I've seen this pic before... does anyone have the "bigger" version, ie the one thats not just a close up of his jaw? :lol:

And we need some EdwardJawPorn cos ya know, just cause :P

And also, did you guys see this pic? Some gorgeous Kristen, gorsgeous Rob and... do you see his gorgeous hands?? :shock: :lol:

And in celebration of my Twilight viewing last night one of my favourite scenes in the film :D

Well I need to run. My bf in working till 11 tonight, so my friend and I are gonna go for a quick McDonalds for tea (I proper love McDonalds Haha!) and then have a few "adult beverages" since it's the weekend tomorrow!

I'll check in tomorrow - have a great Friday all!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Susie »

Happy Friday Everyone!

I miss Marielle already!! She's such a reliable poster, isn't she? I hope she is having fun in Rome...

I wonder when Desiree gets back from her trip to the UK??

Jaclyn - It's great that you have yet another Twilight "buddy" in your mum. She simply MUST read Twilight. It is just so much better than the movie. (I hardly need to tell you this.) Thanks for crossing your toes for my hubs - is that something you practice in Zumba class? :lol: My knee - surgery is an option and it's relatively easy, so if the Orthopedic Surgeon recommends it for me, I'll probably go for it. It is done as an outpatient - arthroscopic.What big piece of equipment broke at work? Laboratory equipment? Sorry you lost your second post! That IS maddening! Thanks for all of the pretty pictures. I do appreciate it. McDonalds followed by adult beverages - hmmm I've never done that- I hope your stomach can handle it. Is your friend coming round to your house or will you go to the pub? Will she be your designated driver? Anyway, have loads of fun!

Fi - Thanks for stopping by with an update. You knew I'd hunt you down if you didn't, right? ;) GB is definitely your Edward if he is that sensitive to your emotions regarding moving out of your flat! Awwww! Good luck meeting his mum - how could she not be totally charmed by you? By the way, you write very entertaining posts; you really have a way with words, missy.

MissP- The knee has been bugging me since the beginning of June with a worsening in July, so I'm actually glad that I have some sort of "evidence"!!! I see the specialist on October 12 for a consultation. In the meantime, I'm seeing my PT. Have a great weekend - it sounds like a lot of fun!

Raine - I absolutely loved that 2nd episode of Glee - I was laughing hysterically many times! I thought it was more entertaining than last week's, which was a bit harsh. I know just what you mean about having to wear glasses instead of your contacts to give your eyes a rest - I can't see as well with my glasses, so I end up feeling really spacey, and I hate that. Good luck going to bed "early" tonight!

Today it's Pas de Deux and Spanish Web at Circus - I'll try to check in later this evening.

Have a fun Friday night!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by bored by the sea »

evening all ;)

well ive had an epically boring week, literally every day has felt like groundhog day, but i guess thats probably because ive been so busy and now i dont really have any plans until next week :lol:

Caryn yeah true, i guess shes probably not going to be in either of the films all that much.

marielle :lol: soz for stealing your news ha ha.

tracy dude the hunger games ruuuuuulllleeeessss!! i read it after Raine recommended it and got totally hooked on it :lol: i pulled an all nighter reading the final book as i was going away the day after it came out and i couldnt not finish it he he. man for november im going to be sooo busy, i cant wait! lol

susie lol i doubt he thought you were creepy, he looked like he was loving your duet! :)

marielle :lol: :lol: oh my god the robsessed release the jaw thing is hillarious!!! i actually like the beard, but heck id love rob if he was in a bin liner ha ha, although as theyve pointed out itll be gone in a few weeks in prep for BD.

the denali coven casting announcement hm i dont know i feel kinda indifferent about these well except for eleazer i imagined him to be a bit older :lol:

deb hope you're settling in over here alright and loving london.

raine please tell me youve been keeping up with VD's series 2 yesterdays ep was good although distinctly lacking in jeremy and well you know how much i appreciate a i of jeremy (im sure he's older than 16 in reality soo thats totally fine right?! :lol: )

right nighty night everyone.


fi dude thats sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet he really sounds like a keeper, though at the same time im epically jealous, im still just constantly chatting ALOT to my guy and nothings happening argh, my mates have told me i need to be a bit more patient as he is quite shy :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by newtonscricket »

I'm back!.

I've only skimmed, but I know I wasn't gone long enough for FIFI TO BE MOVING IN WITH SOMEONE! Holy Moly! Congratulations, I hope you'll be very happy!

You know what today it???? It's OCTOBER.

OCTOBER OCTOBER OCTOBER. The month Breaking Dawn starts filming and there will be new pictures of Rob! Yay yay yay!

When? When? When?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Happy Friday everyone!

Here's a nice letter from Bill Condon to fans that was linked from the opening page of the Lex. He introduces some of his apparently very talented BD crew:
Here's the link

Raine~ Hope you enjoyed your Friday without the boss around. Any extra Lexing time? Sorry about you eye irritation—that must be a pain.

Ginnie~ No big deal about the Tracy/Tammy mix-up. I'm thrilled that for a minute or so, someone might've thought I could actually make those gorgeous banners of Tammy's. :D I friended you on Facebook, but for some reason I only log on about once a month, so I'll probably see you more around the Lex. ;)

Deb~ Good luck to you in London, hon! I fully expect we'll be hearing great things about you in the future. I know you'll miss your family, but at least you can stay in touch often via texting and e-mail, though I know it's not the same. Enjoy and treasure this very special and exciting time in your life. :D

Susie~ At least you did receive some definitive results from your MRI...though they might not have been what you hoped. Have you spoken with the orthopedist yet and is there any chance the surgery could be arthroscopic, if surgery is recommended? Sounds like maybe it was for the best that hubs did not get the original job, as neither one of you seemed too fond of the commute. Good luck to him with the interviews for the other job. You asked about my little one's wrist fracture—he was just playing football on the school playground and caught himself with his hand as he fell. It doesn't take a great deal of force to injure their small bones I guess, especially if they hit them in just the right way. As far as Kristen dealing with Rob's “furry face”...I'm sure she manages, as I know I'd “suffer” and make do, if I had the opportunity. 8-) But I'm with you...I'm really ready to see a bit of Rob's naked jawline.

Tonise~ Sorry you had to leave school early yesterday and hope you're feeling better today. It must be a relief having your very capable student teacher there to handle things in your absence. Does she have another teacher supervise her in the classroom when you're gone? Have fun at your homecoming game Saturday. Will you get a chance to catch up with many old friends? Keep us updated on Blue-Eyed Rob, or Church Rob, as he's referred to around these parts. When you wear one of those snazzy new outfits to church....he won't know what hit him. :D Glad to know you're “touched by cold hands”. It'll probably take me a couple of years to make that many posts. :lol:

Marielle~ Missed you before you left for Rome, but hope you and your bf have a wonderful trip! Enjoy the shopping and we'll see you when you get home.

Jaclyn~ That's so great that your mom liked Twilight! I Can't wait to hear what she thinks about the books, if she decides to read them. That's a fun thing for you to share with her. Hope your car was fixed without being too expensive. My hub's car is ten years old, but still runs well. Today smoke started pouring out of the hood, just as he pulled into the parking lot at work. Unfortunately it's a cracked radiator and some other stuff that has to be fixed, but cost major $$. :?

Caryn~ Don't worry about your less frequent postings these days. We'll hold the fort down while you're gone, and look forward to more frequent postings when the insanity subsides. Bel Ami might premiere in Cannes??? :shock: Oh dear Lord....we'll never survive those pictures.

Jenn Jenn~ Good luck with your grandmother-in-law, and good for you for standing up for yourself with her. Even if she helps you financially or with babysitting, etc., you are the mom. ;) Nice Robcrack you posted, by the way.

Fi~ Good luck meeting GB's mom. I'm sure the visit will go smoothly and she'll love you too, as it seems apparent that GB learned at least a thing or two about treating women from his mom. ;)

Newjen~ Great to see you around here! Hope all is well with you and your family. It does seem like we should start seeing some pre-production stills or promotional pictures from BD sometime soon.

Vicky~ Sorry you've had a boring week, but at least the week goes by more quickly when you're busy. I fell in love with The Hunger Games and read all but the last fifty pages of Catching Fire yesterday. I'm going to wait to read the last few pages until I buy the third book (hopefully tomorrow).
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by TammyAZ »

**stumbles into the HH half asleep**

Hey girls...I am having a bout of insomnia tonight so I figured I'd pop in and see what's happening. But I hate to come in empty handed so here is something to kick off the weekend right!!
It's good to know that even dead tired, that face can still inspire me to create :)

Thanks to everyone for your concern for Linds...her headaches are better now...on Wednesday she had some trigger point injections. Steroids injected into certain muscles in her shoulders, neck and this time 2 in the top of her head!! It helps relax the muscles and keeps them from over-reacting to stress (which is what these muscles do in someone with her condition) And she just finished the most beautiful art project in school! I may have to try and scan it and show it off a bit :)

Well I am gonna try and get some shut eye...I'll post more tmorrow I promise!!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by dazzel21 »

Good Evening Ladies!!!

Actually it's only 6.30pm here but its completely dark, so evening already.

Yeah I totally miss my late night/early morning FB-ing and lexling last night. I heed my doctors advice and slept early. Bad news is I woke up before lunch this morning having the crappiest feeling. I have a massive headache and dry throat. Yap early signs of colds. I go back to sleep after lunch and already I have stuffy nose. It sucks looks like I'll be spending the weekend sick... :cry:

Susie - The Britney episode of Glee is my favorite episode so far, apart from the Madonna episode last season. They say they'll be having another episode this season for Madonna, so I'm really looking forward to it. Have fun at the circus...

Vicky - Of course I haven't forgotten Vampire Diaries!!! Although I haven't watched this week's episode. My internet is a bit slow last night and I slept at midnight so I'll try again tonight. I absolutely love last week's episode with Alaric and Jenna...hihi I think they're perfect for each other. Hahaha yap I also would like to think that Jeremy is like in his twenties... :shock: that would be like cradle snatching if he's still in his teens :lol:

NewJen - Hey welcome back!!!

Tracy - Surprisingly though I'm online the whole day yesterday with being boss free. I was a bit busy, with the boss not around everybody who's looking for her is passed to me. Have a lot to deal with and some of the decisions I have no idea if its right :lol: . Yay on almost being finished with Catching Fire. I hope you managed to get a copy of Mockingjay...

Okay I'm off for an early dinner and I might take a nap for a few hours. My head is killing me, I'm borrowing my niece's nasal drops to relieve my stuffy nose, SIL says it works like magic.
See you all later...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Hello everyone,

Happy Saturday!

Well last night I had a good night. We ended up staying really late again though, but I feel fine today after having a long lie in Haha! Although last night we were talking about Rob and my friend said she didn't like Rob's Jaw!! :o So I showed her ROBsessed "Release The Jaw" thingy and she says she likes it a little more now Hahahaha!

I have a question for you's all (Caryn?? :D ) : could someone link me to the pictures of the photoshoot that Rob did with the hoodie? Do you all know which one I mean? And also, the pics from the LATwiCon? I for some reason can't find very many, just a couple... but I remember there being tonnes of them! So if anyone could, that would be great - thank you!

Susie - That's good that they can do surgery as an outpatient if that is what you choose to do. How good are the success rates etc, or is that something you won't be able to find out until you meet with the specialist?
Yep the thing that broke at work was a very expensive piece of equipmemt but...we managed to get it working again just before I left! So that is very very good!! :D :lol:
Yep my friend came to my house - she just lives 5 minutes away so after we drove back from McDonalds, we were both able to have a drink, since no one was driving :)

NewJen! Hi!!! I'm so happy you popped in!! I know, October! Is that not really scary for everyone?? The year goes in so fast now!! But you speak a very valid point, Rob pics!!! :D Woohoo!!

Tracy - It turns out my car only needed its brakes cleaned, rather than new ones, so it was actually pretty cheap. Which is a huge releif (especially as my car insurance is due this month - too many car things to pay for :lol: ). That sucks about your hubs car. Did he get it fixed ok, or would it be better just to buy a newer car? My car is around 7-8 years old, but still is in pretty good condition too. I don't think I'll get rid of it for a few years yet.

Tammy - I'm really glad your daughter is feeling a bit better now. I would love to see some of her art project!

Raine - Aww I hope you feel better soon! It would be rubbish to spend your weekend ill :(

Have you guys ever heard of a show called Come Dine With Me? It's shown in the UK and there are international versions, but I'm not sure if they have a different name? Anyways, it's a group of people who don't know each other (usually 4 of 5) and they all have a night where they cook dinner for everyone else. The other guests rate the hostess on their menu, the food, presentation, hosting skills etc. After everyone has had a turn, they add up and the scores and the winner wins money.

Welll...we are doing that!! :D Not the real tv programme tho, our own one! Myself, my bf, and 2 of our friends (obviously we're not winning money; a trophey that we are buying from the pound shop down the street hahaha!), So we will each take a night to cook a meal and host the evening, we will score them and the winner is the person with the highest score.

My bf's turn is tonight. He is making a Mexican themed menu (we get to see the menu they day before). It actually sounds very tasty! I'm not quite sure what I am making yet, but my turn isn't until Wednesday so I've got a little time to thing...

Anyways, for the folk who put up with me babbling up there ^^ LOL you can have a little of this and maybe even some of that :lol:

Right I'm off. Enjoy your Saturday people!
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