Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by bored by the sea »

evening everyone, yep thats right dont faint im back ha ha but you know i couldnt miss hump day!!
hope everyones days have been alright, mines been fairly sucky as usual but i hate my job with a passion so thats to be expected i guess, more just general horrible-ness from human beings :| my best twi bud was there though to cheer me up somewhat

jaclynyeah well pretty much ALL of my closest friends live there and you guys probably all remember how often im like "yeah im just going to bristol tonight" and the amount i spend on petrol driving to and from there at the minimum twice a month is insane so it just makes sense, heck im there so much next month i just as well live there :lol: yeah i dont know i think it just annoys me more know e.g. what the parentals are saying/ranting about because i have lived away from home when i was at uni and ye know its hard to slip back into the whole living back at home thing :lol: although granted i have been back for like 4 years now ha ha. oh no dont you worry it IS happening its just a question of when my mates can manage it but ive said sooner rather then later ive given them a deadline of feb at the latest, any longer than that and i may go insane :lol: loving the multi tasking of eating and reading posts

susie seeeeeeee im not toying with you look im baaaaaccccckkk!! :lol: yeah i have high hopes for "new guy" snogging ha ha ha spoke to him last night so had a ridiculously huge grin on my face for the rest of the night :oops: ha ha

raine ha look im back for a second day impressed?!! aw that sounds so cute about your nieces trick or treating, we arent really that big on it over here to be fair, i think people have only just started getting into here in the last couple of years.

tracy like 2 hours away :| booooooo but im there tons within the next few weeks= good times!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

marielle ha ha well most brits do love their beer, im from the south bit of a country bumpkin i guess you could say so im aaaalllll about the cider!! :lol:

right im off got to get up for work early meh
nighty night
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Evening all,

I hope you all are having a happy Hump Day!

I feel a bit sick... I made garlic bread a couple hours ago, but put far far too much garlic on the bread (and I didn't think there could ever be too much garlic! :lol: ). And now I feel a bit sicky Haha! It just smells so good (and tastes so nice!). Until the sick feeling anyway Haha!

Caryn - Your day sounds very relaxing - I'm glad you are taking some "me" time!! Thanks for explaining about the tornado sirens, that kinda what I imagined them to be like. Must be really scary!

Marielle - Glad your back is a little better! Great RobCrack btw!

Chrissy - Glad you had a much better day today! The wind here tonight is bad too - and the rain. I could hear both of them over my music. It seems to have stopped a little now though, which is good. What are some of your favourite tv shows? I like the sound of your writing class! I wish I had taken something like that at uni - but since it was related to my actual degree I didn't really have enough space on my timetable. I hope you enjoy it!!

Vicky - Sorry your job is still a bit rubbish :( Will you get a transfer when you move? Or are you looking for something different? I didn't move out at uni but I can imagine how weird it would be to have to move back in afterwards... Bristol sounds like a great plan!

I am off to read a little fanfic before I head to bed. Talk to ya all later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Susie »


I’m a bit tired out from this crazy weather, so I will try to make a quick mega post (if that even is possible!) Everyone had their winter coats/hats/gloves on today - the temp is 40F with wind and rain. Seriously, you just want to go home and get in bed. Even though I’m a native Northern girl, the first few weeks of winter-like weather are really hard to adjust to.

It’s nice to see so much activity on the thread – a little over 10 pages to go before we have to have a new christening, girls! We should start planning it now! I’ll bet it will happen next week.

Raine – That’s so funny that your SIL’s company is having trick or treating!! The fairy costume sounds beautiful. I definitely would have wanted to wear that when I was that age. You’re going to your grandparents’ villa? Is that next to Rob and Kristen’s villa? You’d better check it out. For All Soul’s Day, is it similar to what Mexicans do at the cemetery – The Day of the Dead??

– Practicing restraint and patience is good. Perhaps he wants to feel at his best to talk to you and he was tired last night – or maybe the interview didn’t go well and is embarrassed about it. Who knows? Our menfolk are so fragile!

– Congrats on making your bus this morning! For some reason, when you said you moved to Iowa to go to college, I thought you left your family behind. I’m glad you have your mom and brother – that way you won’t be too lonely. Your TV friend???? Hey! Build that relationship – invite her over to watch a show with you. I know just what you mean about behavior and not being interested in doing all the stupid stuff your peers do. You ARE more mature. It’s not a “better than you” kind of thing, it’s just where you are at. You are probably an “old soul” if you believe in that kind of New Agey thing. My daughter certainly is an old soul. She never was like the other kids. I took her on a trip to Washington DC to go to the National Gallery of Art when she was in 2nd grade and she actually was interested in the art. I thought all kids were like that until my son was that age and I observed other kids. I’m glad you’ve signed up for a Public Speaking class. And by the way, Yes. You DO write well. Just channel that in the right direction. Your writing foundation is good.

– I’ve been to your ‘burb---Is my Starbucks OK??? Wow – scary weather. I’m glad your house survived intact. Pretty scary at work yesterday with the power outage. Good thing you were smart enough to get everyone to turn off their computers. I’m so glad you didn’t do any damage to your Robcrack…Nice “pre hump day” pics. AND Nice “legit” hump day pics!! Your relaxing day at home sounds wonderful. Still, I have a hard time picturing you as inactive…

– I was wondering if you had Tornado warnings too! Moving patients to the hallways does sound like it would interfere with PT. You must not have gotten much done yesterday. Yes, sis, I should leave a warm sweater at work just in case. But which one can I sacrifice?

– I’m sorry to hear you hurt your back playing tennis. You must have really swung hard. Were you playing singles with your bf? I believe Michael Sheen has signed. LOVE all of your hump day contributions!!! I hope you get a good night’s sleep!

– Yes. Food and that other thing that starts with the same letter (I wouldn’t know about such things) are supposed to be the two ways to keep a man happy. ;) It sounds like you had a relaxing day yesterday. Your description of lying on your daughter’s bed chatting made me feel very nostalgic!

– How did your big experiment go? It sounds really impressive to me. Pumpkin is a squash – so if you’ve eaten squash you know sort of what it’s like. Pumpkin Pie, though it a whole different thing because it is a custard pie made with evaporated milk and egg and sugar, of course. The spices are cinnamon, allspice and cloves. It’s made in a pastry shell without a top crust. We usually serve it with whipped cream. I probably shouldn’t be giving these details to someone who feels a little sick – sorry about the garlic bread making you feel yucky. Too much butter? I’m sure you’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

– I’m doing my little happy dance right now because you really are back, dude! Tell us more about the new guy…you met him at a music festival, right? 2 hours away – that’s only a bit inconvenient…Does he live in the direction in which you plan to move?

Time to make dinner – it’s Fajitas, since we have peppers from the farmers’ market.

Talk to you later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl »

Susie~ Yes, Starbucks survived intact, thank gods. I would have been freaking out if the BucksFee was at all damaged. But, the McDonalds, the Wendys, the WalMart, the ImmediaCare Center and an oil change place, along with our high school, all sustained some damage. Thankfully, the high school wasn't too badly damaged and it should be reparable during fall break this week. It might be hard to imagine, but I do it well, I assure you. I play hard, but I also rest hard. I think it comes from my perpetual state of motion. I dont' stop often, but when I stop, I really stop. :lol:

Jaclyn~ Meh, the sirens aren't really scary. It's, in an odd way, comforting to know that they are there and warning you about a coming threat. When I was little, what I always hated was the not knowing when something was coming. It's why I was afraid of the dark. But, if you know something is coming, you can prepare for it, do your best to protect yourself.

Vickie~ Blah, sorry your job isn't treating you well. Spending your day working can be taxing enough. I can't imagine having to do it in a place I don't like or doing a job I dont' like. Chin up, dear. You'll get through it.

Chrissy~ Well, I'm glad that your day today was much less complicated. I'm all for not blinding one's self. :lol:

Marielle~ Yes, it's just one of the many things we all love about the man. He has the power to heal the mind and soul, a constant reminder that there is love and true beauty in the world. Honestly, when I was in the bathroom yesterday, i pulled out the crackberry and found myself calmed by his face in the pic I have as my screensaver. Amazing how he does that. *sigh*
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by velvet409 »

Good evening! Wow it sounds like many of you have had a rough couple of days. Lousy circumstances and/or crazy weather. I hope things are looking up for you all as the week progresses.

Susie~ My trainer is the sweetest girl and has such a sunny disposition. She's actually become one of my closest friends, and I wouldn't have made so much progress without her. She just got a new puppy and he is adorable! She had him in the studio last night and she must have run him ragged during the day because he was passed out cold the whole time I was there (spread-eagled on his back too :lol: ).

Caryn~ Ok Susie said I should ask so what was your final tally of Eclipse viewings? And while we're at it, what about Twilight and New Moon? The most I have ever seen any movie in the theater was the 12 times I saw Star Wars Episode III, but from what Susie says you've got me beat by a mile. And yes global warming is a myth. ;)

Chrissy~ Christian? How do they get that from hearing our name? My biggest peeve is when people want to spell my name with a "K" or they leave out the "h". I was like you when I found out Rob sang "Let Me Sign". I never would have thought that was him. It's a beautiful song though, raw and emotional. It sounds like you and I share not only a name but similar personalities. I'm generally shy, I tend to gravitate toward people older than me, and like you I observe more than I talk.

Raine~ Your niece's costume sounds almost exactly like one I wore for Halloween when I was 5 or 6. :)

Marielle~ Sorry to hear about your back and I hope it gets better soon. I actually pulled a muscle in my back a couple of weeks ago. The worst part was I did it while vacuuming. How embarrassing is that? All the working out I do in the gym and that's how I injure myself. :oops:

Ginnie~ Most of the people I've talked to who moved here from northern states say one of the things they miss most is the leaves turning. Not having experienced it myself I don't really see the draw but that certainly is a pretty picture.

Vicki~ I don't think I introduced myself to you so Hello! I'm Christina and I just started posting here last week though I've lurked for a while. Sorry to hear about your job issues. It's hard when you have to spend so much of your time in a place you hate. What kind of work do you do? Is it the job itself you don't like or is it the people?

Sorry if I missed anybody. Have a good night everyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by marielle »

Hey girls…

Wow, it’s been a bit slow last night, only 6 posts after I went to bed…

I’m starting late at work today, so I just got out of bed…I’m feeling a bit woozy from all the sleep I got…tonight I’m going out with the girls from work, we are going to make Tapas…I hope it’s going to be fun.

Vicky, ah yes the Cider…I should have known…
I’m sorry your work sucks…I guess now is not really the time to look for something else, is it.

Jaclyn, sick from garlic?? I really don’t like garlic that much but I never knew you could feel sick after eating too much, I hope you feel better today…

Susie, yep I always play singles with my bf…my back is feeling okay now, luckily…
The weather over there looks the same as here, cold, windy and raining…annoying drizzle…I got really worried yesterday that I’m already falling into my winter depression, I was wondering how I was going to live through the next six months…but I guess you’ll get even worse weather because it will be much colder where you live…

Caryn, hahaha…you take your crackberry with you to the bathroom, wow you are a real addict…

Christina, no nothing embarrassing about hurting yourself while doing house-work…if you are as clumsy as me you’ll learn to live with it. I can even prepare dinner without cutting, burning or bruising myself…my bf always tell me to wait until he gets home so he can take me to the doctor if necessary,

I’m going through the BD news pages but besides some nomads casting noting really new is up…a bit disappointed my that…I would have thought that the papzz would make themselves useful for once and get us some decent news…

There are some new clips for “welcome to the Riley’s” but they aren’t that good, too short... but I am going to watch that movie…
So I was looking for release dates at one of the major cinemas here in Holland, but I can’t find that movie, but I came across Bel Ami, apparently that movie will be released here in February.

well, I'll be hanging around this afternoon as well I will be quiet at work so I have time so see you girls all get woken up.. :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by VirginiaMay »

Just a quick Hi & Hello! Gosh, so much to say but I'm a busy girl this morning.

Vicky~ Yeah! You're really back. :D
Susie~ Oh. My. Gosh. Refined lady, my backside.... You made me laugh so hard, I'm shocked! ;) :lol:
Caryn~ Enjoy the lounging! Yeah to days off!
Marielle~Filming starts in four days! Hang in there!!
Christina~ HI!! Make sure you check your PMs. There should be one from me. I tried yesterday and I don't think it went through. :x
Jaclyn~It's a tragedy that you've never had pumpkin. Though, in your defense when it is in its most basic form it's just a thick orange squash... not very exciting. ( I used to use it to make baby food for my kiddos. Very nutrient dense and easy to puree.) However, mixed with a little cinnamon and sugar- it's heavenly. We Americans are a bit fond of pumpkin this time of year. My fave is pumpkin bread!

Alright, like Rob, I'm sure I've forgotten someone or something, so I apologize! I'm off and running though, so catch you ladies later!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by openfire »

Afternoon all,

Wow it's sure quiet here today. Typical, when I have a long lunch break, there's not much to read Hahaha!

Susie - Yep the experiemnt went really well, thanks for asking :D
No I don't think it was the butter that made me feel funny, defo think it was the garlic. But that's never happened to me before - I love garlic!! :lol: I felt a bit strange all night last night, and just before I went to bed, my tongue was hurting (haha, I'm a weirdo! LOL). Even now my mouth feels weird.. not as bad as last night (when it felt a bit like it was swelling up at the sides/back) but now it just feels like it's burnt...or I've eaten something very spicy... It must just have been a really strong clove, and then I put hundreds on the bread. I can still taste it :lol:
I've not really eaten much squash before (I don't like zucchini, but I've had butternut squash soup..I can't remember if I liked it or not though LOL) so I don't think I'd really like pumpkin :lol:

Christina - I get why people spelling your name would bug you. People used to (and still do actually) want to spell my name with a "q" and I used to hate that as a kid! I always spell my name out to people now, when I'm giving details etc because 9 times out of 10, they will spell it wrong :lol:

Marielle - Enjoy your night out tonight! What kind of tapas are you making?
I had no idea garlic would make me feel sick either :lol: It really was most bizarre.
I really hope Welcome to the Rileys get's released here...I need to check. Do you know when it is out in the US?

Ginnie - Hmm, I just don't really like the look of pumpkin :lol: I don't think I would like pumpkin pie, as I don't really like deserts..Not sure about pumpkin bread? We really don't have it much here. The supermarkets only really sell them at Halloween :lol:
Enjoy your busy day today!!

Enjoy your Thursday folks! I'll prolly check back later tonight.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by missp »

Good morning, HH SIsters!! Yesterday was a WONDERRFUL day! ChurchRob and I talked and texted back and forth all day! HE LIKES ME, HE LIKES ME!! We are going to do something this weekend, but we haven't worked out the particulars yet. I have BRAKEMAN #68's ballgame Friday night - which I'm not ready to have him attend yet because of all the "talk" it would generate. Then, I really need to do some serious housecleaning and shopping on Saturday before the Auburn game Saturday night. I'm thinking maybe some lunch on Saturday followed by a walk in the park. What do you girls think? Okay, gotta go. Brakeman #68 spent the night with Aunt Neesy last night, and we're headed to Birmingham to watch our Lady Dawgs win a state volleyball championship this morning! I'll be back tonight! Have a great day! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning, ladies. Not much time to post as I am running to lunch with a best girlfriend of mine very shortly. But, of course, I had to get my morning visit home sorted first. :D

Yesterday was, in fact, so very restful and lovely. After getting some mundane things handled in the morning, I spent the majority of the rest of the day reading, fanfic and an actual novel :o I know, I had to get all readjusted to having to turn pages and everything. :lol:

Tonise~ A lunch and a walk in the park sounds fabulous. Lots of time to talk and get to know one another, with a little more casual atmosphere. Good choice. Good luck to the Lady Bulldogs.

Jaclyn~ The ebb and flow of the HH, dear. Of course, you say that and everyone will start posting like mad. :lol:

Ginnie~ I'm rather fond of a Pumpkin Latte myself. Although, the pumpkin pie cheesecake a coworker made was also quite devilish. :D I got your message on FB. Just a warning though, I'm hit and miss with FB. I do my best, but I find that it takes away from other pursuits like Lexing and fanfic. What's a cybergirl to do? *sigh*

Marielle~ GAH!! Not normally, no. :lol: In that case, I had it with me because we were in the bathroom during the tornado warning. I may be an addict, but I'm not that bad. :lol:

Christina~ My final total ended up at 21 for Eclipse, which included viewings in four different citites. But, that was far fewer than the 33 times I saw Twilight. Yep, I'm that bad. :D

Alright, got to run and wrangle the monkeys into decent clothes and the van.

But, here's my parting bit of love for the day.
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