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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by diane771 »

I am excited also about the character development of The Cullens, so nice to see them getting some film time. It should have
been like that from the start.
Does anyone agree with Edward : does he even own a shirt?
I agree that Rob/Edward made me melt in the tent scenes Whats wrong with that girl.!!
I wish David Slade would do the final BD movie 8-)
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by Edwards Wheels »

ok so i don't have any spoilers or anything but i'd like to say a very very big thank you to the mods for this thread. I get to read my favourite ladies reviews on this film, before i can get to see it. Perfect x

thank you x

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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by SweetImpakt »

Aaaah girls, I loved it so much ! I can't really write a good review atm. I'm too much on an Eclipse high !

I had only two real complaints, and they're what you said Raine
dazzel21 wrote:(except "Bella leaving Edward with the pup on his motorcycle and "Bella's NO outburst to Edward after the pup hears about the wedding." That's just so wrong...)

I was so impressed with everyone's acting. Like, really impressed. Wow. Rob, Kristen, Jackson, Ashley, Peter, Taylor,Billy .... Even Nikki did well IMO !

Ok that's the most I'm able to say atm :D I'll BBL

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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by despoina92 »

Here's me!

I cannot believe how excited this movie made me! I mean, this time I'm so impatient to go to the theatre again and watch it, not only because it's the Eclipse movie, but because it was so damn interesting and so damn well - directed and so damn well - acted and so damn tight - plotted that it makes me ecstatic! It's not about memorizing the scenes or watch out for details this time. It's about gaining all this pleasure and feel the thrills this movie offers. I'm so proud of cast and crew for making this movie!

Were should I get start? Well, from what took my attention from second one: The direction! David Slade is a solid director, having been a big fan of Hard Candy. At first, I was really worried that they wouldn't allow him be the director he is and that he'll go for more conventional ways. But, instead, he did it his own, good way. The opening scene, from the very first second, it was eye-grabbing. I loved the fact that the camera was constantly moving and it was so close to the actors' faces (something I like in his directing style a lot). Also the natualistic photography. For those who don't know, I'm an obsessed moviegoer along with a friend who was with me yesterday. From this time we started discussing how impressed we were from what we saw.

Then, in the meadow scene, I understood that something goes terribly... good there! Rob is Edward and Kristen is Bella. Not that they weren't before, but now it's even more. Not one, but infinite steps beyond. They embodied the characters, not only as the versions they had in their heads, but the versions everyone held in our minds. The smiles, the connection, the feeling of how content they felt with each other was present in the whole movie.

There was no dout in who Bella was strongly in love. Every scene with Edward was oozing emotion. The proposal scene almost brought me to tears -and I'm not much of the type that cries in movies- because it was too perfect! There was an apparent happiness between them.

The final scene and Bella's mini monologue - even though I hate monologues and I think they almost never work in movies- was very good for me as she explained the meaning of her choice. When I saw the "Final break up" scene with Jacob, I was totally disappointed that there was so little told between them, how few Bella explained and I was like "there should be something that I wouldn't like". But the very final scene adn Bella's words made it up to me completely.

Kudos to everyone from the cast for their performances. First of all, Taylor Lautner was incredibly good at bringing the manipulative and ironic Jacob out there, the Jacob we experience in the books. I was worried the movie would show another reality, but no. Everyone delivered the right ingredients.

Rob gives a stellar performance as Edward Cullen. To be honest, I didn't expect to be that impressed. But I was. He shined throughtout the whole movie, that I can't think of one that was better than the thers Of course, FierceWard was something extremely and wildly perfect. In the scene with Victoria, he was everything. And then, in the proposal scene. Not to mention the tent scene...

KStew stepped ot a whole other notch, too. I always apprecieted her as an actress and I liked her Bella, but I always felt she should bring something more to the role. And she finally did it! The woman in love in the proposal scene, the one that asks Jacob to kiss her, the one that cuts her arm so she distracts those who try to kill Edward (I actually liked the fact that Riley and Victoria got their hands on him -made the scene more dramatic and intense). Of course, every single scene she had with Billy Burke for once more was amazing! "The Talk" was so awkward and funny! Also the scene with Renee... Another part that made me almost cry (what's going on with my tears and this movie in completely unexplainable!).

But, the one that shned most of all for me in the movie was Xavier Samuel. I don't know where the heck he got this insiration, but Riley Biers was such a character! This guys' an actor with afuture, I really want to see him playing well with his talent!

Then, there were the flashbacks. I can't believe who underused Jackson Rathbone is! He was so great as Jasper telling his story! Also, loved Rosalie's one! When the bride didn't appear on the door I was ready to shout at the screen. But when she ame out, wearing the wedding dress to kill Royce, all fierce, hal-lunatic and wild was such a thrill!

I also think this movie, even if subtly, showed us a bit better Bella's and Alice's frienship. I don't think it needs long scenes to show some things, like this, but the whole movie managed to bring this to us.

What can I say for Bryce Dallas Howard? I had always faith in her, as I find her a great actress. And I think her job as Victoria was way beyond good. She portrayed exactly what the character was. The way she delivered the lines, the looks she gave, everything! This had this girlish, fierce and strong feeling going around her. Rachelle Lefevre was something different. I don't know if she'd do it beter, but I'm totally satisfied with Howard!

This movie was showing exactly what Bella wanted and what she was. I don't think there was any moment that it stepped away from its road and went to the Team Jacob fields. I expected it to lean more ot him and show Bella and Edward more estranged. Instead, it nailed the feeling and created a solid ground of understanding Bella's decisions.

I'll come back and write more about this. It's a small part of my general impression and experience. All in all, I think that Eclipse is truly what I was waiting for. I could care less if the scenes were not always in their right place, that the bed was tere prior the proposal scene or that "The Talk" happened earlier in the book. It merged everything gracefully, and it's weird to me to say this, but Melissa Rosenberg this time showed that she's a skilled screenwriter. There might be some wrong parts, but nothing too dominant to sestroy the feeling. I think that Eclipse is the movie I won't be able stop watching. It's such a great feeling your favorite book of the Saga becoming such a good movie!

The movie's reception is extremely mixed (there's almost equal good and bad reviews on RT right now), but I love the fact that the positive reviews give praise to the movie. Yes, I think that Eclipse is miles ahead from Twilight in capturing the story and million miles away from NM in making someone so eager to watch this again and again and again. It's the movie that the actors truly show their range and that there's so much realism in.

I'll come back later with further comments.

Goodbye for now from Greece!
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by SwanCullen »

I thought this was the best out of all so far! I loved this FAR more than New Moon.

Esme-Go Esme! She was such a mamabear for sure! I loved how she was so trying to get the Voltouri to keep Bree alive and let the Cullens teach her. I loved how much more of Esme we got!

Carlisle-Oh sweet mother of mercy!!!!! :twisted: :oops: The Father bear in him came out! I loved and was suprised at the end when he shook hands with Billy, and how Billy was really glad Carlisle was there and helped Jacob. This is the best we have seen Carlisle for sure!

Jasper-Oh sweet mother of mercy!!!!! :twisted: :oops: I knew I was in a Jasper mood for a reason! I was so excited to see his story! Although, I cringed when his kissed Maria. I so did not like seeing that! I did love the sweet moments when he helped Alice fight (that was just a GREAT part there!) and when they kissed. I said "awww" out loud. Seeing Jasper on a horse, I wanted to faint at the sight! And his accent? Oh sweet mother of mercy! I live in KY and so yeah, I love me a southern accent!!! I loved the fight training all the way!

Alice-She was great as always! I loved the looks she had on her face when she was training with Jasper. You could feel the love between them with just the looks!

Emmett-FINALLY we really got to see how Emmett is! I loved when he was all excited about the newborn army and wanted to fight. Although I did want to smack him for going onto the Wolves territory!

Rosalie-I was so happy to finally get to see her story! My stomach was churning when Royce attacked her. I felt my eyes burning with tears. I LOVED when she came back to get her revenge on Royce and was all feirce in her Wedding dress! The red eyes on her were ubber creepy though! Although I still don't like her much as a character, I understand her. She was great in the fight scene!

Edward-Oh sweet mother of mercy!!!!! :twisted: :oops: he was beyond great in this! I was so happy to finally hear about his past when he explained it to Bella. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the proposal on the bed! Ahhh the leg hitch was great! This is one of those times I wish I was Bella, the makeout scenes were fantastic (and that's a lot for me as i HATE watching makeout scenes usually) And he was right when he said Jacob had the right to know about the impending marrige. Although I think that he manipulated the situation.

Bella-She was great in this one! I still don't like how she asked Jacob to kiss her (I hated this in the book and hated even more in the movie!) The tent scene was GREAT! I was also upset that they didn't show when Jacob cut his hand in Bella's house and she almost passed out because of the blood. YET AGAIN the mark was missed for explaining her aversion to blood!

Jane-Okay, I love Dakota Fanning as an actress, but she is BEYOND WRONG as Jane! I cannot stand her as Jane. Whoever casted her, messed up on this one!

Victoria-I did not like Bryce as Victoria. As with Dakota, she is an amazing actress, but they missed their mark casting her as Victoria. I understand they had to replace, Rachelle, but I missed her terribly in Eclipse! I also did not like how her body looked when Edward ripped off her head. Looked too fake (as did the darn snow!)

Riley-Riley was FANTASTIC in this! He brought the character to life! I was torn between loving him and hating him for his actions! I loved how they showed him being chased and then bit in the begining! Fantastic!

The Wolfpack-I think they didn't show enough actually. Although I absolutly LOVED the council meeting and the look into the death of the third wife! I was upset that they didn't exlpain Quil impriniting on Claire. I am hoping that we'll get that in Breaking Dawn, as it will help explain the whole Nessie stuff.

Jacob-I have to say, as much of a JERK that he is, I felt bad for him in Eclipse. I actually was tearing up at the sight of him getting hurt and being all bandaged up. I just wanted to hold him and make the hurt go away (Which is so weird cause i DO NOT like him as a character!) Taylor did AMAZING as Jacob on this one!

There is more I could say, but I am drawing a blank! I will have to see it again to really get more out of it. Overall, I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars! It was FANTASTIC! I LOVED how they had Claire De La Lune playing :D
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by pennybug84 »

I agree w/you gals. Rob was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! He totally gets Edward. I love how he's grown & getting better w/each film.

So I went & saw it w/girlfriends who don't have an appreciation for the beautiful Rob like I do & so when Jacob had his line "I'm hotter than you." They agreed & laughed. It was kind of sad. Then I got to wondering does MR have a crush on Taycob? :lol:

Did anyone else think Rob looked weird in the yellow graduation cap & gown? I just don't think that color really goes w/him. Maybe it was the vampire makeup, etc. But other than that he was gorgeous throughout!!!
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by SwanCullen »

Yeah, they did look odd a bit. What I don't get is why did MR have Jasper in school still? That annoyed me in NM and still here! He should have been gone, like in the book. But hey, seeing him in a cap and gown was great!
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by teamedward12 »

I'm still in shock after watching this movie. So much was good- robWard, proposal, leg hitch, "talk" with Charlie but so much was wrong as well. To me the movie was all team Jacob. I mean at school Bella chose Jacob over Edward, didn't wear the ring because it would hurt Jacob, got mad at Edward for letting it slip they were getting married, she didn't cry or have remorse for kissing Jacob or hurting Edward. I knew that it would be different from the book. I was prepared for that but Bella was totally out of character from the book, Edward was made out to be the overbearing bad guy and Jacob the poor boy that she didn't choose. To me Bella had more worried about Jacob the whole movie, not Edward. I'm just thinking that someone that hasn't read the books will not get the true connection between Bella and edward.
I thought they could have done more with the tent scene. I must say though that Rob did an amazing job with what was there. OMG! He's just wonderful. I really wanted them to add a little to Rose's backstory. I just had a little more in my head for that. I do think Nikki's makeup/hair was much better for this one. Jackson was wonderful. I'm glad he got a chance to shine. I was worried that they would downplay his role. I'm so glad they didn't. One thing I noticed in my theater was several commented on his accent. (I don't actually live in Texas, just close to the Tx border-the rest of my family does live there though).
Bella's monologue at the end was pretty good. I just thought it could have reiterated that she chose this life because she has no life without Edward, instead of him asking "so this is not all about me?" and she says "not at all". Or something close. Just my take on it. I may change my mind after seeing it again. Sorry for the long cranky post.

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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by marielle »

hey ladies...

I think we can fairly say that Eclipse floored us.....
pennybug84 wrote:Jacob had his line "I'm hotter than you." They agreed & laughed. It was kind of sad.
Penny, I so had to laugh at that line... and not because it was funny...because I though "you wish"... seriously Robward never looked hotter than during that scene...

Deb, as much as I hated Riley after reading the Bree book, I loved Xavier... he defenitely nailed bad it was only on movie with him...

Caryn, your comments on Rob's acting in Eclipse...I second every word you have typed...

Tammy, I thought too that the sparkling effect was much better done...

Diane, that's what we said about CW as well... he should do the next movie.... ;)

I saw a comment about music misplacement...well what did you girls think of the place of the Muse song... that was so wrong...I'd rather had it when Bella said yes or at the end in the meadow...

I'm searching like crazy for screencaps of the tent scene... I know it will be a while before it's online but please I want that one...
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Re: Halfway House Annex **Eclipse Spoilers**

Post by Jazz Girl »

Penny~ It's long been said that MR is totally Team Puppy, hence all the more proJacob "artistic liberties" taken.

Jasper was changed from a senior to a junior way back in Twilight and there's not really any rhyme or reason as to why. Remember that, in the book, he and Rose are posing as twins, thus he is a senior with she and Em in Twilight. But, that's why he's on the field trip with Alice and Edward in Twilight and how he was at school to deliver one of my favorite lines to Bella in New Moon. But, they've kept the gaffe for continuity purposes is my figuring and so there he is, graduating with Bella, Alice and Edward in Eclipse.

Penny~ I actually SAID it!! Out loud and loudly enough for others to hear. :lol: Sorry, I won't let my Edward go undefended. TayCob might have an internal temperature of 108.9. But he's got nothing on RobWard's HAWTness!!

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