Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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I'm here I'm here!

But really I'm back on page 187 trying to catch up. In my defense I have been rather taken up with a book I can't put down.... I know you all know what that's like! (All Clear by Connie Willis, time travel, only read if you're into WWII England and have read its preceding book Blackout)

Back soon! Rob hasn't done a photoshoot or publicly admitted Kristen's his girlfriend or anything has he?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Afternoon all,

How is everyone's Thursday going? I thought today at work would be a bit of a rubbish day, but I'm actually really having a good day. That's always a good thing!

Susie - That's great that SonnyBoy is doing fine in his final year & yay on his good chances of getting into the musical this year!
So how do you and IloveTwilight0509 know one another? I'm intrigued (and nosey :lol: )

Caryn - Yeah we had to buy our tree just now before all the good ones run out of stock :lol: The local supermarket (it's actually the UK version of Wal-Mart had a really good one for a pretty good price, so we got that. Not got any decorations for it yet though :lol:

missp - Congratulations on you and RBell officially becoming a couple!! :D

Tracy - Thank you for my gift!! His hands ar eprolly the nicest set of hands that I have never actually seen in real life :lol: :lol:
I always read everyone's posts; the bigger the better I say Hahahaha! When I first joined here I was a little unsure if I should read everyone's comments, or only the ones addressed to me? :lol: Now I read everything that's here...
I think the author of Tips has written a couple of other fics with an older Bella (I've not read any though). I really loved her portrayal of Bella...and Edward. And I too loved the epilogues, perhaps more than the actual story :lol: I hope that she does give us a future outtake at some point, so we can see how their lives did turn out.

Marielle - I couldn't check out that band last night as I was soo sleepy. I will try and do it tonight; I'm intrigued! lol
When is your friend getting married? Are you reading the poem at the wedding?

NewJen - Hi!!!
Haha, nope no new photoshoot but some GORGEOUS new outtakes!! The link is right here. Some of them truly are breathtaking!
And also nope no public outing officially of Rob and Kristen... but have you been here since those papz pics of them proper kissing were published?

Well back to work I go. I may check in later, but not sure what we are doing tonight yet.
See ya!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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Hey girls!

I'm here and still breathing! Just some personal stuff at home going on, so I haven't had much of a chance to do anything but pop in and try to keep up with everyone. I'm getting the kids off to school right now so I don't have much time, but I'll be back later once things settle down around here!!

Since I missed it yesterday....

I loved making this one! HAPPY BELATED HUMP DAY!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House (HH #6)

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