Rob's Halfway House -- #7

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Jazz Girl »

*inhales deeply* GAH!! I love the smell of a shiny new thread.

Alright, first and foremost... decorating time...

A little homage to that which started it all.

No HalfwayHouse is complete without Rob and his girl.

Can't forget Rob's piano and his guitar.

I have to have this one on the walls...

Finally, now that this image is in my head, I absolutely can't get it out.

Now for the meat of the post...

Tonise~ YAY!! Always nice to move up the chain of official, as it were.

Ginnie~ :lol: Sometimes you just have to submit and let it ride. The only issue I ever have with the topic review is that it only shows the most recent 10 posts. So, if you are trying to go back and respond after, say a day like Tuesday, it makes it a little more complicated. But, I’m a fan of the quote feature as well.

Tracy~ I totes agree on the song selection for that scene as well. I remember watching the rough cut of that scene on the NM DVD without any score and just the dialogue (which they TOTALLY cut before the best line). It was a beautiful scene and gave us so much hope for Eclipse. But, then, watching it as it was completed for the film with that beautiful music in the background… literally squeezed my heart. And, who can resist RobWard when he says, “You’ll always be my Bella… My Bella… just less fragile.” *sigh* The song is Life on Earth by Band of Horses. I’ve become very fond of Band of Horses since hearing of them from Kristen in an interview before NM. I’m trying to get to The Hunger Games. It’s just funny because I almost feel like… I don’t know, I’m being… unfaithful… to Edward & Bella somehow? Weird, I know.

Marielle~ I’m in agreement that there are some places government doesn’t belong. But, at the same time, when personal biases begin to become institutionalized, there is a responsibility of the government to step in and say that isn’t right. Taxes, unfortunately, are a whole other ballgame. They are a necessary evil but there’s a level at which they should stop. Mmmmm, lovely lovely pictures.

NewJen~ YAY!! So lovely to see you.! We haven’t gotten a new photoshoot, but we did get some lovely outtakes from Australian TV Week.

Jaclyn~ Cool!! I’m planning on transitioning into Christmas decorations starting this weekend.

Tammy~ That is just beautiful!

GAH!! Never fails! I log on and see the lock on the thread and it still makes me gasp.

Desiree~ Thanks for posting our roster.

Tracy~ Mmmmm, yes HammockRob should always come with us.

Dawn~ Oh what sweet sweet cast stories!! I don’t suppose you have[/] to love Rob to be here, but I imagine it would get rather tedious after a while if you didn’t :lol: I’m totally with you about Rob’s voice. His music touches me in a way that is almost overwhelming at times. I still find it unbelievable that they haven't used that connection between Rob and Edward more than they have!!

Okay, enough for now. Back to work.

EDIT: I knew I would forget something. Apparently, Steve Weintraub has been tweeting about Bel Ami and a trailer that was shown to some buyers for Cannes 2011. Personally, I think he's trying to kill us all.

“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by VirginiaMay »

Ha ha! I'm just popping in for my own drive-by on the new thread!! Gosh, it's been busy already. Thank you Marielle for the lovely links. And yeah for Tammy popping in just in time to close out the previous thread with that lovely wallpaper of hers!! Red Hot is right... ;)
Dawn~ I will re-read your intro and properly respond later. I have family in New Jersey, so we have that in common at least. :)

Hugs Ladies, Ginnie
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »


Lucky 7!!!

Rob was waiting for us...

Now he's all comfy on the sofa.

Don't forget the piano!! EDIT - looks like we have two pianos.....
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by TammyAZ »

Might as well make it 3 pianos

and let's not forget the special HH wallpaper

Someone suggested to me that I start putting my name on these...seems a bit cocky to me but what do you ladies think?

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

OOH...I got caught up in fanfic...
I'm so tired now...

I'm off to bed now.. I'll do a proper reply tomorrow...

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by SwanCullen »

I tried installing IE8 and it's screwed up the internet on part of the computer, so I have to use the crap version right now. GAHHHHH! I wish I could make it work better!

Here are some good decorations Ifound!

The Kitchen
Some wall decorations
Game System #1
Game System #2
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Susie »


MissP – A short visit before bedtime???? REALLY??? Have you told him about us yet? It’s OK if you want to wait a bit before you test him with Twilight/Fanfiction Writing/Lexicon Posting/Meeting people from online……. :lol:

– I see that you are resourceful! Just as good writer should be. I knew about Topic Review, but didn’t realize you could just continue to quote and it would show up on the same page. Well, now. I’ll just have to try something creative after all this “Shiny New Thread” stuff has died down.

Tracy – Yep, my mom’s something special. She’d be perfect if she liked Twilight and was enthusiastic about the fact that I’ve been traveling around to meet all of you gals. I’m enjoying Catching Fire – you know how engrossed you can get!! Thanks for not spoilin’ until I’m done with all three!! Hey – that hand porn IS nice. He obviously has had a manicure in that pic!! (A man’s manicure, of course) You’re like me – I always say I can only write a short post because I’m in a hurry and then I end up writing my usual anyway!!! We just can’t help ourselves!

Marielle – I’m sorry your arm hurts from the flu shot!! I can’t get the flu shot because I’m allergic to Thimerasol (sp?) which is used as a preservative. Just remember that taxes actually pay for services that we need…..Nice pics of the Cullen boys!!

New Jen!!
– I was starting to get worried about you, but now that I know you were gone because of a book…………Try to stay focused on BD filming now, will you??? We need your researching eyes!!

– I’m glad you had a good day at work. I don’t know Dawn – she must have seen some of my crazy mega posts and decided to PM me to ask about how the Lex works.

– I’m so glad you came back!! Things just aren’t the same without you here.


– Pretty tricky switching us mid-200!! I wasn’t expecting that! Good to keep us on our toes!!! 8-)

Desiree – You’re really on top of it with posting the list right on page 1!!! Good work!

Dawn – It sounds like you belong here – eyes and jawline!!. Tell us more about what Rob is like IN PERSON.

Kudos on the decorating: Marielle, Tracy, Tammy, Caryn and Jenn Jenn
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Will in my first post on the first page I finally got the image of the lovely person who always greets us to his home. You will have to go back and check that out. Now to add some grass to the outside of his place

Well today posting was against me. For one I was glad I got to pop in here in the morning which was how I found the shiny new thread and added the name list. I was excited to be the first. Then I had to shorten my post cause there was screaming by my lovely son who decided his sister didn’t need to sleep in which she never does. My kids have never slept past 6 am since they have been born. So you can imagine when I here other moms tell me how their lil ones sleep till 9:00! Anyways then I was typing up a post when my cousin called and what do I hit paste instead of copy and it happens that i posted in the thread vs. word so I couldn’t hit undo! Ok enough of my rant. I am going to try to remember everything I typed.

Marielle ~ Did you get your friends poem done? Thank you for giving me the urls it was driving me crazy.

Susie ~ I will email you the eating plan. Btw congrats to Sonny Boy making the musicals this year. Does he know which one he is going to do?

Tracy ~ No I won’t cut back on hours from work b/c usually I only work till noon but lately once or in this case twice this month I work 8 hours. I will only be going to school 2 nights out of the week. Yes the weight loss was a huge accomplishment for me and even though I gained a few back from my trip those are almost gone. Are you reading The Hunger Games as well?

Jaclyn ~ You are such a great Auntie no wonder she doesn’t want to leave.

Chrissy ~ I was going to ask how you are doing but you pm’d me. I will get back to you.

Raine ~ I loved hearing about your trip and looking at the beautiful pictures. Maybe one day I will be able to go there.

Tammy ~ I see you are still making amazing banners and awesome wallpapers.

Ginnie ~ My son is 3 and my daughter is 19 mo. They are exactly 18 mo apart. When you say mine is almost 4 do you have twins? Boys or girls or both?

Tonsie ~ I can’t wait to hear about this new guy.

Caryn ~ Kinda hijacking your convo with Tracy but you I see you are still reading fan fics any new ones that are really good. I haven’t had time to read any including EP if you can believe that, but I still have your list so I am hoping the authors don’t take the down before I can read them.

Good night ladies.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone!

I'm loving all the enthusiasm with the decorating and the posting of beautiful Robcrack in the new Halfway House. I can't believe we're on thread #7! :o

I wondered if our fair abode might look something like this? :D Actually, this "house" is the mansion located at the Cheekwood Museum and Botanical Gardens visited by Susie, Missp, and myself when they came to Nashville.

Sticking with the piano theme

A little Robkowski refreshment to quench our thirst 8-)

Hmmmmm.....what I wouldn't give to take a tour of these botanical gardens :shock:

Best. Robsten. Photoshoot. Ever my humble opinion ;)

One of Rob's friends wanted to drop by and check out the new digs

An oldie but goodie In which Halfway House thread do you think that was first posted?

Desiree~ Sorry your children won't let you catch a little extra shut-eye in the am. Yes, I've read all three books in The Hunger Games series and liked them very much.

Susie~ Glad you're enjoying reading Catching Fire. Hubs just finished the third book and I was pleasantly surprised that he liked the series. Although we're both pretty avid readers, we don't usually read the same subject matter. He's also a more disciplined reader and can read a chapter or so every night, whereas I'll stay up way to late trying to finish the book in one or two sittings. Not really a big surprise, based on my late night posting habits. ;)

Jenn Jenn~ Loved the decorations, especially the stuffed mountain lion (I think?) on the wall for Edward's benefit. :D

Tammy~ Loved the wallpaper as always. Hope things are okay around the home front.

Caryn~ Lovely additions to the decorations. Thanks for the reminder on the lovely song by Band of Horses played while Edward and Bella cuddled on her bed. I've heard a couple of their songs on our local independent radio station, and am pretty sure they actually played at the Ryman recently. Which "best" line are you referring to that was cut of that scene? Jeez...I need to go back and reread these books again. I started rereading Deathly Hallows today, by the way. Are you doing a reread before November 19th?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #7

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

Last day of the week!!!! Any plans?

Guess what I’m doing tomorrow??? SHOPPING!!!(god I feel like Alice at the moment) …I don’t think there isn’t a weekend I can’t go shopping…this time though I have legitimate reasons, I have to get something for this cold weather and I have a wedding to attend to…

Caryn, lovely decoration girl, I love it when Rob can play music for us…
I dreamt last night that Robward would play and sing a song for KrisElla in BD during the wedding, when I woke up I thought it to be a good addition to the script…I mean MR doesn’t care about adding other stuff so I’m sure she wouldn’t mind adding such a scene…

Can you imagine Rob being in Cannes for Bel Ami? Remember the last time he was there…I’m already bouncing!!!!!

Susie!!! You don’t smash a perfectly good champagne bottle, you drink it empty!!!...
Yep, I know taxes are needed, but you can seriously say that they need this much…for example fuel for you car…in Holland you pay 1,46 euro per liter, that’s roughly said 1,80 dollar per liter…the price is made up with 75 cents of taxes. That’s just ridiculous…taxes on concert tickets will be raised from 6% to, I know taxes are needed but it’s getting to the point of insanity.
Oh, the poem (now stolen lyric) is going to be in a book the group works on…

JennJenn, that PS3 is very important, it also does dvd’s…we need to be able to watch Rob all day around…

Desiree, well I ended up stealing a lyric from a punkrock song named ‘marriage’ (it fitted) and wrote around it…(the groom is a punk rocker himself)…

Tracy, thank goodness you found the garden pictures of Rob…I couldn’t find them last night…
When are you starting re-reading DH? I really have to start as well...

Again no BD news today other than the Volturi is starting to get excited about the shooting of the movie as well…I wonder when they will shoot the volturi scenes?

RAoR has a nice overview of script rumors… beware, this link might contain possible spoilers!!!

Anyway, I think I have time tonight for some more decorating…should we do Christmas decorations already???
These violent delights, have violent endings...Like fire and gunpowder, they consume what they kiss


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